tagSci-Fi & FantasyRaggedy Android; Cottonweed Ch. 03

Raggedy Android; Cottonweed Ch. 03


The green line blipped at regular intervals on the electrocardiogram next to her bed. It was the only sound in the otherwise quiet room, which was how she knew it was there. She couldn't turn her head to see it, only hear it. Something tragic had happened to her, making her afraid and she wanted to wake up.

This bed was pretty comfortable for a hospital, she thought, and then with a sickening churn realized that it only seemed that way because she couldn't feel it at all. Panic seized her guts and she thrashed and flailed against her sheets – except that she didn't. Her limbs refused to respond at all.

Cotton tried to cry out but not a muscle answered. Somewhere to the right, her heart machine was picking up pace, bleeping faster as her pulse began to rise frantically. Straining to open her eyes, all rational thought fled her mind. Open. Open, damn you! She tried to will her lids to flutter upward but they were stubborn.

The incessant beeping stepped up another notch, responding to the heart pounding against her ribcage. What had happened to her? Why couldn't she move? Across the room, a door opened and she heard a switch flip. Light. Suddenly she could see – and to her horror, that was when she realized that her eyes had never been closed at all.

She didn't have eyelids, or if she did they were just always open. Nor was she breathing. She must be dreaming. This was unreal.

A tall man appeared in her field of vision, lifting a wrist and checking her vital signs. Well, she assumed he was tall – she discovered that she could no more visually track him than she could lift a finger. He wore a clinical, white coat and smiled warmly. "An," his voice was gentle, familiar even and she inherently knew that he was there to care for her. This thought calmed her some. "You're finally awake, I'm sorry I wasn't at your bedside but you are doing very well."

Cotton-An the invalid just laid there, unmoving. After a moment of silence, he spoke again. "I suppose you have a lot of questions." Perhaps it was the sympathetic link that they shared as twins that clued him in. Reaching for a remote control, the electric whir of the motorized bed came to life, propping her into a sitting position, from which she could better see her room.

Dolls were everywhere. All of her beautiful dolls from childhood. They overflowed the shelves, stacked on her dresser, filled her toy-box and windowsill. Dr. Andy Doll left the room and returned with a high-back chair on wheels, speaking to her again. "It has been almost three years since your accident." The prelude left a twisted knot in Cotton-An's stomach, this felt less and less like a dream.

Leaning over her, he was carefully removing small white circles that had been stuck to her flesh. He unstrapped the arm from which he'd taken her pulse and carefully removed a large needle. His arms scooped her up from the side.

An's head flopped backward, giving her an upside-down view of the enormous, Tudor bed that she had been laying in. It was piled high with blankets and pillows. A saline drip loomed at the head of the bed and an entire consol of neurological and bio-monitoring systems ran wires all over her room.

Dr. Andy nestled her into the antique wheel-chair, her head fell forward this time. Her peripheral vision was suddenly filled with radioflyer-red locks of twisted hair. She was wearing polka-dot, hospital pajamas. Her plum-sized breasts only hinted at dainty curves beneath.

Her brother lifted her head, twining a lock around his finger, lost in a moment of affection. "It was the finest Angora that money could buy. I had it dyed by hand to the perfect shade and it took miraculously well to the plastic surgery process." He fastened a strap around her forehead and then lifted her arms, folding them in her lap.

Circling around the back of the chair, he began rolling her forward and out the bedroom door. It opened into a side alcove from which they turned into a massive foyer. Dark, hardwood floors were polished to perfection, accented by thick, Persian rugs. In the middle of the room was a wide staircase with solid wooden banisters leading to an upper floor. Every wall was decorated with a painting or hanging art. Busts were mounted on carved pillars.

Andy took her on the long tour around the ground floor, being careful to guide her chair so that she could see into each room: a library, billiard room, kitchen, sitting room...apparently the Doll Family was quite rich.

"After only a few months, they wanted to take you off of life-support." Andy recalled aloud, as they navigated the hallways and rooms. "I wouldn't let them – I loved you too much, what would I do without you, An? I knew I could save you so I had your room prepared and we moved you here."

"Sister, you wouldn't believe the advances in medicine over the last decade." His face appeared in her side-vision as he leaned around the chair, eyes glinting. Dr. Andy kissed her cheek. An stared helplessly forward. "The government suppresses the experiments it funds, but if you know where to look, you can find the tools you need."

This was fucked up, she thought.

He wheeled her into a giant bedroom then. "I knew that I had to build you a new body using all the state-of-the art technology and scientific ingenuity I could muster." Even if her nervous system were unresponsive, her instincts began to hum. He turned unexpectedly into a closet, spacious enough to practically be its own bedroom.

"With the exception of your nervous system – that's fiber optic – you are completely organic." He flipped through the hangers and pulled out an electric blue dress with red polka-dots. Although it took him some time and patience, he managed to get her into the dolly outfit. Digging around for a white apron, he explained the complicated procedures he'd had to undertake as he tied the frilly accessory around her slender waist and fitted her shapely legs with red-and-white striped stockings.

Fetching a white muffin cap with a red bow, he pulled it down snug over her red ropes of hair. Watching him as much as should could, An had to secretly confess to herself that the sheer genius of her handsome brother was arousing. Stepping back, he nodded to satisfactorily and guided her chair out of the closet and across the room.

Across the way, a Cheval mirror loomed taller and taller as he wheeled her toward it and stopped.

Raggedy Android saw herself for the first time – a creation of beautiful horror. Her eyes were set pieces of solid jet framed by hair that had been sewn perfectly to her scalp. There were faint scars on all of her joints where the seams of her bio-silk flesh joined together. Perhaps most striking though was her mouth. Her lips had been carefully sculpted into a pert, red heart. Black stitches pierced the flesh of her cheeks in a contrived grin.

"Well? What do you think?" Andy beamed, barely able to suppress the anticipation in his voice. "You are the world's very first bio-tech sex-doll."

The obsession with which her brother had painstakingly reconstructed her body into the living icon that had made their family rich struck an intimate chord. "Eventually, I had to declare your death, otherwise there would have been suspicions. That's all taken care of though and now we can live here together."

Andy strode between her and the mirror, appreciating his sister with pride. He reached forward and pinched his sibling's cheek, causing her soft flesh to pink. Raggedy Android could see the bulge of lust straining against his doctor's blues. Even if she couldn't feel it, her body must have responded for a smile overtook his expression and he reached out, fondling her pert breasts.

Freeing his erection, he traced the tip of penis over her cleavage, pre-cum glistening on her skin. "The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to integrate the bio-system of your body, with your synthetic nerves, but epiphany finally struck." His voice was lost in a reverie of medical pondering as he stroked himself against her totally compliant body.

Tucking himself back into his pants, he unstrapped her head and slipped his hands under her arms, lifting her effortlessly from the chair. "How does one start the engine of animation?" He mused openly. Raggedy Android slumped over her brother's shoulder as he carried her across the room and laid her out on the four-poster bed.

"A defibrillator works by sending electric impulses to jump-start the heart."

Above her, the canopy of the bed was entirely mirrored so that she could see both herself and her brother. Andy pulled open a nightstand drawer and brought out two metal clamps, connected by a single wire. He slipped a hand inside her dress and clipped them to her nipples. "In your case, we're going to give your nervous system a little jolt." Holding up the opposite end of the wire, he showed her the circular white pad that was attached, and then gently pressed it over her pubis mons.

Raggedy Android watched her brother in the mirror as he produced a violet wand. He connected the apparatus into a black box and flipped the switch. Testing the end with his finger, he adjusted the settings. It hummed with electrical current. Touching it to her skin, a mild shock caused the muscles in her arm to go taught and relax when he removed the wand.

She could only observe herself in the mirror.

He smiled at her, reminiscing pleasantly as he moved the electric wand down her other arm, "You were always so beautiful An, flaming hair, elegant limbs – the perfect girl-next-door." pleased with the results.

Using the tip, he lifted her skirts and applied the device along her inner thighs. Raggedy Android saw her legs tense and widen apart. Stepping out of his blues, he joined her on the bed, lingering over her exposed womanhood.

Andy teased the wand over her clitoral area. In the reflection above her, Raggedy Android saw her pelvis reflexively arch upward. Her brother squeezed a bit of pre-cum from the tip of his cock and spread it over the velvety button that represented the center of her pleasure. Watching his fingers pinch at her lower lips stimulated more than her circulation.

"The mind is the greatest instrument of pleasure." Andy stated, he was using his educational voice. Applying the wand in circles around her flat tummy, he made sure that she could watch every motion that served to stimulate her feminine biology. "Did you know that orgasm can be achieved merely by thinking about it?"

If Andy had intended to arouse his sister neurologically, it was working. Raggedy Android"'s heart was beating so strongly she was certain he could see her chest palpitate. Dr. Doll folded up his twin sister's skirts and used his fingers to part her labia. He inched forward, teasing the tip of his cock just inside her wet slit, spreading her pinkish, silicon lubricant around her outer vaginal area.

"Then I realized that in order to complete the revival of your new body, you needed a chemical reaction. The spark of life, as it were." His eyes half-closed as he slid himself inside his sister for the first time. He groaned with pleasure, moving in and out with smooth, long strokes so that she could watch every detail as he fucked her.

Raggedy Android laid perfectly still, a life-size doll on her sibling's bed. The stethoscope around his neck knocked against his chest faintly with each thrust, almost as though it were amplifying the heart-beat of their sex. Her pulse raced, primed by every pump of her bother's thick cock, spreading the folds of her flesh around him.

He had imagined union with his sister so many times, and now it was coming true. Andy placed his experienced hand over Raggedy Android's breast. Feeling the accelerated pace of her body's reaction spurred him on, stroking deeply within her until his balls slapped against the tender perineal muscles between her anus and vagina.

Under his palm he felt his sister's heartbeat skip, and pound all the harder. Through their sympathetic connection he could sense that she loved it and he moved rhythmically inside her, stoking their mutual climax. Andy reached for the wand and amped it up, buzzing with argon light.

Above her in the reflective canopy, Raggedy Android allowed her brother's performance to carry her mentally into the land of ecstasy. Every pinch, stroke, tease and touch were all signs of his overwhelming love for her and she willed her body to respond. She could see that it was working by the ease with which he slipped in and out of her, by the way her nipples protruded through her dress and how her skin took on a peachy hue.

The smoothness of her thighs, the knowledge that his semen was the other half of her life, brought his eruption to the surface. Just as Andy rode the hot waves of ejaculation into his sister, he pressed the magic wand to her clitoris. A shockwave of pleasure reverberated up through the nipple clamps, electrifying every part of their conjoined bodies as he jerked and thrust the last seeds of life into his beloved sister.

Electric-white light flashed behind jet-black eyes as the chemical chain-reaction of orgasm pulsed through her system, and Raggedy Android blinked. She was alive.

Andy was genius.

For the first time since her synthesis, Raggedy Android actually closed her own eyes...

... and Cotton's heart was pounding in the darkness. She felt exhausted; couldn't shake the dream-brother's words about a terrible mishap and wondered again why she couldn't seem to wake up...

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