tagMind ControlRain in the Gutter

Rain in the Gutter

byLost Boy©

All characters are 18 years old or older. This one is a little darker than is usual for me. This story is for the Siren's Song event. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to vote and leave a comment. Have a great holiday and be safe!


I had fallen asleep to the sound of falling rain and I woke to it as well. It was early summer after all and days of precipitation weren't unusual. The Fourth of July holiday was nearly upon us. So, I rose and slipped into my morning routine. I started my shower and noted the condition of my fingernails. They were filthy and needed attention. My hobby was prone to leave my nails as well as my clothes in such a state, but it brought me such joy that it was worth a little extra effort. I showered and went over my welcome speech I had been working on for a little over a week now. The company I had worked for since I was eighteen had been bought out. I had a new boss and I wanted to make it clear that my department welcomed her and looked forward to working with her. I dressed and sat in front of the television watching the morning news.

"...will rain all day..."


"...stock prices slightly rose..."


"...the body of Amanda Waller was found near the I-70 offramp early this morning. She is believed to be the 36th victim of the I-70 Slasher. In a related story, Carroll Danvers, an 18-year-old cheerleader and freshman at Arkham Institute of Technology is still missing..."

"What a tragedy. I wonder if they will ever catch him." I muttered feeling my mood droop. "No, I have to keep up a positive attitude and start the day on the right foot."

The honk outside alerted me that my carpool had arrived. I grabbed my umbrella as I stepped out the door. I locked the door and slipped into the front passenger seat. There were greetings all around and an undertow of tension. I broke the silence and brought up what we were all fearing. Would any of us be let go in restructuring that our new parent corporation was famous for. They bought companies and streamlined them to fit some specific criteria. No on knew what the criteria was though. The rain made the apprehension more tangible. I wasn't concerned. The history of restructuring never affected anyone above lower management. I held the position of district manager though I still saw myself as one of the guys. I think I was the only manager of my level that carpooled, but it was great at building a connection with the people that I worked with. I wasn't just the boss I was also the guy they drove with and even sometimes had a beer with.

"Let's all take a deep breath." I said as we pulled into the building's parking lot. "This is going to work out."

I arrived at my office and Jenny, my secretary, asked if it was alright for the team to get started. I told her to tell them to hold off for an hour. If there were people let go it would be a pain to go to those cubicles and log them off. Let's see who they terminate and then start work. I set my briefcase on my desk when she walked in unannounced.

"Come with me Jim." She said her voice cold and unemotional.

"I'm glad we are already on a first name basis Haley." I replied, and she glared over her shoulder and I corrected my statement. "Ah... Ms. Briarstone."

She wore an impeccable dark suit with tiny pinstripes, a navy-blue tie, and nice but practical flat shoes. If I was eighteen again I would have complimented her on her round ass and the hint of an amazing rack beneath the double-breasted jacket she wore. But I wasn't eighteen I was thirty-eight and was two weeks from celebrating my twenty-year mark with this company. She had a long kissable neck and was the kind of pretty that distracted younger men. We entered the Vice President's office, her office, and I sat opposite her. She looked so small behind that huge desk.

"I am sorry about being harsh earlier. I need to clear some things up before we can continue."

I took out my cell phone, logged in and pressed an icon in the shape of a black diamond. It began a ten-minute countdown that only I could stop. I powered my phone down and told her I didn't want us being interrupted.

"Thank you for your considerate nature. Tell me about yourself."

"Not much to say, I began working at this company right out of high school. I have worked my way up the ladder to a trusted position of district manager."

"Your previous department wasn't research and development, it was security. In fact, you were the head of cyber security division for five years. Why the sudden shift?" She asked her eyes as cold as the dead and her voice flat and emotionless.

"Leaks. This company was hemorrhaging data. Mr. Maxwell, your predecessor, brought me in to protect the R&D department. Since I took over the leaks stopped. I took what were thought at the time extraordinary precautions to ensure our work here remained proprietary. We have government contracts you know, contracts that expire today." I said and smiled.

"You put all the projects on internal servers. Servers that cannot be accessed outside your department. Is that correct?"

"Yes." I said telling myself I had eight minutes to press the cancellation icon on my phone.

"Your workforce cannot bring home printouts of work files."

"Correct. The work stations don't possess ports for thumb drives or any other similar device. The machines also cannot access the internet. All communication is limited to R&D exclusively. As I said the data leaks to your company ended when I took over. I know it was your father that was getting his spies into the other departments. He had to buy this company to try and get access to those government projects." I said and watched her body language carefully.

"Correct. You seem distracted Jim. Did you think your job was safe?" She sneered as I put my phone away. "Your desk is being cleaned out as we speak."

"I see. Your loss. I am a loyal employee and you will miss me." I said seeing a twinge of guilt at my words. "Is there anything else?"

"Why did you settle?" She asked. "You were a shining star in this company. You could have been an Assistant Vice President by now."

"There are more important things than personal advancement." I said and saw the look in her eye. She didn't believe that and neither did I. "Anything else?"

"No." She announced as a uniformed guard arrived with my personal possessions from my office.

I said my goodbyes and saw the look of shock on my coworkers faces. If I had been let go were any of them safe? I was escorted to the elevator and I did the math in my head. One minute to go. I slipped into an open elevator just before it closed. Twenty seconds. I counted down in my head. I ran out of time before the elevator reached the lobby. It was raining harder now as I stepped outside and headed for my favorite bar. It was just a few blocks from the office building. I felt a mix of exhilaration knowing that all that money they had spent to get those government contracts was for nothing and a deep sense of loss. They had taken away the one consistent thing I had possessed for the last twenty years. I needed a drink. I turned the corner and half way down the block was the Swan's Song.

"Miles!" I called out as I headed straight for the bar.

"John? You are early... oh shit!" He exclaimed seeing the box in my arms. "What the hell? I heard you guys got bought out but why did they get rid of you?"

"I was the reason they had to buy out the company. I was the guy that thwarted all of their attempts to steal government secrets." I said now that I was free of the non-disclosure. "They bought out the company to get those secrets."

"What does the government have to say about that?" He asked as he poured my first pint of Guinness.

"They cancelled every contract as of today." I said grinning.

"You don't look like a man that just lost his job. What did you do?" Miles asked leaning in close.

"I knew this was coming down the pike. Let's just say that I didn't leave unprepared. They spent a billion dollars for nothing. I think they really believed they could copy those files and hide them away and get a jump on their competitors."

Miles and I laughed, and the morning slipped away. When I looked up and saw that it was nearly eleven I was surprised. Shit, I was running late! I paid my tab, called for a cab, and picked up my box. So much to do and I was running out of time. I set the bottle of tequila and vodka I had purchased into the box and waited. It didn't take long for the taxi to arrive. I slipped into the back and gave directions for the driver. He drove towards the county and as he drove the rain intensified. It seemed like nature herself was on my side. I almost missed the street sign and called out for the driver to stop.

"But mister, there is nothing out here." He said confused.

"There is a bus shelter half a block down." I said, and his confusion turned to caution.

"Are you okay? You are in a taxi. You are nice and dry. Why..." He asked until I handed him a hundred-dollar bill. "Okay. I tried."

"Have a nice day." I said as a deep rumble of thunder sounded overhead. "Plan B baby!"

I took my box and exited the cab. The driver pulled away without a single backward glance. I huddled under my umbrella as I switched on my smart watch. It was a prototype developed by my former employer with features that intelligence agents would kill for. The project was discontinued for lack of federal funding. Pity, I find it quite helpful. I sent the instructions out and once I received a confirmation signal I made my way to the bus shelter. It would keep most of the rain off of me until things played out. I cracked open the bottle of tequila and sipped its contents. I stared at my surroundings and it saddened me. The neighborhood had seen better days. The paint on many of the buildings were chipped and sun bleached to the point that the wood beneath was cracked and pitted. The world moves on whether we want it to or not. I was pleasantly buzzed by now and just before noon my watch chirped indicating she was on her way. I took the medicine bottle out of my pocket and let one of the tablets fall into the palm of my hand. I chased it down with tequila. The rain was falling hard now, and I shuddered as I slipped my umbrella into the plastic barrel next to the shelter. I left the cover of the shelter and headed to my rendezvous point. I let out a yelp as the warm rain fell on me and soaked me to the bone in seconds flat. Half a block later I took my position on the worn stone steps. I took out the second bottle and retrieved a second capsule from a second bottle. I eyed the bottle and dumped enough to make the contents of the capsule effective. I opened the capsule and dumped its contents into the tequila. I gave the bottle a little swish to mix the contents. She arrived at promptly a quarter after twelve. I watched as her Mercedes S Class smacked into the sidewalk popping her front passenger tire.

I could see that her airbag deployed, and she appeared stunned. I didn't lift a finger to check on her. My attention was drawn to a puddle of water on the sidewalk near the front of her car. I had a flash of memory of being a child and walking with my mother in the rain. I hopped into a puddle splashing my mother and myself. I giggled while my mother made a disapproving face. My laughter lightened her heart and she smiled. I woke from my reverie when I heard the car door open. Haley was unhurt and slightly staggered from the vehicle. The rain did its work and I grinned as her white blouse turned transparent as the rain soaked it. Her breasts were clearly visible since she hadn't worn a bra.

"Haley Briarstone, as I live and breathe." I called out drunkenly. "Whatever are you doing in this miserable place?"

"You!" She growled as her eyes narrowed. "You did this. Somehow, I don't know how but you did this."

"Shut up and have a drink with me." I said unscrewing the lid and taking a sip of the tainted liquor. "You are already soaked to the bone. The rain is hot and so are you. Nice tits by the way."

"I know," she said defiantly. "Well, at least your taste in booze isn't in the gutter." I handed her the bottle and watched as she sniffed it before taking two healthy drinks. "How did you do it?"

"Do what?" I said waving her off as she tried to hand me the bottle back. "Be more specific if you please." I said openly staring at her breasts.

"The damn data," she scowled as she sat next to me. "They tried to log on but that network you built was gone. Not one Zero or One was left on the servers... how?"

"If you answer a question for me I'll answer yours." I said, and she agreed. "Spit or swallow?"

"Seriously? I swallow every time unless my lover wants to spray my face or ass. I leave that to him."

"I like the visual." I said and then continued. "I planted a data bomb the very first day. I wrote the program myself. It destroyed every scrap of information. I activated it from my cellphone. You watched me do it."

"Now how about why you did it," Haley asked as she took another sip.

"It had a countdown. If I had been allowed to keep my job I would have stopped it. You were too focused on punishing me than to see me as an asset."

"I stand by my decision. You had plateaued and settled. I believe you've lost your drive." She said and sipped from the bottle a few more times as I took in what she said.

"Have I settled?" I muttered as she watched me. "I worked so hard to get into management. I liked the people in R&D, they are good employees. You may be right."

"MMMMMM..." she moaned as the drug began to take effect. "You like my tits huh?"

"I told you so." I said ignoring her and heard her frustrated growl.

"It is really lonely out here." She said to keep the silence at bay.

"Is that your inept way of asking if we are being watched. No one is anywhere near here."

"Inept," Haley snapped. "Do you treat women like this normally?"

"No. You are an exception. You are the bitch that fired me remember." I replied, and I saw her head drop. "You did it for dear old dad didn't you? If he told you to suck dick you'd do it wouldn't you?"

"Is that your inept way of asking for a blowjob?" She giggled. "Admit it. You want me to wrap my tits and lips around your cock." I unzipped my pants and freed my erection. "Damn boy, that is one fine cock! Stand up so I don't have to kneel on the step."

I got to my feet and stood in front of her. She unbuttoned her blouse and cupped her tits. Haley licked her lips and I saw her eyes heavily dilated from the drugged tequila. I had taken an antidote beforehand, so I could be in charge. I told her to wrap her tits around me and she did so without hesitating. I praised her tits and that seemed to please her. I rocked my hips and began fucking them as she held them for me.

"I have great tits but an even better pussy. It is tight and eager for a nice big cock." I laughed at the way she emphasized the word cock. "I don't do anal."

"You will before we are done, and you'll beg me for it." I said, and she shook her head.

"No way that is happening." Haley said in challenge.

"You are afraid." I told her as I continued to thrust against her tits. "Use your mouth."

Haley lowered her breasts and opened her mouth. I used it as if it were her pussy. I grabbed the back of her head and she closed her eyes and surrendered. I waited for the second sign that the drug had fully kicked in. As I pleasured myself with her mouth I watched her intently. I clenched my teeth as her tongue swirled around the head. I told her I was close, and she made a yum-yum sound as she waited for my load. I tightened my fist and held her firmly as I ordered her to stroke the shaft. Her hand wrapped around me and began moving. I bit back a cry as my climax hit me. Haley, true to her word, swallowed with ease. I praised her with a gentle pat on the top of the head. I took a step back as she suddenly cried out and her entire body bloomed a bright red as her own climax struck.

"Damn! Where did that come from?" She gasped as she stared at me. "You did it. Somehow you did it."

"Your ass..." I began and she lowered her head in abject surrender.

"...is yours. I'll let you fuck it." She stammered as the second orgasm crashed into her.

"Stand up and bend over. I am taking your ass now." I ordered, and she complied like the good little puppet she was. "Drop the slacks and pull your ass cheeks apart for me." She did as she was told unable to speak now that the drug had kicked in. "Your pussy is soaked. I'll use that to lube up my cock before I ravage your ass. You can moan if you want."

I watched as the dark slacks fell around her ankles and the pale skin of her ass came into view. She reached back and tugged off her panties. They joined her slacks just before she grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart. We didn't have time for foreplay, so I eased into her and she let out a surprised yelp.

"So big." Haley growled. "Thick too!"

I thrust into her nice and slow. She let out a deep guttural sound as I drilled her deep. I told her it was okay to climax as well. I moved my hips at a leisurely pace as if we were on one of those luxury boats that tour the islands in the Bahamas. I imagined she was gripping the rail as I slowly fucked her tight little pussy all the while the other guests flittered about oblivious. The moonlight glittered off the rippling waves created as the ship cut through the ocean. I felt a moment of nostalgia but it passed quickly enough.

"Time to tap your ass," I said and she whimpered as I pulled out. "It is okay sweat pea I lust you too." I chuckled as I pushed. "I love this part the best." She moaned as her ass reluctantly yielded to the thick head of my cock. "In at last." I groaned as her drug addled brain registered nothing but pressure and pleasure. "The drug coursing through your system was developed for use on captured intelligence officers. They used to call them spies but that term is so yesterday. It suppresses certain parts of the higher functions of your brain making you susceptible to all manner of orders and commands. Let me give you an idea of just how effective it is." I said as I pushed the rest of my cock inside her. "Do you love your dad?"

"No." She said and shuddered as I began moving.

"It's not me fucking your ass, it is your daddy. Got it?"

"Yes Father." She moaned as I picked up speed. "Fuck my ass Daddy!"

"When did you lose your virginity?" I asked as she squeezed her ass around my cock.

"On my 18th birthday." She moaned. "I blew out my candles and then I blew you, daddy. Don't you remember? You drugged mom, snuck into my room, and destroyed my life. To make it up to me you made me a Vice President for one of your worthless companies."

I thought I disliked my parents. She had some serious man hate going on here. I warned her that I was close and she didn't say a word. I wondered if her hate was simmering just below the surface or was she ready to snap. I thrust one last time before shooting my load deep into her nether region. It was time to find out more about dear old dad. I pulled out and enjoyed the view of her defiled backdoor.

"You ass feels great Haley. It tingles and when you sit down you'll even climax. Sit down." I ordered and she let out a surprised gasp when her ass touched the wet stone step. "Look up and tell me what you see." I said as I sat next to her.

"It is raining." She began. "I can just make out individual raindrops." She was smiling now. "I remember the storm and when your jet went down. I thought you were dead. It was the happiest and saddest day of my life. You survived somehow."

"Daddy's gone now. If your daddy were to perish somehow what would you do?" I asked.

"You want your old job back?" Haley asked a momentary clarity in her eyes. "I might be willing to hire you back but you'd have to prove yourself to me."

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