tagFirst TimeRain and Heat

Rain and Heat


The ice cream seemed a great idea at first.

The day had been hot, searing hot. The road tar was sticky, dogs were silent, even the trees wilted. Talaya had got back from working a half-day, and the relative coolness of her flat had inspired some tidying up. This had been a mistake: now she was hot and grumpy, but not much tidier. So she had promised herself an ice cream.

Outside, the city shimmered in the heat. No one was making much of an effort. Definitely ice cream o'clock, she thought to herself. She put on a light top and skirt and went out into the street. The heat was intense, but the were clouds in the distance and a sense of expectancy in the air.

On the corner near her flat, there actually was a corner store. Talaya liked to use it when she could, hoping to keep it in business. Ice cream bought, she stood outside under the awning. The ice cream melted, sending trickles over her fingers. She watched the clouds building up and felt the crackle in the air as the thunderstorm approached. Gusts of wind swirled paper scraps into the air.

Just as she set off for home there was a tremendous crack of thunder overhead. Immediately, huge drops of rain splattered all around. They soaked the pavement as steam rose from the road. Every flat surface was covered in dancing droplets. Runnels of storm water flowed across Talaya's path. Of course she was drenched, although the excitement of the weather and the rain running down her gave her thrills. Her white blouse sticking to her skin, she noticed how it seemed to heighten the curves of her breasts. Her dark nipples stood out through the thin fabric and her aureoles accentuated the effect. She revelled in the feelings, of cooling down at last, of her skin tingling to the touch of the wet clothes - especially when the wind gusted over her, of the sexy thrill of showing so much of her body.

Though not a prude, Talaya was quite reserved and had not done much at all in relationships. The right man (or woman?) would appear in a flash, she'd always thought, and would take her in their arms and give her all the pleasures of the body and mind. Sometime. In the meantime, she lived a pretty plain life of work, paying off her flat, relaxing on weekends, occasional holidays...

Baily muttered under his breath. "It could wait till I was inside, or at least parked, but, no." As the rain drummed on his car and obscured his view down the one-way street, he searched for a parking spot. But what was this - a space on the opposite side. Thanks, I'll take that. And who's this coming down the street?? Isn't it the girl from upstairs? Naked?? No, wearing thin clothes soaked in the rain, but showing everything. That, is just, a beautiful sight. She's a stunner. So, out of my league, that's for sure.

Baily was also very reserved and while not a virgin, he had not had much experience, and wasn't sure how to arrange things better for himself. So he lived a pretty simple life too, as it happened, in the flat immediately below Talaya.

This could be awkward, he thought. Does she know me, or want to be seen like that. She was walking along totally unaware of him or anyone, eyes almost shut, face up into the rain. Baily admired the lines of her generous lips, her chin, her neck, shoulders, breasts all a perfect composition, her striking nipples thrusting up. Then the storm gods stepped in.

Just as Baily started to open the car door, a gust of wind swooped and flung the door wide. Talaya started, swerved and was slightly off balance. At that second there was a shocking flash of lightning. The world was white for an instant; at the same time the thunderclap hit, cracking the air and echoing off the buildings. Talaya shrieked and fell backwards. She staggered and sat heavily on the pavement, absurdly trying to save her ice cream as she went down.

Baily leapt out to try and save her, but the seatbelt and low car held him back too much. She crashed. He knelt down to her, then noticed, about the same time as Talaya did.

Talaya was wearing only a short lightweight skirt, now soaked through. In the heat earlier she had not bothered to put panties on. She was now sitting on the ground, her lean legs wide apart, her skirt forced up in the fall. Baily could see everything, from her long dark hair, down her curved breasts with their brown nipples, her slim waist, her vee of dark curls nestled between her legs. She was holding a ruined ice cream cone.

Baily froze, with no idea what to do next. Look away? Help her up? He couldn't take his eyes off her beautiful curves. He worried vaguely that the ice cream was running down her arm, and would be hard to lick up from her elbow.

Talaya looked at herself, on the ground, saturated, wide open, a stranger standing over her looking quite concerned and she with her ice cream still. She started to giggle at the craziness of it, even though her bottom was sore from the fall. As well, she noticed how the stranger's nipples stood out as small dark circles, now his shirt was soaked. The muscles of his shoulders and arms made a pleasing shape too. She noticed him staring but not leering at her, which brought on another sensation. She stared back, giggling. The stranger smiled.

"Can I help?" Baily stammered, putting out his hand. He helped her up and let her try and straighten her clothing. She winced. "Oww, I think I've actually hurt myself. Thanks for helping there. Hey, do you live in that block just there?" She pointed it out.

"Well, yes, I think I'm in the flat underneath you. Can I help you home?"

"Ouch. That'd be very kind of you."

The walk was OK, but going up the short flight of stairs into the building made Talaya wince again. The two of them were starting to shiver as well.

Baily surprised himself. "Look, if it's all right with you, you could come into my flat, get warm and dry, and when you're ready, go upstairs. It'd be no problem."

Talaya wondered. I've never met this man, but he seems nice. I've seen him before, but, into his flat? Is it even clean? But I'm cold and getting colder. I need to rest my backside. Hell, why not?

"All right, that would be nice - if I can trust you!"

"Look at me... you can trust me!"

She did look at him. He was slightly taller, slimmer, with paler skin colouring than her, fine features, a slightly dreamy look to him, not very threatening. Pretty nice to look at, really.

They got up the stairs, into the flat and out of the rain. It still held the hot air of the day, so was quite pleasant. Baily found a fresh towel while Talaya sat in the kitchen. It was pretty plain, but clean enough. The one feature was a huge poster for an ancient Phoenician art exhibition.

The towel was dry, and warm from the day's heat. It felt lovely on Talaya's cold skin, tickling her and brushing in a way that roused her senses. She kept Baily in the kitchen and went into his bedroom to take off her wet clothes. His room was plain, fairly tidy, with a view of a small park nearby. It was Talaya's bedroom view as well, but lower. Standing naked in his room, she wondered. Here I am, nude, in a strange man's flat. Instead of anxiety she felt a tingling and urging inside her.

Wearing her skirt - only damp now - and the warm towel, she gratefully accepted the hot chocolate Baily offered her. She sipped the milk beneath the Phoenician poster, while Baily found a dry shirt.

Sitting at the kitchen table, they were both lost in thought. Both pondering the strangeness of the day, their sudden intimate connection, the amount of bare skin involved.

Absently she let her towel slip slightly, showing her breasts in the shadows. Baily's eyes seemed to stick to them. She noticed, and he looked away, embarrassed.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't stare I know, but you look, well, you look stunning. Like a Met-Art girl." He gulped - that could be a giveaway.

"A what?? A Met-Art girl? Not one of those... you know... on the internet...?"

"Oh no! Not like that! Not at all! They're beautiful, in good locations. Artistic. Stylish." He was babbling, and revealing too much knowledge of the topic. She caught him easily.

"And how would you know so much, can I ask? Let me guess, you found this book in the public library? Hard - cover of course! Or is it... handier? Anyway, you'd better show me, now you've put me in that category!" She surprised herself with her cheeky talk.

Baily had let himself get trapped. No escape now. He opened his laptop, found the familiar website, and let her see.

Talaya gazed at the models. They were beautiful. Photoshopped, but very subtly. In exotic locations. Mostly nude, and showing off their bodies and pubic areas in different ways. But they were all graceful, with arms and legs posed to highlight their beauty, not simply to arouse. Talaya found herself getting aroused. She wanted to stroke her legs and pose the way the models did. Most strikingly, all the girls Baily showed her had pubic hair. Some had tufts around their outer lips, others had delicate curls spreading down their thighs and back round to their buttocks. Some had thick vee-shaped bushes. But all seemed proud of their natural assets. She stared at the proud beauties, and felt her insides stirring, felt her face flushing, her bottom squirming on the seat.

Talaya had her pubic hair, growing down and around to her anus, with a few wisps on her thighs. She fretted that men wouldn't find this attractive - she'd read of the way everyone was shaved (men even) and seen pictures. She didn't want to shave, and she was disturbed by the trend. Why try and look underage, she thought, unless you were into that, which is pretty creepy, really. But here were beauties, with their natural hair, all there.

"Hmmm, nice looking, very, natural almost. Thank you for comparing me. I feel... I don't know. Braver now." Where was this going, she thought, but deep down she knew.

Baily knew as well, but didn't want to say it first. Christ, it was weird enough already, but good. And whatever he might want, he would not be forcing himself on her.

They were silent, lost in their own thoughts.

Baily gave in first. "You'd... be good at that. You look so good already." He managed to stop there.

A pause. Talaya's heart raced. She felt her hair bristle slightly. Her pussy tingled. Her skin tingled. Her body answered for her.

"Take pictures of me. Like those Met-Art girls. I'm in a crazy mood, I'll never say this again, so let's do it now. Have you got a camera?"

"OK, sounds good. Yes, I've got a camera." He sounded so easy-going, but his hands were shaking as he raced off to get it.

She admired his camera when he brought it out. "That should do the trick. Now there's one more thing. I keep the memory card. This stays between us, and I control any pictures of me." She sounded so matter of fact, but she was shaking inside.

"For sure. I can understand this is special. It is for me too."

Talaya looked around. "We need an idea, and a location." Her body was humming with anticipation, her nipples stood out, her breasts rose with her breathing. Her legs wanted to open, her pussy wanted to be admired. She drifted into his bedroom, gazing through the rain-streaked windows. "Well, how do we start?"

Baily thought. "Let's use the wet blouse idea. You looked stunning out in the street before. If we soaked your blouse in hot water it'd be OK to wear, wouldn't it?"

Talaya loved the idea. Putting on the warm wet blouse was a little tricky, but the result was worth it. She stood next to the window, looking out into the rain. Baily took shot after shot as she turned, or raised her arms, stretching the see-through fabric over her hard dark nipples. The wet cloth clung to her curves, highlighting them. She looked like a model. She felt like a model. She felt bold and graceful, she felt beautiful.

With her bottom to the camera she twisted around to show one breast, then raised a leg to reveal her own curly hairs tracing their way around her pussy. Swapping the blouse for her towel, she tousled her hair. Her arms were up so her chest was lifted. Her breasts stood out proudly. She rubbed her feet, drawing up one leg to show her generous furry pussy lips. She knelt on the bed, legs apart, hairs in silhouette between, showing her fine round breasts.

Baily was stunned. She moved so naturally and easily, so in control and with such grace, his job was easy. The trick was not to stop and just stare, even if he was in awe of her. She was a goddess sitting and kneeling on his bed. This has to be a dream, he kept thinking as he kept shooting.

Then the touch came.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed with her back curled forward. This made her breasts hang closer to her pussy. Baily wanted to see her pussy more, so without thinking he lightly spread her legs, stroking down one thigh.

Talaya gasped at the delicate, electrifying touch. The thigh tingled where it had been stroked. She froze. Baily froze, suddenly realising what he had done. Oh no. What happens now? Is this trouble?

Her body answered again. It wanted more. "Do that again."

Gently Baily stroked her thighs as she watched. He ran his hands lightly up from her knees and up her smooth thighs. As his fingers approached her vee, she could almost feel her pussy lips swell to meet them. They both smelt the scent of her arousal, felt her slight wriggles as his hands went over her lips and rustled the hairs there. He ran his fingertips, then his nails up her thighs and down. She opened her legs wider and her pussy lips opened themselves. Her inner lips were bright pink and shiny with her juices. He moved closer, breathing in the strong scent of her now, seeing each curly hair, seeing her mound shift with her heavy breathing. Her clit peeped out above the wet folds of her lips. Without thinking he kissed it. She gasped again and bucked up against his lips. He could feel her clit against his lips.

Baily devoured her. He thrust his tongue into her channel and lapped up the plentiful fluids there. His fingers brushed and tickled and tweaked her furry outer labia, the swelling inner lips, her clit, her mound. He kissed and sucked her little button while she writhed and moaned. She pushed against him as much as he thrust into her.

"Oh no. Oh yes, yes. Yes, more, more. Oh that feels so good..." Talaya stroked his head, his ears. She grabbed his hair. Her body was in control of her, willing him to take her higher. His fingers sent shivers of excitement from her pussy down her legs and up to her breasts. She lifted one leg up and put her hand underneath to open her vulva more. He licked up and down the sides as more of her juices leaked out.

"Oh, ohh, ohhh, fuck, I'm close... I'm coming. More! MORE!" Baily dived and licked. He slipped a finger into her wet cunt, then a second. "Ohhhh, FUCK! FUCK! OHHHHH!" Talaya's voice rose to a scream then suddenly stopped as she froze, breathless. She felt waves of pleasure wash over her, bigger and bigger till in a rush her cunt clamped onto Baily's fingers, her thighs gripped his head as she came. She could feel her come making his fingers slip.

"Ahhhhh! So good! So good. Thank you." Her body was humming. She could feel everything - the sheet under her, Baily's breath on her wet crotch, his fingers stroking her thighs. Her cunt was tingling with pleasure, but wanted more. Her thighs wanted more. Her body wanted the weight of him across her body and breasts. Her breasts demanded to be touched.

Lifted her head, she looked down at him. He was studying her secret place. He looked up and smiled when he saw her watching him. She pulled at him.

"Come up here," she said softly. In answer he rose up, still in his clothes. She tugged at them lightly and he took the hint, stripping off his t-shirt and pants. His chest hair was in a line across and curving down in the centre, exactly like her pubic hair. His nipples were dark like hers. She wriggled up the bed so he could lie between her legs.

"Make love to me. I want you inside me. I want you." Her voice was breathy. "But have you got a, a condom?" Why was it hard to say, she wondered. Well, this morning I was a virgin and life was normal, so why stress now?

"Will you respect me if I say yes? Always ready, if not used much!"

She watched him put it on, rolling it over the head and down the shaft. His cock looks so long, will it fit? What will this feel like? Is this even a good idea? But her body was ready and waiting. Part of her wanted it not to fit. It wanted to be forced open, unwillingly entered, it wanted him to take her and use her. She flushed thinking of it. She found herself stroking her breasts, running her hands down her sides and inside her thighs, spreading her wet lips.

Baily got on the bed and climbed over her. He gazed long at her body's glorious curves, her breasts flattened, rippling slightly, her ribs rising with her heavy breathing, her hip bones atop her smooth thighs. With her legs raised and opened he could see into her glistening pussy, bright pink and shiny. He pressed his cock against the wet folds. Talaya pushed her hips up to him, hands either side of her opening.

"Oh yes, yes... but be careful. Be gentle, it's my first..."

"Your what?? First time? God, Talaya, I had no idea. if you don't want to..."

"Oh, I want to. I so want to. You've been so good for me, with your kindness and your Met-Art girls, and the photos. You've made me feel so damn sexy, like I never thought I could. I want to give this to you, so much. Just, be gentle, and slow!"

"Well, you are so damn sexy, I'll try and be gentle!"

Baily eased his cock between her pussy lips. Talaya opened them with her fingers to help him in. He slid in as far as the head and paused, looking into her eyes. She looked surprised - she felt stretched, her fingertips could feel the shaft inching slowly in, pushing her vagina walls. They seemed to crave his hard rod, but squeezed to make it a close fit. Tingling sensations spread out to her body. Baily reached an obstruction.

"This is where it's now or never," he whispered. "You feel okay?"

"Sore, but good. Wait a bit and I'll get used to you inside my cunt. Your cock inside my cunt. I like the sound of that, now we're doing it. We're fucking. Easy to say when we are."

"Talaya, are you raving?"

"Yeah, I guess. Fuck me. Push in harder, fuck my hymen. Please, yes!" He had been moving in and out of her wet channel and gently pushing her barrier. She grabbed his buttocks and forced him into her.

A feeling of something giving, then a spike of sensation ripped up her pussy, making her nipples tingle, "Aaagh, God, ouch, don't stop now, harder. God I don't know if it feels good or bad!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, I want to make love with you. I want this. But come soon!"

Baily realised his full length was buried into her cunt. Their similar coloured pubic hair mixed when his cock sank in and he felt her soft outer lips against his pelvis. There was a slipping sound as his rod slid through her juices. It felt so warm and thrilling, taking control of him.

Talaya was in a whirlpool of sensations. Her cunt was stinging but also giving her warm waves of pleasure. Her nipples loved the brush of Baily's chest hairs. She stretched her arms out and bumped the camera. She grabbed it and started taking pictures. Her legs round him. His chest heaving above her. Their hairs combining as he thrust into her. His cock coming out, hard and shining. Her pussy lips spread around his ramming cock, pinker and wetter than before.

Baily could feel his climax coming. He was still trying to gentle her, despite her demands, but the fantastic sensations of her firm vagina was pushing him over the edge. Tremors were building up his legs, encouraged by Talaya as she wrapped her legs around him. His cock was straining, swelling, then suddenly shot his load, spurt after spurt. Talaya gasped. "I can feel you coming inside me. That's so good. Hold me, close." They clutched damply.

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