tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRacquel Darrian: Ultimate Challenge

Racquel Darrian: Ultimate Challenge


Racquel Darrian's Ultimate Fantasy III

1999: Racquel has been waiting at a street-corner off of Sunset Boulevard for almost half an hour. Pervs have been driving by slowly, eyeing her as a street-hooker -- it is 9pm after all.

Her pussy has been getting wet thinking about the quick money should could shake off the street when her limo finally pulls up.

Racquel is dressed in shiny, black latex boots that extend above the knees with a very short matching mini-skirt. She has a tight-fitting white top to show off her tits.

The limo's side window drops down with a whir. Los Angeles Lakers basketball hero and recent AIDS punch line Magic Johnson is inside with Penthouse Pet turned pornstar Janine. They both smile, already looking rather coked-up. Racquel climbs in and sits across them.

Magic pours Racquel a drink. "Sorry we're so late....." Magic explains to Racquel, with sincerity and a knowing glance at the blonde next to him -- Janine Lindemulder. Dressed in a white mini-skirt and boots, she flashes Racquel a seductive smile as she gestures for her to come sit on her knee. The two girls immediately begin making out for Magic, French-kissing passionately. He unzips and starts jacking off as if on cue.

In a few minutes the tops come off and they begin sucking each other's tits as Magic runs his free hand up Racquel's skirt. Magic's driver, Tyrone, a chubby black kid is watching the free show as he tries to concentrate on the road ahead

Janine catches this and motions for Tyrone to bring down the dividing window. Janine then leans over the divider, teasing the boy as he tries to drive, kissing his ear and neck.

Magic and Racquel have a laugh. Janine then notices her panties being yanked down as Racquel then eats her ass from behind for several minutes as Magic continues to watch.

Magic and Racquel then exchange a devious look followed by a head-nod. Racquel whispers in Magic's ear, "Truth of Dare?" In one quick movement they grab Janine's ass and legs, shoving her over the divider. Magic immediately reaches for the console sending the divider window back up. Janine feigns shock letting a scream. Racquel and Magic laugh hysterically. "Guess that was a dare, huh?" Magic manages to blurt out.

Janine, playing along, suddenly ducks out of view. Racquel can see Tyrone's eyes begin to bulge out through the rearview mirror as he hastily steers the limo to a deserted parking lot.

Janine begins sucking off the new guy -- it is apparently his first day working for a celebrity and he is enjoying it very much. A while later he looks in the rear-view mirror catches his boss on top of Racquel, pumping away. "Dang, this day just keeps gett'n better by the minute," he thinks.

Tyrone places Janine in a 69 with her on top. She sucks his fat dick; licks his balls and encourages him shoot his load in her mouth -- which he promptly does. Janine slurps down the cum, wipes her face off and then gives him a quick kiss. She then jumps in the back to rejoin Racquel and Magic. For the next 30 minutes Tyrone watches Magic fuck the girls as they are entwined in a 69, flipping them over and over in a kind of Olympic fuck-fest that never ends.

Magic knows Truth or Dare will rule the night and that the pretty brunette is the 'new girl.' He tells Racquel she must prove her loyalty by performing the sex-acts of his choosing and the night will be very, VERY long. Janine giggles explaining to Racquel she was DARED to spend the night sucking off random dicks at a glory-hole slum in one of the worst parts of Los Angeles. And she did it!

As they drive around Magic instructs Tyrone to head downtown to skid-row. Racquel is scared, but something about the idea excites her, too. After cruising a darkened street lined with abandoned warehouses, Magic spots an alley near a freeway overpass. He asks the driver to stops and Racquel spots a dirty mattress lying in a pool of water.

As Magic opens the car door he instructs Tyrone to cover the street using a 9mm Magic hands him. Magic points to three filthy black fellas standing over a simmering oil-drum fire.

Magic grabs Racquel's arm gently and DARES her to make love to the men. Without waiting for an answer, he pushes her outside with a gentle prod. The stunned Racquel is on her feet unsure of what to do next. This is the scariest place she has ever visited. Compton was a holiday compared to this place, she thinks. Then she found herself making those first steps. Everything was going to be OK, she kept telling herself. Be in charge. Own it. This is no different than controlling fans at a strip-club. By the time she had giving herself a little coaching she was halfway to the oil-drum.

The car door had left wide open for Magic and Janine to watch as they waited for Racquel to chicken out and run. The men in the alley had been staring at Racquel as she had slowly approaches them. Gawking at her in her tiny mini-skirt and long boots that made a click-clack sound as she got closer. She then circled the men, flicking back her hair with a seductive smile. She touches the back of the neck of one of the bums, all of whom were between 45 and 70. She then began kissing the oldest one, who is unshaven with lots of grey hair and missing teeth. The other two exchange a shocked look and proceed to lift her mini-skirt, groping her ass, laughing in disbelief. The men smell awful, but Racquel knows this event won't be for long -- they won't last but a few minutes!

Magic and Janine watch from the limo as Racquel slowly unzips the old bum's piss-stained trousers and reaches inside. His black snake flops out and she begins to jack him off.

Tyrone continues to cover from afar, but can't help look back at the bizarre show taking place behind him. Magic quietly instructs him to drive off if she looses her nerve.

Racquel closes her eyes and leans back, letting the three old guys kiss her neck, grab her tits with their filthy hands. Typically, each one has hands dressed in the fingerless wool gloves all homeless guys seem to wear. In no time, they are sticking their dirty fingers up inside her pussy and asshole. And soon she is wet and groaning. And loving it.

One of them gestures for the mattress and they pull her over so abruptly she almost stumbles in her long heels. In a flash, Racquel is on he back. The other two black dicks are now out, their makeshift rope belts hanging loosely. She checks out the black dongs hanging down near her face, admiring their length and color. The younger one begins eating out Racquel as she jacks off both of the older guys. Racquel realizes how sexy these unshaven thugs are -- it surprises her. Like she wants come back next week if these guys aren't too busy kind of surprised. The moment feels primal and just plain nasty -- and she loves it. She first cleans off each dick with her tongue, spitting hairs and gunk onto the ground like a true street-whore would do.

She then sucks and licks both the jet-black dongs from the ball-sack right up to the tip admiring their blue tone. The younger one has been watching the sucking as he eats out Racquel and decides he wants in, and is soon getting his cock cleaned as well. The middle guy -- who is pretty fat -- goes to work spreading her legs and sticking his filthy fingers up inside her pussy. Racquel's panties are still on, but have been pushed to the side, exposing her shapely mound with perfectly trimmed pussy hair. He expertly finger bangs her like a pimp.

The men all continue to grab at her tits as they take turns gently face-fucking the pretty angel.

The fat one waves off the other niggers and gets on top, slipping his wet cock inside her as he begins drilling her like a pro. Racquel stretches out her legs in a huge V as the other two wait their turn, cheering him on their friend with 'fuck that white bitch!' and other racially charged favorites.

From the limo, Janine can hear Racquel groaning in ecstasy. Magic makes a quip about driving away and picking her up in the morning. Janine can only laugh as she masturbates from the open car door.

Racquel wraps her legs around the large body as the bum shoots his load deep inside her. Before other two fuck her, she asks each to cum in her mouth instead. The old guy fucks her for a couple of minutes before getting up in a flash and scampering over on his knees to jack-off in Racquel's open mouth. He holds her head as he forces her to suck and lick every ounce of his cum. The last guy bangs her, caps off in her mouth and they all give her a nice round of applause as she walks back to the limo, straightening up skirt as she gives Magic and Janine a 'are you impressed now?' smile.

Racquel climbs in and they drive over to Magic's Beverly Hills mansion. Racquel needs a bath and Janine has offered to sponge her off in Magic's outdoor pool that he's had turned from a Jacuzzi into a backyard bubble bath.

The mansion is incredible. Racquel is floored. As she heads to the bathroom to mouthwash all the cum out of her mouth, she notices two bitchy looking black girls giving her the eye. They suspiciously size up Racquel. As she heads outside, Magic explains they are his ex-wife and her sister, who live at the house. Racquel smiles innocently at them as they glare back. He tells Racquel they don't like him fucking white girls all the time. Racquel shrugs it off.

In a few minutes Racquel is naked in the tub with Janine soaping her off, not worrying about jealous ghetto bitches. A few minutes later, partygoers begin to roll into the house. Magic is inside playing host as the girls kiss and play with the bubbles. From the huge back window, the girls can see many members of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team gathered around Magic. Eventually, the guys notice the two naked girls in the tub and head outside to introduce themselves to the gorgeous pornstars.

More guys turn up; mostly players and several other pornstars, including Nikki Tyler, Jenteal, Madelyn Knight and Lexus Locklear. Racquel and Janine know all these girls and are relieved there are some more girls there for the men.

Ron Artest, Corrie Blount, Shaq all hang out at the tub as Robert Horry and Magic work over Jenteal and Lexus with drinks and small talk inside. The girls look really pretty, classy and made up, each in tight pants and heels, except for Nikki who's wearing a white latex mini-skirt.

Shaq is being Mr. Funny guy, so he strips down to his boxers and jumps into the tub. Water splashes everywhere and begins spilling over. Racquel and Janine giggle as they soap him up shoving their tits in his face as he runs his hands all over their backs. As Racquel is done bathing, she exits the tub with Janine and towel off. Shaq begs them to stay. The girls promise to return with a giggle. The players eye each other knowing what's in store.

A while later, Racquel and Janine are all dolled-up in their boots and mini-skirts as they walk down a long hallway to rejoin the party. The two black bitches smirk at the girls as they pass the kitchen.

"What's all that about," asked Janine?

Racquel replied, "They don't like us fuck'n their niggers is all."

"They're just not as hot as us, is more like it. More jealously bitchery," answered Janine.

The girls laughed it up as they entered the indoor party for the first time. The back of Racquel's leather mini was still wet from the guys banging her in the alley, but it only made her more aroused and nasty as she checked out all the black bulls in front of her. She wanted to fuck everyone of them. No other girl here would match that feat. Tonight was hers.

In an hour or so, lights dimmed. The girls were pretty drunk, but knew what came next: strip show! The guys were on the couches as the girls took center stage, kissing and feeling each other out as the men egged them on. Nikki and Racquel performed a strip-show tease to some rap songs that blared out over the speakers. A fat DJ with Rasta dreadlocks gave the girls a peace sign as he watched the show unfold.

Drinking continued and it wasn't long before Racquel found herself on her back in one of the bedrooms with a short, muscular black bull on top of her. On her nightstand, a silver bowl. Next to it, a wooden bowl filled with condoms.

Like a well-orchestrated social event all the rooms were soon filled with players, groupies and friends of players, all taking turns fucking pornstars in a rotating gangbang. Guys wandered from one room to the next watching, joining in or waiting their turn.

Racquel wanted to outlast all the other girls, so her only rule was to fuck one at a time, nice and slow. The men lined up outside her door, waiting to fuck one of the most beautiful women in the world. Each guy who fucked her left his used condom in the silver bowl, so after a few hours it was getting pretty full -- just the way she wanted it!

She didn't even know whom she was fucking and she didn't much care. She took on all the players, Bill Cosby, the fat Rasta DJ and then realized one of the guys on top of her was the car valet from earlier. She fingered his gold name-tag as she read his name out loud as blasted inside of her! "Thank you, Clarence!" That got a few laughs from the line.

The two black girls, Mary and Lucinda, who lived at the house, were in the living room. The music had died down as even the DJ was off fucking pornstars. The ghetto bitches would always be ghetto no matter how much money they had. They were tired of white ho's fucking all their niggers. This shit needed to end.

They got up and watched from one of the bedroom doors as one of the bulls banged Nikki Tyler. Mary noted the disgusting bowl of used condoms and laughed out loud. As they went out to the kitchen, Mary noticed a beer bong that wasn't being used. She then hatched a plan to fill the receptor with all the cum from all the silver bowls and make one of the white bitches chug it -- the whole dang thing!

Lucinda said she was definitely in. After all the fucking was done, they snuck into each of the fuck-rooms and grabbed eight condom bowls filled with cum, gel and pubic hairs. Back in the kitchen, they poured the contents into the bong, laughing hysterically.

Mary had not liked Racquel, who had given her a really snooty look earlier. Lucinda agreed, even though she traditionally hated blondes and thought Nikki would be a good candidate -- but Racquel would definitely fit nicely. The only question was, how to wake up the little bitch and make her chug it?

Mary woke up some of the players and told her what was up. They thought the plan was killer, but wondered how they could talk her into it. A DARE, perhaps? It was then suggested by one of the guys that the best fuck of the night ALWAYS got to chug all the cum as that was custom and that it was some kind of honor created by the host, Magic. It seemed ludicrous, but Mary loved the idea. She went into Racquel's room and woke her up in a threatening manner. The nigger next to her stayed asleep as Mary grabbed her arm, but Racquel resisted. Insisting on putting on her boots and a LAKERS t-shirt from the ground to cover tits. Racquel thought she was going to have to catfight this bitch and was pretty sure she'd get her ass whupped. Mary brought the tired Racquel out to the living room. To her surprise, the men were awake and cheering for her, chanting her name. Now there was a group of about twelve in on the joke. They explained Racquel was to perform a special beer bong, as it was an honor as she had fucked the most guys. Magic had just come in from another room and joined in, understanding right away there was a joke at hand.

Racquel got on her knees as Lucinda and Mary brought out the cum-bong. Magic couldn't fucking believe it! 'Truth or Dare,' Magic yelled out. "I don't think you know how to play that game," she responded. The girls placed the tube in her mouth and pushed her head back. It was then released and Racquel was gagging on loads of cum that were being forced down her throat. The girls held her head, making sure Racquel got every damn drop. Racquel tried to get away, but several of the men got involved, making sure all the cum was blasted down inside her. As the players man-handled her, Lucinda and Mary felt up Racquel, grabbing her tits and ass. They may have been jealous of Racquel, but they sure as fuck wanted to bed her like everyone else.

It took a few minutes, but Racquel eventually chugged most of the cum, the remainder of which dripped on her Lakers shirt. Racquel lay down on the carpet exhausted with her stomach filled with nigga cum. The girls giggled, picked her by the legs and arms and took her off to one of the empty rooms to eat out her pussy. Now they could respect the lil' bitch! No hard feelings!

Magic looked on at the mess of his house. It had been a great night. One for the ages.

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