tagLesbian SexRainy Day Rubdown: Cindy's Story

Rainy Day Rubdown: Cindy's Story


This is the third story in my Rainy Day series. In the first; Cindy, a 19 year old college student, seduced her coworker Gina, a married woman in her 40's. RDR: Gina's Story, told the story of that night from the point of view of the older woman. I wanted to explore what I thought might happen next. Remember, everything comes with a price.

Cindy decided when she went back to work that the best thing to say would be nothing. She had had a fantastic time seducing Gina, and an even more marvelous time when Gina returned the affection. Still, she knew Gina was feeling guilt over what had happened. Not because of the age difference or even that she was another woman Cindy decided. It was simply because, as Gina had told her, that the older woman had never strayed from her marriage.

Cindy even found herself feeling a bit guilty after she met Tom, Gina's husband when he came by to pick her up to go get her car out of the shop. He was simply a good guy, friendly and warm, with a nice smile and an obvious love for Gina. He even took a moment to thank Cindy for her "taking care of Gina." She actually blushed when he said that, although fortunately he seemed to pass it off as simple embarrassment over being thanked. Cindy thought, "It sure would be easier if he was a jerk."

Gina seemed of a like mind. They chatted amicably and worked together without friction. Cindy was very careful to give Gina back the personal space that she had invaded before. They stopped going for coffee together and didn't sit around after closing chatting. Because of her classes Cindy continued to work the evening shift. She was glad Gina did too.

One immediate change Cindy had noted was that Gina had started coming to work in slacks or even in jeans now. She still dressed very nicely, but the skirts and dresses seemed to be a thing of the past. Cindy missed seeing the older woman's lovely legs but thought it best if they were to pass off that night as a one time affair. She sighed to herself. It had been quite wonderful but she was certainly not going to push and ruin a friendship if that was what the older woman wanted.

About 6 weeks after that night the time came when Cindy and Gina were scheduled to close the store together. Cindy had arrived a few minutes early and was waiting to clock in when Gina breezed in. "Wow," Cindy thought. This afternoon Gina was back in style. Skirt a couple inches above her knees and two inch heels complemented a nice hair arrangement and an attractive ruffled blouse.

"Goodness, Gina," the assistant store manager all but whistled. "Glad to see you're bringing a bit of class back to the store. What's up?"

"Special night tonight," Cindy heard Gina tell the young man. For a moment Cindy was jealous, then reason came back to her. After all, she liked Tom, he was a very nice guy and she hoped the two of them had a good time tonight.

When closing time came Cindy hurried through the routine so that Gina could get on her way. Besides, concentrating on the tasks at hand kept away that lovely memory of Gina spread on her bed that one night. "Must be the dress," she decided. Her very first physical attraction to Gina had been sparked by the older woman's legs.

"Cindy, are you still back there?" called the object of her thoughts.

"Yes, Gina. Just trying to get that darn light over the receiving desk off. I wish they would replace that cord. Its been broken for a month."

Trying to catch the remnant of the pull cord, Cindy wobbled on her tiptoes. A clicking of heels announced Gina had arrived. Cindy froze as she sensed Gina was immediately behind her. She felt Gina's warm breath across her neck and she knew goose bumps had formed. Then she shivered as Gina whispered in her ear, "And now, time for that special evening."

Gina slipped her arms around Cindy's waist and drew her back. Cindy felt the older woman's lips nuzzle her neck at the same time her fingers opened two buttons of Cindy's shirt. Cindy could not suppress her sharp intake of breath as Gina's teeth took her neck and both her hands slid inside her shirt and began to rub her flat stomach, undoing more of Cindy's shirt as they moved.

"Oh God, Gina, are you sure about this?" Cindy managed to gasp. She squirmed under the other woman's relentless assault. One hand now had crept up and under Cindy's bra to began teasing the fast hardening nipple. The other was undoing her belt and unfastening her jeans.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yes I am," replied Gina. "I'm not, I can't, I WON'T deny my attraction to you anymore. I want you and I want you now." With those words Gina's head returned to Cindy's neck and she bit harder and began to suck the soft skin.

Cindy wiggled her hips helping Gina pull her now too confining jeans down. The moment her wet panties were accessible Gina cupped Cindy's soft mons and pushing the crotch aside slid a finger into her. A heave of the other hand pushed Cindy's bra over her breasts. Gina took the stiff nipple in her thumb and forefinger and pinched.

"Oh yes, oh yes, Gina," Cindy moaned. A clatter diverted her for a moment as Gina kicked her heels away. Then Cindy was pushing her panties down and Gina was pushing against her. Cindy realized Gina must have lifted her skirt up to her waist. The older woman undulated against her and Cindy also discovered Gina wore no panties as the older woman's wet pussy pressed against her tailbone. Gina's teeth closed harder on Cindy's neck.

Cindy lost herself in the passion of the moment. Gina's one hand was pinching and pulling her nipple. The other hand rubbed her slit and Cindy opened herself to the penetration of two fingers and the pressure of Gina's thumb against her clit. Finally Gina pushed Cindy tightly against the table, trapping her there and allowing Gina to grind herself against her young lover's ass.

As best she could Cindy bucked her hips back. Each time Gina's fingers slide back inside her young pussy she humped the older woman faster and harder. The caress of her clit brought her almost to the edge. Then Gina twisted Cindy's nipple as hard as she could as the older woman began to shudder. Finally Gina's teeth broke the skin and as the red mark appeared Cindy's orgasm rushed over her.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, yessssssss," Cindy cried. Her call was matched by Gina who had bent the teenager almost all the way over the table edge as she fucked herself on Cindy's ass.

"Arrgggggggghhhhhhh," Gina called wordlessly in her throes. Throwing her arms all the way around Cindy the two women slid to the floor, holding each other up as they shook.

When the spasms had reduced themselves, Cindy shifted to rest in Gina's arms. She tipped back her head and looked in the sparkling, smiling eyes of her lover. Kissing her. Cindy chuckled.

"What's so funny?" laughed Gina in return.

"Us," replied Cindy. "Making love against a desk in the backroom of the store. Can't we think of another place?"

"As a matter of fact, I was," Gina said thoughtfully. "Cindy, next Saturday night we're both off." She hesitated. "We have a shore house. Its right by a nice restaurant and club. We could go out to dinner there and dancing, and have a place to spend the night."

"Why Gina," Cindy smiled. "Are you asking me on a date?" Then she turned serious. "What about Tom?"

"Gosh." Gina thought out loud. "I had not thought of it that way. Yes I am," she said defiantly. "As for Tom," she sobered for a moment too, "He'll be out of town until Sunday night. We'll be back in plenty of time."

That wasn't exactly what Cindy had meant, but she settled for that. She smiled and pulled Gina closer. She whispered, "Its only Tuesday, I hope I can manage to wait that long." She also had a thought but kept it to herself. She had thought of a store she might go to and a dream she had waited to have fulfilled.

The days seemed to pass so slowly. Cindy and Gina resumed having their coffee break together and spending time in each other's company. They were, however, careful not to act inappropriately at the work place. An occasional passing touch or quick look had to suffice for now. They did not see each other after work, letting the anticipation of Saturday build them to a fever pitch.

Finally it was Saturday. Gina had called Cindy and told her she would pick her up at her apartment around 9 in the morning and to dress comfortably. Cindy had agonized, finally deciding on a simple sundress with sandals after trying on and discarding half a dozen outfits. She packed one suitcase for the overnight stay. Smiling wickedly, she slipped her recent purchase into the middle of the case. She was waiting in the doorway when Gina pulled up.

The ride was wonderful. It was a beautiful sunny day. They arrived at the coast in mid-afternoon. Gina parked the car in a lot with several other cars. She explained to Cindy that trails radiating down to two dozen beach houses started here. The developer had made one central parking spot. Another person had taken advantage of the situation and built a restaurant/club at the far end.

"That's where we'll eat supper," Gina nodded towards the club. She popped open the trunk and grabbed a suitcase. "Come on." Cindy retrieved her bag and followed Gina down one of the trails. They came over a slight rise and Cindy gasped. A small little house nestled in the sand dunes. A weather-beaten porch faced the ocean. The salt air breeze took her and almost pushed her away. She spread her arms and almost danced down after Gina.

The house was a delight. Two tiny bedrooms, a shower, kitchenette and living room. The porch faced the beach, with a magnificent view of the waves crashing against the shore. Cindy wanted to instantly go down to the beach. Gina persuaded her to wait long enough to eat something, "To tide us over till dinner," she explained. Then they both scrambled into their suits and headed down to the water's edge.

They took a long stroll, walking together. At one point they hesitantly looked at each other and then took each other's hand. They walked like that for a bit but each felt just a bit uncomfortable. They determinedly lightened up and had a wonderful afternoon, collecting shells and splashing each other running through the water. By the time they got back for supper they were both ravenous and Cindy was very glad indeed Gina had convinced her to eat something earlier.

The restaurant was lovely. Long flowing table clothes covered the small tables. Candles blazed from each centerpiece. Gina ordered a bottle of wine which they sipped, looking in each other's eyes over the rims of the glasses. They had a wonderful meal. Seated close to each other, they were able to touch each other under the concealment of the tablecloth.

As they relaxed after the meal with another glass of wine, the club band began to play. Cindy found her head rocking gently with the music. She saw Gina was also swaying a bit. Once again, under the camouflage of the table they held hands.

Cindy sighed. "I wish we could dance to this Gina. But I don't think," she swept her gaze over the mostly middle-age couples in the restaurant, "It would be appreciated."

Gina's eyes lit up. She signaled for the bill and signed the charge slip. Rising, she motioned to Cindy to follow her.

"Come on," she smiled. "I have a surprise for you."

The two women slipped out of the club and down through the parking lot till they reached the gravel path leading down to the house. Hand in hand they walked along it, past the house and down to the beach. Gina took her shoes off and motioned Cindy to do the same with her sandals. They walked barefooted along the water's edge until they reached a spot where a gully led up into the darkness.

Cindy's eyes widen and a smile burst across her face, "Its amazing, Gina. You can hear the music from the club perfectly."

Gina returned the smile. "Yes, somehow the sound funnels down here. We, that is I, discovered it one night walking here. I'm sometimes amazed the beach isn't full of couples dancing here." She held out her hands to Cindy and added huskily, "But I'm glad its just the two of us."

Cindy slid into the other woman's outstretched arms and nestled against her. Their heads rested on each other shoulders and they began to move together to the soft music. One song finished and they continued to dance together until the next one started.

Cindy could not get over the incredible sensation produced by dancing with another woman. With THIS other woman. She felt Gina's head lift from her shoulder and did the same. She gasped in sheer delight. The moonlight covered them both, allowing their shadows to dance along the sand with them. Gina's eyes sparkled in the silvery light, looking into Cindy's own with a growing passion. Their lips drew together irresistibly. They stopped moving. Cindy felt her body simply melting into Gina.

The music stopped again and this time the two women reacted. As one, they scooped up their abandoned footwear and raced across the white sand. Gina led Cindy up the correct trail and they burst into the small house.

As soon as the door locked behind them Gina took Cindy back into her arms and began to kiss her. They kissed wildly, tugging at each others' clothing. The way to the bedroom was marked by a trail of discarded garments. They reeled through the door and fell to the bed, still kissing.

Cindy rolled on top of Gina and began to kiss her way down the older woman's body. No sooner had she reached Gina's soft throat then she heard a muffled protest. She glanced up. Gina put one hand on Cindy's left hip and the other on her right shoulder and pushed with both. Cindy laughed in delight and followed her lover's unspoken directions to turn her body around.

Cindy straddled Gina's soft rounded body. She slid her own long slender legs past Gina's head. Lowering her head, she placed tiny feather light kisses down the inside of Gina's left thigh. Reaching as far as she could she switched to the smooth inside of the right thigh. This time the kisses carried her right to Gina's full matted bush, already wet with excitement. She dipped her tongue between the swollen lips of Gina's sex.

At the same time Cindy felt Gina's hands gently but urgently pulling her down to meet the older woman's mouth. The two bodies moved together into the classic 69 position. Each woman devoted her energy to pleasing her partner with seeking lips and stroking tongues.

Each of the them used a different way to please the other. Cindy's fingers carefully opened Gina's pussy and then she used her tongue to dart rapidly in and out of it. She tried to penetrate as deeply as she could into Gina's silky canal, using her stiff tongue to taste the inside of Gina's pussy. She pressed her chin firmly against the top of Gina's slit, mashing hard as her head bobbed up and down.

On the other hand, Gina used her tongue in long flat strokes. She drew it up Cindy's slit till she reached the top where she would flick Cindy's pearl several times. Then she would reverse her course, using the underside of her tongue as she worked back down. Reaching the bottom of Cindy's slit, Gina paused and blew her breath over the quivering folds, chilling Cindy as the air brushed over her wetness.

Both women were beginning to buck against the other's mouth. Gina stopped at the top of one of her strokes and settle her tongue over Cindy's clit. As she laved the hard nub with her tongue she slid one, then two fingers into Cindy. Cindy pressed her face deeper into Gina, driving her tongue as deeply as she could. She reached Gina's equally aroused clit with one fingertip, tapping it, then rubbing it.

Movements grew faster, breathing more labored. Gina's back began to arch. Cindy responded by molding herself to her older lover's body. Gina drew Cindy's clit into her mouth and sucked it while pressing her fingers into Cindy until they reached that sensitive spot. Cindy felt her orgasm building and responded by furious tongue fucking Gina's pussy. She took Gina's clit in two fingers, squeezing it until she felt Gina's body slam up against her and hold there for one long minute. With Gina's orgasm as the final push Cindy felt herself let go in a blinding flash, soaking her lovers face even as her own was coated in sweet nectar.

After shuddering against each other for what seemed like hours Cindy finally disengaged herself and turned back to face Gina. They kissed gently, taking the opportunity to taste themselves and each other. They wrapped up in each other's arms and fell deeply asleep. They slept late the next morning. It was after 10 o'clock when Cindy forced her eyes open. She smiled, noticing Gina's still sleeping form next to her. She carefully slipped out of the bed and went to the bathroom. She took a quick shower. As she dried off she heard Gina moving around.

"Gina, honey?" Cindy called. "Could you bring me my toothbrush?" She giggled. "For some strange reason I forgot it last night."

After a minute of two Gina poked her head in the bathroom door. She kissed Cindy and handed her a toothbrush holder. "I see that's not all you forgot," She told Cindy rather cryptically.

As Cindy finished brushing she realized what Gina might be talking about. She rushed back into the bedroom. She was right. Gina stood there with the present Cindy had bought.

"Very nice," commented Gina as she turned the leather and latex strapon combination in her hands. She looked up at Cindy, "I love your imagination. So exactly how do we use this?"

Cindy walked over to Gina. "I'll show you. I hope," she added. She giggled. "I have never done this but I think we'll figure it out. Turn around." As the older woman complied Cindy reached around her. "Hold this there I think," she instructed, placing Gina's hand on the dildo. She then pulled the straps of the harness behind Gina and started adjusting them.

Moments of hilarity ensued as the two women, both completely unfamiliar with their new toy, twisted and turned trying to get the harness properly settled on Gina. At one point the older woman announced, "Cindy, we've got the damn thing on upside down! It CAN'T supposed to be pointing down like that."

Suddenly they had it right. Cindy was kneeling in front of Gina. She swallowed hard as she looked up at her lover. Putting her hands on Gina's hips, Cindy said softly, "Now all we need is to lube it." Suiting her actions to the words Cindy leaned forward and began to lick up and down the length of the shining black dildo. She heard a soft moan from Gina. Following an impulse, Cindy took the head of the girlcock in her lips and began to draw it down into her mouth.

Gina's hands fell onto Cindy's head. As Cindy worked her way down the dildo, pausing every now and then, she heard Gina moan. The more attention she paid to the latex cock the louder Gina's moans became. Gina tangled her fingers in Cindy's hair, combing it and the locking in it. "Oh Cindy," Gina sighed breathlessly. "I never imagined it could feel so marvelous. Where it touches me, the bulge that rides against me, stimulates my clit," Gina panted in half sentences. Her hands urged Cindy on, then stopped.

"Cindy, oh my god Cindy, please, on the bed Cindy. Let me, let me have you," Gina stammered wildly. Both women moved to the rumpled bed, still showing the effects of last night's love-making. Cindy flung herself on her back, reaching up to grasp the bedposts and spreading her legs. She trembled as her eyes watched her married lover approach, the strapon bobbing in the air, slick with her saliva.

Gina knelt between Cindy's legs. Supporting herself with her left hand she took the girlcock in her other hand and rubbed the tip against Cindy. Cindy bent her knees, drawing her legs up slightly. Planting her feet on the bed she lifted her hips to meet Gina. Slowly the head entered her. Cindy gasped and Gina froze. "Are you alright? What's wrong?"

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