tagBDSMRachel's Mother Ch. 2

Rachel's Mother Ch. 2


On Saturday morning I arrived at exactly 9 am. Sandra let me in and made me a cup of coffee. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a light yellow sundress that came down to just above her knees and a pair of yellow high heel shoes. The material of her dress was thin enough to see the g-string she was wearing beneath it and her tits were clearly visible. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. She didn't say anything about last night and after having our coffee she asked if she was dressed satisfactory for our shopping trip.

I drove across town to a mall that I knew had some really good shops. Walking around the mall a lot of people were staring at Sandra – her tits clearly visible bouncing slightly as she walked and her nipples were poking through the dress. Finding a lingerie shop we walked and started looking around. A young female assistant asked if we needed any help and I said yes

I am looking for a matching set of really slutty underwear for my partner

She led us to a section of fantasy type wear and showed us the range. All the time she was talking to us her eyes were glued to Sandra's tits. She could clearly see her hard nipples and the bruises from the night before. I asked her

What do you recommend so that she will look like a total slut

She pulled out a matching set in black. It was very sheer and slutty. The bra was a ¼ cup so that her nipples would be uncovered, the suspender belt was very fine and the g-string was so thin it was almost transparent. The attendant showed it to Sandra and said

If you want to look like a slut I would recommend this – It is very sexy and with this bra it is easy for him to play with your tits any time he wants to

- she smiled as she said this.

After paying for them we walked around mall until I found a shop that sold some really sexy dresses. It was actually a fetish shop and sold all sorts of things as well as clothes. I picked a dress that was also in black. It was very short and very tight. The material was very tightly woven but also very thin. I also picked out a leather collar that was about 2 inches wide.

We got back to Sandra's house at about lunchtime. I told her that I didn't need her for the afternoon but I would be back to pick her up at 7.30 as we were going out for the night. I told her to wear the clothes that she had just bough including the collar.

When I arrived she was ready. Standing in the doorway when she opened the door her lingerie was totally visible through her dress. The collar around her neck looked fantastic. She said

Do I look slutty enough for you

Yes you do – you look perfect

Are you going to fuck me and hurt me again tonight

Yes I am

I will do anything to make you happy – please use and abuse my body for your pleasure – please make me be really disgusting and cheap – I love it when you make me feel like a worthless dirty slut – I love people looking at me knowing that I am your slut

Don't worry Sandra – I will make you will feel like a filthy whore tonight


I drove to a rough part of town where I knew there was a biker bar. Inside the place was packed and the band playing was so loud you could hardly hear anyone talk. I got to the bar and ordered a drink. Squeezing our way down to the back corner where the billiard tables were people were admiring how sexy Sandra looked. There were a couple of girls standing in the corner that were obviously prostitutes. Leaving Sandra alone I went over and asked a girl how much to fuck her on the billiard table. She said it would be $100. I agreed and asked her to come and join us in five minutes. Going back to Sandra I explained to her

Sandra – I have just paid the whore over there $100 to let me fuck her on the billiard table – when she comes over I want you to suck my cock until it is hard and then I want you to stand and watch as I fuck her

When the girl came over Sandra took my cock out of my jeans and got on her knees and started to suck my cock. People started to stand around and watch and when I was hard I pulled Sandra to her feet. We moved over to the billiard table and the girl sat on the edge. She pulled her jeans and panties off and lay down. I told Sandra to put my cock into her cunt and she gently held my cock and guided into her. Standing next to me she watched as I fucked this whore. There was quite a group standing around watching and they were all cheering. I told Sandra that I wanted her to kiss the whore. She lowered her head down and started to passionately kiss the girl while I was fucking her. Watching Sandra be so cheap excited me and very soon I was ready to come so I grabbed Sandra and making her watch me as I shot my load in the whores cunt. The crowd cheered as I came and as soon as I was finished I pulled out and said to Sandra

Get on your knees between her legs and lick my come out of her cunt

Sandra really was a dirty slut – she got straight down and started to lick the girl's cunt. Her tongue was licking back and forth along her slit and then in order to get all my come out she put her mouth over her cunt and started to suck it out. When she figured that she had cleaned her out sufficiently she stood up. Her face was covered with come and cunt juice, it was all over her lips and chin. She wiped it up and licked her fingers clean. The people who had crowded around couldn't believe it. This lady who looked like a very sophisticated and classy lady and dressed very provocatively had just gotten on her knees and sucked her partners come of a whores cunt.

Sandra went to the ladies room to clean up properly and re do her make up and I got another drink. When she came back I noticed that her nipples were straining against the material of her tight dress. I said to her

Did that turn you on – you looked so filthy on your knees sucking that girls cunt clean

Yes it did – I felt so filthy sucking your come out of that girls cunt while everyone was watching me – I feel like a total slut

The night is still young Sandra – there is plenty more for you yet

The bar was very noisy and after a few more drinks I decide to leave. Sandra followed as I walked back to the car. A couple of the bikers had followed us and when we got to the car they asked if they could fuck Sandra. I told them no but said they could feel her and watch as I fucked her. Straight away they started to feel her tits and ass, pulling at her nipples through her dress and squeezing her ass. I said to her

Take your dress off so they can feel you properly – show them how much of a slut you are

She carefully pulled her dress off and handed it to me.

Now take off your knickers too so they can feel your cunt and ass

She slipped her g-string off and handed that to me as well. It was soaked with her cunt juices. She had really loved being humiliated tonight. Standing in her stilettos and lingerie on the side of the road with her tits only just supported by her small bra the guys pinched her nipples and rubbed her cunt. One of the guys who had his hand between her legs slipped his finger into her soaking cunt. She moaned with pleasure as he did and then he put two more fingers in her. One of the other guys stood behind her and started rubbing her ass hole.

Go ahead – stick your fingers in her ass – she loves it

Lubing his finger with her cunt juice he pushed his finger into her ass. It must have still been sore from last night because it made her scream. When she had loosened up a bit he put a second finger in and started fucking her ass with his fingers. She now had fingers fucking both her cunt and her ass and she was loving it. The third guy was sucking hard on her tits when she said to me

Please fuck me – please - please fuck my cunt and my ass – I want you to hurt me

I told the bikers to stop but said that they could watch as I fucked her. They readily agreed and stood back. I looked at Sandra and said

Show these guys just what a total slut you are – suck my cock

Getting on her knees she put her mouth over my cock and hungrily sucked it into her mouth.

Now fuck it with your throat – I want to hear you gag on it

I could feel my cock go all the way to the back of her mouth and then I felt as it slipped into her throat. I could hear and feel her gagging as my cock filled her throat. When I was all the way down her throat she started bobbing her head up and down fucking my cock. Every time my cock hit the bottom of her throat her eyes nearly bulged out of her head. Her mouth was stretched to its limits and her throat was swollen. I put my hand around her throat and squeezed it and I could feel my cock moving inside it. Grabbing her hair I pulled her head away and as my cock came out of her mouth she gagged violently and took a huge breath. She looked up at me with a really scared look on her face as I stood her up and bent her over the bonnet of the car. I told her to pull her ass cheeks aside and show me her ass hole. Reaching behind her she did this and her cunt and ass were on display to us. I said to the bikers

This slut loves it rough – I am going to fuck her ass with no lubrication

Sandra tensed her body as she felt my cock at her ass hole. Grabbing a handful of her hair I shoved my cock all the way into her ass with one thrust. She screamed in pain as I ripped into her ass. Pulling on her hair I said

How do you like that you dirty slut

I love it – I love it when you hurt me – please fuck my ass – rip me open – show these guys just how much of a slut I am

I fucked her ass as hard as I could, slamming my cock into her so hard that I could feel my balls slapping against her cunt. Every time I shoved my cock into her ass she would scream and her face would twist up with pain

Fuck me harder – fuck my dirty slut ass – use my filthy ass for your pleasure

she said

The bikers couldn't believe what they were seeing and hearing. They had all taken their cocks out and were wanking themselves as I fucked Sandra's ass. My balls started to rise as I was ready to come and I pushed deep and hard into Sandra's ass and filled her ass with come. Pulling out of her and turning her around I told the bikers to come on her face. She dropped to her knees and they stepped up and with their cocks in their hands they wanked themselves until they started to come all over her face. She had come all over her face. It was in her hair and running down her face.

Clean it up you filthy whore – all of it

Using her fingers she wiped all the come into her mouth and swallowed it. When she was finished her face was clean but there were still gobs of come in her hair. She looked like a mess. I said to her

Now I want you to show these guys just how filthy you really are

I opened the car and got a cup out and gave it to Sandra.

Hold this up to your ass and squeeze all my come out of your ass into it and then drink it

She looked at me with horror on her face. I reached out and grabbed one of her nipples. Squeezing it as hard as I could I said to her

Do it - do it now - you know that you are a filthy slut and you love it when people see you do filthy things – being a filthy slut makes you happy – so do it and show them how filthy you are

Squatting down she held the cup under her ass and squeezed. As we stood and watched brown slime started to dribble out of her ass and into the cup. It was a mixture of my come and shit from her bowels. When she had squeezed it all out she stood up and held the glass up to her lips and very slowly poured the slime into her mouth. As it poured into her mouth we could see little lumps mixed in with the brown slime. She swallowed the whole lot and then looked at me and smiled. The bikers couldn't believe what they had just seen. She really was filthy. I told her to leave her dress off and get in the car, which she did. As we drove home cars that were passing us were staring at her tits, which were perfectly supported in her ¼ cup bra. Her nipples were huge, hard and swollen She said to me

That is the most humiliating thing that you could ever do to me – I felt so disgusting and worthless doing that in front of other people – I am so turned on now that I need you to fuck me and hurt me when we get home

As we pulled up at her house and I made her walk up to the house wearing only her lingerie and stilettos. Once inside I told her to go and find some candles. She came back with six candles and I lit them and placed them around the room. Standing her in the middle of the room I picked up one of the candles and walked over to her and said

Have you ever had your tits waxed before


Do you like it when I torture your tits


Do you want me to drip this hot wax onto your tits and nipples

Yes – please hurt me – please hurt my tits again

Sandra stood perfectly still as I held the candle above her tit and slowly leant it over until the molten wax dripped off and fell onto her nipple. She moaned as the first hot drop landed right on her nipple. I let a few more drops fall onto her tit and then held the candle over her other tit and did the same again. The pain really showed on her face but the noises she made showed that she loved the pain. When her nipples were covered in the wax I put the candle down and told her to kneel on the couch and rest her head on the back of it. Finding the hand cream back from the night before I lubed up two of my fingers and slid them into her ass. It was still quite lose from the fucking I had given her before but it was very tender and sore and she groaned as my fingers slid in. As she loosened up I put a third and then the fourth finger into her ass stretching it wide open. She was groaning with the pain and moaning with pleasure at the same time. She really loved to be hurt and humiliated. When my four fingers were sliding easily in and out of her ass I said

Sandra – I am now going to fist your ass – I am going to push my whole fist into your ass and fuck you with it

Her hands clenched the cover of the couch and her face was all twisted with pain and tears were running down her face as I forced my fist into her ass. As widest part of my fist passed her sphincter and her ass closed around my wrist she sighed with relief. Here was my girlfriend's mother on her knees with my whole fist up her ass – it was unbelievable.

Do you like that Sandra


Do you like having your ass stretched wide open by my fist


Do you want me to fuck your ass with my fist

She was crying as she said

Yes – please fist fuck my ass – please stretch my ass wide open and hurt me – please make me be a filthy fuck slut for you – use me as your fuck toy

I started to fuck her ass slowly, pilling my hand out and then sliding it back in, and the whole time she was crying and moaning. Her ass had stretched unbelievably and soon I was able to fist her ass quite easily. As I fisted her harder and faster she started screaming

Ohhhhh fuck – fuck my ass – fuck my ass with your hand – rip my fucking ass open

As I pistoned my fist in and out of her ass my cock was rock hard and I was desperate to fuck her. Keeping my fist in her ass I stood behind her and eased my cock into her cunt. Her whole body tensed as I pushed my cock all the way into her. She was stretched to the maximum. I started fucking her cunt at the same time as I was fisting her ass. I could feel my cock sliding against my hand through the skin wall inside her. As I started to fuck her cunt really hard she was screaming with pain, her head was thrashing around and she was pulling at the couch.

You love this don't you, you filthy slut – you love having my fist in your ass while I am fucking your cunt

Yes – yes I love it – please come in my cunt – please fill my cunt with your hot come while you are raping my ass with your fist

Hearing her talk like this drove me over the edge and I shot a huge load of come deep inside her cunt. She collapsed underneath me and I let my cock slide from her cunt and my hand from her ass. Looking at her kneeling on the couch both her cunt and her ass were stretched wide open. Come was leaking out of her and dribbling down her legs.

She rolled over and lay on the couch. As I got dressed I said to her

Sandra – you are amazing - you are the filthiest slut that I have ever met

Looking up at me she said

I told you I would do anything for you – anytime you want to use me just do it – I know Rachel won't give you what you want, but I will – you can fuck me, hit me, rape me, do anything you want to me – I want to be your personal fuck toy

As I walked out the door I wondered what it was going to be like when I went over for dinner on Monday night.

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