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Rain in the Park


It was at the park when I first noticed her. A woman in her 50s I guessed, sitting crossed legged on her blanket, eating her picnic lunch, reading a book and enjoying the warm July summer sun. Like most days, now that school is out, I sit at the park, feed the birds and enjoy reading my Danielle Steele novels when I'm not working. I landed a nice summer job for the town I live in as a painter.

My job was go around town and repaint all the fire hydrants. That's it! For the most part, the job is easy, no stress and I could work on my tan for the summer. I usually sit at the park by the fountain on my days off and soak up some rays and like some other days off, I did the same today. While I was people watching, I think everyone does that, I glanced at the woman sitting not far from me and she gestured as if to say hello. Caught by surprise I acknowledged her gaze and went back to reading my book. Strangely enough I found myself stealing glances from time to time to admire this older, classy looking woman.

She was wearing simple kaki colored shorts, a sleeveless T-shirt and her hair was short to just above her shoulders. She dressed just average but there was something about how she wore her clothes that made her look stunning. She wore make-up but not too much like many older women do and she wore lovely jewelry. Not gawdy, but most appropriate for her. My mind began to wonder about her and what she did, who she was, and how many lovers she had in her life. I wondered what I would look like at that age and couldn't imagine myself that old. How silly I thought, at 22 I've got better things to do than to daydream like that. I must be reading too many romance novels.

Later that week, I saw her again at the same spot in the park and like before, she was enjoying the sun, feeding the birds, and reading her book. We exchanged brief eye contact and another hello as I walked by to my favorite spot just a few yards away. On this day, the sun was peeking in and out and there were times that it looked like rain.

Suddenly I heard a loud thunder and the sky opened up dumping a deluge of rain. Others in the park hurried for cover and I was soaked right through my clothes. The woman came to me holding her blanket over her head forming a tent and asked if I would like to come under. I quickly moved under her blanket relieved to get out of the rain a little and noticed her warm smile as we made small talk about the rain. I felt nipples go erect from the chill of being wet and noticed her staring at me. Actually she had fixed her gaze on my breasts. I looked down, and to my embarrassment, my breasts were clearly exposed through my soaked white T-shirt. I didn't wear a bra today as like most days, and the form of my breasts and clear view of my nipples were visible and on display. I hardly ever wear a bra in the summer and today I wasn't expecting to be in a wet T-shirt contest. I must have turned ten shades of red as I tried to cover myself with my arms. The woman smiled. "I'm so embarrassed," I said.

"Don't worry about it" she explained "it's only us ladies here"

We laughed and began walking towards the parking lot. "By the way I'm Rose" I said as I extended my free hand and "I'm Beth" she introduced herself.

The two women walked toward the parking lot and the rain began to fall heavier. Beth's car was close and both women jumped in. Rose was sticking to the leather seats of the Lexus and was feeling cold. "Where's your car Rose?"

"I rode my bike today," I said. "It's chained up over there.

"Well there's no way you can ride that in this rain and you're soaked. You're catch a death of cold" she said with a genuine concern. "I only live a few blocks away, why don't you come to my house and we can throw those wet clothes in the dryer and come back for your bike later." Beth said.

"I wouldn't want to put you out," explained Rose.

"Nonsense, it's no trouble at all" as Beth put the car in gear. As Rose sat shivering, the women made small talk and a short distance later, Beth pulled the Lexus up to the driveway and as if on cue, the garage door opened and allowed them to enter. Rose was still cold from being wet and noticed her nipples very erect from the cool air of the car air conditioner.

She usually enjoyed this sensation and always enjoyed the sight of her lovely 34Cs when they looked like that. It excited her when she looked at them nude and erect in the mirror but not right now, now was not the time, it was embarrassing right now and she hoped that Beth hadn't noticed, but Beth did. Beth thought to herself how lovely this girl was. How beautiful a figure she had and how perfectly rounded and upright her breasts looked under that soaked T-shirt. Unlike hers at 50, and droopy, she envied the girl's youth.

The woman went in the house through the garage just as the sun was coming out. "Wouldn't you know it" Beth said. She showed Rose up to her room and found a bathrobe to put on while Rose's clothes were drying. Both women were roughly the same size. Beth felt fortunate that she was still into a size 5 and figured her robe would do just nicely.

Now in the kitchen, Rose in the bath robe and Beth now in dryer cloths, Beth mixed iced tea and both began to chat. Beth was a divorced 55 year old, both her children grown now on her own. There was no need to work, the settlement was a good one and so it should be Beth explained, he left me for a younger woman. Rose thought to herself, how terrible Beth must have felt and couldn't help notice how attractive she was. Beth was slim, had an enviously petite figure and of course she was charming. Rose thought that Beth was extremely intelligent and as the conversation went on, she began to see that they had several things in common.

Strange but Beth didn't come across as an older lady but rather more as a friend. Rose's mother was 55 and Beth wasn't anything like her mother. As the conversation went on, Rose noticed that Beth took a genuine interest in what she had to say. She had a way that draws you in and makes you feel at ease. The two women talked about friends, school and family and of course books. Both woman were avid readers and to Rose's surprise, Beth had almost every Danielle Steele book on hard cover. Beth walked Rose over to the bookshelf in the den showed her the collection. Rose was impressed with the collection of books and also noticed there were several books on erotica.

Rose wanted to grab one down from the shelf and glance through it but thought better of it. Not sure exactly what the collection contained she thought she would love to take one home and read it at night in the seclusion of her room as she brought herself off as she usually does each night. Her thoughts were snapped back to the present as the sound of the dryer buzzer went off and she heard Beth saying "Oh! Your clothes are ready. Beth was secretly wishing it had taken longer. Seeing Rose dressed in her robe intrigued her. The robe looked better on Rose than on me she thought as she took in the mental image of this young pretty girl half her age in years and yet so mature. Beth was able to see a glimpse of Rose's breasts beneath the robe and she surprised herself as she wondered why she thought of looking at Rose like that. Like what! She thought, I was just admiring her youth and figure, was that wrong?

Beth moved to the dryer and removed Rose's T-shirt and panties. "Your shorts are still damp" she yelled and threw them back in for a few more minutes. Beth admired the thong panties and imagined how Rose would look in them, and the image of her with only them on. Beth was secretly happy that the shorts were still a little damp. It bought her more time. More time for what she thought? Beth handed Rose her clothes and Rose's eyes locked with Beth's for just a moment. Beth smiled as she handed Rose the thongs and said they look just like the ones in the picture.

"What picture?" Rose asked.

"The ones in here" and with that Beth pulled a book down from the shelf entitled Sensual One a complete guide to human sexuality, and opened it up to show colored illustrations lingerie and lacy things. Beth pointed to the picture of the exact thongs. "Woo!" that's a pretty nice book. Rose skimmed through the book and realized it was an instructional book on sexuality complete with illustrations. It was one of a set of four. Nervously Rose placed the book back on the shelf and commented on how much she admired Beth's book collection. "You're welcome to borrow them any time" Beth told her.

Another annoying sound emitted from the dryer and finally the shorts were dry.

Beth drove Rose back to the park to pick up her bike. She thanked Beth and rode off home.

That night Beth didn't go right to sleep. As a matter of fact she was far too restless and decided to have a late night swim to settle her down. The yard was very secluded and like many other nights Beth jumped in the pool naked. She found it so relaxing and with the still of the night and just the shimmer of the moon for light, she let her mind wonder about Rose and what had happened that day. Beth relished the sight of seeing Rose's breasts through her wet T-shirt and wished hers were still perky and high like hers. Earlier that night as Beth prepared for bed, she put on the same bath robe that Rose had worn just a few hours earlier. She could still detect a hint of her scent on the robe. As her mind replayed the scene of the day, and, like she had done less than one hour before, she fondled herself until she experienced what she was striving for. Beth questioned herself on her emotions. Why was Rose now in her fantasy. First of all I'm not a lesbian she reasoned and secondly, it's probably because I haven't been laid since before the divorce. What ever it was, tonight she had cum with such intensity and she liked it.

It was several days later that Beth and Rose ran into each other at Barnes & Noble. After the usual courtesy exchanges Beth noticed that Rose was holding a copy of Sensual One. It's the same book that she saw at Beth's house. "Hey I have that one!" Beth said excitedly. Don't buy it, borrow mine and save yourself some money. There's a whole set of four you know"

"I know" Rose replied embarrassingly." After I saw your copy I wanted to read it and besides I'm also picking up a copy of "Message From Nam"

"Gracious!" Beth gasped, unless you want a set of your own, you're welcome to borrow my books anytime"

"Really! I'd like that."

"Well it's settled then," Beth said, "drop by anytime to pick them up" As a matter of fact I'll be home later today for the rest of the night if you'd like to come over today."

"Ok Beth, I might just do that.

Later that night rose showed up at Beth's house and Beth invited her in. "I was just fixing up a Long Island Ice Tea, would you like one?" Beth asked. "I guess, I've never had one."

"It tastes just like iced tea but it packs a punch" Beth smiled. Rose had dropped by to borrow Message From Nam and the other one. Both women went out by the pool with their drinks and Rose was leafing through Sensual One. "This is an incredible book" Rose said. "Yep it shows and tells all. Beth said." That's how I learned about sex. Until I got those books it was basically what my husband had showed me and believe me he was no lover. My parents didn't dare tell me anything either."

"My parents don't like to talk about it either. But I pretty much know all there is to know anyway," stammered Rose. For a few moments both women flipped the pages and glanced at the illustrations. Beth poured another long island for herself and Rose held out her glass for the remainder that was left in the pitcher.

"Careful girl" Beth said "this stuff sneaks up on you, and don't forget you're driving tonight." The thought of Rose having to spend the night intrigued Beth. The night sky was clear and the moon was almost full. Both women were enjoying the evening air and as they talked and sipped on their long islands, Rose noticed how beautiful Beth looked under the shimmer of the moon and the reflection of the citronella candles. Even with the age difference between them, tonight felt different. She was definitely beginning to feel the effects of the drinks she thought.

Unsure if she should, Beth stood up and stated that she was going in for a dip. With that she walked towards the edge of the pool and removed her shorts and top standing only in her bra and panties. "It's a beautiful night for a swim isn't it?, come on in" she whispered. By now, Rose had felt the effects of her drinks. She was feeling relaxed and feeling a little hot from looking at Sensual One.

"Well I would but I'm not wearing a bra, do have a top I can wear?" Rose said. "It's just us girls, if it'll make you feel better, I'll take mine off" and with that Beth removed her bra and jumped into the water. Rose was mesmerized at the site of this older woman practically nude just a few feet away from her and knew that she wanted to be in there with her. With that, Rose removed her cloths and T-shirt and wiggled towards the edge of the pool.

The cooler night air had caused her nipples to erect and as she reached the edge of the pool, Rose removed her panties and jumped into the cooling water. Beth told Rose that she looked absolutely beautiful and that if she was a guy she'd kiss her.

"I'd like that" Rose said and with that, Beth came to her and gently kissed her on the lips. Rose bravely opened her mouth to allow Beth's tongue in and they embraced as they held each other tightly.

"God you feel so good" Beth said and with that Rose placed a breast to her mouth and gently sucked on it. "Sit up on the edge of the pool sweetheart" Beth stammered with excitement. Rose sat on the edge of the pool then laid on her back while Beth kissed her way down to Rose's pussy. Hot flashes drove shock waves of excitement as Beth feasted on this young pussy. Rose had never had this done to her in this way. Those boys at school, what do they know. That night Rose stayed with Beth in her bed as they experienced a whole new level of satisfaction.

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