tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRacing Beauty Pt. 03 - Erotic Massage

Racing Beauty Pt. 03 - Erotic Massage


I'd been running my own masseuse business whenever I wasn't performing metal music but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine someone like her would walk in asking for a massage. Usually I'd turn away walk-ins as my sessions were usually for pre-booked appointments only.

But when my girl, Natalie Decker of all people showed up just as I was about to close for the day, I found it impossible to resist attending to her needs.

"Hi! I'm so sorry to drop in so late in the day, I just wondered if there's any chance I could trouble you for a massage for an hour or so? I'd be happy to compensate you for the trouble" she asked, almost out of breath, before showing me that big gorgeous smile of hers.

She must have known I was near closing up for the day, such was her hurriedness to get here before that moment had eventuated. Her voice was so sweet, and coupled with that angelic face of hers, I couldn't even get a proper reply out.

"S-s-sure. No need for any extra payment, just so long as it's in cash, only because you hadn't made an appointment beforehand. That way I can leave it off the books you know".

She giggled at my reasoning, dipping her elegant fingers into her expensive looking handbag to fish out a couple of hundred dollar notes.

"Wow, this is a bit too much Miss..." I hesitated, still not convinced it really was who I thought it was in front of me. She giggled, "Tease, you know who I am, and keep the money. I'm sure once you're done with me you'll be worth it. Besides, your step-sister highly recommended you... Justin"

"My step-sister?"

"Yeah, Chloe right? I met her at a race recently. We kept in touch and I asked her if she wanted to meet up for a session at the gym last week, and when I started to feel some tension in my back, she gave me your address details".

I had to hand it to Chloe. We hadn't been in contact much of late but it was great to know she still had me on her mind. Now I couldn't turn Natalie down, not that that thought had any chance of entering my head.

"Great, well good to see she's passing clients on for me. So I'll just get you to fill this form out and I'll get you to list any previous soreness you have had in the past. When you're done, come through to the last massage room on the right" I said as I locked the front door of the parlour.

My heart rate began to increase as the realisation of being all alone with the hottest female racer began to sink in. She was arguably the hottest race car driver in the world right now, and not just because of her looks. Anyone who was an avid racing fan or followed sports gossip during the past few years knew the name Natalie Decker.

But my shaky form was mainly due to the fact that she was even more beautiful to see up close and in the flesh, something I'd experienced twice before

She gave me a friendly smile as I left her to fill out the paperwork. Natalie nonchalantly crossed her delicious looking legs, and for a second I could have sworn she wasn't wearing any panties underneath her skirt! I dismissed the idea of her doing a "Sharon Stone", thinking it had to be my mind playing tricks on me. Either way, it made me shiver with excitement for what was soon to follow. And she hadn't even taken her clothes off yet!

I got the room prepared before she entered, lighting up some scented candles and putting on some relaxation music. Natalie knocked at the door of the dimly lit room, stepping in and immediately removing her shoes.

"OK so I'll just step out for a bit while you get changed. You can leave your belongings in this wicker basket. Lie face down on the table and I'll be back in a moment".

She happily nodded, licking her lips in trademark fashion. Natalie had already started removing the tank top she'd been wearing at the gym before I'd even had the chance to leave the room. Standing in the hallway, I had to take a few seconds to compose myself, knowing that this incredibly gorgeous petite blond racecar driver was discarding most of her clothes in the nearby room.

I was a fair few years older than Natalie but that wasn't stopping me from thinking about her in a sexual way. My intentions were purely professional, certainly wanting to give her the best massage of her life. It would certainly help if she were to pass on my name to other people in her line of work or even celebrities. But feeling my cock twitch at the idea of having my hands upon her hot little body was throwing a huge spanner in the works!

"Ready when you are?" she called from the other side of the door.

I inhaled deeply as I re-entered the room, pausing before exhaling when my eyes fell on the figure upon the massage table. Natalie lay on her front as I suggested, her face down and her pretty feet casually bobbing as she waited for me to get to work. Her entire back was bare and I could barely make out her front, and more importantly her naked chest. The only thing covering her was the towel laying across her hips, thighs and ass.

Once I felt I was ready to start, I pumped some massage oil into my hands, rubbing them together and beginning with her smooth, silky legs.

"Ooh it's a little cold!" she lightly cried, jumping at the feel of my cold oily hands caressing her ankles and her lower calf muscles. Goosebumps began to break out all over skin, helped along by the lowered temperature in the room.

"Yeah it's a little cooling gel" I said nervously as my hands glided back and forth across her smooth slender legs. I dug my fingers in to massage her calf muscles, the racer began breathing in deeply when I put pressure against her most sensitive spots.

"Nghh, feels so good" she moaned.

I moved down to her sexy looking feet, rubbing my thumbs into her pale white soles and around the well pedicured toes. The nails had a black coloured gloss upon them, possibly representing her sometimes rebel like nature which I'd read about online somewhere. Natalie seemed to love the attention I was giving her feet, especially her toes. She was pushing her hips firmly against the cushioned table, trying hard not to emit anymore deep sighs that may have sounded like she was having an intense orgasm.

"Mmm, that feels really good".

"So did you come here all by yourself?" I asked, trying to make conversation as I made my way up her legs to just beyond her knees.

"My mother dropped me off. She lives a few blocks from here. I sometimes stay at hers as the paparazzi doesn't know where she currently lives. It's handy to have some privacy every now and then you know?"

As we got to know each other a little better, before I knew it my hands began working on Natalie's firm supple thighs, greasing her up so she began audibly moaning certain words.

"Unghh your hands are amazing Justin. You really know how to relieve the tension".

Normally hearing this with other clients would have no effect on me. But I could tell my dick was beginning to elongate the further up her succulent thighs my fingers seemed to get. I thought back to when she crossed those sexy legs of hers earlier on, and in this position, a huge part of me wanted to know if she indeed wasn't wearing any underwear underneath her towel.

But my sexual urges came to a halt, knowing it would only make things even more uncomfortable by investigating any further. I began working on her lower back, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Natalie had no moles or scars. She had the most flawless tanned skin I'd seen in all the years I'd been a masseuse. Reaching underneath to the front of her stomach, I was now caressing her surprisingly well toned abs. The temptation to move further up to feel her small naked chest was all too great. I accidentally grazed what turned out to be one of her nipples.

"I'm so sorry..."

I panicked, apologizing for the little slip up. Despite my embarrassment, Natalie giggled, assuring me all was fine, and giving me the go ahead to continue. I returned my focus on her lower back as she put her head back down on the cushioned table. It didn't stay down for long.

"Oooh it's so damn tight down there!" she grimaced as I pressed against a rather tender muscle.

I couldn't help but imagine that she was talking about her smooth pussy, rather than the obvious knotted tension I had located. Moving around to the front of the table, it allowed me to work closely on Natalie's upper back, her shoulders and graceful neck. I found myself lost for a moment as I looked down at her entire face down body. Taking some more oil, I leaned over to massage Natalie's hourglass hips, down to just above her ass crack.

She moaned as I dug into her flawless skin, and I began to feel some sweat forming on my brow as her sighs took on an almost sexual tone. It was like a strange, welcome kind of music to my ears, and unbeknownst to me, the hot racer had been nuzzling her face against the hard pouch in between my legs. I thought I was imagining things, but when she started to unzip my pants, I thought I was going to pass out!

"Natalie, baby, what are you..."

"You want me to stop Justin?" she asked, looking up at me with those seductive looking bluish green colored eyes.

I shook my head thankfully, entranced by the sexy blonde stroking my erect member through my shorts as she commenced removing them.

"Mmm, such a nice fat cock. Chloe was right about you" she cheekily remarked, pulling my pants down to allow my sturdy member to have some air.

I had to wonder how much my step sister had told Natalie about me. Chloe & I had fooled around in the past but we ultimately decided to stop once she started seeing her partner at the time. Chloe liked trying to set me up with all kinds of girls as her way of making up for not being able to hook up with me anymore. Well, before her career really started to take off. But she'd never set me up with one of her celebrity friends before.

It only hit me now that Natalie obviously came to see me for more than just a massage! She proceeded to run those incredible lips along either side of my cock, coating it in her saliva. I emitted a loud groan when she took me deep inside her hot little mouth, somehow extending her tongue out to lick my balls and suck my dick at the same time.

Natalie used those perfect, soft pink lips of hers to great effect, bobbing her head faster and faster so she was essentially fucking my cock with her pretty mouth! Once she returned to giving me a slow, sensual blowjob, I decided to bite the bullet by leaning down and removing the towel across her hot little ass.

My earlier suspicions had been confirmed, Natalie was completely naked underneath the towel, which made my dick throb inside her warm, sucking mouth. Also there was no underwear in the basket containing her discarded clothes.

"Keep massaging me. Go for it.." she insisted when she noticed that I'd finally confirmed that she was without clothing underneath her towel.

I began massaging that incredible derrière of hers, slithering my fingers in between her impeccable thighs to also rub her already dripping wet lips. Natalie had now been deep throating me when I made the decision to start teasing her back door, making the saucy blonde minx moan around the dick lodged inside her warm wet mouth. She purposely rolled the head of my cock around the inside of her incredible mouth, Natalie's succulent lips forming a tight vacuum seal around me, the dual stimulation becoming a game of wits to see who could make the other cum first.

"Mmm, fuck my mouth" she implored, sucking on the head so it made a light popping sound.

Having fingered her pussy and teased her puckered anus, this had turned Natalie on to the point that she wanted me to have my way with her stunning face. I took her head in both hands, running my fingers through her honey blonde hair and looking down at those wondrous lips wrapped around my shiny tool.

My hip movements started off slow, wanting to savour every moment of this glorious position I was in. I got to a point that I was fucking Natalie's mouth as though it was her cunt, my balls slapping against her chin, and even smacking my length against her tongue or her rosy red cheeks. She turned over to lie on her back, granting me the pleasure of seeing her perky breasts for the first time. She leaned her head back over the edge of the table so she could continue sucking me whilst I attended to her hard pink nipples.

I went back to fingering her delicious pink peach, even licking my fingers to taste her sweet inner essence. She even took some time to lick and suck on my swaying balls as she kept my cock nice and slick by jerking it. If she continued on like that, I could see myself eventually stroking my cock until I showered my warm sticky load all over her fit tanned body. Unfortunately, that wasn't going to be the case. The horny blonde racer was yearning for more.

"I think he's ready for me" she said, referring to my saliva-doused member and peering up at me with a look of innocence, then parting her legs to reinforce the point she was getting at.

"You mean you want me to..." I was still in disbelief whether this was all really happening or not.

"Uh-huh. I want you to fuck me Justin. Please, I need you inside me real bad" Natalie practically begged me with that sexy Wisconsin accent, stroking my slick cock firmly and rubbing her moistened lower lips.

I walked around to stand in front of her at the other end of the table, my eyes widening at the sight of those puffy lips of hers in between her firm, young thighs. Natalie's wet mound was completely void of any hair, and her clit peaked out from its hood, showing me how hot and ready she really was. I rubbed every inch of my length against her lubricated lips, wanting to tease Natalie a little longer which clearly agitated the racer.

"Uhh, just fuck me already!!" she urged, even using her own fingers to spread her cunt lips apart.

With my spongy cockhead in place, Decker's bluish green eyes lit up, the blonde biting her lower lip as the bulbous head rubbed up and down her moist slit one last time, then finally popped inside her tight, vice like pussy.

"Uhhh fuck yes, right there.."

"Ohhh shit yeah, so fucking tight" I hissed, feeling her clamp around my burgeoning member.

I laid my body on top of hers in order to kiss this gorgeous creature, her lips softer than a marshmallow, feeling just as good against my mouth as they did when they were sucking my dick. Now that I was fucking her, I wanted to savour the moment, moving my cock in and out slowly, her wet walls making my foreskin retract back and forth. I felt a tingle in my loins when her shaven lips grazed along my sensitive cock tip.

I soon got a smooth rhythm going, pumping my cock further inside Natalie, the teen whimpering as I pistoned myself until our sweaty hips and thighs were adjoined together. I had her for one full hour, and I was determined to use up every last second.

"Give it to me...Hard!" she begged, burning those blue-green eyes into mine as my face was close to hers from above.

I grabbed her slim wrists, pinning her arms down. I withdrew my cock so just the tip nestled inside of her, and taking one last look into those fearful eyes, I roughly slammed my cock into the hilt, Natalie emitting the deepest, erotic groan I've ever heard.

"UNGHHH FUCKKKK" she wailed, now that I was pumping my cock into her with such ferocity. I was somewhat worried that the table beneath us might collapse.

Natalie curled her arms and legs around me, her sweaty thighs grinding against my hips as sweat from my forehead began to drip down onto her chest. Her sharp fingernails dragged along the length of my spine, the actress cooing as I continued to penetrate her deeply, whilst licking and sucking on her neck. She smelled so damn good, I couldn't get enough of her seemingly faultless figure.

Straightening my back, I watched on with disbelief as my cock slid back and forth inside her velvet like cunt. Natalie's trim looking stomach slightly hollowed with each of her sharp intakes of breath. She held her slender legs underneath her knees to keep them spread apart, allowing me to drive even deeper inside of her.

I could sense something was brewing deep within the heaving blonde, as she moved a hand down to rub her inflamed clit and tweaked a nipple with the other.

"Uhhh fuck.. I'm cumming!!" she cried, her entire oil coated body stiffening, thighs crunching around my waist as she squirted a genuine flood all over me as she climaxed.

A flush faced, naked and sweaty Natalie looked even sexier than the girl that arrived for a massage nearly a half hour earlier. While I gave her time to recover, I wanted to show Natalie how much I truly worshipped her, and also to savour that every inch of that delicious, but vulnerable body before me.

I lovingly pecked at her chest, teasing her stiff nipples with my tongue which made her groan and run her sharp dark colored fingernails through my hair. I moved down to kiss her quivering belly, then each of her succulent inner thighs. Natalie must have known what my agenda was, and if she did, she showed no signs of stopping me.

Now that we had already gone this far and she had no qualms about sucking my cock, that I felt gave me the green light to eat out her soaking pussy. She audibly whimpered when I probed at her engorged lips with my dry tongue, the starlet still shuddering after her intense orgasm. I moved my attention upwards so I could lick and suck on her pea sized clit, whilst finger fucking her sopping cunt with my index and middle finger. Dragging her legs over my shoulders, Natalie's smooth soles rubbed against my upper back as I tongue fucked her ever closer to another climax.

"Oh my god, your tongue is so fucking good!"

The racer pinched her own nipples, licking her lips in between erotic moans, her thighs tightening as I lapped my tongue against her highly sensitive gash. Tearing my head away from her delicious pink peach, the lust filled blonde had a look of desire in her eyes.

"Take me Justin, take me again" she asked, turning over so her cute little ass was wiggling before me.

Natalie wanting me to take her from behind also enabled us both to watch each other in the tall standing mirror on the opposite side of the room.

Desperate to feel her envelop me, I entered her again with one hard thrust, using her shoulders for leverage as I sank more of my cock deep inside Natalie's heavenly cunt. I could clearly see her mouth open wide in the mirrors reflection as I railed into her harder, her sharp nails digging into the padding of the massage table.

"That's it fuck me, give it to me!" she exclaimed, wiggling her ass and pushing back against my cock so she could meet my hard thrusts.

Grasping both of her tan ass cheeks, I spread them apart to eye her cute little pink rosebud that I'd been teasing earlier. I soon felt her climaxing around me, again squirting her juices, saturating my cock and inner thighs. Slipping out of the exhausted star, Natalie's body shook due to the aftershocks of yet another intense orgasm. Her coltish legs must have felt like jelly, as the racecar driver was struggling to stand up properly. How I hadn't managed to cum as yet defied belief. I desperately wanted to, and I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing that I hadn't.

I briefly wondered if this was a "great things come to those who wait" moment. On the plus side, Natalie must have been impressed that I'd been able to stay rock hard all this time, given she'd cum twice thus far. Still, I wasn't sure how much strength she even had in her to continue.

"So what now then?" I asked, trying to catch my own breath and wondering where things would go next.

"I got an idea" she replied, a glint in her eye, which assured me that she was right to carry on.

I was half expecting her to suggest that she would be on top for a bit, to ride my cock which I would have been well happy with. Or even a quick handjob whilst she talked dirty to me would have sufficed. But her actual suggestion just about floored me.

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