tagErotic HorrorRag Dolls and Wolfmen

Rag Dolls and Wolfmen


My name is Bree. I'm 24 years old and a college student with a mindset for elementary education, math, reading and the daydreams brought on by being a closet-nymphomaniac.

Hardly a second goes by that I'm not wishing my algebraic equations would solve themselves so that I might be able to spend some quality time daydreaming about the student who happens to be teaching my math-workshop class. Yeah, he's that guy...

Being that I did in fact say, "closet-nymphomaniac" I think it's fairly certain that we both know he knows absolutely nothing of my countless attempt to seduce him in my mind. However, it does seem fair that I warn you my daydreams can leap from this particular student to someone I just met only moments ago. It just happens. Hey, I'm no David Duchovney. I keep things well under control, usually...

It just so happens that aside from the 'hot-for-teacher' idea you may have playing in your head, I'm also an avid lover of all things spooky and paranormal. Naturally, Halloween lands right smack in the center of all this love. When September ends and my birthday has passed, I find myself fantasizing of all the different ways sex could instantly be hearted up a notch. What, with all the costumes, the vampires, the unnaturally kinky looking heels (not that I can wear them mind you) and petticoats, alter egos and such, it's not hard to understand why one such as me might be infatuated. This year however, little did I know it was going to be quite unlike any Halloween I had ever experienced?

My apartment is located on the East section of campus and is in one of the much older buildings. Governed by the deep reds, yellows and oranges of the autumn kissed trees, I am secluded from most of the hustle and bustle of campus life. I like it that way. More time to relinquish my thoughts to those of a much kinkier nature.

I was walking along the leaf blown sidewalks ones afternoon, trudging my black boots through the crunchy masses of leaves when the sounds of footsteps behind me caught my attention. Plucking an ear-bud from my ear, I turned to offer a friendly redheaded smile to whoever might be accompanying me along my little trudge home, but on doing so...there was no one. I hadn't been hearing things and I was well aware of my surroundings, just as my mother once suggested I always be. There was absolutely no one. So, before getting too freaked out, I shrugged my shoulders, popped the ear-bud back into my ear and turned around. I was almost home anyways.

I took the steps one at a time, dancing to the music on my iPod as each step was conquered until I reached my apartment door. L-7. (Feel free to start singing.) I was too busy lip-syncing and fumbling in my canvas bag to find my key to immediately notice the invitation stuck beneath the giant black spider hanging on my door. Not until it fell at my feet, that is.

Reaching for the bright orange envelope, I flipped it over to see the addressee and shoved my apartment door open.

There was no address. Just a 'B' in a fancy cursive print along the front of the envelope was all that I found. A tad puzzled, I turned the envelope over and over in my hands before I tore it open.

"A costume party! Awesome!" I squealed into the empty apartment.

Right away, I neglected my reading and began to browse for a suitable costume. It never occurred to me to be concerned about the lack of information on the invitation.

By the night the party rolled around, I had heard about a few of my friends getting orange invitations to a costume party also, but none of them seemed even the least bit put-off by the sudden appearance of the invitation. Granted I knew only a few people so far, I opted into going to the party alone. Maybe I'd run into one of my many daydream lovers. Or maybe not.

Regardless, I had decided to dress like a rag doll. Being a redhead, I could pull it off easily, all Raggedy Ann comments set aside for later. Given that I do love the sex appeal behind the skimpy costumes worn nowadays, I slipped into a blue dress with a white apron puffed out just enough to be sexually frustrating and paired it with red and white striped stockings slipped over my long legs. I found it ironic that I was dressing up this way. I always had to tell guys that I fucked, I wasn't a china doll. I wouldn't break if they got a little rough. Lastly, strapped on some Mary-Jane shoes and took to the night.

I hadn't been walking long when the cold began to wrap its icy fingers through the thin material of my dress. No jacket, hard nipples and about a mile or so left to walk makes for a mean trip. I thought for certain that I'd end up being too cold and too tired to want to stay once I made it, but my thoughts were cut short when the sound of rustling came from behind me again. My mind raced back to the event that took place earlier that morning. I whipped around as fast as I could, curled red hair slapping me in the face, while I explored the night with wide hazels eyes. No one was there, no one that is until I saw a figure step out of the woods off to my right.

I breathed a sigh of relief, closed my eyes and thanked the heavens.

"You scared the shit out of me just know," I said, with a light chuckle.

The figure before me didn't say anything, he just stepped closer. Like me, he was dressed in a costume. He wore a pair of dark sunglasses despite the night, a red plaid shirt that buttoned over what appeared to be a torn beater and a pair of dirty jeans. In his hand was something furry that I couldn't quite make out and from what I could see, his hair was the color of the evening, pitch black.

"Who are you supposed to be?" I asked as he stepped closer. I crossed my arms for warmth, pushing my ample chest towards the air. Bad idea, so I dropped them again.

I was about to ask him again when a voice like velvet drifted across the wind and greeted my ears.

"I'm the Wolf-man," he replied simply enough, gesturing towards the 'furry thing' in his hand. It was his mask. "And you are?" he asked, a smirk played across his lips, suggesting that he knew the question was ridiculous.

"I'm a lion tamer," I retorted, "What does it look like I am?"

"No china doll, that's for sure."

How he knew that...I had no idea, but the chill that might normally have run up any other girl's spine, ran right down mine and ended with a pulse between my legs.

"R-r-right," I stammered my breath suddenly much heavier in my chest.

I smoothed the edges of my apron against my blue dress and offered him a smile.

He walked with me for a little ways before he spoke again. The two of us neither enjoying nor annoyed by the presence of the other, okay, well I was enjoying him. That heat between my thighs grew more and more intense with each movement he seemed to make. He'd toss his head to brush the hair from his eyes and I almost moaned with anticipation. When I nearly greeted the sidewalk with my face after I tripped over a piece of shifted concrete, he reached over and grabbed my shoulders and I nearly came right then. He must have seen the look on my face because when he let go, he grinned and kissed my cheek. I still didn't know his name and he didn't ask for mine.

The party was lame. I never did find out who invited me and I didn't talk to a single person. Once wolf-man and I entered the party, we lost sight of one another. Upset, incredibly horny and curious all at the same time, I feigned a smile when I was smiled at, downed four red plastic cups full of some unidentifiable tangy liquid and poked at a few pieces of candy, mainly sweet tarts. By the time 1 o'clock rolled around, I was bored out of my mind and decided to leave. Even the dull ache for wolf-man had started to fade.

I had just stepped one shoe on to the concrete sidewalk to begin my trek home when I was tapped on the shoulder. An electric current surged through my body, stopping right between my thighs. It was him; I knew it without turning around. I didn't have to either.

"Walk with me," the lush voice whispered in my ear, tickling my skin.

I nodded and turned to do as he bid, but was quickly instructed by a firm grip on both arms to continue walking forwards.

Doing as I was told, we walked about halfway home, his lips greeting my bare shoulders with hot, wonderful kisses every few minutes. My pussy was on fire. I was suddenly very glad I had opted out of panties that evening. The juices that were beginning to creep down my thighs felt heavenly, but if only he would taste them!

We stopped in almost exactly the same spot we had first met one another only hours before. It was then that he reached around my hips and thrust his hand up and under my dress. His fingers were cold against the lips of flesh, a welcomed sensation. I moaned in agony and my knees went weak. He brought his fingers to his lips, slowly licking my taste. That same grin playing across his lips, he took my hand and literally yanked me into the woods. Tripping over fallen branches and snapping twigs that snagged my stockings, I kept up with him until he wrenched my arm against him, causing my breasts to smack against chest. Without a word, he pushed me against a large maple tree and slipped his cock free from his jeans. I wrapped my legs around his waist, gasping at his length as he slipped inside me. His cock was wide and spread my pussy around him perfectly. He thrust hard and quickly, slowing down only to tear at the fabric that kept my hard nipples from his lips and tongue. As he sucked one perky nipple into his mouth, my hands pulled at his hair, my breath coming in white puffs with each thrust. I would have and wanted to moan his name, but I still had no clue as to what it was. The sound of fabric tearing ushered the thought from my mind, as I looked down to see his nails, no, no nails, but claws tearing at my stockings. Tiny trails of red sent a searing pain up my thigh, but he thrust harder and suddenly I forgot the difference between pleasure and pain.

"Harder," I whispered breathlessly, "harder."

"You're no china doll, I know," he grunted, smacking my back against the tree with what had to be the hardest I have ever been fucked in my life. He came then, a lot. I felt his seed dripping down and around his cock as he softened while still deep inside my trembling pussy, but he wasn't done. He must have wanted me to come too because he positioned himself between my thighs so that I could rest my legs on his shoulders before he buried his face in my pussy.

"Aww, fuck..." I panted, the words getting lost in the cool night air.

Then the pain struck again. I looked down to see the claws digging into my upper thighs. Pointed tips brought droplets of blood to the surface of my skin. I was about to ask him to stop when he suddenly began to suck on the stiff little knob that sweetened every sensation I was experiencing. He sucked hungrily at my clit until it was almost too much to bear. I clenched my fingers down on the soft red fabric of his flannel shirt and came at once. His juices and mine were dripping all down the sides of his chin. I tasted myself on his lips once more, our tongues a tangled heap of lust and the world went black.

When I came to in the morning, I was safe and sound in my bed. I half expected to find I wasn't alone, but this was not the case. Alone I was. Had I dreamt it all? My head felt heavy and everything ached, but it was all still there. The wolf-man, the boring party, the walk home, the sex in the woods...it had happened, right?

Throwing the sheets back, I gasped to find I was still dressed in my costume, only it was practically torn to shreds. With one breast slipping out of a hole and the remaining part of one stocking gripping my upper thigh, I tiptoed to the bathroom and hopped into the shower.

As I toweled off, I hissed As if to offer some security, five slightly jagged red lines trailed from my upper thigh almost to my knee, leaving behind the memory of a Halloween with the Wolf-man.

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