tagIncest/TabooRainy Day Ch. 03

Rainy Day Ch. 03


Anna came home from her run to what appeared to be an empty house. She hopped in the shower and climbed into bed without dressing. She had trouble falling asleep. Her mind was racing with fantasies but she avoided the temptation of pleasuring herself. Eventually drifting to sleep at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

While the house was absent of both her mother and her sister, it was far from empty. James had been left behind. He was quite exhausted himself and was now fast asleep in Anna's mother's bed.

Meanwhile, Erin, Anna's sister, and her mother were out on the town attempting to find a few volunteers for Anna. After flipping through Anna's diary, Erin and her mother had settled on a handful of her fantasies that they would try to fulfill this afternoon.

Their first stop was at the gym down the street. Mrs. Duffy sent her daughter in to do the recruitment. She found two body-builder types and gave them the address. While Erin was busy in the gym, Mrs. Duffy recruited a couple of college kids working behind the counter at Jimmy Johns. After a few more stops, they had found a total of seven men that volunteered to be at the house at 4:30.

The girls went home and woke James up. They told him that after the men were finished, it would be his turn. The told him what Anna had written about in her diary so it was clear what he was supposed to do.

Anna was still asleep at 4:25 when the first men arrived at the door. Erin, who had redressed herself in her cheerleader outfit, decided it was her job to warm the guys up. She sat the two kids from Jimmy Johns down on the couch and told them to get naked. Erin proceeded to give one of the boys head while she jacked the other one off. She was careful to alternate between the two, so that neither of them would blow their load. That was for Anna.

After a few minutes, all of the invitees were present in the living room. Mrs. Duffy laid out the ground rules and told them all what she was looking for. Once the directions were spelled out, Mrs. Duffy had all of the men undress. Her youngest daughter, Erin, proceed to blow them all until everyone had an erection. At that point, Mrs. Duffy led them upstairs to her other daughter's bedroom.

Mrs. Duffy walked into Anna's room alone and woke the girl up.

"Listen to me Anna. We owe a lot of money to a lot of people right now. You are going to have to take one for the team right now. There are a bunch of men standing outside your bedroom and they are going to come in here, have their way with you and leave."

"Really?" Anna said, trying to sound disappointed.

"Yes honey. I'm sorry Anna, but you have to do exactly as they say." Mrs. Duffy said as she stood up to walk out of the room.

"Alright boys, have at 'er." Mrs. Duffy pronounced as she closed the door behind them.

No one said a word. The first guy in the room, Ryan, walked straight over to Anna, who was still lying on the bed, and shoved his cock in her face. Anna feigned hesitation until Ryan grabbed hold of his cock and slapped her face with it. He pulled her down onto her knees and away from the bed. The rest of the group quickly surrounded her for the upcoming blowbang. Two men each grabbed one of her hands and forced her to grab their throbbing cocks.

Anna started to stroke with both hands when Ryan shoved his balls into Anna's mouth. He rested his 9-inch dick on her face while the 19-year old Anna sucked on his sac. She loved the feeling of being surrounded by cocks. She closed her eyes and quietly wished that they all had plenty of cum for her.

Anna began to rotate amongst the men waiting for her services. She wanted to taste everyone's cock. It was becoming obvious to the men that this girl was a total slut. She was moaning heavily from being the center of a blowbang. She kept her eyes open, she loved to watch the guys stroking their cocks as the they thought about cumming all over her slender body.

Eventually a man named Jake climbed underneath her to fuck her in the reverse-cowgirl position. He slid his thick cock in her, surprised at just how wet this girl was. She was literally dripping. She sighed heavily on Ryan's shaft when Jake entered her. Anna could hardly believe it was happening to her, but she was not going to complain. This was just what the doctor ordered for this cock-starved slut.

The scrawnier of the two guys from Jimmy Johns was ready to blow his load. Anna noticed and quickly buried his cock in her throat, choking on it while he thrust it as deep as it would go. Just before his dick was about to go off he pulled it out of her mouth and sprayed her face with the biggest load he had ever produced. His jizz covered her face and began to seep into her hair. She exhaled with a longing that suggested that she needed much more.

The hot cum felt amazing to Anna who had never had a boy cum on her. After she regained her form, she looked around and found the biggest cock she saw and encased it within her cum-outlined mouth. Soon enough, two more men were ready to cum, apparently brought to fruition at the sight of some girl getting off on being showered in cum.

They positioned themselves so that they were each on one side of her. She kept the monster cock inside her as she stroked the two ready-to-fire cocks. She deep-throated the monster cock as it's owner held the back of her head to prevent her gag reflex from expunging the invading shaft from her convulsing throat. Soon she felt the cocks on the side of her face filling with cum and she stroked as fast as she could while choking on this dick. Both of the men came at the same time as they plastered her face with pulsating streams of cum. As the two men showered her with their hot cum, the monster cock down her throat began to unload down her contracting throat.

Just when Anna did not think she could handle anymore cum, she felt Jake filling her pussy with his powerful stream of semen. Anna could not handle it anymore, she launched into an earth-shattering orgasm while she was blasted with cum from every angle. The lack of air, due to the pulsating cock in her throat, made her orgasm even more powerful.

After the momentary cum-fest, one of the men picked Anna up and forced her onto all fours. He then slid his rock-hard cock deep within her cum-dripping pussy for sloppy seconds. He was thrusting hard and quick, punishing the young, cum-glazed girl with his manhood. Soon enough, the man who had first cum on her was shoving his now-erect cock back in her mouth. Anna was forced to keep her eyes closed now as her face was oozing with cum.

The men continued to have their way with her for the next forty minutes or so. Each one came on her several times. When it was all said and done she had taken well over 15 facials and her hair looked as if she was trying to wash her hair with fresh cum. She had given a few tit-jobs at the end of the gangbang and each one of them had finished on her cleavage. The more they came on her tits, they better the boob-jobs got. Her pussy was useless now as it was filled with 5 beastly loads and was leaking cum.

The men left her laying over a chair with her ass in the air. After the last one exited, Mrs. Duffy told James it was time for him to go in and finish the job. She handed him a large vibrating dildo.

James walked into the dark room and let his eyes adjust. He saw Anna lying over the chair breathing heavily as her body oozed cum. James had seen plenty of bukkake movies, but this was on a whole new level. These men did not just take turns cumming on her, they destroyed this girl with their cum. She looked up at him and moaned, to exhausted to move. She knew what was happening now. He undressed.

He walked over to her and turned on the vibrator. He bent over, spread her legs, and slid the thick vibrator into her cum-drenched pussy. She moaned heavily as the vibrator did its thing inside of her well-worn cunt. James stood behind her and began stroking his cock hard while he stared at her virgin ass.

He slid his cock between her feverish ass cheeks and began to dry-hump her ass. Her tiny ass was drenched with sweat, which acted as lube, moistening James' raging cock. After a few moments of simulating anal, James backed away for the real thing.

Her ass was tight, but wet and ready to be entered. He placed the tip of his cock on her intensely hot butthole and took in the fact that he was about to fuck his high-school crush's ass while she was drenched in cum. The best part however, was that he knew that she was going to be disappointed if he did not force his dick down her throat after this ass-fucking.

James penetrated his tight sphincter with the end of his cock. Anna's ass creaked as it opened up, trying it's best to swallow the raging cock penetrating it. Her asshole was being stretched to its limits as James continued to bury his dick deep within in her ass. Soon his balls were resting on the cum-filled pussy. Her pussy had to be measuring in at 125 degrees as her cunt was working overtime with all of the cum it had swallowed, not to mention the vibrator still buzzing inside of it.

James let her get used to his cock resting deep within her before he started to extract it. He slid it out slowly as her tight ass suctioned closed as it retreated. Once he was nearly out, he forced it back in as her ass fought hard against the unstoppable cock. Anna was in heaven, while it was somewhat painful, a good ass-fucking was something she had always wanted.

Anna suggested they try a new position, and she laid down on her back. James remained standing, and picked her feet up. He stood over her face, grabbed her hips and began to pile-drive fuck her ass.

He looked down and saw Anna with her mouth wide open. He slide his cock out of her now well-fucked ass and climbed on his knees so his crotch was behind the top of her head. He let balls rest on her forehead, while he laid his cock down the length of her cum-covered face. Anna tongued furiously at his cock as it lie across her mouth, trying desperately to lick the cock that just came out of her ass.

Eventually, James raised his hips and aimed his cock at her mouth. He squatted down and let Anna feast on his dick. Anna went crazy, the vibrator was hitting all the right spots, and with her ass-to-mouth fantasy being fulfilled she went off into the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. She sucked and tongued like a wild woman as James began filling her mouth with his hot cum. With every pump of his cock more and more cum sprayed into Anna's mouth as she let it stay in her.

After it was all said and done, Anna opened her mouth and showed James what a mouthful of cum looked like. She refused to swallow it, instead she put his now flaccid cock in her mouth and began sucking again, bathing it in her cum-filled mouth. After a few minutes of sucking on James' cock with a mouthful of cum, he became hard again.

She finally swallowed his seed and told him to fuck her ass again. James followed his orders, and fucked her ass as hard as he could again. After ten minutes, James came again, once again cumming in Anna's cum-encrusted mouth after pulling his cock out of her tiny ass.

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