tagLesbian SexRachel's Sister to the Rescue Ch. 01

Rachel's Sister to the Rescue Ch. 01


Rachel: After her night in the box

I always fantasized about being "That Girl", the one all the girls whispered about, whispering to each about what a slut she is, how all the boys say she's easy, how slutty she dresses. I wanted to be her. I just could never do it. Oh sure, I've had sex. Plenty of sex, but only with my boyfriend. That is until that party the other night. (Girl in the box)

I had never even had a guy go down on me but when Stacy pushed me up against that box and I felt that tongue I lost my mind. I didn't even know who it was until she told me. When she told me it was Jessie, my best friend, I almost died. I didn't die but I did cum. The orgasm was unreal. I would do anything to feel that way again.

I masturbate almost constantly now. I can't help it. Nobody except those girls even know it was me but every boy I look at could have been on the outside of that box. I could have tasted his cum, swallowed it. Sometimes I think about yelling out "hey I blew you". Just to feel what the embarrassment would be like.

I know that is what I liked about it: the humiliation of it. Every time I masturbate I imagine doing more and more humiliating things. I came hard when I imagined Stacy handing me a tee shirt that said 'I was the girl in the box' and made me wear it all day at school.

I can't imagine what my boyfriend Danny would say if he knew it was me. He didn't go to the party and I told him I didn't either. I told everyone I had to go out to dinner with my grandparents. All my friends told me that I missed a wild party and what a couple sluts those girls were. Everyone I spoke with about it said that nobody knew who they were for sure.

Danny is the one at fault for my desire to swallow cum and be humiliated. About two months ago we were up in my room. Danny wanted a blow job and he always wants me to swallow. I don't mind it at all but I always act like it is a big deal so he will grab my head, push his cock deep in my throat so I have to swallow and then tell me how hot it is and that only slutty girls swallow.

I could tell this was going to be one of those times. I was actually in the mood anyway but I wanted him to make me do it. I never say no, but I always make him work for it. He will kiss me and tease me for hours if he thinks I will let him fuck me eventually. Not that night because it was my time of the month.

I don't really like to blow him when there is nothing in it for me. I could tell what he wanted and I was teasing him terribly. I was sucking on a piece of hard candy and telling him how good it tasted. I had on my little short shorts. I would never wear them out but I did lounge around the house in them.

"You know I can't do anything with you this week." I said he just nodded. I kind of felt sorry for him.

"You could at least give me a little relief you know." He looked so sad. I leaned over to him and kissed him on the mouth.

"I guess if you want me to do that you'll have to force me to." I just looked at him and smiled. He looked at me for a second like he didn't know what to do, then he grabbed my hair and pushed me down into his lap. I bit his dick through his shorts lightly just to let him know I was game. I have never been with anyone but him. I kissed a few other guys but never so much as let anyone else touch me.

He lifted up his hips and slid his shorts down with one hand still holding my hair with the other. He pushed my head back down and I took him into my mouth. He was bucking his hips and talking dirty to me. Literally fucking my face. I loved it. He is so nasty when he talks dirty to me. I really like it.

My older sister Cathy came barging in my room about that time. "Oh my god you two are so gross" then she slammed the door. I was totally humiliated but I never stopped doing what I was doing. Cathy and I are in the same grade even though she is a year older. Cathy was very sick when we were little and she missed almost an entire school year. The next year we moved here and Mom enrolled us in the same grade at school.

My sister and I are more rivals then sister's. We have totally different interests: I am into Pep squad and school social life and she is definitely not. I love my sister but she is a very dark person, almost Goth. She does well in school and studies a lot, but she hangs out with strange people and I think they smoke a lot of pot.

We used to tease her all the time and I guess that is why we aren't always the nicest to each other. I know she loves me though.

"Man, now your sister knows what a slut you are." Danny was still talking dirty to me. He was rubbing my butt and pussy through my shorts and it was feeling really good. Then I felt him pull my shorts down to right below my butt.

He rubbed my pussy a little until he felt the string from my tampon then her stopped. His finger went up to my butt hole and I could feel him rubbing circles around it. I didn't stop him even when he tried to push his finger in my butt. I did yelp a little so he stopped. I actually didn't want him to stop so actually pushed back into his finger and flexed a little hoping he would take the hint.

"Oh so you want me to finger your ass huh, you little slut" I didn't say anything I just kept sucking his dick. He came right then and I swallowed every drop. "Wow I love having a slutty girlfriend" he said as he came in my mouth. "Now that I know I just have to push you down there you are going to blow me every day." He laughed when he said that and I started licking his cock like a momma cat lick her kittens.

He was still playing with my butt hole. Pushing his finger in just a little and then pulling it back out. I felt like he was tearing me open a little but I still never told him to stop. Now I was actually rubbing my own clit a little and breathing hard. I couldn't believe I was playing with myself in front of him but I didn't want to stop.

He pushed me up on my knees but I kept my head in his lap. I was so embarrassed I did not want to even look at him. Then I saw him pick up an ink pen off my bed. I felt him remove his finger from my butt and push the pen in. He pushed it a little deeper than his finger but it was a lot smaller. I was moaning now.

"I think you like it in the ass Rachel. Are you a little butt slut?" I was pushing back against him every time he pushed the pen in. When he had almost all the way in he left it there. I could feel my butt shaking as I began to cum. He was laughing at me now.

Now that I had cum I wanted him to take the pen out but he just left it there. He pushed his dick back in my mouth and stroked it in and out a few times. I knew my door was unlocked because Cathy had already caught us once. I didn't want her to come in here and see that pen sticking out of my ass, which was a definite possibility since I was turned with my ass pointed straight at the door.

"Man, I bet Cathy would freak, seeing you butt fucking an pen" He was laughing again. I was whining with his dick in my mouth but my hand was moving back to my clit. That is when he reached over and grabbed my hairbrush off my desk. He pulled the pen out.

"Ooh that is pretty gross" and he tossed it in the waste can next to my desk. I was afraid he was done. I was getting really worked up again. I wanted to cum one more time. Then I felt him working the hairbrush handle against my little back hole.

That handle was pretty big but I was so turned on I just let him keep working at it. Then I felt him push it hard and it really hurt. I let his cock drop out of my mouth.

"OW OW OW." I was actually pushing back into it so he didn't stop. Now I know you should always use some kind of lube but that day I didn't know that. I was getting close to coming again. I was rubbing my clit pretty fast.

"This smells really gross Rachel" Danny was rubbing the back of my head and I was afraid. I don't know why but I actually asked him not to stop.

"Don't stop Danny oh my god please don't stop." He was pushing it in and out pretty fast and my ass was on fire. He was laughing at me again.

"Man I wish I knew you liked this. I am probably going to be the only guy in school butt fucking his girlfriend." I started cumming and I think I actually screamed because my sister came barging in again.

"You guys better cool it! Mom and dad are right down stairs." That was when she saw him pushing the brush in and out of my ass. "Rachel what the hell are you doing?"

I froze like a deer in the headlights then I heard my dad yell upstairs. "What the hell is going on up there?"

I jumped up off my bed and ran across the hall to the bathroom. I heard my Dad stomping up the stairs just as I slammed the bathroom door. I could hear Cathy screaming at Danny. She was calling him a pervert and a twisted sicko.

My mom came running up the stairs too. "Cathy calm down honey and tell Daddy what's going on." Then Cathy just screamed and I heard her door slam.

Then I heard mom talking to Danny. "Get decent and get home to your parents. Now's not a good time for us to discuss this."

Danny had been my friend and boyfriend since grade school. I was leaning against the bathroom door crying. That's when I realized that the brush was still in my ass.

"Don't plan on coming back around here for a while Danny." That was my dad and I could tell by the sound of his voice he meant forever. I cried again sobbing as I slid to the floor on my side. I pulled the brush from my butt and just left it lying on the floor.

"Rachel, let me in so I can talk to you." My mom sounded worried but more than that she sounded mad.

"Please mom, please just leave me alone" I was still crying. That's when I heard her walk over to Cathy's door.

"Cathy someone has to tell me what is going on. Was Danny hurting Rachel, honey?" Then I heard Cathy's door open then close again. I could hear them talking but I couldn't understand what they were saying.

I pushed myself up off the floor. I grabbed the brush and walked over to the sink and began to wash it off. I was totally humiliated. How could I go out there and face my Dad now? I knew Cathy would tell them what she saw. She didn't even have a choice. Lying was not an option in my Dad's house.

I heard my mom come out of Cathy's room "Go down stairs Bill. I need to talk to Rachel then I'll be down." I could imagine my dad just nodding his head and then I heard him start down the stairs. I did not want to talk to her not about this. This was just too weird to have a rational discussion about.

"Rachel open the door Honey." I need to make sure your ok. This was not a request.

"Mom I'm fine! Danny and I were just fooling around and Cathy freaked out." I was trying to minimize it as much as I could. Mom was not buying it at all.

"Bull shit Rachel! Now open the damn door or I will have your father do it." Ok, well, that was that. Mom was cussing and she only did that when she was really mad. I reached for the door knob the brush was laying on the sink. At least it was clean now.

I opened the door and Mom pulled me from the bathroom to my bedroom. She gestured for me to sit on the bed. I know I flinched when I sat and I know she saw it. It was the most humiliating experience of my life. I won't go into the whole conversation. I don't even like to think about it.

After our conversation mom stood and started walking to the door. "Consider yourself grounded until we figure out what do with you. Your sister is really upset. I don't know what you need to do but I guess you two can figure it out" I just lay back on my bed and cried for a while.

I got up and went into the bathroom. I noticed immediately that my brush was gone. I could not believe my mom would take my brush. I could just imagine her holding it in her hand as she explained the whole situation to my Dad. For some reason I got turned on by the thought of her telling my Dad what Cathy had walked in on. Would she just gloss over it or give him all the details.

I started the shower water and stepped in. my hands were rubbing my tits and pussy as I relived the scene Cathy had barged into. Just as I was about to get off, Cathy walked in the bathroom. We never locked the door to the bathroom because Mom and Dad never came up there. Our shower doors are clear glass and I was leaning against the wall with my hands between my legs.

"My god Rachel! What kind of a slut have you turned into?" With that she turned and left. I came so hard I slid down the wall and just sat in the shower floor. I cried again because I could not even answer that question myself.

Now here I was, two months later sitting in my sister's room. She had been acting funny since that day. Being totally different toward me. She ordered me around all the time now and called me names when mom and dad weren't around. Her favorite was 'Butt Slut'. I was just going with the flow, trying to get my life back. Mom finally ungrounded me. That was how I ended up at that party, the one with the boxes.

"Rachel I need to say some things to you and you are just going to sit there and listen." I just nodded. How much worse could things get. I needed her help with our parents and she knew it. "I don't really understand what is going on with you. But you are my little sister and I want to help you."

"I am really fine Cathy I was just messing around. I let it get a little out of hand is all." I smiled and tried to sound confident.

"Rachel I know it was you in the box at that party." I felt my mouth fall open and I could feel the tears in my eyes. "You borrowed my car that night. I didn't go to the party but my car was there! I know because people saw it there. Some of them mentioned seeing it but not me. Then you lied about being there at all so it was not hard for me to put it together."

"Cathy you're so wrong!" I started, but her hand went instantly to cover my mouth.

"Shut up Rachel and let me finish before you start lying to Me." Her black eye makeup was running down her cheek and I could see she was really having a hard time. "You will never lie to me again Rachel that is the first thing you should know right now." There was a hard look on her face. I was actually scared of my own sister at that moment.

"I had to live through finding you and Danny like that. I had to live through him telling all his buddies what a slut you are." I knew I was getting weird looks from some of the guys but I had no idea he was spreading rumors about me. We weren't dating anymore but I actually still thought he loved me.

"Don't worry Mark and Jason made sure little Danny and his friends are keeping their mouths shut now. They are really a couple of scary guys Rachel. I had to give them something to get them to do it for me but we'll talk about that later." I was sobbing now I had loved Danny with all my heart.

"Rachel, I spoke with good ol' Stacy too." I just stared at her. What had Stacy told her? "She is a manipulative bitch but we have made an arrangement." I just looked at her - what kind of arrangement could she possibly have made with Stacy.

"Stacy and her friends are going to leave you alone. My friends and I are not going to make their life a living hell." I just looked at her like she was out of her mind. "I told you Rachel my friends are scary. This is what we refer to as damage control. You fucked up big, baby sister and now I have had to do things I would never have had to do to fix it." She was looking at me long and hard. I really wished I could read her mind.

"Now that still doesn't fix the main problem here. You, my baby sister, are a pervert plain and simple." I stood up to leave. I wasn't going to stay around and listen to this abuse anymore. She grabbed my arm and threw me back onto her bed. "My friends are not the only scary ones Rachel! Plant your ass on that bed or I will do it for you."

That was the first time my sister every threatened me. She was hurt and angry and definitely in control. So I just sat there. I couldn't think of anything to say and I don't think she wanted to hear anything from me anyway.

"I have gone to a huge amount of trouble saving your precious image because Mom begged me to. Of course it is her image too." I must have looked shocked. "That's right baby sister, this was mom's idea - well some of it anyway." She smiled when she said that and it was an evil smile.

"You owe me big and I am going to make sure you're well behaved until I get out of here at the end of this school year. You are going to be my little shadow. You can still do the pep squad thing and all that but I own you now." I just stared at her sobbing quietly. What could I say - I had no idea she was doing all that stuff while I was foolish enough to think Danny still loved me.

"Stand up, right here." She pointed at a spot on the floor in front of her dresser. Put your hands on the top of the dresser and don't you dare move them." I just did what she told me. I was thinking she was going to spank me or something.

"You know Stacy was right about some things." She was standing right behind me and I could see me and her in the Mirror on top of her dresser. "She seems to think that you need to be treated like that. She told me you got off on it." I was shaking a little as I looked in eyes through the mirror.

"So I started doing a lot of research on the internet and talked to a few people. I told them it was a friend that I was getting the info for but I think they really believed it was me who was the pervert. I don't really care - they don't mean anything to me anyway but you baby sister, you're the one that's important." With that she smacked me once on the ass.

"I found out that some people do need to be humiliated and degraded. They are just wired wrong or something but they actually need it so bad they will do anything to feel that way." With that she pulled my little shorts halfway down my thighs.

I jumped and started to reach down for my shorts she smacked my hand hard and put it back on the dresser. "I told you not to move! Do Not Do It Again." I was so scared and she knew it. Then she opened her dresser drawer and pulled out my brush. I was crying now but I could feel my pussy flood. I was getting turned on at the thought of what my own sister was about to do.

I felt her scratching the bristles of the brush over my bare ass. "Do you know how disgusting this thing is to me? I can't stand the sight of it. But you are getting hot just seeing it. I can smell you. You are a very strange slut Rachel." She was rubbing the handle up and down my ass crack while she was talking to me now.

"I am not into girls Rachel. I really find it rather gross but I think you need this." With she lightly tapped the handle right near my butthole. I could hear myself whimper. "I would never have believed that I loved you enough to go this far to help you. I can't have you going around blowing random guys so you get what you need, can I?" I just shook my head. I was more turned on right now than I have ever been in my life and she was my sister.

"Bend forward sis and I will give you what you need." I was crying but I did exactly what she said. "Oh my god Rachel you are so gross. I can't believe you would lean over so I could fuck you with this hairbrush." I could feel her hand in the middle of my back. Then she had the brush up next to my face.

"Open your mouth so I can lube this up a little - it will make it easier." I opened my mouth and she slipped it in. "Ok, now this is how this is going to go from now on. I am going take care of this little need of yours but then you are going to have to take care of me because this is turning me on more than I would have believed." She was fucking my mouth with my brush now.

When she pulled it out my mouth I moaned loudly. "Well at least it is sort of sexy to see you this turned on." She moved the brush back down to my ass. I felt the tip wet with my own saliva press against my asshole. I rolled my hips a little and I heard her giggle at me. Then she pushed and I saw stars.

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