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Raiden & I


I am so nervous! I know I shouldn’t be because; well he’s my best friend for god’s sake! Surely this shouldn’t make me nervous! But I know in my heart will love him as soon as I see him. I already love him I suppose, well, as much as a person can when they haven’t seen each other for over two years!

I suppose I should explain, I am travelling on the train going up to London to meet Raiden, a friend of mine who moved to the states a few years ago. I am 19 years old now and he is nearly 19. We have been chatting pretty much everyday since he left England.

At first it was just chatting as friends just saying hello and stuff but after awhile I realised that he was playing on my mind a lot more than a friend should. I would be sitting in the car with my sister and I would just be looking about the window when suddenly his face would come into my mind, his smile, the way his dark eyes sparkled when he was happy. I knew that this wasn’t just a question of being friends any more. I wanted him. And as I later found out he was thinking exactly the same thoughts!

Oh my god, the train is pulling in, what am I going to do if he doesn’t like how I look now!?

I mean obviously we have exchanged pictures but I am still shaking as I step off the train; my eyes search the swarms of people as I walk through the barriers, my eyes are franticly searching for him, and then suddenly he is standing beside me.

I can’t breathe, he’s so gorgeous I can’t think strait, his dark eyes are sparkling, and then before I have time to think he is hugging me.

That hug we have both been waiting so long for, I just can’t quite believe his arms are wrapped around me at last. I close my eyes to stop the tears coming as I become enveloped in his arms.

I don’t know how long we stood there like that but after awhile we drew back slightly and as I looked up into his eyes he cupped my face gently as he whispered,

“hey sweetie” his voice was husky and I could clearly hear the American accent, that just made him sound more sexy.

I smiled softly at him, wanting him to kiss me but not daring to say.

As if reading my mind he asked hesitantly “can I kiss you?”

I laughed at him thinking he had to ask as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Yes” I breathed as I touched my lips to his.

That kiss, that second my lips touched his was when I realised I loved him, or at least that’s when I admitted to myself that I loved him, in truth I had probably been in love with him for a lot longer than that!

We broke the kiss and he took my hand as we walked into central London. We talked and talked; we had been waiting for this for so long it seemed almost surreal now it was actually happening.

We went and sat outside at a little coffee shop on Oxford Street. We chatted about how weird this felt but somehow so right. We fell silent as we drank our coffees; his eyes never left me as we sat there.

“What?” I asked after awhile, starting to feel uneasy under his gaze.

“Nothing, I just cant believe how beautiful you are that’s all”

“Raiden!” I squealed as I blushed madly.

“What? You are,“ he sounded so sincere and as if I was completely mad at not already knowing what he was telling me. I changed the subject rapidly as we finished our drinks.

As we walked over to the park the thoughts swirling around in my head started to become too much, so I said hesitantly:

“I’m so scared of you hurting me, I know I shouldn’t ruin this by worrying about when you have to go back but I cant help it.” I said quietly as we walked over to the park.

“I’m not going anywhere, I’ve convinced my mum to move back.” He whispered in my ear as he hugged me to him.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” I asked as I looked up into his eyes.

“Because I wanted to be sure, I didn’t want to tell you if there was a chance of it not happening.” He replied softly as he bent his head and kissed my lips lightly.

“God your mad…” I whispered.

“No, just in love.”

His words seemed to come so slowly, as they started to register my head snapped up, the look on his face told me this was no joke.

My eyes filled with tears as I realised this was it, he was the love of my life and as his words started to sink in, I realised, I was his.


This story is dedicated to Raiden because he loves me for being me. And I am totally and utterly addicted to him.

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Any comments on this story or suggestions for further stories are most appreciated.

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