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Raffled Off


I was barely out of my teens when I met "Big Jim." I was an innocent boy with a great ass, he was a leather top-man with an extra large cock. He introduced me to his collection of butt plugs and dildos of various shapes and sizes. He used them to stretch open my tight boy butt so he could fuck the hell out of me with his oversized cock. He also introduced me to leather sex. During sex the feel of his leather gloves caressing my naked flesh drove me crazy.

Sometimes Jim liked to share my ass with other leather men. He liked to watch as his buddies warmed up my ass for what he called "The Big Jim Event." So I was not concerned when one evening he took his bag of sex toys with us to his buddy's home.

After stripping me naked, Jim had me lay spread-eagle in the leather sling, his buddy had set up in the living room. I was not concerned, I trusted Jim, he had always taken good care of me. Besides Jim's buddy was a hunk and I was happy to bottom for the two hunky men.

Jim produced a red ball-gag from his bag of toys which he strapped into my mouth. He then carefully inserted a red rubber butt plug up my bum. It was a little surprising when Jim used a string of Christmas lights to tied me securely into the sling. He then did something he had never done before, he blindfolded me.

I lay in the sling unable to move, feeling the pressure of the butt plug up my bum when I heard voices. I could hear that the room was filling with people. It was then I realized I was the centre piece for some kind of kinky Christmas party. As the partiers arrived I heard Jim selling raffle tickets to raise funds for a charity his leather club supported.

Every few minutes when he was not selling tickets, Jim would remove a toy from my ass and ease in a larger dildo, slowly stretching my hole wider and wider. I noticed the room got very quiet every time he did this, as if everyone was watching us.

All evening, Jim's leather gloved hands were constantly moving across my body. Playing with my cock and balls, pinching my tits then attaching clamps to them. Then he'd returned to squeezing bigger and bigger dildos up my ass. Jim also kept whispering in my ear not to climax but it became harder and harder as the dildos expanded my asshole wider and wider.

Hours later the party and the dildos had gotten very large. It was feeling my cock might explode at any moment when Jim began to squeeze rubber balls into my ass. As each ball stretched and passed through my sphincter I thought I would spontaneously climax. I lost count but I think there were five balls stuffed up into my hole, the pressure on my rectum was almost unbearable.

It was after the last ball was inserted up my butt that the winning raffle tickets were pulled. I could hear everyone cheering as the first winner came up to claim his prize. It was then that I felt the first sex ball being drawn out of my asshole. The sensation I experienced was intense as my sphincter expanded than tighten again as the ball was dragged through of my asshole.

What happened next, I was not prepared for. The remaining balls up my ass were suddenly aggressively wrenched from my ass in one fast movement. My sphincter was forced wide open and then tighten in rapid succession as each ball thundered out of my asshole. It sent shock waves rocketing through my body. There was no holding back any longer. My cock exploded, releasing a large load of cum that had been building up all evening. I shot a stream of cum across my body, covering my stomach, chest and face with the hot fluid. The release felt amazing, it felt like every cell in my body was having an orgasm.

My body was still in spasm when I felt the crush of bodies surrounding me. Suddenly hot wet tongues were sliding across my skin, licking up every drop of the hot cum covering my body. Strong male hands travelled across my skin, exploring every inch of my body. Some hands were gentle, caressing my face, torso and thighs. Others hands pinched my tits, squeezed my balls and slapped my ass cheeks. I felt like I was being eaten alive.

The sex balls up my ass were replaced by a cock that eased it's way up my vibrating butt-hole. It felt reassuring to have Jim's big dick up my hole again. He held me by the thighs and began working his big cock slowly up my hole.

I was just beginning to relax when I suddenly realized the hands on my thighs were not wearing leather gloves, they were not Jim" hands on my thighs, it was not Jim's cock easing it's way into my asshole. I panicked and for a moment struggled against my bonds but it was useless, it only encouraged the man fucking me to slam his cock into me with one hard powerful stroke.

Someone started sucking out the last drops of cum from my cock as the stud fucking my ass worked himself up to shoot a load of his cum up my butt-hole. His cock was replaced by another cock and then another cock, each man left me with a hot gift. It began to feel like I would be hanging in that sling being fucked for days. How many men used my ass that night? Later I found out there were ten very happy raffle winners.

When all the winners had claimed their prizes, Jim untied and lifted me out of the sling. He whisper into my ear, "Merry Christmas."

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