Raine & Sheri


I ended up sleeping later than usual because of the restless night. Sheri was dressed when I entered the kitchen. The jeans she wore rode low on her hips and flared at the bottom, she had on a pink sweater that was cropped below her breasts and she was clearly braless.

I took a deep breath and got coffee without a word. I could tell Sheri was watching me. When I turned she spoke.

"I'm sorry Raine, I shouldn't have pushed you."

I didn't know what to say. She stood and set the paper down.

It really would be better if I went to a hotel. I nodded knowing that she was right. I wondered if our strained relationship had anything to do with this attraction. If we had been very close would either one of us have wanted to breach the trust? My head was already starting to ache and there were things that I would be thinking about for a long time to come.

"Do you want me to help you pack?"

She agreed and I followed her to the guestroom anxious to have her gone. Maybe once she was gone I could get her out of my head.

She had brought a ton of clothes and shoes and it too almost an hour to pack it all. Neither of us spoke and I suspected she was her mind was as busy as mine going over what had transpired between us. She was nearly packed when I told her I would call a cab.

"Don't bother Raine, I can have a car here for me within the half-hour and besides I doubt all my shit would fit in a cab."

I nodded, I had almost forgotten what it meant to be Sheridon Lane. Of course she had a hired car at her beck and call. I looked into her face not knowing what to say, I wanted to offer her something to let her know things between us would be okay but in truth things between us had never been okay. Instead I just told her to call me before walking out of the room. There were no long goodbyes or fanfare when she left just a few short words and a quick impersonal hug. By the time the car had arrived she was decked out in the tiniest denim mini I had ever seen and a loose flowing silk tank top with flowers all over it. She looked good but she always did, the shorts and tank top I'd thrown on was no where near sexy but she looked at me with fire in her eyes before flipping a pair of high priced sunglasses on.

"Bye Raine." I wished I had sunglasses to cover my roving eyes as they swept over her.

"Bye Sheri it was nice having you."

She nodded "Thanks, but you didn't " She was out the door before I could say a word.

I watched the driver cart her bags away and for a moment I wanted to run after her. I shut the door knowing I should feel relieved.

for the three months I threw myself into my work trying desperately to put my sister from my mind. I was nearly always short tempered and exhausted. The employees steered clear of me not wanting to have their heads bitten off. Outside of work the few close friends that I had noticed the change in me but had quickly learned to keep their mouths shut about it. Only Asha braved my temper and agitation. She had shown up at my apartment and grilled me about what could be going on.

"Will you just mind your damn business?"

No Raine I wont there's something up with you and I'm not leaving until I find out what it is."

I ran my hands through my hair, and wondered just how long it had been since I had washed it. I wanted to tell my friend what was wrong with me but I didn't quite understand it myself. I felt like I had lost my sister but that didn't make since because we had never been close and not hearing from her was nothing new. I shrugged and answered as honestly as I could without telling the whole truth.

"I don't know Asha" She shook her head slightly and waited. Obviously she wasn't going to let me cop out of this.

I ran my fingers through my hair again tugging it a little as if to pull the thoughts from my brain. Tears sprang to my eyes, and I wasn't sure if I should weep or laugh. I hated mood swings they were the worst rides in the park but lately I'd been on them more and more. Settling back into the old familiar emotionlessness I focused my gaze on her probing eyes.

"Have you ever wanted someone you knew you couldn't ever have, because everything about them and the situation is all wrong?"

Asha stared at me, maybe because I had blurted the question out after a long silence. Or perhaps she had seen the unshed tears in my eyes, it was my turn to search her face for answers. More silence filled the air between us but it wasn't anywhere near companionable instead it was the kind of quiet that and sucked up the air and crept into your bones.

She nodded her head but spoke no words.

"We'll what did you do?" I wanted the answer and I hoped to god that she could give it to me.

"I let her go because it was easier to be friends than it was to be lovers."

She looked at me and in a moment of clarity I knew she had been talking about me. I also knew that I couldn't ask her about this again. She left a few moments later leaving me with more on my mind than ever.

I scrounged in my pitifully empty refrigerator and found a yogurt that hadn't gone expired. Walking into the living room I turned on the stereo and listened to an old school Whitney Huston CD from the days when she could still sing The phone rang and as usual I let the machine get it not wanting to talk to anyone. Three times in a row the caller hung up when the machine clicked on, on the fourth call I snatched up the cordless phone.

"Hello." I snapped into the receiver. "Hello yourself Lorraine." A frown crept over my brow, she was going to give me the business for sure. Not only had I not called her, for the past weeks I had been dodging her calls.

"What's the matter with you girl, I could be dead for all you know or care." "Mother if you were dead surely someone would call and tell me." "Not that you would answer the damn phone." she huffed I had walked right into that one. "I'm sorry Mother, I've been so busy..." She cut me off by talking over me . She hadn't raised a fool and I knew when to be quiet.

"Listen thanksgiving is at the end of next week and I expect you to be here. Since I couldn't get you on the phone I had your father buy the ticket a while back. I want you here this year no excuses."

I had forgotten all about thanksgiving. "Fine I'll be there Mother." She told me all about the flight arrangements and I grabbed a pen and wrote it down. Apparently I would be spending an entire week with the family. I sighed, but I knew better than to talk back. I hung up the phone feeling as if I had run a marathon in mud.

Going home was the last thing I wanted to do but I had to admit my mother didn't ask me for much, I could at least give her this. I almost managed not to be excited at the prospect of seeing my sister. The flight seemed short since I had closed my eyes the second I'd settled in my seat. I gathered my lone suitcase from baggage claim and rented a car. Despite my misgivings I was a little happy to in LA. Getting to my parents' house took ages with all the holiday traffic and by the time I got there I was on edge. I pulled into the long winding driveway and parked the car carefully. The size of the "house" still shocked me every time. I got out of the vehicle feeling out of place.

My mother flung the door open before I could knock and threw her arms around me nearly making me drop the bag I was holding.

"Hello mother I mumbled into her shoulder."

She stepped back taking me in. My clothes hung loosely on my frame. I had lost quite a few pounds from lack of eating and I knew the bags under my eyes showed despite the makeup I had carefully applied.

"You look like hell" I sighed, mother was an author but with us she never minced words.


"Don't get smart."

I sighed again thinking it was going to be a long week. She led me to the kitchen and fixed me a sandwich despite my refusal. Sitting at the table I picked at the food as she grilled me about my life. Getting the same uniform answers I always gave she switched gears and filled me in on family news. When it was clear that I was barely listening she stared at me.

"What's the matter with you Lorraine."

I shook my head wanting for some reason to cry.

"Nothing Mother." "Don't lie to me girl, you show up looking terrible and you sit there looking ready to cry at the drop of a hat, declaring that nothing's wrong."

I didn't have time to answer, Sheri breezed into the room bringing the scent of perfume with her. I stared at her for a beat while she returned my gaze. She was wearing mustard colored pantsuit and I noticed that I wasn't the only one who had lost weight. Other than the missing pounds she looked no worse for the wear. I smiled truly happy to see her.

"Hey Sheri"

She returned my smile with a soft hey as Mother looked at the two of us. "Well I'm glad you two are getting on well."

I dropped my eyes and stared at the sandwich I'd been picking with. Sheri spoke no doubt covering for me. "Don't be silly mother we're sisters of course we're getting on well." Mother made a sound akin to a snort as she rose. "I'm going out for a bit. Hopefully you two won't get into any trouble."

I smiled in spite of myself. "Mother we're adults." She laughed outright. "Since when?" she asked exiting the kitchen, The front door shut a few moments later and Sheri sat across from me. "I didn't think you'd be here." I looked into her eyes and sighed. "Are you upset." She shook her head. I smiled unreasonably happy that she wasn't upset to see me.

"You look..." "Like hell" I finished fir her. "Hey you said it not me" I shrugged not bothering to deny it. I stood telling her I was going to unpack. She didn't say a word she just nodded as she slide my sandwich in front of her and began to eat. I was in my old bedroom putting away the last of my clothes when she walked through the door closing it behind her. She leaned against the heavy wood and stared at me.

"We should talk." I nodded dreading what had to be said, but needing it as well. I took a seat on the bed and waited. When she met my gaze again she was crying, I felt tears in my eyes and after months of holding them back they fell. She crossed the room and sat next to me. Her fingers brushed my cheeks touching the tears and brushing them away. I pressed my face to her hand as we both sat there crying. She looked into my eyes and without a word we she brushed her fingertips over my lips. I leaned forward kissing her, I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to. She opened her lips to me and I moaned into her mouth.

When we pulled apart she stood running her hand through her head, I laughed recognizing it as the same motion I always used. She turned to me staring as if I was crazy.

"What's so funny?" she sounded mad so I stopped laughing. "Nothing."

"Are you playing games with me?" It was my turn to stare, I shook my head. "No I'm not." "Then what are you doing."

I shrugged "I want you." She stood absolutely still and kept staring." I rose from the bed and walked over to her. I put my hands on her shoulders and stared into her hazel eyes searching them.

"You said it was mine if I wanted it." I ran my hands into her hair as I spoke. "I want it Sheri...." I was prepared to beg her but I didn't need to. Her lips were on mine before I had the chance. When we broke apart we were both breathing heavily.

She stepped away for a moment and locked the door. When she turned to me she unbuttoned her suit and slipped it from her shoulders letting it fall to the ground. Her pants followed as I watched, in the past I would have scoffed at the fact that she had matched her underwear to her suit, but now I found it undeniably sexy. She approached me and for the first time I had absolutely no inclination to back away. Her lips brushed mine again and she pulled my bottom lip lightly with her teeth before sucking it gently. I felt the stabs of excitement shooting through my stomach as I leaned into her and cradled her head with my hands. I wanted to be able to go slow and savor the moments but months and maybe years of wanting her made it impossible. My hand was between her thighs and as I had no desire to maneuver her tiny yellow panties off I ran my hand over the wetness before tearing the thin fabric from her body and tossing them to the ground. She moaned my name as my lips trailed over her neck, I was biting her lightly as my fingers plunged into her wetness. I stroked hard and fast letting my thumb caress her clit as I entered her. Sheri's hips jerked to follow my fingers, and I could already feel her tightening around me as I dipped my head to pull her nipple between my teeth She dug her fingernails into my scalp pulling me closer as my hand moved faster between her thighs. I had to wrap my free arm around her to steady the both of us as her hips bucked, She made almost no sound aside from her shortened breath, but the wetness around my fingers intensified and I could feel her muscles tightening. I kept my hand moving as she went over the edge.

Moments later she was looking into my eyes, as I pulled my hand from her and tasted the remains of her passion. She moaned in the back of her throat as my finger disappeared into my mouth. I wanted to kneel and taste her cunt right then but Sheri had other plans.

She undressed me quickly tossing my clothes across the room. I laughed because she was like a kid tearing wrapping paper from a present and I told her so. Seri looked into my eyes and searched them for nearly a minute.

"Raine you have no idea how long I've wanted you." She was right I didn't she had alluded to it when she'd visited but I really had no concept of how much time she'd been speaking of.

"Tell me how long then." I said running my fingernail over her lips.


I couldn't believe it. How had she managed? I'd hardly been able to hold out for a few months,' years would have killed me. In a moment of clarity I realized that part of the problem between us might have been her pent up desires. Suddenly the unnecessary avoidance and arguments made more sense. My mind went blank sometime during my mini epiphany she had managed to kneel in front of me. When her tongue slipped over my pussy I nearly lost balance. Sheri either didn't notice or she didn't care because she spread my lips and sucked my clit into her mouth sucking hard as she flicked her tongue over the sensitive flesh. I was panting like a bitch in heat and pulling her head closer, I felt the heat in my belly only moments before it washed over my whole body. It had only been moments since her lips touched me but I was coming, Sheri was no novice and she was relentless I had to push her away after the second time only because I was afraid I might pass out.

I didn't even think I could make it the few feet to the bed so instead I fell to the carpet next to her. I covered her lips with mine pushing my tongue into her mouth. I could taste myself all over her as I explored her mouth. I still wanted to spread her legs and have my fill of her but I heard the front door open and shut. We sprang apart like a couple of naughty teenagers. Sheri laughed and scrambled for her clothes. Mother was back and even with the door locked and shut and the rooms far apart I knew we couldn't keep up what we'd been doing.

Sheri dressed in record time and I wondered idly how many situations she'd been in where she had to be dressed and gone in moments. She kissed me lightly before walking from the room and shutting the door.

I had thought about taking a quick shower but months of fitful sleep and the satisfaction of a good come made me too tired. I barely made it to the bed before I fell asleep.


It took me a considerable amount of time to write this story, if you made it to the end please take a moment to vote, send feedback and or leave a public comment. If you loved it tell me why If you hated do the same.

Part two is already in the works.

Regards D21

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