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Rain Goddess


It wasn't supposed to be this bad, just the remnants of a Category One hurricane downgraded to tropical storm and then to tropical depression. Unfortunately, after rolling across two states in just a few hours, it stalled leaving nothing but a constant rain accompanied by just a few light winds. The rain varied from heavy downpours to a steady drizzle, but it never stopped. Most of the worst flooding has been downstream, but if the heavy rains keep up who knows what will happen in the nearby lowlands.

When the rains first started everyone expected them to hit the town and then continue heading to the northeast, so no one paid a lot of attention to it. We all went about life as normal, running out to the store, heading to work, and even going out for dinner or a movie. Usually a water repellant jacket or small umbrella kept us fairly dry. Unfortunately as the storm stalled and the rains continued more people began staying home while weathermen warned motorist of deteriorating conditions and travel advisories rolled across the bottoms of TV screens.

I had gone to work the first day, but decided to stay home the next day as the rain seemed to worsen overnight. Never a fan of daytime TV, I was pretty bored and while my wife was home, there still wasn't much I cared to do. Of late, as menopause began to set in, our sex life had deteriorated to nonexistence. I found myself sipping a beer while watching game shows in my underwear.

When I first heard the knocking on the door, I first thought perhaps it was the wind or maybe a branch broken from the tree. I realized it was more as it continued so I rushed into the bedroom and while pulling on my shorts I said to my wife, "Someone's at the door."

"Who'd be out in a storm like this."

"Perhaps it's a visit from the rain god."

"I think he's been visiting since yesterday, I believe it may be time for him to leave," my wife replied, getting out of bed an pulling on her bathrobe.

Hearing the knock again, I hurried to the door and opened it. There stood a young woman, maybe mid thirties, with curly, wet blonde hair that splashed down over her shoulders. Her dripping clothes clung to her body in a way she might as well been naked. I couldn't help but stare down at the two small mounds of her breasts. By the look of the way her nipples pushed out the damp fabric, I figured she was cold.

"Yes, can I help you?" I asked through the screen door.

"I want to help you," she replied, her words flowing gently off her tongue.

"Well we're okay as long as the creeks don't flood, even then..." I stopped talking as the woman opened the screen door and fluidly gushed though the foyer and into the living room. As she moved, water dripped from her onto the floor and she left a trail of wet footprints. In spite of the mess I was speechless as she surged over to my wife, who had just wandered into the room, and reached out her hands.

Without speaking a word, the woman's sinuous movements seemed to hypnotize both of us as we stood and watched her reach out and remove my wife's robe and then her pajamas. The woman then poured herself over her as they both drifted back into the bedroom.

I followed them and by the time I entered the bedroom they both were naked on the bed, the still dripping woman seemed to be gushing over my wife's body, running her hands over her as her long, wet hair seemed to pour over my wife's breasts. The strange woman then looked up at me and said, "You seem parched, come join us."

Glancing down at my wife I saw her nod and smile sensuously, so I quickly pulled off my clothes and dove in. Once I climbed into the bed I felt damp hands on me, but while it looked like the stranger's hands, what I saw was my wife touching me. I reached out to touch the woman's small breasts and found my hand cupping my wife's large breasts.

It was all so surreal, the three of us seemed caught in a tide of bodies moving in unison, so I simply moved as the current guided me between my wife's legs. Then the woman's fluid hands guided my cock into my wife's pussy. I leaned forward and without any added lubricant or anything, my cock slipped into my wife. She was wet, very wet, just like back when we first got married.

The wet warmth of her pussy felt incredible as I surged inside her, thrusting to the hilt. I slowly receded and then splashed into her again, over and over. Surprisingly, she began to respond to me, something she hadn't really done in several years. Moaning, she lifted her hips to meet my thrust and then pulled back as I withdrew. We moved in a rhythm like the waves on a beach splashing together and then receding.

I could feel my wife's hands tighten on my arms and she groaned, "Oh yes, yes, I'm coming." Feeling her juices flood over me I shoved my cock deep, enjoying the feel of her pussy as it began convulsing.

I waited until her orgasm calmed before moving again, letting myself enjoy the wet softness. Moving faster and faster, I flowed in and out of her until I felt the pleasure gush through me. Arching my back, I surged deep into her and spurted my cum again and again into my wife's pussy. When the last spurt came I collapsed on top of her.

In a few minutes my cock shrank and poured out of her pussy so I rolled over beside her. Only then did we notice we were alone in the bed. Both of us were dripping from sweat and cum but there was no sign of the woman who had seduced us both. I got up and walked through the living room to the front door and noticed it was locked from the inside. The water that the woman tracked inside was gone and when I opened the door and looked outside there was no sign of her.

Stepping out onto the porch I looked up at the sky and noticed the sun peeking through the clouds and realized it had stopped raining. I stepped back into the house, locked the door and returned to the bedroom.

"Did you find her?" my wife asked.

"No, there's no sign of her. Not even where she tracked in all that water, and the door was locked from the inside."

Sitting up, she said, "I just don't understand."

"Neither do I, but I'm not complaining," I said, sitting down beside her and gently touching her breast.

"So what do we do now?" she asked.

Not wanting the fun to end, I didn't tell her it had stopped raining, instead I suggested, "Why don't we take a shower?"

"We haven't done that in years."

"Well, I can say that about what just happened here."

"I wonder what really happened," she said.

"A gift from the Rain Gods?"

"The Rain Goddess you mean," she said as she stood up, grabbed my hand and led me toward the shower.

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