tagLesbian SexRain, Lesbians, and Mattresses

Rain, Lesbians, and Mattresses


The air was alive with excitement as the Southwest passenger jet left the tarmac. My older sister, Alana, and I were seated together toward the back, huge grins on our faces as we looked out the window, watching the city lights drop away. It was a red eye flight that we had booked at the last second when we learned that our scheduled flight the next day would have to face a potential delay or cancellation because of a huge winter storm that was rolling in. It was only the beginning of October, but forecasters had predicted blizzard conditions. Schools had already been canceling classes.

But we were heading to Las Vegas, and we weren't about to let a little snow keep us away.

Alana had won the trip at a charity drive. A $20 raffle ticket gave you a chance to win the aforementioned flight, limo service both from and to the Vegas airport, a three-night stay at the Luxor hotel, and a bunch of other goodies in between. Alana had bought one ticket. She felt so guilty, she quickly wrote out a check for $300 made out to the cause, to help our old high school build a new gym, cafeteria, and library.

But as we relaxed in our seats in the dim-lit jet, imaging all the fun we would have over the weekend, guilt was the furthest thing from our minds. It was 3:00 AM, and the plane was barely half full. Most of the passengers were near the front, and none were within ten feet of us. As soon as the steward came buy to take drink orders, Alana and I were as giddy as children on their first trip to Disney World. The raffle prize included six free alcoholic drinks...apiece.

Of course, with me being only 18, Alana had to order for me. The steward knew what was going on, but fortunately he didn't care as long as I didn't "start doing cartwheels down the aisle", as he put it.

We were well into our third drink when my thoughts turned to the obvious question: why did Alana invite her kid brother on a trip that was designed for a couple? Her reason when she had asked me two weeks earlier was because we hadn't seen each other much lately, which was true, and we both deserved time off work, which was also true.

But what Alana didn't know was that I was well aware of her recent explorations into lesbianism. She was keeping it a secret, and this trip offered her a great chance to get away with a girlfriend and really go crazy without having to worry about people finding out. So why invite me? Before I could analyze the situation too much, however, the alcohol and Alana's incessant talking had me drifting on to another topic.

Eventually we started talking about high school. The good times, the times we got in trouble. The parties and proms, football games and the teachers. And the first loves. Since our parents had died while I was a sophomore, talking about the romantic subjects wasn't uncommon for us. Alana had become my legal guardian, and we had raised each other and been best friends for most of our lives. But I must have been buzzing more than I thought, because suddenly I found myself describing my first time with a girl as my sister listened intently. I had told the whole story, in vivid detail, before I caught what my own mouth was saying.

And then, before I could stop myself or even realize that my mouth was still moving, I asked her about her sex life.

And in one little sentence, she told me.

She sighed and said, "Gavin...I think I'm a lesbian."

Certainly the drinks had loosened her up enough to admit this, and everything afterward. But part of the reason this confession came was because we were so close, and this was a secret she didn't want to keep from me. And yet another reason it came was because, I suspect, she was turned on—not by my story—but by recalling her own.

Before I could say another word, Alana began to tell me, in brilliant detail, of her first time. She began by recounting an incident at work, where her best friend and business partner, Rene, had been hiding under the service counter.

I smiled to myself, knowing that if anyone could lure my sister to the other side, it was Rene. Growing up, I had always had a crush on her, and while I grew out of my infatuation, she was no less desirable, no matter whom you were.

Though she had a goth quality about her, with pale skin, short, jet black hair, dark blue eyes, and a tendency to wear dark colors, Rene was very upbeat and playful, and always had an inviting smile. She was very thin, very busty, and very tall for a woman, at almost six feet. Few 26 year olds really look much older than they are, but with her delicate features Rene could have passed for 18 if she played it right. This mix makes her not just sexy, not just hot, but exciting. One look at Rene, and you know she could change your life for the better without breaking a sweat.

And my sister was just the kind of girl that Rene went for. Also 26 and younger looking, Alana was a bit shorter, with a slightly thicker, albeit more athletic body than her friend. Her firm, d-cup breasts were usually the first thing to grab a guy's (or girl's) attention, but her long, blonde hair and seemingly longer, golden-tanned legs were just as eye catching. Her bright blue eyes sparkled when she smiled, which was often, and she could—and has—worked a room without even realizing it.

As I listened to Alana tell her story under the counter, I recalled all those times that Rene had jokingly tried putting the moves on my sister, and how, Alana would, less jokingly, turn her down. It seemed to be little more than a tease for them, something to laugh about. But as Alana described what Rene's tongue felt like on her clit, there was no humor in her voice. Only lust.

Long story short, Alana's tale ended with her naked from the waist down, and both of them lying on the floor, gasping from orgasm. But they hadn't gone all the way. Alana had, for the first time, experienced getting eaten out by another woman, and Rene had fingered herself while doing it. They kissed afterward, but then things calmed down.

And this is the rest of the story, as told by Alana:

Things would've been awkward, if not for all the excitement. I knew what I wanted, but I was scared to death of it. And Rene, even though she's slept with countless girls, it could've been her first time, too. She was so hyper, so nervous, so happy.

Without talking, we composed ourselves, locked up the building, and met at the back door of the office. I had a feeling, since we didn't know where you would be, that she was going to suggest going to her place. But at the thought of that, I got scared. Terrified, even. So before we made plans to do anything, I suggested we got out for dinner.

Rene, I could tell, was a little disappointed, but she happily agreed. We went to the little Mexican place around the block and ate. And the whole time I'm thinking, can I do this? Can I really make love to another woman? I knew it was going to feel good. I knew I wanted it. But I didn't know if I was ready. I was trembling through the whole meal. At one point, Rene laid her hand across mine and gently stroked the tops of my fingers, then traced my palm.

"Just calm down, and breathe," she whispered, smiling, looking into my eyes.

And at that moment, I knew I wanted her. I just couldn't decide if I wanted her tonight.

By the time the check came, I was a wreck. I mean, I looked all right, and Rene didn't suspect anything was wrong. But I was really having second thoughts. Things seemed to be moving too fast, and I couldn't think of any way to stall. We walked back to the office to get our cars, avoiding the subject as if mentioning what was on our minds might jinx it.

But I jinxed it, instead. We were in the alley, just steps away from the office.

"I don't think I'm ready for this," I burst out, tears in my eyes. As if on cue, rain began to fall at that very moment. We stopped walking, and I forced myself to look at Rene's face. She was mortified. Confused. But she tried her best to hide it, and to show herself only as a concerned friend; not a jilted would-be lover.

"You are ready," she said. "You're just scared. But I'll help you through this."

I nodded, but she must have noticed that I wasn't convinced. Then, with her warmest smile, she took my hand again.

"I won't make you do anything you don't want to. If tonight isn't feeling right, I can wait. I don't want to push you to anything. And I'm sorry if I already have."

The rain was pounding on us now. I couldn't tell if those were tears under her eyes, or just streams of rain. But either way, I could tell she was extremely disappointed, not so much with me, but with herself. While I couldn't convince myself that I was prepared to go for what I knew I wanted, I had managed to make my best friend feel guilty about it. Though the rain washed them as quickly as they came, I really did have tears under my eyes.

I pulled her to me, and I felt her embrace—the hug of a true friend, the hug she had given me a million times before. This was not the hug you give someone when you're trying to get them into bed. It was the hug you give to a person you deeply love, and need.

I pulled back, and she looked to me, opened her mouth to say something...and I kissed her.

Our tongues found each other hesitantly, as if daring each other to make the first move. Our lips were sealed, but fit delicately together, and I slipped my tongue between her lips to lick at hers with the same fragility. Despite the rain, and the late hour, it was still hot outside, but her mouth was infinitely hotter. Her kiss filled me with warmth, followed by a full-body tingle that was powerful enough to feel even with the rain pouring over my body.

We opened our mouths wider, allowing for our tongues to meet aggressively. Our lips sucked and constricted, massaging each other with our kiss slowly at first, then much faster. I held Rene tightly to me, and she responded by sliding her hands down to the small of my back and pulling my hips against her own.

It was dark, late. It was pouring rain. We were in the alley behind the office. No one was going to see us. But even if there had been a crowd of people walking around us in broad daylight, I don't think either one of us could have stopped that kiss.

But the rain could. The drops were huge, heavy. The kind of rain that, if you were driving in it, you'd have to pull over because, even with the windshield wipers on, you couldn't see past the hood of your car. A torrent. With our mouths locked and our faces slightly turned, the rain was actually threatening to drown us right there in the alleyway.

We parted, and, not taking our eyes off each other, fumbled into our pockets for the keys to the building. Rene found hers first. She unlocked the door and we burst inside, safe from the storm, but still dripping wet.

I was moving to kiss her again when I noticed that everything around me was different; wrong. I didn't notice when I entered because of the darkness and the rain and wet hair in my eyes, but it was obvious now. This was not the office. Instead of the narrow hallway, we were in a large but cramped storage area. I wondered, fleetingly, if this had been a dream, and now my subconscious had gone too far, had drawn me out of it by placing me in this strange location. But then I recognized it.

The mattress store. The little showroom connected to our building. The owner and Rene had become friends over the years, and had given each other keys for their respective businesses in case of an emergency. If one of us lost or forgot our key, for instance, we could go next door and use his, and vice versa. But we weren't supposed to just barge in without cause. I looked to Rene, wide-eyed and confused about how she could have mistakenly let us in to the wrong door.

But her sly smile told me it wasn't a mistake at all.

And I put on a sly smile of my own when the realization hit me: a mattress store.

Kissing and grappling with each other's wet shirts, we burst into the showroom. It was dark and quiet, except for the pounding rain, which we could see out the large windows that took up the entire front wall of the store. Between the glass and us, however, were no less than twenty-five dry, plush, warm, comfy beds for us to choose from.

Fighting to stay on our feet as we kissed and embraced and shuffled awkwardly into the room, we were too preoccupied with each other to choose one bed over another. We just let fate have it's way with us, and when we finally plopped down, it was on the thickest, softest bed I'd ever been on. It was deep with comforters, blankets, and pillows, all of which helped to warm my chilled, wet body.

Rene was on top of me. Her shirt was off, and her bra-clad, c-cup breasts pressed against my own. My shirt was unbuttoned and open, and I reached my arms up so Rene could pull it off of me. She moaned and panted as she took off my shirt, never breaking our kiss. Below, she ground her crotch against mine. I knew we were already wet because of the rain, but I also knew we were getting wetter because of our arousal.

I wrapped my arms around her and unclasped Rene's bra, freeing her breasts and shuddering as her long, hard nipples danced across my wet skin. I squeezed her in my arms, sucked hard on her tongue, and pushed her up, allowing her access to the hook of my bra. She found it and tossed my bra away, and for the first time I was feeling the touch of another woman's naked breasts against my own.

Our skin was slippery, and our tits slapped and slid together. Though the heat of our love was drying our skin quickly, I was still showered with droplets from Rene's hair, and each time our bodies thrashed in the midst of our kiss, the rain caught in my hair would spray onto both of us. My long, soaking locks were draped over both our faces, over my eyes, but we were far too occupied to care to brush it away.

Finally the kiss broke, and gasping for air but gasping even more for Rene, I dove for her cleavage and pushed my face into her chest. Her dripping tits pressed against my face as I hungrily licked and sucked them, desperate to get as much of the soft flesh into my mouth. I found a nipple, put my whole mouth around it and licked and sucked madly. Then, with impatience and frenzy, I moved to her other nipple to give it the same treatment.

I had always wondered what was behind the fascination of breasts for so many men, and while I still couldn't give an answer, I knew I now shared the same obsession. I licked and sucked Rene's breasts until they were dried of the rain, but wet again with my saliva. And perhaps the best part was hearing Rene moaning the whole time.

Being the admittedly more dominant of the two of us, all it took was a second of hesitation from me—I was actually just catching my breath—for Rene to take charge. She slipped down my body, trailing quick, wet kisses down my neck, between my breasts, down my tummy, and then swirling her tongue in my belly button. Then she unzipped my skirt and pulled it down and off.

I expected her to yank off my panties next, but she stood up instead. I quivered at the sight of her, standing topless before me, her tits glistening with my saliva. Her big, blue eyes were saying so many things, all of them impossibly erotic. I stayed lying back, but reached for her, and she took my hand and guided it to my crotch. She didn't need to speak to tell me what to do. I just nodded, slipped my finger under the waistband of my panties, and teased my aching clit.

The initial shock of finally getting some direct contact on my clit caused me to squirm and close my eyes tightly. But I opened them quickly, eager to see what Rene would do next. As I hoped, she unfastened her shorts, keeping her eyes on mine the whole time. With a sexy sway of her hips, she pushed the shorts down, revealing, to my surprise, no panties but her beautiful, naked pussy. My soft fingering of my clit grew harder, faster.

Rene stood there, now completely naked, and instead of jumping back onto me, she just looked down at herself and gracefully traced her fingers across her skin. She ran her hands slowly up her thighs, then brushed her skin just above her own protruding clitoris. Slowly, she drew her fingers upward, tracing her ribs, then outlining the bottom of her full breasts. My skin tingled as if she were doing this not to herself, but to me.

Then, gently, she put a hand on the side of each of her breasts and pushed them together, She grasped her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers and rolled and pulled at them tenderly. Not able to take the teasing anymore, I writhed on the bed, then plucked my own nipples, though I was much faster and rougher than Rene. I had lost control, Rene knew she had all of it, and she was going to use it as she pleased. I couldn't have been more excited.

Before I realized what I was doing, I had moved my right hand downward, and slid two fingers into my sopping pussy. Unconsciously I closed my eyes again, and so I didn't see Rene's next move but felt it. She had bent down and put her head between my legs and attended to my inner thighs with long, wet kisses. Despite the passion that these kisses contained, I could feel Rene getting impatient, eager to claim her prize. We both wanted this to last, but we knew our bodies were at the mercy of our lust.

I pumped my fingers into myself faster as Rene moved up my body, pressing against my pussy with her jaw and licking me through my soaked panties. She bit at the waist of my panties and pulled on the elastic, then let it snap back against my hand. Moving further up, I felt her breasts brush against my inner thighs. When she finally stopped, her nipples were poking into me just above my throbbing cunt, and my wrist wriggled through her deep cleavage as I continued to finger myself.

Above, Rene took her turn licking my breasts. When her tongue touched my ultra-sensitive nipples for the first time, I felt as though currents of electricity had begun to course through my entire body. I arched my back, and called out into the darkness, but my voice could hardly manage a whisper.

"Oh my God, Rene!" I gasped.

I was filled with more energy than I ever believed I could have attained, and yet I was laying there, subdued. I has reached that point were you are so attuned to the other person, so needing of them, that nothing either of us could have done was enough. I needed her inside me and on top of me. I wanted to feel her with every square inch of my body, and yet I didn't want her to stop.

Still panting, my mouth bit at the air, and with my free hand I grabbed a pillow and put it over my face. Trembling, I bit hard onto the corner of the pillow, desperate to release some of my pent-up energy. My moaning grew louder, until I was nearly growling with excitement.

Rene was licking my breasts with her expert tongue, then following up with swirling kisses that set my chest on fire. My nipples were so hard I felt as if they might burst from my body. But as much pleasure as I was getting from this treatment, I wanted—no, needed—it to concentrate on me just a few inches below.

My fingers had prepped my pussy superbly, and I would have had no trouble giving myself an orgasm with just a few quick flicks of my clit. But earlier in the day I had found out how indescribably great it feels to cum from Rene's mouth, and I wanted nothing more than to repeat that feeling. I tossed the pillow across the store and called out.

"Oh, baby, lick my cunt! Please lick me!"

The words had barely left my mouth when I felt Rene grab the waist of my panties and tug them roughly down my thighs, revealing my pussy at last. This action alone could have pushed me over the edge if I hadn't stopped fingering myself just a moment before. I gasped with intensity at the idea of my pussy completely exposed, and the thought of what was about to happen to it. I literally couldn't catch my breath, and I fear I might have passed out if Rene had began to lick me at that moment.

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