Rain Dancing



It was awful – I had that child panic in my chest and throat... I can't believe I did it. And I was becoming fairly certain with every agonizing moment that passed that I'd ruined one of the greatest friendships I'd ever known by saying what I said to her, and it would come out sooner or later...some dinner party with mutual friends, probably. The pervert. Defenseless. Yes, I'd said it. Yes, I meant it. A better man would own it.

The seatbelt warning bell finally ceased, the muffled tin sound of rain was pelting the roof of the car as she danced around in it, just outside her door.

A sudden sun-shower had soaked us both on the way back to the car from the beach. Through the passenger window I could see her soaked jean shorts and clinging white shirt tied at her waist, a bounce of her breast hugged by wet fabric from above, a flash of a bronzed thigh muscle from below. I tried not to look, but she looked like an ad for goddamned gum. I loved Sarah. Yes, lust... but I loved her. A deep, comforting love. We always had such a good time together, all these years...

Now, I've fucked it up.

I was gripping the steering wheel with my head down, contemplating fleeing this terrible moment when the mocking applause of rain on wet concrete suddenly roared as the door opened and a breathless, soaking wet Sarah flopped back into the passenger's seat, shutting out the applause behind her.

We sat in silence for a moment, with just the sound of her breathing and the rain outside, until she smiled to herself, quickly adjusted her ass in her seat to face me, and with wet hands, firmly grabbed the sides of my cheeks as if to tell me something really important.

"...Sarah, before you say anything..." I stammered, looking down into her lap, taking one last look at those perfect legs. She then forcibly brought my face into hers and kissed me. This reassuring kiss...

Then she slowly released me and bit her bottom lip.

"...Okay." She said to my mouth.

I was still stunned from the kiss, my mind reeling. She had this building lust in her eyes; I'd never seen her like that before, and with her all wet from the rain, and those legs...

"What...?" was all I could say.

"You have no idea how much what you just said turned me on..." She looked flushed, but smiling and shifting a little in her seat.

"Then why did you leave?"

We'd both been single a little too long and had been talking and laughing about the pros and cons of masturbation when Sarah asked me if I'd ever fantasized about friends. Sarah owned one of the most beautiful, tight and toned dancers' bodies I'd ever known and I somehow mentioned how beautiful I always thought she was and how it'd been a secret fantasy of mine to see how beautiful she'd look if she came... in front of me... while I watched her. And that's when she went to go dance in the rain.

"I think I was just having a moment of shy..." She said with just a slight girlish grin that only she could pull off. "...Gone now. You have no idea how HUGE a fantasy this is for me... I LOVE that you've thought about that...that it was ME that you were thinking about. It feels like it's been such a long time since I've been anyone's fantasy..." She squirmed a little more at that. "Jesus, this has already made me wet..."

She ran her fingers back through her wet hair, I could see her dark nipples hardening through her soaked shirt as she arched her back, breathing deeply now.

She quickly glanced down to the soaked clothes she was barely wearing, and looked back up at me and smiled, "Is this okay?" She asked, bringing her hands down to untie her shirt at her waist.

"...Wait..." I choked out. My reeling brain was catching up to what was actually happening here, and I was on fire. "...Please wait...before you do that, will you...I want to tell you what to do..." I caught up quickly... and I didn't want to miss this.

She let out a little throaty moan..."I'd LOVE that..." she said. Her fingers released her loosely tied shirttails and now delicately stroked the exposed flesh across her midriff.

"Recline the seat back all the way." She smiled and did so.

"...Lean back. Your shorts... just the button and zipper... just open them for me..." I was rock hard now but concealed under a pair of shorts that my shirttails covered. She was eyeing me as her hands traveled, and let out a little musing "mmmm..."

"I'm gonna need to see you stroke that hard cock for me..." She whispered as she eyed my crotch and opened the button on her jeans. "...Big part of the fantasy is seeing you stroke while I do this."

I leaned back against the driver's door and looked at my friend in a whole new light...she was so beautiful - this totally open and trusting display of lust and sensuality. That it was still US - this lovely familiarity and now on this whole new level – it was US that was making me so hot that I was having difficulty breathing.

I let go of any hang-ups or insecurities at that moment, inspired by her unspoken invitation to a naughty little private playground as I heard the sound of her wet zipper slowly come down, I opened the front of my shorts and slowly pulled out my throbbing cock, now harder than it's ever been.

"Oh my god...yes..." she said as she watched me wrap my fingers around the base of the shaft, lightly squeezing.

With her feet on the floor of the passenger's seat and her hips thrust slightly, she spread the wet material of her shorts open revealing soaking wet white panties with her wet, matted pubic hair just barely visible beneath the fabric...

"...Take your shorts off for me..." I whispered, ever so slowly massaging the head of my cock...

She slipped her fingers underneath the open and wet denim of her shorts and lifted her hips. Sliding them under her ass she looked into my glazed, lust-filled eyes as she slipped them over those fantastic strong dancer's legs to her ankles and letting them fall off her feet to the floor. She looked so beautiful, wearing white panties – thin and tight around the hips but not a thong, and soaked through from the rain.

"Oh, my God Sarah..." I managed to say. She smiled, bringing her knees to her chest, lazily dragging her fingers along the outside of her thigh to her hip.

"...I know you're a leg man...I love that you're stroking that cock to them right now... mmmm...I'm fucking soaked!" She inhaled through her teeth as my hips involuntarily undulated. Her lips opened slightly as her eyes went to my hand around my thick cock..."...yessss, baby...that feel good...?" She mused.

"...yesssss..." I breathed as my head rolled back for a second at the sensation.

"...Tell me how you want me so you can stroke to me..." With her toes touching the dashboard she was smoothing her crossed hands up and down her inner thighs, legs still together.

"...I want you to open your shirt and play with your nipples for me..." I was swimming in lust.

Apparently so was she... groaning, she quickly pulled the tie loose and threw aside the wet material revealing perfect, small, tight and pert tits as she pinched both her puckered hard nipples with her fingers, arching her back....

"....mmmfuuckkk...." She said as she pinched... quivering... "I could almost cum like this..." Her breathing deep and her chest rising with those perfect little breasts heaving... She looked lustfully at my hand as I stroked a little faster now....

"I fucking LOVE your cock...don't stop..." She panted. She was still sitting back on the reclined seat, back arched and head turned to me as she writhed, pinching and grinding her panty-clad ass in the seat, her long legs wet from the rain, toes curling and pointing on the dash...

"Take those off... and stroke your pussy just sitting like that... but don't show me yet..." I was so hard, the head of my cock purple and tight as I pumped for her...

"Mmmmmyesss.... Thank God....!!" She lifted those hips again and quickly slipped those panties off her legs and I could hear her wetness as her fingers disappeared between her legs, her thigh muscles tensing and her hips rising and falling. She started in on these beautiful sounding moans and little cries as she ran her fingers up and down through her wet folds.

"...Yes...yess....yesss..." She softly chanted, her eyes ever glued to my aching, swollen dick as she slowly lifted and parted her knees until her toes were pointed to the ceiling and I could see her hand working, soaked in her juices just past the side view of her quivering thighs.

"Show me now...." I said, throaty, panting and pumping.

She then shifted her body into the most erotic position I'd ever seen in front of me...

She left one arched foot on the dashboard, but she'd swiveled in her seat to face me opening her thighs wide, her other foot planted on my seat and she was leaning back on an angle, rhythmically thrusting her hips up into her slick, wet fingers, mouth open and focused on my cock...

As an incurable leg-man, it didn't get better than this... her calf muscles flexing and releasing, her ass and thigh muscles, toned and lithe, undulating, thrusting, rolling and slightly quivering as her fingers sunk wetly into her pussy while rolling another 2 fingers over her swollen, purple clit.

She started to shake. And looked pleading into my eyes. "I...I don't think I can wait....much... longer... ah... ah.. ah...ahh...if you wanna watch me cum...ohhh... fuuuckkk.... Just stroke it...mmm...yessss... just pump that cock and watch.....ahh...ah..." Her eyes fluttered shut for a second....

"Look at me..." I barely sputtered, stroking and pumping. I was so close to cumming... "...look at me when you cum..."

She locked my gaze, mouth open in a silent scream... fingers digging deeper into the flesh of her pussy, making wider, slower and deeper circles over her clit...

Until finally she said. "I...I want you to stroke that dick... let go into this... watch my pussy... watch my legs... watch me stroke this clit.... watch me cum completely for you...let this fantasy happen in front of you while you pump yourself...ohh.... fucckk......"

And with that, her thighs and abdomen seized up as she lurched forward – once... twice... still intensely looking straight into my eyes..."Oh...My...God...I'm... I'm CUMMING...." Her eyes all of a sudden squeezed shut and she pulsed with convulsions, fingers still deeply massaging her clit. Her back arched almost unnaturally as every toned, tight dancer-body-muscle rippled on every spasm and she opened her thighs wider and wider as she came....

I couldn't have cum harder than I did that afternoon, watching my favorite fantasy come true...my dancer in the rain.

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