tagNovels and NovellasRaider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 09

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 09


The walk back to the four wheel drive was fairly easy. The path was far from smooth, but there weren't any arduous inclines along the way. Clara and Jeff talked the entire way. When they reached the vehicle Jeff rested by the back wheel and removed his water bottle from his pack. He drank heartily, as there was no longer a need to conserve his water, while Clara opened the vehicle's rear hatch and threw her own pack in.

Jeff had only just replaced the bottle in his pack when without warning Clara placed her hands around his head and pulled him in for another passionate kiss. Clara had hoped she would be able to make it back to the motel room before she expressed her gratitude to Jeff physically, but her ever-growing desire could be suppressed no longer. Jeff wrapped his arms around Clara, positioning his hands initially on the back of her bare midriff, then sliding them down over the coarse fabric of her tight shorts. Jeff gave Clara's buttocks an unexpected tight squeeze as he pulled her hips against his own, prompting a muffled yelp of approval from his partner.

Their faces, like the rest of their bodies, were covered in dust from crawling through the tight cavern, and as their lips slid against each other mercurially, the dust was swept into the kiss. For Clara, the unique mix of bland, gritty dirt, commingled with Jeff's delicious warm saliva only served to make the kiss feel that much more exciting and spontaneous. After smoothly manoeuvring her arms under Jeff's and around his back, Clara gently began to prompt him to move backwards, towards the Merc, until they were close enough for Clara to reach the back door and open it. As Clara continued to push him back, Jeff stumbled over his own pack. He briskly broke off the kiss, reached down to grab the pack and then chucked it recklessly on the back seat floor of the Merc, spilling half of it's contents, including the lamp, onto the vehicle floor. Jeff knew that he would soon be far too preoccupied to remember where he'd left his pack, and had no intention of leaving the lamp on the mountaintop.

Grasping his well-defined chin between her thumb and index fingers, Clara pulled Jeff's gaze promptly back to her and stole a quick kiss before urging him into the four wheel drive with a gentle push on his chest. Jeff climbed up on to the back seat and moved over one space to allow room for Clara. Clara never once took her eyes off Jeff as she climbed onto the seat beside him with an almost authoritative patience, slowly entering the vehicle and closing the door behind her. She concealed her raging arousal behind a calm, if somewhat mischievous smile, while her eyes gazed at Jeff in such a deeply sensuous manner that he could almost hear them say, "I am going to pleasure you to brink of insanity..."

She leaned over and pressed her lips against Jeff's once again, sending her tongue deep into Jeff's mouth to slide along, around and against his own tongue in a tender, intimate caress. For Jeff, it had barely seemed like that wonderful kiss had begun before he felt her palm once again pushing gently on his chest and her lips pulling away from his. She pushed him down so that he was lying back on the seat. As Jeff layed flat, the enormous bulge in his shorts became very apparent. Clara did not break the silence when she noticed it, she simply smirked. After stopping only briefly to admire the display of Jeff's arousal, Clara leaned over Jeff to again kiss him on the lips. Jeff wrapped his arms around Clara's torso and pulled her closer to him in a passion-fuelled embrace. She kissed him many times, provoking many appreciative moans from him, but after a few moments, Clara was insistently pulling away from Jeff's arms. She looked down on him with that same conniving smirk, as her hands gently trailed over the fabric of his shirt.

All of a sudden, she gripped the left and right sides of the shirt tightly and swiftly ripped them asunder, sending the buttons flying. They clattered as they bounced off of the hard surfaces of the vehicle interior. "Shit!" Jeff exclaimed in surprise, cracking an amused smile after the initial shock had passed. Quickly resuming her calm, deliberate demeanour, Clara again leaned down, this time to plant a soft, tender kiss on the top of Jeff's chest. She slowly made her way down his chest, padding kisses along it, occasionally pressing against it with the tip of her tongue, while her right hand gently coursed back and forth through the chest hairs near his nipple.

"Oh boy!" Jeff sighed as he exhaled a deep breath. As Clara made her titillatingly slow progress down his sternum, Jeff contemplated the gruelling amount of restraint he would soon have to call upon to prolong his climax as long as possible. His sexual instincts had been in standby mode ever since that first amazing kiss in the tomb. Watching Clara's firm ass the entire twenty-minute walk back to the Merc certainly did nothing to calm them. Now, with this onslaught of incredibly sensuous foreplay from Clara, he was all systems go. The pressure his stiff cock was putting against the strong fabric of his shorts was excruciating, and Clara was still fully clothed! Jeff feared that by the time they actually began to make love, he would only be able to withstand a few seconds of Clara's luscious womanhood.

Clara certainly did not make the task any easier as she unzipped Jeff's fly, and slid her left hand inside to gently fondle his rod through his briefs. Many agonisingly enjoyable seconds later, Clara had finally kissed her way to the bottom of Jeff's chest, stopping just above his navel. She smiled as she rose up, removing her hand from his shorts. After making quick work of his belt buckle, Clara slid her fingertips inside the waistline of Jeff's briefs and pulled them, along with his shorts, midway down his thighs in one smooth movement. Free from it's cotton prison, Jeff's rigid maleness immediately sprang to it's full height, almost as if it were doing so solely to grab the attention of the only person who could fulfil it's maddening need. If that was the case, then it's mission was most definitely a success. Clara paused for a couple of seconds as she admired Jeff's erection with a keen look in her eye. Then, with a teasingly slow blink, Clara shifted her amorous gaze back to Jeff's eyes, consuming his attention as her fingers nimbly unlaced her boots just enough for her to slide her feet out.

Next she began to unbuckle her own belt and remove her shorts. Jeff, realising that he had a little time before Clara resumed pleasuring him, sat up and began to awkwardly pull down his own shorts and briefs, which were still holding his thighs together. Clara had obviously only been interested in unleashing Jeff's rod, his mobility was apparently of no concern.

The shorts were still around Jeff's knees when Clara reached over and firmly grabbed their crotch. She pulled the shorts down forcefully, using them to pin Jeff's legs to the seat. Then, as she held his legs fast against the seat, Clara slowly rose up. It was only now that Jeff noticed that she had completely shed her own shorts, leaving only her white cotton panties to hide her snatch. Jeff also noticed that the panties were almost entirely wet and there was a faint smell of female arousal in the air. Jeff smirked as he realised that behind her calm, cool facade, Clara was just as horny as he was.

Clara kneeled over Jeff, straddling his thighs. As she slowly layed down on top of him, she pushed her wet panties against Jeff's hard cock. By the time she had begun to kiss him, it was tightly sandwiched between their two bodies. Clara enticed him further by pressing and releasing her lithe flesh against his rod in rhythmical waves of pressure, whilst her tongue inspired his arousal by dancing playfully along the surfaces in his mouth.

Over and over they kissed, as the pressings of Clara's hips became steadily stronger, more passionate. Jeff moaned happily at the deluge of affection that he'd been swept into, and although Clara remained silent, her composure was clearly starting to deteriorate. Her kisses were becoming hungrier and she was unconsciously running her fingers through Jeff's hair, and even grabbing it at times. Jeff had once again wrapped his arms around Clara. His hands spiralled over her body in wide strokes, rubbing over the back of her shirt and the butt of her panties and sliding over the smooth skin of her lower back in between. As the intense foreplay sent their body temperatures climbing, the dirt on their bodies was absorbed by their sweat, forming a black liquid. Jeff's caresses began to leave black streaks along Clara's wet skin, and dark stains on her shirt and panties.

Motivated by the urgent yearning in his manhood to feel her sweet fissure and the dissatisfying sensation of his hands repeatedly rubbing across the coarse fabric of her shirt, Jeff attempted to move things along by pulling her top off. He was surprised to find just how tightly it clung to her body. Before he could make much progress Clara pulled away from him and sat up. She was still smiling as she looked down at him, but the smile was no longer playful; her lips were parted, she was breathing raggedly, and she meant business. Jeff lifted his hand up to caress her cheek as they both took a few seconds to rest. He smiled as he mused how even covered in dirt, Clara's face was, without compare, the most beautiful one he had ever set eyes upon.

Even once she had caught her breath, Clara forced herself to wait a couple of seconds so that Jeff could calm down a bit. She had been mercilessly teasing him for a while now. The odds were that if she did not give him a little recovery time, they would not get to make love for very long. She held out as long as she could but eventually her craving for Jeff's rod took over. She lifted her body off of his only as much as necessary for her to remove her panties. The scent of her juices flooded the cabin as she bared her slick privates. With a single skilful sway, Clara managed to slip the panties past her right kneecap, then her left, all while continuing to straddle her lover. From there, removing the panties completely was a breeze.

As Jeff looked on with an eager smile, Clara lowered her heavenly opening onto his cock. She leaned her head back, closed her eyes and purred softly as she slowly took Jeff's maleness deeper and deeper into her body. Jeff uttered a vibrato moan as the sensation of Clara's red-hot womanhood sliding down his member sent a growing surge of pleasure tingling up his spine. She did not stop until her outer lips were pressed against his body. With a shake of her head, Clara turned her gaze back to Jeff, with a look that both conveyed raw animal desire and heartfelt affection. The sides of her mouth curved upwards in a playful smile as Clara began to slowly rock her hips.

The two lovers began to moan intermittently as Clara's gyrations increased in intensity ever so slowly. She savoured the mild pleasures of Jeff's rod making the slightest movements within her, while it continued to put pressure on her most erogenous flesh with it's lust-fuelled firmness. Occasionally she would treat Jeff by gently squeezing on Jeff's rod with her privates, usually provoking an appreciative moan from him. Jeff, meanwhile, ran his hands over Clara's bare thighs and around her firm ass, eventually settling on the sides of her waist.

When Clara's gyrations had grown somewhat in intensity, she removed her top, pulling it over her head and tossing it without care onto the passenger seat, all without the slightest interruption to the rocking of her hips. Jeff, inspired by the sight of Clara's ample breasts heaving back and forth in her black bra, sat up and pushed his lips firmly against hers. As their tongues began to dance yet another ballet with one another, Clara reached behind her back and began to work the clasp of her bra. It was soon undone. When Jeff felt Clara sliding the loose bra down her arms, he did not immediately break the kiss off, as it was quite enjoyable. Eventually, his desire to suckle on her luscious breasts got the better of him and he pulled his lips away.

Clara leaned back slightly, to give Jeff a better angle, as his face moved down over her body. He brushed his chin over the perfect smooth skin along the top of her right breast, as he descended over it until his lips were only an inch in front of the nipple. He poked his tongue out and pressed it against Clara's yielding areola. Then he slowly slid it over her nipple, before pressing his lips onto the wonderful orb and beginning to gently suckle. At the same time, he moved his right hand up to cup and fondle her left breast. Clara moaned happily as she continued to ride him, running her fingers through his hair, with an absent smile on her face. Her mind was caught between several emotions, all of which were most pleasant. The radiating pleasure in her center was building to a critical level and with each stroke, Jeff's mighty rod incited even more bliss. His skilful ministrations to her breasts were now bringing the delight to another part of her body. And as she listened to Jeff's indulgent moans, she found herself very happy to be giving her benevolent liberator so much enjoyment.

After savouring the delights of having Clara's pliant breast so welcomely wedged between his lips for quite a while, Jeff decided to alternate, moving his mouth over to Clara's left breast, while allowing his hand to get re-acquainted with the right. He moved his right hand down on to his lover's hip, using it to encourage Clara to accelerate her gyrations.

The dirty sweat on his hand had left dark streaks all over the surface of her shapely breast. As Jeff suckled and teased it with his tongue, he could feel the rough dirt particles rolling over his lips and tongue. Even while contending with the salty taste of their mixed sweat and the (probably imagined) deliciousness of her velvety areola, the dirt had it's own compelling and strangely erotic taste. It had been little more than an hour since they'd discovered the long lost tomb of an ancient queen. Now, while the dust from the tomb still clung to their bodies, they were locked in coitus, fantastic coitus. Jeff could not deny that there was something incredibly hot about that.

Clara, taking the hint from Jeff, began to ride him in deeper strokes. Jeff began to instinctively move his own hips up and down as much as he could. Clara's moans became more prolonged and louder as Jeff's maleness moved within her roasting snatch in a rapidly increasing span. His cock radiated with it's own sexual energy and with each thrust, it sent a pulse of pleasure surging through her entire body. She was almost at the edge.

Again, Jeff alternated his affections, returning to kiss and suckle her right breast, while gently kneading her left. Warm sexual delight radiated from her ample mounds readying her body for the spectacular climax bearing down on her. As her desire grew in urgency and became more focused, Clara began to utter coherent words between her absent moans.

"Ooooh... Oh yes... Mmm... So good... Feels so good... Mmm... Yes... Don't stop... So good... Ooooh..."

Clara's gyrations were now quite intense. The constant pleasure of Jeff's rigid maleness brushing back and forth along her inner walls kept feeding her desire, only serving to make it stronger. She wanted to come so badly, and judging by his moans, Jeff did too. Her hips moved with an erotically rhythmical grace as she repeatedly pushed her womanhood onto his cock, with no little enthusiasm. She delighted in her yearning center being probed by the rock-hard shaft, filled with a load of semen that it determinedly withheld, but that Clara knew would ultimately be hers.

"Yes... Almost... It's so close... Ooooh Yes.... Ooooh I'm so close... Don't stop... It's so close... It's so wonderful... It's so... Mmm..." Clara continued to moan broken sentences of encouragement as a dreamy smirk washed over her face. She was so close to orgasm! Jeff had moved both his hands onto the small of Clara's back to help guide her passionate gyrations. His lips had abandoned her breasts (to reduce the tax on his stamina, Clara assumed) and he was now moaning along with his lover. Within a few seconds Clara felt her control over her body slipping away as she rode her virile stallion to an earth-shattering climax.

Her embracing arms tightened around Jeff's torso, pulling her body flush against his, as her womanhood clamped around his excited manhood in an overload of ecstasy. She flung her head back, and opened her mouth, only to emit a barely audible whimper. Once Clara came, Jeff only managed a few more thrusts with his hips, before his anxious rod could resist the carnal embrace of her delectable snatch no longer. With all it's might, Jeff's manhood fired a powerful jet of his seed into Clara's amazing body, blowing back an equally potent wave of sheer euphoria into his own. As the orgasm took control of his faculties, Jeff instinctively held Clara's body tightly to his, reciprocating her own passionate embrace. He bucked forcefully with every quaking pump of his cock.

"Oooooooooh Yeah! Oooooooooh Yeah! Oooooooooh! Oooooooh Holy shit!" Jeff bellowed appreciatively. An incessant blaze of pleasure racked Clara's body and saturated her mind, showing no sign of abating, while Jeff continued to be enraptured by the short, but intense, lashes of ecstasy that accompanied every ejaculation. He was buried to the hilt, but with every buck he seemed to briefly edge a little deeper, a little closer to actually touching the lovely womb of his noble English goddess.

Time ceased to have meaning as they hurtled along a raging river of potent sexual bliss, locked in each other's arms. At some point, Jeff's maleness pumped the last morsels of it's seed and fell inert between Clara's relenting vaginal muscles. As the two lovers regained awareness and exhaustion enveloped them, they dropped back down on to the seat, their arms still wrapped around each other. Clara continued to moan softly as her orgasm slowly faded away. The experience had been so intense that it left her trembling in Jeff's arms. Her overwhelmed partner was breathing raggedly beneath her. The expression on his face could've given the impression that he'd just been run over by a semitrailer, but Jeff was coasting quite happily in his own sexual afterglow.

A few minutes later, well after both Clara and Jeff had calmed down, Clara worked up the energy to pull her arms out from beneath Jeff and lift her hips up just enough for her to stretch her legs out along the seat. Jeff's dormant manhood slipped out of her nether lips unceremoniously as she repositioned herself. Within a few seconds she was again peacefully lying atop her lover, her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face.

"Mmm... Discovering an ancient Mesopotamian tomb, escaping eternal imprisonment and incredible sex. You certainly know how to show a girl a good time, Jeff. The tomb and the freedom were quite nice, as well," Clara purred in a sultry tone.

"I'm glad to hear it. I was thinking about following the tomb by writing you a sonnet in hieratic, but then I thought that that might be too much, you know?" Jeff replied.

"Oh, absolutely!" Clara responded, "Less is more!" she looked up at Jeff and they both chuckled.

"Seriously, though, that was amazing!" Jeff said sincerely.

"Wasn't it just?" Clara agreed with a hint of indulgent moan in her voice, as she reflected on the wonderful experience they'd just shared. They both move their heads forward slightly and tenderly kissed. After a few seconds of basking in Clara's warmth, the shiny lamp on the cabin floor caught Jeff's eye. He reached down, without disturbing Clara, and picked it up.

"So what are we going to do with this?" he asked.

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