tagRomanceRafael's Piano: A Love Story Ch. 04

Rafael's Piano: A Love Story Ch. 04


They were in bed later, talking quietly and generally.

"Please move in with me, Rafael!" she said to him. "Let's make this our home. I promise, promise that I'm not trying to hem you in or tie you down. I do."

"Our home! Yes," he said. Then added: "Go ahead, tie me down, hem me in!"

"I love you," she said softly, and he kissed her.

"And I need you to know," she went on, "This doesn't change any part of my declaration, any part of my desire to be a slave, sex slave especially, to you. It doesn't change any part of it. I promise to go shopping and have an outfit for the party on Saturday that will cross their eyes, and make you proud."

"My Catherine!" he said, kissing her.

"And," she continued, "If you want me to let Bonnie do me, I promise that I will. Can I ask that you watch?"

"I wouldn't be kept away from it for all the world," he said.

The next morning she made coffee, had some fruit and cereal set out for breakfast, but at 6:45 AM, she was naked and next to the kitchen chair in the living room.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes, sir, and I want you to know that Catherine your servant is sorry for being mouthy!"

"I would never want Catherine my servant to stop being mouthy," he said.

"That wish will probably be granted," she replied, as she settled herself over his lap and waited for the spanking.

"Catherine, Dr. Little, Professor Little, I will never, ever get used to seeing you draped over my lap this way; lovely, lovely ass on a lovely, lovely lady!"

"Your total slave!" she said.

"Better and better," he replied, and said: "Then there's this!"

With that he began the spanking, enjoying her wiggling and moaning and crying out but ending it all with her on his lap, glued to him and her lips seeking out his.

"Time for a blow job before you have to go?" she asked.


"Goody!" she crowed, as she got down from his lap and knelt between his legs.

Later, just before he was leaving, she said to him: "No classes today for me; I'm off to the mall for my sexy outfit. I'll model it for you later today."

She went back to the mall store where they'd shopped for undies for her and some other outfits. They gave good personal service there and Catherine was happy to have the help.

On this occasion, an older woman, probably early 50's, grayish hair, severe looking but very pleasant asked if she needed help.

"Do I ever!" Catherine said.

The woman smiled and Catherine told about the party coming up and the need for her to be ultra sexy.

The woman smiled again and said: "This is for the one you wear the slave bracelet for?"

Catherine got red, and the woman broke in with:

"Come tell me, we want to be just precisely right about this."

If it was her tone or what, Catherine wasn't sure but she responded:

"Yes, it's for the one that I wear the slave anklet for; he is Rafael."

"The wonderful looking one you were with the other day?" the woman asked.

"Yes," Catherine said.

"Does he taste as good as he looks?" the woman asked, giving Catherine a penetrating look.

"Even better," Catherine said with a blush and a smile.

"Well, let's help you then," the woman said. "Come with me."

She led Catherine toward the back into a place where there were a few out of the way dressing rooms.

"This is my private dressing room, for my customers, Ms uh?"

"Catherine," was the reply.

"Yes, Ms Catherine. But first I need you to take off your slacks and sweater so that we can see what we have to work with."

Catherine was taken aback and hesitated; she just wasn't sure about how she should be reacting but the woman solved it for her:

"Come, girl, do as you're told or we can't get anywhere," the woman said.

"Yes, ma'am," Catherine said.

"Better, Catherine, now strip for me," the woman said next.

Never taking her eyes off of her, Catherine pulled the sweater up and over her head and off, handing it to the woman, who folded it and laid it aside. Catherine's bra was a pale blue one that she'd purchased there on the last trip.

"Now the pants, Catherine," the woman said, "Or should I just say to you: 'Take your pants off, Catherine!'?"

"Yes, yes,"Catherine stumbled to say, "That, uh, that's fine."

"Good, then do it!" the woman continued and Catherine obeyed, feeling now like the animal in the headlights, she unbuttoned the waist band of her slacks and took them off, handing them to the lady.

"Don't dare cover yourself," the woman said and Catherine made sure that her hands were down at her side.

"You are nervous about this, correct?" the woman asked then.

"Yes," Catherine said.

"Okay, call him; I'll talk to him," was the next order and Catherine did.

"Rafael," Catherine said, "I'm at the store, the one where we shopped the other day. The woman helping me wishes to talk to you."

She held out the phone for the woman who introduced herself as Donna and spoke to Rafael, explaining that Catherine was now down to her underwear and seemed to be unsure about what was being asked of her. She then put the phone on speaker and Rafael said:

"Catherine, love, do what the woman wants you to do; and be sure that you tell me all about it later,"

"Yes, sir," she said and they rang off.

"Better?" the woman asked?

"Yes, I'm very sorry to be a trouble," she replied.

"Far from being a trouble," the woman said, "You are just gorgeous. Now stand with your arms in the air."

Catherine then went through a series of positions that had her arms in the air, and then had her bending from the waist, and the like.

The woman laughed: "Most of that, Catherine, was for my own pleasure. And I want to tell you that you needn't fear me. I understand the significance of your ankle bracelet, and wouldn't interfere with the prerogatives of your master. But I think I know what we need here. You stay here and I'll bring you what you need."

He was playing the piano, when she swept into the room. It was Gershwin tonight and he rolled into 'the stripper' without missing a beat. It made her grin from ear to ear.

She wore a pair of heeled sandals, which were 5 inches, a white pleated mini skirt a good 4 to 5 inches above the knee and a leather vest, which had a gold chain that held it together in the front. At the side panels you could see her part of big tits from the side. She stood there with her hands above her head and twirled around for his examination.

"Professor is hot!" he said. "Professor looks happy!"

"Professor is happy!" she replied.

He stopped playing and got up from the piano bench to kneel in front of her and then remarked:

"Professor is going to be eaten now!"

Catherine squealed in delight as he raised her skirt and kissed the front panel of her beige nylon panties, barely hiding her pussy hair. She threaded her hands behind his head, as he pulled the panties down and off, beginning to eat her pussy for real now.

"Ohhhhhhh," she sighed as his tongue reached her pussy lips. "For you anything; anything at all for you, my Rafael!"

"Brash promises, Professor!" he said.

"True promises, exact promises, my promises!" she replied. "Please, please believe me, my Rafael, Rafael."

"I do that!" he said, going back to the work of licking at what was right then the center of her world.

They were ready for the party that following Saturday and about to set out. Catherine asked Rafael one last time, if she looked okay.

"Smoking hot!" he said appreciatively.

"I'm nervous," she said to him, draping her arms around his neck and kissing him.

"Bonnie can be a handful but we just won't let her get out of line and if she does, we're out of there," he answered, returning the kiss.

"Mmmm," she whispered, "Maybe we should just stay here and I can be ravished."

"Not a bad idea but I really, really want to parade you in front of Bonnie; she doesn't have a clue in the world," was his answer.

"Anything for my lord and Master!" she said.

"Sarcasm, dear?" he said.

"Oops!" she answered.

"Tomorrow morning 9:15 AM . . ." he said severely.

"Yes, I know, Master, me naked and a kitchen chair in the living room with me standing next to it," she answered. "This slave didn't mean to be mouthy but is very nervous."

"Stick with me, kid and we'll be fine," he answered.

They arrived after a number of people had already arrived. Entering place with its jumble of people, they didn't see Bonnie right away. But Catherine's presence with Rafael, and the way that she was dressed, including especially her final and secretive touch of a velvet black 'dog collar' choker around her neck with an "R" dangling from it, caused an immediate stir. People were whispering all over the room and a number of them were waving at Catherine and Rafael and saying 'hellos'.

It put Catherine at ease. She walked around with her arm through Rafael's arm, and just smiled and greeted people.

Then Bonnie saw them.

"Rafe!" she said, as she spied him and didn't at first recognize Catherine. "Who is . . ."

She never finished but instead said with a huge amount of surprise in her voice:

"Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! Is that . . .is that Dr. Catherine Little?"

"Hey, Bonnie," Rafael said, "Ignoring for the moment her calling him 'Rafe', and realizing that she had already had too much to drink."

"Bonnie," he said slowly, smiling. "You know Catherine Little, don't you?"

"You prick!" she crowed at the two of them. "You did it! You god damn did it! She looks like a fuckin' sex bomb!"

"Bonnie, calm down!" he said to her.

"Calm down, fuck!" she replied. "Here you are sporting the perpetually overlooked Catherine on your arm, newly made Professor, and looking here like tonight's randy hooker and you tell me to calm down!"

She hesitated and took a drink of the wine she had in her hand.

"And look at the fuckin' chocker, and shit almighty! She's wearing a slave anklet! Damn, damn, damn, damn!"

Everyone was watching by then, and listening. Some smirking, some embarrassed by what Bonnie was doing.

Then Bonnie turned to Catherine and said:

"So, someone finally made a cunt out of the perpetually overlooked Catherine; what was it, girl, were you running out of time? Internal clock and all that. I can't believe I'm seeing the perpetually overlooked Catherine here at the party as a cunt!"

Rafael said silently to Catherine at that point:

"We're leaving."

But before anything else could happen, Catherine slapped Bonnie's face; she slapped it hard enough to knock her head sideways.

Bonnie, totally stunned by the slap, just looked on with huge eyes, as Catherine blazed forth in her best professor voice:

"That's right, I'm his cunt, you cunt! And you're not! And you're not going to bed with him tonight or with me! And I am going to bed with him tonight! And you know what, cunt? You know what?"

"What?" Bonnie said in a very tiny voice.

"First of all I'll wet his cock, it's really big, Bonnie, with my mouth; then he'll put it in my pussy and then he'll switch to my ass, and finally, after he cums in my ass, he'll go to my mouth, so that I can clean him. You know why, cunt? Do you?" By then Catherine was right in the cowed girls' face.

"Why?" Bonnie asked, again in a tiny voice.

"Because I'm Rafael's sex slave, that's why! And tomorrow morning, since I was sassy earlier, at 9:15 AM, I will take a kitchen chair and put it in the living room and stand by it naked, so that, when he's finished with the breakfast that I've made him, he can come in and drape me over his lap, play with my ass just a bit and then spank me."

Catherine was red faced and furious. Then she leaned in for the final shot:

"And when we leave here, do you know where we're going, Bonnie Cunt, and where you're not? Do you?"

"Where?" Bonnie's tiny voice asked then.

"We're not going to my house, Bonnie Cunt, we're going to our home, Rafael and my home!"

She turned then and took Rafael's hand and, in front of them all, knelt and kissed his hand, saying:

"Forgive your slave for this outburst, Master! I'm ready."

"Then we're out of here," he said without looking back. Over his shoulder he shot back at Bonnie:

"And don't call me Rafe!"

Catherine was trembling but fine until they got into the car. In the dark of the street by the party house, she just began to cry bitterly.

"I'm sorry, Rafael," she said, "I lost my temper; I'm sorry."

"No sorries, no sorries, Catherine, my love," he said kissing at her tears, "Sorries are for when you've done something wrong. You were magnificent, just magnificent."

He held her then and let her cry it out. When she was calm, he asked:

"Ready to go home?"

"Ready!" she said.

"You meant all the things you said," he asked, "Not just speaking in anger?"

"Meant every word, sir," she answered, kissing his hand again.

"Hot time in the old town tonight!" he said.

"You've got that right, says the lady who's going to get fucked!" she crowed at him.

They went home. Once there they settled down and Catherine got them each a glass of white wine. They sat to talk it over just a bit. There was no rush for their love making, they knew that they had each other and had the time.

They were interrupted by the door bell.

"Who in heck?" Catherine asked going toward the door.

She turned then to Rafael and said:

"It's Bonnie!"

"I'm coming," he said, "We'll both do this."

She opened the door and Bonnie stood there looking miserable and in tears. Without saying anything else at all she launched into a kind of speech:

"I was so jealous! I've wanted you, Dr. Little for so long and as much as I've wanted you, I've wanted him, and I played the bitch, when I saw that you were not only together, but looking so happy about it, and you looking like a Saturday night wet dream and him as creamy as he always is. I lost my head . . ."

Here she broke down and cried bitterly.

Catherine gathered Bonnie into her arms, and pulled her into the house, holding the sobbing, crying woman close.

"I'm so sorry," Bonnie said into Catherine's shoulder. Then she added:

"I've already apologized to the whole crowd at the party, and I just wanted to come and apologize to you."

Bonnie moved away and then moved toward the door.

Catherine shot a glance at Rafael, who understood immediately and merely shook his head 'yes'.

"Come and have a drink with us, Bonnie!" Catherine said.

"It's Bonnie the Cunt, I'm afraid!" Bonnie said miserably.

"Not now it's not," Catherine said softly to her, "Not here it's not."

Bonnie cried again then, and leaned into Catherine as she did. Rafael joined Catherine in holding the sobbing woman until Bonnie was calmed down.

"This is the difference," Bonnie said, "I was bitchy and here you are so nice and caring! I feel so bad about what I did."

Then she looked at the two of them and said softly:

"But you two have been the heart and soul of my sexual fantasies for so long, and ending up with each other and, you, Dr. Little looking so hot! I didn't know what to do."

"I'll tell you what to do, Bonnie," Rafael said, "Stay here, have a drink; this is a house where fantasies come true, isn't it, Catherine, love?"

"It sure is," "Catherine agreed.

Bonnie was still crying and Catherine sat her down on the couch and held her. Finally, Bonnie looked up and Catherine knew, that she was going to kiss the crying girl.

Catherine said softly: "Rafael, may I?"

"Yes, surely, love," he answered.

Bonnie's head came up at that point and she said: "Hey, what just happened here?"

Catherine answered: "I just asked Rafael permission to kiss you!"

"Permission?" Bonnie asked wide eyed, "You mean, the anklet, the dog collar, what you said, all true?"

"Completely," Catherine said. "He's, in addition to being my best friend, my lover and room mate, is my Master! I've made it plane, and told him outright that I will do whatever sexually he wants."

"Wow!" Bonnie said but her 'wow' was cut off my Catherine's lips, which by then were pressed against Bonnie's lips, softened by the crying.

"Ohhhhh," Bonnie moaned, through the kiss, "Ohhhhhh!"

The kiss broke and Bonnie said to Rafael:

"You like this, don't you?"

"Sure do!" he said, "My bitch licking lips with another beauty! What's not to like?"

"Your bitch?" Bonnie said.

"Exactly," Catherine answered, and kissed Bonnie again.

Then Catherine said:

"Talk about the fantasies!"

"Well," Bonnie began, getting just a little red in the face.

"Bonnie, it's me, it's Rafael, no need to get nervous," Catherine said.

"And beside, Bonnie," Rafael said, "Tonight is the best of all possible worlds, as Voltaire would say," he nodded at Catherine then as he said that, and she nodded back.

"By that I mean that tonight you get to sleep with me and with, what do you call her, 'the perpetually overlooked Catherine'."

"Ohhhh," was all that Bonnie could manage.

"We'll show you that Catherine isn't overlooked perpetually or at all," he concluded, adding:

"Wait until tomorrow morning at 9:15 AM!," which caused Catherine to get up and go give Rafael a kiss.

"Oh," Bonnie said, "You mean the spanking; can I watch that?"

"Sure," Rafael said, and Catherine had her turn to blush.

"Now fantasies!" Catherine said.

"Yes, teacher!" Bonnie quipped. Then she said:

"They normally begin with me and you dancing, slow and sensuous."

Then Catherine got up and said to Bonnie:

"So now dance with me!"

"Ohhhhh," Bonnie said, "This is really going to happen."

In answer, Catherine held out her hand and Bonnie got up to dance.

"I can't believe that your skirt is shorter even than mine, Dr. Little!"

"Catherine," Catherine answered, "You were just licking my front teeth a bit ago!"

Bonnie giggled and said: "Catherine."

Then the room was filled with Sinatra and Catherine held out her hands to Bonnie, who went to her arms.

They danced, arms intertwined. Catherine broke in and said:

"Make sure that you up-date the fantasy for me.

"Well, in the fantasy, uh . . .Catherine, you wouldn't be wearing even the sexy skirt."

Without a word, Catherine unbuttoned the waist band button of the skirt and let it flutter to the floor. She bent away from Bonnie, on purpose, to pick it up, showing her magnificent ass, held in barely by her beige panties.

Bonnie put her hand on Catherine's ass and let out a loud breath, murmuring:

"Better than I ever hoped!"

"Isn't that the truth," Rafael said. Catherine air kissed him and he responded.

Then she was back to holding Bonnie in the dance. She took Bonnie's hands and pulled them downward until they were resting on her ass cheeks.

"Fantasy realized!" Bonnie said languidly.

"Mission accomplished?" Catherine asked.

"Totally!" was Bonnie's answer.

"What else?" Catherine asked.

"The gold chain holding the vest together isn't necessary!" Bonnie said.

"Remove it, and come on in, honey," Catherine said, and Bonnie took the opportunity to do just that.

With the gold chain gone, that held the vest front together, Catherine opened the wings of the vest and Bonnie nestled herself inside, licking Catherine's nipples before settling her head against the upper part of Catherine's chest.

The music ended but more came on right away.

"Vest off, Catherine," Rafael said.

"Yes, sir!" Catherine answered, and, as Bonnie eagerly watched, she shed the vest and was ready for the next dance naked except for her shoes and panties.

They danced that way intertwined, and Bonnie kept sighing.

When the music ended, Rafael said:

"Okay, next dance only panties for Bonnie, take her clothes off, Catherine."

This time, Catherine was joined in her 'yes, sir,' by Bonnie saying one also.

The sight for Rafael was truly exciting. Bonnie wore only a black thong and heels, Catherine with her beige panties and heels.

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