tagGroup SexRainy Afternoons

Rainy Afternoons


Rainy fall afternoons and evenings with close friends are the best. There is something special about the Fall season. I guess it makes people want to find places that are warm and cozy and that you can share with friends and lovers. The biologists call it “denning” when wild animals do it. We human animals call it “cocooning”.

I look forward to rainy afternoons with my two roommates. Actually, we’re more than roommates. We met, one day, a few years ago when we all started work for a major company. Two of us were recently hired college graduates. Fresh out of school. Eager to please and eager to show the world. And totally naïve to the ways of the business world.

We quickly learned two things. We were at the bottom of the corporate pecking order. We were lower than whale poop on the ocean floor. And, in the City, none of us was going to be able to survive and live, by ourselves, on the salaries we were being paid.

We couldn’t do anything about the pecking order except to help each other climb higher. And that usually didn’t work because we were all looking out for ourselves. We could do something about survival in the City. We tried to find one or two people who seemed to be compatible to ourselves. We’d pool our money and rent a decent apartment. We could also pool our money for utilities and food. This only worked, if you were really lucky. And I was really lucky.

On the first day of work, I met Ted. He had a Masters Degree in Financial Management and Accounting. I’m Kelly and I had a degree in information technology and security. Thank God for corrupt businessmen and accountants. The heat was on and Ted and I were both new honest, but untried, faces. Accounting and computer fraud were hot button items.

We were still getting oriented to our roles in the corporate world when we met Tim. Tim was about ten years older than me and he was about three or four years older than Ted. He had worked, after college, as a bank examiner.

With the combination of computer fraud, banking fraud and accounting fraud being in the forefront of the latest scandals and with Corporate’s desire to appear to be on top of it, we were all hired for one thing – to keep the company out of trouble and to keep them honest. Or at least make them look honest. A case of being in the right place at the right time.

But this isn’t about Corporate. This is about Ted, Tim and me. We worked together for a few days. We got along well and we found out after work and over drinks that we were all struggling to find a decent place to live that was within reasonable commuting distance from the office. We had a lot of interests in common, such a fitness and working out, which helped our friendship.

We decided to pool our money and rent a three-bedroom apartment. It worked out well. We also learned that we could live together as friends and roommates. We were some of the lucky ones who could pool our resources and remain friends. After a year or so we decided to stop renting and invest in a house.

We found a nice place with four bedrooms and four baths in a part of the City where people were renovating and re-selling large older homes. It was great. Each of us had their own bath and bedroom so that eliminated a couple of the bigger aggravations right at the start. We drew up a contract where, if one of us left, the others could buy and split that share of the house.

We all liked to cook so the care and cleaning of the kitchen was no problem. All three of us are somewhat anal when it comes to picking up after one’s self and in generally keeping things neat and tidy so upkeep and cleaning of the house was not a problem either.

One would think that problems might arise when close friends slept over or when one of us brought a date home, but it was always cool. That didn’t change when we three became more Lovers than roommates. Sometimes our friends or dates joined us in foursomes, fivesomes and even sixsomes.

One of my favorite memories is of the afternoon Ted, Tim and I became Lovers.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon in the late Fall. The whole previous week had been rather gray and dreary, but the rain had started Friday afternoon and it was still raining. It was a slow steady cold rain - a soaker that gardeners, farmers and foresters world-wide relished. The three of us were snug in our home.

To help combat the dreariness, and so we wouldn’t feel alone in the cold and rain, we had gathered in front of our fireplace. There was soft music playing, each of us was reading and we were sipping warm mulled wine. Although the gas logs don’t crackle like a wood fire, the fire was especially cheerful. Ted put down the magazine he was reading. He stood and walked over to the patio door.

“I’m glad I’m not outside. Just thinking about being out there in the wet and cold, maybe with no place to go, gives me the shivers.” He pulled the drapes closed then walked over and stood in front of the fireplace. “We’re warm and dry and now the cold is shut out.”

Tim looked up from his book, “My, you’re in a pensive mood. You need to do something to take your mind off the weather.”

“Such as?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Being with a Lover comes to mind.”

“Tim, if you were with a Lover, would you make love here or go to the bedroom?”

“Uh, We’d probably go to the bedroom.”

I put my book down. “I’d like to have a bedroom with a fireplace. Then I’d have the best of both worlds.”

Tim put his book down and leaned forward in his chair, “If your Lover was here right now, what would you be doing, Kelly?”

“That’s a rather intimate question, Tim, but I’ll tell you.” I put my book aside and I handed my wine mug to Ted, “Would you pour me a refill, please?” He filled my mug and handed it back to me. “Thanks, Ted.” I sipped the warm wine as I gathered my thoughts.

“The lights would be low. Most of the light in the room would be coming from the fireplace. We would be kissing and touching and undressing each other. Once we were undressed, naked, my Lover might sit in your chair or he might be standing like Ted is or he might be lying on the flokati there in front of the fireplace.”

I put my mug of wine down. “In any event, I’d be on my knees either in front of him or beside him and. . .”

“And?” Tim leaned closer.

I took a sip of wine, “And I’d be performing fellatio on him.”

Ted set his mug down. “Fellatio?”

I took another sip, “Yes, fellatio. I’d be making love to his penis with my lips, tongue and mouth.”

“You like giving bl, er, performing, er, fellatio?”

“Yes, Ted. I like having my Lover’s penis in my mouth. I especially like it when I can take his soft penis completely into my mouth and feel it grow to a big strong erection as I lick, kiss and suck him.”

Ted turned to face the fireplace. He appeared to have a bulge developing in the front of his sweatpants.

Tim leaned back in his chair, “Then?”

I don’t know exactly what made me do it, but I got out of my chair and moved over by Ted. He turned to face me. He seemed embarrassed by the now considerable bulge. Without saying a word, I got down on one knee in front of him as I untied the drawstring and lowered his sweatpants to his ankles.

After nuzzling my nose against his furry ball sac, I placed the flat of my tongue against him and ran my tongue up the full length of the underbelly his cock shaft from root to crown. Ted inhaled sharply as I slipped my lips over his plum of a cockhead.

I glanced up at Ted’s face as I held him in my mouth. His expression was one of surprise. I gave him a cock filled smile then began to gently suck him.

Ted pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it aside. I took my mouth off of his cock and helped him get his sweatpants completely off. I settled back on my heels and looked at the naked man standing in front of me. As I said earlier, we were all into fitness. I ran my hand across his flat stomach and up to his hairy chest. Ted guided my hand to his nipples. He was smiling down on me as I placed my other hand on his cock.

I’d glimpsed a nude Ted a number of times as he stepped out of the shower and when he had been changing clothes. I hadn’t realized he was so nicely hung. His cock filled my hand with a nice seven or eight inch shaft of man-meat. I moved my hand to his ball sac to nestle his walnut sized balls in the palm of my hand.

Ted released my hand that had been rubbing his chest and nipples. He pushed his cock down and pointed it at my face. I kissed his cockhead then took him into my mouth until my lips were about halfway down his cock shaft. I stopped there and contented myself with getting to know his cock better by tasting it and massaging it with my tongue.

There was some movement behind me then a pair of hands began to pull my t-shirt over my head. I reluctantly let Ted’s cock slip out of my mouth. Tim tossed my t-shirt aside as he stood next to Ted. He was also naked. I looked up at him. His expression made him look like a little boy waiting to be chosen for a game, ‘Oh, please pick me. Pick me pretty please’, or in this case, ‘Oh, please suck my cock too. Pretty please.’

“Nice.” Tim’s semi-erect penis was nestled in a tangle of coarse, curly salt and pepper hair. His balls hung below in their loose relaxed sac. I looked up at Ted, licked his balls and cock, “Excuse me.” Then I turned to Tim and weighed his balls in the palm of my hand. His sac contracted. I lifted his penis with my thumb. Even half hard Tim’s cock was a nice five inches or so. I fed him into my warm wet mouth.

His cockhead slid easily over my tongue towards my throat. It was poised to slide even deeper as I pressed my nose against Tim’s pubic bone and his coarse hair tickled my lips. His cock rapidly reached a full erection as I sucked and slowly pulled him out of my mouth. After licking the saliva off my lips, I licked him from balls to crown. “Nice.”

Turning to Ted, I licked him again. I held his balls on my fingertips as I worked my mouth down and up his cock shaft. I was still holding Tim’s cock in my hand. I rubbed his cockhead against my cheek as I masturbated Ted with my mouth.

“Nice.” I swirled my tongue around Ted’s cockhead. Turning to Tim, I did the same. I tugged them closer together and held them in front of my face. I flicked the tip of my tongue over each cockhead and alternated between licking and lightly kissing each one.

Both men tried to pull back when I pressed their cocks together. They held still, though, as I tried to take them both into my mouth at the same time. Maybe three or four inches of the double cock was all I could manage.

I held them close together so I could easily switch from one cock to the other by just turning my head and leaning slightly in one direction or the other. The room was silent except for heavy breathing and, of course, the slurping and sucking sounds I was making as I greedily feasted on the two delicious cocks of my roommates, come Lovers.

It didn’t take long for my oral ministrations to have an effect. The breathing became more rapid and ragged. Each cock became more rigid feeling in my mouth and hands. Tim and Ted’s pre-cum, which tasted slightly different, was flowing freely.

I had just turned my attention back to Tim when Ted began to cum. His first gob hit my upper lips and some of it landed on Tim’s cock. I pulled Tim’s cock out of my mouth just as he shot a wad. Ted’s second gob landed in my mouth right behind Tim’s.

Each man held his own cock as they unloaded their balls on my face, neck, shoulders, and, incidentally, on each other’s cock. The huffing and puffing slowed down as the two penile fountains subsided. I stuck out my tongue and caught a taste of cum that was dripping off my nose.

Ted squeezed a drop out onto my tongue, “Jeez, Kelly, that was great! I haven’t cum that hard in a long time.!”

I laughed, “That was great! I’ve never tried to suck two cocks at the same time before.! Tim said something but I didn’t really hear what he said because I was busy sucking the last of his cum out of his cock.

After licking and sucking each cock squeaky clean, I leaned back on my heels. I looked down at my crotch. There was a large wet spot on the front of my sweatpants. My sex was hot and wet and tingly. Tim helped me to my feet. My knees were shaking and my legs were weak.

He guided me back to the chair that he had been sitting in. After he eased me down into the chair, he kneeled between my knees. Tim grasped the waist band of my sweats and began to pull. I lifted my ass as the waist band rolled down over my hips. Tim pulled the sweats all the way off and I was as naked as my two new Lovers.

Tim rubbed his cheek against my sex. I spread my legs wide as he began to kiss and lick me. His tongue was flicking all around and over my sex as I pinched and rolled my nipples. Tim’s tongue and lips felt wonderful. I arched my back and lifted one leg and put it on Tim’s shoulder and sort of around his neck.

Ted was stroking his cock as he watched. I motioned him to come closer so I could grasp his cock and, after turning my head, I guided it into my mouth. Ted held my head as he began to fuck my face. I put a hand on Tim’s head as he continued to lick and nibble and eat my sex.

Ted pulled his cock out of my mouth. He stepped around and put his hand on Tim’s shoulder, “Let’s get down on the floor.” Tim rocked back on his heels. His face was shiny with saliva and juices. He crawled across the floor and lay on his back on the flokati. His hard cock lay flat against his stomach with the pre-cum slick cockhead even with his belly button.

Ted helped me to my feet and guided me over to where Tim was lying. I placed my feet on either side of Tim’s shoulders then got down on my hands and knees. I licked Tim’s cock shaft from crown to balls, but before I could take it into my eager mouth, Ted lifted my head up.

He pressed his cockhead against my lips. I opened my mouth and he drove his cock it. I gagged slightly as it hit the top of my throat. There was nothing I could do except tighten my lips around the shaft that was pistoning in and out of my mouth. Ted held my head tight as he gave me a hard face fuck.

Tim had his face buried in my crotch as he resumed making love to my sex by kissing, nibbling, licking, and sucking. Ted pulled away from me. I caught my breath as he walled around behind me. In a moment I felt hands on my hips, then a hand caressed my sex.

I felt Ted’s cockhead press against me. There was some shifting of positions. “Get your hand off my dick!”

“Sorry, Ted,” Tim mumbled, “I was just trying to help guide you.”

It was a good thing that I was wet from my juices and Tim’s saliva, because Ted entered me and buried his cock completely inside me in one fast push. I held still until he settled into a rhythm then I returned my attention to Tim’s cock.

Tim resumed eating my sex as Ted fucked me. I began to suck Tim with a figure eight suck as Ted became more gentle. I began to push against Ted and bob my head up and down Tim’s cock. This was turning into a very enjoyable fuck.

Ted began short piston movements - the short strokes. He drove his cock deep and held my hips. He gasped loudly and his cock jerked inside of me a he pumped his cum into me.

Tim’s cock stiffened in my mouth. It twitched then the cum pulsed through and into my mouth. Tim’s cumming was almost deliberate. His cock would stiffen then twitch then I could feel, with my lips, a wad pulse up it and down my throat. Then his cock would relax and the cycle would begin again.

The feeling of Ted’s cock jerking around deep inside me and Tim’s cock squirting into my mouth quickly brought me to a climax. I ground my sex down on Tim’s face as I tried to milk Ted’s cock with my sex. I threw my head back and arched my back as I achieved a gushing climax.

I love rainy afternoons.

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