tagBDSMRachel's Mother Ch. 3

Rachel's Mother Ch. 3


On Monday evening I went around to Rachel's place as always for dinner. Sandra was not home as yet. I told Rachel that I was really horny from not having seen her all weekend. The truth is that I was still thinking about her mother and was desperate to let a load go. Rachel was sure that her mother would not be home for at least half an hour so we slipped into her room and started kissing. Rachel didn't want to get caught by her mother and she said

"We will have to be quick – I don't want mum to catch us – I don't want her thinking that I am having sex or she will think I am a slut"

Slipping Rachel's jeans and knickers off she lay on the bed. As I got undressed my already hard cock sprang out. Rachel was sure that I was hot and horny for her and had no idea that while I was fucking her I would be thinking about her mother. I asked her to suck my cock to start off and she said

"No – we don't have time, and besides, that is not the sort of thing nice girls do"

Knowing that I was going to get my cock sucked really well by Sandra later on I accepted her answer and climbed onto the bed and fucked her. It was very boring and only lasted about five minutes. Rachel thought it was pretty good and moaned and groaned all the way through it – and I was thinking of Sandra, as I was ready to come. My balls swelled and my cock twitched as I came filling the condom that I was wearing so that dear prudish Rachel didn't get pregnant. As soon as we were finished Rachel got dressed in case her mother came home.

Sandra got home about ten minutes later and walked into the kitchen where we were sitting. As always she looked beautiful. She was wearing a business skirt and jacket and navy 3-inch heels. Her skirt was knee length and very tight. I was looking for the tell tale sign of her stockings and I spotted it – the straps of her suspender belt were just visible through the tight skirt. After dinner Rachel went to her room to do some study and I offered to help Sandra tidy up. Once I could hear that Rachel was in her room I walked up to Sandra and whispered

"Don't make a sound"

I then gently undid the buttons on her jacket and lifted her tits out of her bra. As soon as I touched her, her nipples became hard. Rolling her nipples between my fingers I could see the excitement in her eyes. Again I whispered


And then I squeezed and twisted her nipples as hard as I could. Her whole body trembled and she opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out.

"You love that don't you Sandra – having your nipples tortured – you love the pain – you love being a slut"

She just looked at me unable to talk because of the pain. I let go of her tits and whispered in her ear

"On Wednesday night be at my place at 7 PM and be ready for lots more pain and humiliation"

I watched as she dressed herself again and tidied up the kitchen and then I went to watch T.V. About half an hour later Sandra bought me a cup of coffee and when she gave it to me she said

"What do you want me to wear on Wednesday"

I thought for a minute and then said

"Red lingerie, a red skirt, white see through blouse, black stockings and red stilettos"

She went and said goodnight to Rachel and went to bed. About 30 minutes later I went in to see Rachel and explained that I was going out with the boys and would not see her. She said that it would be fine because she had lots of study to do anyway. I left and drove all the way home with a hard on thinking about what I was going to do to Sandra.

Wednesday came around very quickly and before I knew it, it was 7 o'clock and there was a knock at the door. It was Sandra – dressed exactly as told and looking extremely elegant and classy. Coming in she said that she had told Rachel she was going out for the night with the girls from her office. As she looked around I poured her a drink and asked her

"How is it that you and Rachel are so different – you are such a slut and Rachel is so pure and prudish"

"I don't know – I guess Rachel has seen what her father did to me and she doesn't like it – and I on the other hand love it – I love pain, I love to be humiliated and I love to be used like a slut – I would not let anyone use me – only someone that I trust, and I trust you – which is why I am your personal slut and will let you do anything you want to me"

She went on to say"

"You love it too don't you – you love hurting and humiliating me – you love hurting my tits and stretching my cunt and ass wide open and making me cry and scream with the pain– you love knowing that you can make me do dirty filthy things that no other girl would let you do – and knowing that no matter how much you hurt me I will let you"

"Yes I do – and speaking of which it is time to start"

I told Sandra that we were going to go back to the biker bar that we went to the other night, but before we went she had to take her bra and knickers off. Standing in front of me she did this and looked fantastic when she was finished – her blouse was so sheer that you could see straight through it and her tits were totally visible. We drove to the bar and went in. It was pretty quiet being a weeknight and there were only about 40 people in the bar. I told Sandra to get me a drink and she did. As she walked to the bar everyone was looking at her and whistling and the guys were saying things like – "show us your tits" and "nice ass". She came back and sat at the table with the drinks and I said to her

"You love that don't you – having everyone look at you – knowing that they think you are a slut"


"Well let's show them that you are a slut – undo your blouse and play with your nipples"

She immediately did as she was told and uncovering her tits she started to play with her nipples They were already hard and the more she played with them the harder they got. Looking at me she said

"Please hurt them – please hurt my tits and my nipples"

I reached over and pinched the flesh of her tits very roughly. She moaned and squirmed on her seat as I did this. I said

"I have a better idea – stand up and get undressed"

Looking around the bar quickly she stood up and slid her skirt off and then removed her blouse. By now everyone in the bar was looking our way. She was standing there in her suspender belt and stockings and her stilettos. I pulled a piece of rope from my pocket and standing in front of her I started to wrap it around her left tit.

"Have you ever had tit bondage before"


"Well I think you will like it – I am going to tie this rope tightly around the base of your tits until they swell up – then they will change color because of the lack of blood circulation and then you will start to feel the pain"

Her eyes lit up – she liked this idea. A few people came closer to have a look and I said to them

"Come over – come and look at what I am going to do to this slut"

When her tits were all tied she looked at them and watched as they became swollen and turned blue. I told her to lie on the table and when she was lying down I started to pinch her nipples. Standing at the end of the table where her head was I took my cock out and started to rub it.

"Are you ready for a throat fucking Sandra"

"Yes - please"

Pulling her to the end of the table so that her head hung over the edge I put my cock to her lips and slowly pushed it into her mouth. Her mouth filled and her lips stretched as I kept pushing my cock all the way down her throat. I could feel her gag as my cock went past the back of her mouth and down into her throat and her throat swelled up. Grabbing her nipples and pulling hard on them at the same time I started fucking her throat. She was making all sorts of gurgling noises as my cock was being forced into her throat. Her hands grabbed the edge of the table and her face changed color because she was unable to breathe. After about thirty seconds I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she took a huge breath. Her face was covered with saliva and she looked at me and said

"More – please I want more – fuck my throat really hard and pinch my nipples – hurt me"

Pushing my cock back into her throat I let go of her nipples and started to slap her tits. They were a really dark blue color by now and would have been very sensitive. I continued to throat fuck her really hard until I was really to come and then I pulled my cock out of her mouth and holding it I came all over her face. Her face was covered and she started wiping it up and licking her fingers clean. I looked at the guys standing around and said

"Anyone want to fuck her"

"Hell yes"

They said

"O.K the – take it in turns – one at a time and you can only fuck her cunt – her mouth and her ass are mine.

They lined up and dropped their pants and the first one got between her legs and pushed his cock into her. Her cunt was wet from her horniness and he slipped in easily. The first guy fucked her for a couple of minutes before he groaned as he came inside her. Stepping aside the next guy in the line stepped up and slid his cock into her. One of the girls in the bar said

"It's not fair – I am missing out"

She was wearing a dress so I told her to take her knickers off and pull her dress up and Sandra would lick her cunt for her. She straightaway did this and knelt over Sandra's face and lowered her cunt down on to Sandra's tongue. As the guys in the line were going through Sandra's cunt she was wildly licking this girl out. After eight guys had fucked her and all come inside her the girl sitting on her face started to come. With a loud moan she shook as she clutched her tits and pushed her cunt hard into Sandra's face. As they all stepped away I looked at Sandra and said

"Stand up and bend over the table – everyone can see how you like having your cunt fucked – now I am going to show them how you like to have your ass fucked"

Standing up and bending over the table come started to run out of her cunt and run down her legs. I stood behind her and rubbed my cock along her slit and up to her ass hole. Letting it sit there for a moment I rocked back and forth teasing her – just letting her feel the pressure against her tiny tight hole. Reaching around and grabbing her swollen aching tits I squeezed her nipples and said

"What do you want now Sandra"

"Fuck me - please"

"No - what do you really want"

"Please fuck me – please fuck my ass – I want to feel your cock stretching my ass open – I want you to fuck my ass as hard as you can – please"

With one really hard push my cock went ball deep into her ass

"Oh fuck"

Sandra screamed as her fingers dug into the table. Her face contorted with the pain of the savage entry

"You love being hurt don't you, you dirty slut"

"Yes – I love it – please hurt me – hurt my ass – hurt my tits – hit me – please just fuck me and hurt me – fuck my little slut body"

I started fucking her ass and at the same time I was slapping her on the back and on her ass cheeks. The harder I fucked her, the harder I slapped her and the harder she screamed.

"Oh fuck – fuck my slutty ass – rip me open – come in my ass"

Wanting to hurt and humiliate her as much as I could I tried not to come and as I fucked her ass I said

"You are nothing but a dirty slut – you love to be hurt and fucked in the ass – you love people watching as you get fucked in the ass – you love standing here with my cock in your ass and eight men's come leaking out of your cunt – don't you"

"Yes I love it – I am a slut – I am your slut"

I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my load of come into Sandra's bowels. She felt it coming and grabbed the table as she too came. She couldn't come unless she was in pain and feeling cheap and this was perfect for her - with a dozen people standing around watching her get fucked in the ass, come dripping out of her pussy and her tits tied up tight and all swollen and blue. I pulled my cock out of her ass and pulled her down so that she was kneeling in front of me. I didn't have to say a word; she knew what to do and immediately put my cock in her mouth and started to lick and suck it clean, cleaning all of my come and her ass slime off it. When she was finished she knelt there panting, out of breath. Looking down at her I said

"Looks like you need a drink and a wash"

Holding her head with one hand and my cock with the other I aimed my cock at her lips and said

"Open your mouth – I want you to drink my piss"

She opened her mouth and I started pissing into it. The flow was solid and strong and she was gulping it down trying to keep up with the flow. It was a loosing battle and it was running out of her mouth and all down her front. When I was finished she had piss all over her, in her hair, on her face, on her tits and belly and dripping off her cunt. I told her to go and clean herself up and get dressed and that she had to leave her tits tied up. The girl who she had gone down on before led her to the ladies room and about five minutes later they came back, dressed and with fresh lipstick but you could still see the piss and come in her hair and her swollen bulging deep blue tits straining to get out of her blouse.

"Lets go"

I said and walked her back to the car. On the way back to my place she said

"Thankyou – Thankyou for giving me what I need – please don't ever be afraid to hurt me as much as you want – you can do anything at all you want to me"

"Don't worry – I will"

When we got home and walked inside I told her to take her blouse off. Sandra stood perfectly still as I told her what I was going to do. I went to the cupboard and got out a riding crop

"I am going to whip your tits now – you can scream as much as you like because this will hurt you – I am going to whip them until I am happy that you have had enough pain for one night"

Standing back I lifted the crop and let it fall across her left tit. WHACK. Sandra screamed as the crop cut into her tit. Instantly there was a big red mark across it. I repeated this another four times until her tit, which was a deep blue bruised color, was covered with red crop marks. Every time the crop hit her tit she would scream loudly. When I was happy with her left tit I said to her

"What do you want now Sandra"

"Please – please whip my other tit – please whip it until it bleeds and - please whip it right on the nipple"

Standing back I did just as she asked and whipped her right tit until it started to bleed. The last stroke of the crop came down right onto her sensitive hard nipple. She screamed louder than ever before and her body shook. I couldn't believe it – she had just come. She stood for a minute and I admired her tits all swollen, bleeding and tortured. As I untied the rope from her tits she said

"That is the most pain that I have ever felt – I loved it – next time you use me, please hurt me again – even more – please fist fuck my ass again and please torture my tits"

When I was finished I told her to get dressed and go home and that she was not to wash tonight. She was to get undressed but to sleep as she was. She was to lie in the pool of come that was going to be dribbling out of her cunt and ass all night. She was not to wash the blood off her tits until the morning.

As she walked out the door I said

"Sandra – don't make any plans for Friday night."

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