tagLesbian SexRainy Day Rubdown

Rainy Day Rubdown


Cindy wasn't exactly sure when she had decided to seduce Gina. But it was firm and now she had to figure out how she was going to do it. She wasn't sure what steps to take but realized her desire for her older coworker was growing stronger each day.

Cindy had been working at this branch of a major bookselling chain for about 4 months when Gina first came to work. Cindy worked evenings and went to college during the day. She was a junior, single and 20 years old. She liked the evening shift, which gave her a chance to study after the early rush.

Gina on the other hand was in her late 40's. She was taller than Cindy's 5 foot 5 inches by three inches and had a more rounded and softer body. Both women had light brown hair, although Cindy had blue eyes and Gina's were gray. Small talk had revealed Gina had come back into the workforce after her youngest child had left home. She liked the evening shift because her husband worked nights as an electrician at one of the nearby manufacturing plants. She had told Cindy this allowed them time together during the day.

Gina had laughed, "He gets paid more for working the nights and with all three kids in college we can use every dime."

The offhand comment had given Cindy pause for a bit. She had not really considered that Gina's children were probably her own age. She thought it over carefully. Was she attracted to Gina as some kind of mother figure? Decidedly not, she thought. Cindy had found herself becoming interested in other women about 2 years before. That had lead her to several encounters with college acquaintances. As delightful as they were she had been thinking an older, more experienced woman would be more exciting. Gina was older and quite attractive. Since Cindy had not noticed her showing any apparent interest in the other girls other than friendly conversation, seducing her would be would be a challenge as well as fun.

Cindy found that apart from anything else she enjoyed Gina's company. Gina had traveled, was well read and intelligent. Cindy also discovered she had a wicked sense of humor. Most of the other females wore clothes that pushed the term "casual" to its limits. Gina wore nice clothes that flattered her older figure. These outfits often included skirts that let Cindy discover that Gina had a very nice pair of legs and a rather cute bubble butt. Cindy made it a point to go out of her way to find ways of working with Gina and becoming closer friends. They began to arrange their working hours more closely together and took to having coffee after work.

Additionally, Cindy made an effort to lessen the personal space Gina felt with her. Without being too open, Cindy took every opportunity to stand close to Gina. Whenever it was possible Cindy would touch Gina, very briefly at first, growing to longer periods of resting her hand on Gina's arm or shoulder. Cindy was careful not to rush and would casually withdraw if ever she sensed her friend was becoming uncomfortable. Over the weeks her efforts had paid off to the point that Gina seemed to almost expect Cindy would stand very close, touch her or even brush alongside her.

One evening the two of them were working late unpacking a shipment that had arrived at closing. Since neither of them felt the need to rush home after store hours the manager had developed the habit of letting the two of them shut every thing down after the safe had been locked up. The two women had even started sitting together a bit and talking about the day. Cindy had been thrilled at the latest development as she took the opportunity to use a love seat in the reading area that allowed her physical contact with the object of her attentions. They had not had an opportunity to relax though when the storm that had threatened all day finally broke.

"You make a break for it Gina," advised Cindy. "Its going to get worse and it would be a shame to ruin that lovely outfit." She had admired Gina's skirt and matching blouse all afternoon, especially when Gina had stooped to pick something up. Cindy had not been able to resist once bending over and peeking as Gina had fumbled in a box. Cindy was quite surprised, and very delighted, to discover Gina had dispensed with panties under her pantyhose.

"Okay, Cindy," the other woman replied. She grabbed her pocketbook and covered her head with an old newspaper. "You come right on too, it does look like it's getting really bad."

"Don't worry, I will." Cindy let Gina out and watched the woman run towards her car. She locked the door and went into the back room to turn the lights out and check the loading door. She came out front to set the alarm and heard a frantic tapping of keys on the window by the door. Peering she suddenly realized it was Gina and ran to open the front door.

Gina burst through the door completely drenched from head to foot. "That darn car! The automatic locks won't open. I was dancing around the parking lot trying to get any door to open. Look at me, "she wailed. "I'm a mess. And my husband's car is in the shop so he can't come get me. How am I going to get home?"

For one moment Cindy completely went blank. Then she noticed how Gina's wet clothes were clinging to her, completely outlining her shapely body. "Gina," she said almost without thinking. "You're a hour away from home and you'll catch your death in those soaking things. I'll run you to my apartment. Its only 10 minutes away and you can dry off and wait till the storm passes."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am. Look at you! You're shivering now. Stand here and I'll get my car," directed Cindy. She raced to her old car, hopped in and pulled it to the door. Gina set the alarm, locked the front door and jumped in the open passenger door. Cindy took one look at Gina's legs, her skirt plastered to them and stepped on the accelerator.

They drove the short distance to Cindy's apartment and rushed through the front door. Cindy unlocked the door and turned on the lights. She looked at her older friend. "Oh my gosh, Gina," She exclaimed. "You're soaked all the way through and you're shivering. Come on." Cindy took Gina's hand and pulled her down the hall.

"Cindy I'm getting your floor drenched!" protested Gina.

"It will clean up latter. No arguments now." Cindy led Gina into the bathroom off her bedroom. Take your clothes off and put them on the sink. Then take a hot shower and warm up. I'll hang your clothes and get you something to wear. Gina smiled in thanks and then completely surprised Cindy by kissing her on the cheek.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." Cindy answered with a smile. She took the opportunity to return Gina's kiss, but "accidentally' missed her mark and kissed Gina briefly on the lips. She pretended to not notice what she had done but closed the door and called out, "Tell me when you're in and I'll bring you something to wear and get your wet things."

After a minute or two Gina called out she was in the shower. Cindy returned, bringing a white terrycloth robe that she hung on the door hook. She scooped up Gina's wet things and hesitated. She couldn't resist taking a quick peek through the translucent shower door. Just the outline of Gina's nude form and the half seen body were enough to completely fire Cindy's determination. She slipped carefully out and all but ran to hang up Gina's clothes. She hurriedly got out of her own clothes, donning a very short silk robe held closed with a simple tie at the waist.

"Don't take all night Gina," Cindy called through the door.

Laughing, Gina replied, "But it feels So GOOD Cindy."

"Well, come on out and I'll give you a back rub. I bet I can make that feel even better."

"Oh, that sounds lovely," Gina said eagerly. "Be out in a minute."

If not quite that fast Gina did appear shortly in the bedroom. Cindy had thought this opportunity through while Gina was in the shower and had prepared. The bedroom was lit with candles and she had warmed some oils. She directed the older woman to stretch out on the bed and make herself comfortable. "Here, Gina," She said as she handed her a large dry towel, "Slip that robe off and put this over you." Cindy carefully appeared to neither stare nor look away as Gina took the robe off and placed it on the nightstand before laying down and draping the towel over her bottom.

Gina knelt beside Gina and carefully dribbled some of the warmed massage oil over the woman's back. She slowly spread it and began to gently rub Gina's shoulders. At first she was careful to confine her attentions to Gina's shoulders and her back around the shoulder blades. As she felt the other woman relax she began to deepen her efforts and moved her hands farther down. Slowly she worked her way down to the small of Gina's back. She began to use long strokes, all the way up to the shoulders again and then back down. Each time she pushed the towel a little farther down over Gina's hips, exposing the swell of her bottom and the very top of her cleft.

Getting bolder Cindy took her next step. She swung her bended leg over Gina's hips and settled herself in a straddle over the lower part of Gina's bottom. She spread her hands a bit more and made the next stroke up along the edge of Gina's back, with her fingers along her sides. This allowed her to lightly brush her fingers over the sides of Gina's breasts where they peeked out a bit from under her. Cindy returned the same way, letting her fingers move slowly when they passed the breasts again. The only response from Gina was a shiver and the sound of a low moan.

Cindy shifted herself several times during the next few minutes as she continued the massage. Leaning a bit from side to side as she worked the muscles in the lower back she continued to bunch and move the towel until it was only a strip across part of Gina's full bottom. The strokes of Cindy's hands moved farther down Gina's round cheeks and caressed them a little more at each touch. Cindy had moved so that each time she leaned forward to rub Gina's shoulders her full brown bush touched Gina's butt. On one upstroke she all but rubbed herself on Gina's ass. She heard another moan and felt Gina's legs begin to part bit by bit.

Cindy untied her own light robe and slipped it off, carefully letting it fall where Gina could not see or feel it. On the next full stroke she let the tips of her nipples barely brush Gina's back, so gently the older woman would not be completely sure what it was. On the stroke down Cindy let her thumbs begin to slip into the cleft of Gina's ass. Once again, the only reactions were a low sound, not apparently of protest, followed by the detection by Cindy of the hint of the scent of a woman's arousal. Since she had been aroused herself for sometime she was sure it was from Gina.

With that Cindy could no longer restrain herself. She stretched full length against Gina for one long moment and then slipped off to the side and rolled the older woman over onto her back. In a fleeting glance she took in Gina's body. Gina's breasts were larger than her own, a full 36C tipped by large brown aureole as opposed to her own smaller 34B breasts. Gina's stomach was softer and swelled into her mound, evidence showing of her long ago pregnancies. All this took but an instant to Cindy's hungry eyes as she pressed herself to her surprised friend and kissed her.

"CINDY!" Gina exclaimed as she pulled her mouth away. "What are you doing....mummmmmphhhh." Gina's words of protest broke off as Cindy relocked her mouth on Gina's, smothering the rest.

Cindy savored the feel of Gina's lips against her own. She slid her arms around her and pulled her close. The younger woman let her mouth slip to the junction of Gina's neck and shoulder where she began to kiss and suck the looser skin, marveling at how soft and smooth it still was. Her right hand came around from behind Gina and settled on the left breast, cupping it and feeling the nipple harden on the palm as she gently squeezed it.

Gina tried to protest again. "Cindy, please. You have to stop this." She tried feebly to push Gina off her. "I'm not ... Cindy ... I never meant for this... don't." Cindy ignored Gina's words of denial as she felt the body under her responding to her ministrations. Both Gina's nipples were growing hard and Cindy felt the other woman's body begin to move under her, pushing back as Cindy slid on top of her.

Cindy parted Gina's legs with her knee and began to rub the front of her thigh against Gina's mons. She kissed the hollow of Gina's throat and let her lips trail over the older woman's chest until her mouth captured the available nipple of the right breast. Cindy's body had shifted a bit, allowing her the freedom to continue to stimulate Gina with her thigh as her mouth drew Gina's breast in. She sucked Gina's soft breast deep into her mouth and held it in a wet, warm grasp. Her fingers on the other breast toyed with the stiff nipple, taking it and rolling it gently in tiny circles. Finally, Cindy allowed her other hand to stroke down over Gina's stomach and replace her thigh between the older woman's legs.

By now Gina's protests had become moans of passion. Cindy felt Gina's hands settle on her head and begin to stroke her hair. Cindy gently bit Gina's one nipple and pinched the other. The resulting gasp encouraged her to move down Gina's body, licking and kissing over the older woman's soft stomach and to the very top of her curly black haired bush. Her hands stroked over Gina's sides and came to rest on her hips.

For one brief moment Cindy hesitated before making the final movement. Her momentary pause was ended when she heard Gina gasp, "Please Cindy, please," and then she felt Gina's hands touch the top of her head and push her down. Cindy began to kiss all over Gina's wet pussy. She gently sucked droplets of moisture from the fine hair, working her way till she had parted them and Gina's slit lay open before her.

At the very first touch of Cindy's tongue on her silky folds Gina arched her back and cried out. The older woman wrapped her widespread legs around Cindy and pulled her up to her pussy. Cindy realized that Gina was almost to the edge of orgasm already and slid her tongue quickly into the slit before her and began to lick rapidly up and down. The older woman's sweet nectar was already beginning to pour out of her as she responded to Cindy's tongue. Cindy shifted herself to the top of Gina's slit and touched her tongue tip to the already unhooded clit. A rapid flicking of the hard nubbin combined with Cindy sliding two fingers deep inside Gina's vagina triggered the onrush she was looking for.

Gina cried out loudly. Her internal muscles seized Cindy's fingers as she pumped them in and out of Gina. Cindy took Gina's clit in her lips and shook her head. Gina's locked heels drummed on Cindy's butt, her hands seized Cindy's hair and her head rolled back and forth. With a loud cry Gina shuddered as her orgasm over came her She held Cindy's face to her pussy as her juices poured out, soaking the younger woman's face.

Gina fell back among the tangle of sheets, but Cindy wasn't done yet. Responding to hand pressure and a whispered command Gina rolled onto her stomach. returning to her position between Gina's legs, Cindy's face slid right between Gina's full rounded ass cheeks. Juices from Gina's soaked pussy had already trickled down the ass cleft so Cindy was immediately able to begin lubricating Gina's puckered hole.

"Oh my God, Cindy! What are you doing?" moaned her new lover. "Oh GOD, no one has ever... oh yessssssss ... Cindy ... CINDY!"

Using the abundant moisture Gina pushed her tongue against Gina. The slippery anal ring gave way and Cindy's tongue penetrated deep into Gina's rose. Her tongue slithered in and out of Gina. Thrilled to be going somewhere no one else had ever been Cindy went wild. Her thick tongue curled inside of Gina, rasping at the collection of nerves at the opening. At the same time she returned her two fingers to Gina's pussy and began to pump them in and out again. Gina's cries of passion rose up the scale. As Cindy felt the woman's body tense she pressed her thumb to Gina's clit and rubbed it.

The second orgasm completely overwhelmed Gina. Her whole body thrashed; she clutched Cindy to her and screamed Cindy's name so loudly Cindy was sure the neighbors would hear. Gina shook and shuddered and released another flood of nectar over Cindy.

Cindy slipped from under Gina and slid back up her still quivering body. Taking Gina in her arms she kissed her and then held her close as they both drifted off to sleep.

Gina would repay her younger friend's attentions in full... but that's a story for another day.

(Comments are appreciated as always. Special thanks to my bestest friend Marian for proofreading this. She caught grammar errors, spelling errors and pointed out in one scene I had Cindy and Gina in a position that...well, lets just say if they could get in that one they wouldn't be working in a bookstore.)

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