tagIncest/TabooRain Rain Come Again !

Rain Rain Come Again !


Amrita, my brother's wife always held a charm in her face as though nothing under the sky could ever snatch her smile. It was during her marriage with Kirti, my elder brother that I saw her for the first time and could not help feeling somewhat jealous about my brother. She stood around 5'5" with a body that would inspire any woman around her. Did I mention about her breasts which looked fabulously at a 34D. Her medium sized areolas were crowned with somewhat long and hard nipples. She seemed to be keen in trimming her pussy which just had a thin hair cover. (She was lying naked on the bed next to me and hence I can vouch for all those descriptions.)

Amrita was sleeping leaving gentle breaths, making her splendid naked boobs rise up and down as she heaved. Although the doors and windows were closed, I could still hear the noise of heavy downpour outside, typical in this part of the country during this time of the year. I got off the bed, moving to the balcony and started rewinding the sequence of events that took place.

Kirti, my elder brother is not the kind of person to deserve any betrayal from his own brother or wife. Being the big brother, he had always held the family in his command and all of us have always been more than willing to obey him. It would be a futile exercise to search for any excuse to have slept with his wife while he was away. But, that exactly had happened today although I wouldn't have refused even if it had come earlier.

I reached here in the morning, without even the slightest clue about how events were waiting to unfold for me. Immediately after I pressed the doorbell, Amrita opened the door within seconds with her typical magic smile flashing at me.

"Hey Munna!" She exclaimed. "I was thinking who in the world would come when it is raining like hell outside."

She released the chain guard as she opened the door wide enough to let me in. Even as I was getting in, heavy drops of rain began blowing sending a few drizzles inside the room.

"Get inside fast," Amrita wasted no time in shutting the door in a hurry once I entered. "It is raining like hell."

I settled on the chair, pulled out my hanky and began wiping my face. Amrita said, "Wait, I will get you a warm towel." She rushed inside even before I could say anything and came back almost running with a nice towel. I hesitantly took the towel and began drying my hair, neck and face while she kept watching me sitting right opposite to me. I walked towards the washing machine as I was conversant with the topography of the house, left the towel in it and returned to the drawing room where she was sitting.

"Where is Kirti?" I asked as I sat down.

"He has gone to Lucknow," Amrita replied in a surprised tone. "He didn't tell you?"

"No," I replied shaking my head. "It has been since long that he spoke to me."

Amrita looked surprised as she said, "For that reason, he doesn't talk to me very often either."

We both laughed for a while before I spoke again, "I guess his new job might be quite hectic."

"You can say that," Amrita heaved as she replied. "He has to travel a lot nowadays."

"I wish I called over phone before coming," I said in somewhat a regretful tone.

"Why?" Amrita queried. "Who says that you can come here only when your brother is around?"

"I never meant that," I quipped, "I was just thinking that the long travel in this heavy rain has gone for nothing."

"Don't say that," she placed a finger on her lips. "You are going to get a nice cup of coffee."

I smiled in agreement as I badly needed a hot cup of coffee after being slogged like a bullock in the rains. She stood up immediately and walked towards the kitchen as I began browsing the newspapers kept on the tray. I had enough time to take off my monsoon shoes and got rid of my jersey which weighed like an elephant on me before Amrita returned with two cups of coffee. We didn't speak much till we had the last sip after which I thought for a while if it was time for me to leave.

"You must be thinking about leaving," She spoke with a smile while I was almost stunned.

"How did you know?" I was really amazed.

"I think you are a bit scared of your sister in law," She laughed as though she had cracked some joke.

"Not really," I retorted. "I like being here."

"That is when your brother is at home," she was cutting me short.

I smiled and admitted, "I meant I like you."

"That must be a lie?" Amrita clapped her hands. "Then why should you think of leaving?"

"Ok," I replied politely. "I am not leaving till you want me to leave."

"That sounds wonderful," She smiled. "You are a nice boy."

"You are a beautiful woman," I uttered these words and soon realized that I had gone overboard. She laughed again as though she didn't realize that those words came out from the bottom of my heart.

"You are trying to flatter me."

"No," I gathered some more courage and said. "I have been missing you ever since I started living alone."

For a while the room remained silent to the hilt with the only exception of the noise of the heavy downpour getting in through the ventilators.

"I think I must stop calling you bhabhi; I want to call you Amrita," I continued to move further.

"I would love that too," Amrita spoke in a soft voice. "After all, you are of my age"

"Thank you," I said. "Thank you Amrita."

She blushed instantly hearing me call her by name. Her eyes were glowing brighter than what they looked like when I had arrived.

"I like you Munna," said Amrita. "You are such a nice guy."

"I am crazy about you," I reciprocated. "You are just out of this world."

We were now glancing at each other, smiling occasionally before as she stood up, gathered the empty coffee cups and started walking towards the sink. My eyes were now pinned on her swaying butt cheeks. I thought for a while before following her to the kitchen as she deposited the cups in the sink and turned around slowly obviously knowing that I was right behind her. I couldn't recall when I had entered her kitchen during those few months I stayed there. I could see the heavy rains lashing outside through the kitchen window, nothing compared to my desires which were pouring through my eyes.

"So, what brings the crazy man inside the kitchen?" She smirked although her eyes descended from my face unable to cope up with the glowing lust in my eyes. My hands stretched forward to hold her lips and gave it a gentle press. Her face grew red instantly feeling my fingers on her soft pinky lips.

"Hi Crazy! You shouldn't touch your brother's wife," She hushed while my fingers stayed on her lips for a while. My eyes soon trailed downwards to stare at her blouse clad left breast which was partly visible under her saree which had gone ajar. She was about to slide her saree enough to cover her peeping breast before I placed my hands on it.

"My busy brother seems like working overtime with these," I winked and smiled. "They seem to get softer all the time." My palm closed on her left breast to gently squeeze her breasts making her rise on her heels a couple of inches from the floor.

"Seems like you have been watching them for sometime," She spoke while her eyes remained closed. I gripped the breast harder as she hurled her head backwards. I saw no reason to prolong this teasing game any further as I relieved her for a moment and took a step back. I waited till she opened her eyes fully and once she did, I began unbuttoning my shirt. Her eyes widened for a split second before she blushed and took her hands to cover her face. I acquitted my pant and underwear and stood showing my hard boner raring to go at my brother's wife.

"Open your eyes and tell me," I spoke excitedly. "Are we going to the bedroom or get on with it right here?"

Amrita freed her face, looked at me standing naked to the hilt in front of her, heaved a sigh and muttered, "Should we go this far, Munna?"

I held her by her shoulders and pulled her on my bare chest while she trembled for a while." We need to shed off these inhibitions Amrita." I whispered into her ears." I know you are struggling to overcome your craving to get fucked by your husband's brother. I don't stand a chance of getting another day to fuck you in the near future. Why don't we walk to the bedroom and do it for good?"

"But," She stammered. "They say bhabhi is just like one's mother."

"Shut up," I told her calmly. "If you were my mother, I would have still fucked you."

I hardened my hug and felt that her nipples had gone hard as they pressed against my chest. Once I was convinced that she was aroused, I began hugging her even harder as my growing dick brushing up against her. Suddenly a loud thunder was heard and immediately Amrita wrapped her arms around my shoulders. As I looked down, our lips were just a couple of inches from each other's. I had no hesitation whatsoever in planting my lips on hers as she grew stiff in my hands. For a moment, I thought those lips might have been kissed a hundred times by my own brother but soon brushed it off. After a momentary hesitation, she got involved in the kiss and began fondling me like a passionate lover. I began walking towards the bedroom and once we reached there, it was she who jumped on it as if she was desperate to get fucked by me.

"You are not yet ready," I reminded her sitting on the edge of the bed. She smiled, stood up, got off the bed and began disrobing her saree. Within seconds, she got rid of whatever she was wearing and stood like a naked angel in front of my eyes. Her eyes struggled to see mine as I felt aflame with arousal to see her without even an inch of cloth on her. Once again, I faintly remembered my brother might have seen her naked countless times. She took her position on the cot although I could still sense a flicker of fear and hesitation in her eyes. I moved close to her and pressed my face against her naval.

"Kirti," She hissed immediately after feeling my lips on her flat silky stomach.

"I am not Kirti; I am Munna," I looked up and said. She sat up once and pushed my face away.

"No Munna," She shook her head in disbelief. "We shouldn't be doing this. Your brother is too nice to be cheated."

I watched her as she jumped off the bed and started gathering the clothes she had stripped off a few moments ago. I felt disappointed for a moment to have come so close to enjoy my brother's wife whom I have fantasized for more than five years. But, it seemed like she had managed to overcome her sexual impulse and there is no way I could force her.

"We should better forget whatever happened today," Amrita said as she got inside her petticoat. "We should keep our relationship untainted as before."

I looked down to see that my dick which stood high and hard a few moments ago, had begun to sag gradually. I wrapped it with my left hand and helplessly began stroking it desperately as I needed some outlet for all the sexual arousal I have had during the past few minutes.

"Munna! What are you doing?" Amrita looked shocked. "Are you shagging?"

I was in the mood to reply after all my feelings have fizzled out because of her reluctance. I was about to close my eyes to enjoy myself before Amrita started talking again.

"I know you are disappointed," Amrita spoke with obvious regret in her tone. "I just can't do it; I don't know how did I let so many things happen today?"

"It's ok," I said with frustration. "I need to do something to get back to normalcy. You have taken me to a height from where I cannot roll myself down."

"I am sorry."

Much to my delight, she started loosening her petticoat with a smile and began walking towards the bed again. She slowly got on the bed, came close to me and started stroking my cheeks with her hands.

"I think it must be ok if we did once," She smiled again. I felt myself back in the oven again as my dick sprung back to its vigorous best. I kissed her on her neck, moved my head further down before it settled right in between her wonderful naked breasts. Amrita took my right hand and guided it to her wet pussy.

"This belongs to my husband," she whispered. "But I have to oblige today; for the sake of my husband's beloved brother." I gasped in excitement before running my fingers up and down her wet slit.

"Use your fingers first I," Amrita sounded as though she was begging. "Fuck me with your fingers."

I cupped her right breast with one hand to squeeze her tit, the other hand attempted to make its entry inside her waiting pussy. Although I was feeling impatient with my dick raring to go, I still was getting aroused even more to see how she was reacting to my fingers doing the job. She motioned her hips to let me have the vantage position to get along nicely while her right palm settled on the big head of my ever hardening dick to wrap it gently.

"I can't imagine that I am soon going to have it inside me," Amrita whispered and kissed on the tip of dick, sending me wild with the feel of her tongue on the cone. She looked at me for a second after I couldn't resist a gentle groan before my rigid dick began getting a series of kisses. She as though not content with mere kissing, began licking right from the base to the head covering the entire meat from all sides. She cupped my balls once before she took my entire dick in her wet mouth bathing my meat with her saliva.

I preferred to lie back on the bed while Amrita continued with the blow job of my life. My fingers reached over her pussy and began stroking all around her moist slit. I immediately feel a tender shiver going through her body once my fingers touched her soft fleshed pussy. I decided to give her some more excitement and let two fingers inside her clit and began moving in and out somewhat gently. She immediately released my dick from her mouth and swung back to bang on the pillows letting a loud moan.

"Ohhh Yes!" She muttered with a smile. "Your brother too does that to me."

I was slightly angry as she unnecessarily reminded my brother while I was all set to fuck his wife on his very own bed. I decided to vent my anger in her pussy as I began driving my fingers faster and faster in and out of her pussy as her body shook feverishly.

"Did my brother did like that?" I grinned and kept my fingers move faster inside her clit. "Tell me, will you speak about him again?"

"Noooooo!" she screamed with mixed feelings of both joy and agony. "I won't talk about him."

"That's better," I smiled, stopped fingering her pussy but not before she experienced a mini orgasm throwing drops of her juices on to my fingers.

"Now let me eat your pussy," I leaned without waiting for her consent and began lashing my rough tongue on her oozing pussy. She began grinding her hips as I gathered gradual speed with my tongue and lips working in tantrum to lick and suck her sexy clit. Her hands clutched my hair in a cluster and pulled it hard against her slit while I drove my tongue deep inside her. She screamed in joy unable to bear the feel of my tongue brushing all over her womanhood with hunger. Her orgasm was complete this time around as her juices flowed like a spring from her expanded pussy while she gasped deep in pleasure. I looked up after gulping her feminine syrup and saw her lying with spread legs; boobs swelling in and out as she gasped; her nipples standing hard and erect as if it could drill inside wood. I plunged onto her boobs and began licking and sucking her boobs with a hunger that I have had for five years. My hands reached to each one of her boobs, squeezed them while my thumbs pressed hard on the top of her nipples, tweaking them and kneading them.

"Oh, Why so much?" she kept murmuring as I jumped from one boob to another giving equal attention to both her sexy globes.

"Munna!" She yelled. "You are the horse I was looking for; let me ride you."

Saying this, with unbelievable strength she rolled me over, and positioned herself above me with her pussy tantalizingly close to my erect long dick. She closed her eyes and hissed before kneeling over my manhood and began sliding her wet pussy lips up and down on my shaft. I hadn't finished with her boobs yet as I kept massaging and sucking them. Amrita elevated her ass to let my dick to the wide opening of her ready pussy by holding by her hand.

"That's it," I laughed in joy as Amrita settled down on my dick with her body weight slowly getting on my dick. As if she wanted to have the entire length of my dick in her, she began rocking and grinding her hips. I could see a broad smile on her face once my long dick smoothly slid into her pussy. Amrita winked at me once before starting to fuck me at a hectic speed. I initially felt difficult to breathe although I soon recovered to cope up with her frantic fucking pace.

"Hi! My bhabhi is fucking me," I smirked as she kept jumping on my cock.

"Don't.....hhhhuh...say.....that.....word....ohhh....bhabhi," She pleaded as she moaned.

"Bhabhi..Bhabhi," I began thrusting my hips upwards to bang my thighs against her thighs while she kept humping on me. " I will say a thousand times...my sexy bhabhi...oh my brother's slut wife."

Soon her pace went beyond my control as after a few minutes, my dick went rigid for a split second before sending splashing loads of my thick cum inside my brother's wife. Amrita didn't seem to realize that I had climaxed as she kept jumping before she lost her balance once my dick began to shrink. After feeling me jerk beneath she went still. Amrita soon fell on me pressing her naked chill breasts on my chest. I felt a few drops of tears falling from her eyes on my chest and I reached out to lift her face.

"Why are you crying?" I asked.

"We did the wrong thing; we cheated your brother," she broke down.

I kissed her on her forehead and said, "Don't worry! From now onwards let him remain your husband while I will be your lover."

Amrita got down from the bed and, "Munna, you better leave at once."

I did leave that day knowing very well that there will be another day when my brother might be on another tour; knowing that Amrita would let me in to the house again; knowing that she would let me do all that I have done on that wonderful rainy day.

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