tagLesbian SexRainy Day Rubdown: Gina's Story

Rainy Day Rubdown: Gina's Story


This is the companion piece to my original story "Rainy Day Rubdown" which told how a young woman seduced her older coworker. This story tells the older woman's side.

Gina rolled over in bed, listening to the rain pounding on the roof. She snuggled up against her husband and put one arm around him. Suddenly she realized her hand had contacted the soft swell of a female breast and last night came flooding back to her.

She didn't start or leap out of bed but lay there almost frozen as she sorted out what had happened. She knew exactly where she was and with whom she was with and what had taken place. What she considered now was how it had happened and how she was going to deal with it.

Gina had started working in the bookstore about 6 months ago. Her youngest had finally got out of the house to go to college and she and her husband agreed it would drive her crazy just sitting at home with nothing to do. She lucked out at the bookstore. Her hours were close to Tom's and she enjoyed the work. Since they were both avid readers the discount came in handy too. She liked the other people she worked with, even though they were all much younger than she was.

She had really enjoyed working with Cindy. Cindy was cute, bubbly and fun. She was short and slender, with a trim, lean body that Gina could only remember having once had. Cindy was a junior at the local college and the two of them enjoyed talking. Gina found Cindy had a sly sense of humor and liked hearing Gina's stories about her traveling with Tom when he worked overseas as a contract employee for a multi-national corporation.

On her part Gina enjoyed having a close friend at work. Because of Cindy's day classes and Gina's desire to work as close a shift as possible to her husband's hours they ended up working evenings together and often closed the store. They took to having a coffee break together, sometimes after hours. The two women, as different as they were, became close friends.

The only thing that Gina noticed that occasionally gave her pause was Cindy's lack of personal space boundaries. She was always standing right next to Gina, or even touching Gina. Gina admitted to herself that any time she seemed uncomfortable Cindy would instantly draw away. When coupled with an incident that took place one evening it made her wonder a bit though.

The two of them had been working late. Gina was putting some books on a top shelf, using the small ladder from the storeroom. As she often did, she was wearing a matching skirt and blouse. As she stretched on her tiptoes to fit a couple books on top of the rack she glanced down. Cindy was standing right under her looking up. For a moment, Gina would have sworn Cindy was looking up her dress with an expression of, well, almost sexual interest. Gina, startled, glanced away, shook her head to clear it and looked back. Cindy was still standing there but was looking up at Gina with her normal friendly smile. Gina wondered if she had imagined the whole thing.

Then came the day of the storm. Gina had taken the chance to bolt for her car only to find the locks wouldn't open and she couldn't get in. She had danced about in the pouring rain in complete frustration, compounded by the fact the locks had been acting up for a week and she had forgotten to tell Tom about the problem. She fumbled for her cell phone for an instant before realizing how stupid she was standing in the downpour and rushed back to the store. The overhang gave her a little protection as she frantically tapped on the window to get Cindy's attention.

Just as she began to wonder what could have happened to Cindy the lock grated and Gina all but fell through the door as Cindy opened it.

"Oh my God, Gina! What happened?" exclaimed Cindy.

Gina explained in a long burst what had happened to her and why her husband probably wouldn't be able to pick her up. She realized she was shivering in the cold air inside the store and wrapped her arms around herself in a futile effort to warm herself up.

Cindy noticed and immediately insisted Gina come home with her and dry off. Upon Gina's grateful acceptance Cindy went off to finish locking the back room up. Gina dug out her cell phone and called Tom. She explained to him what had happened and where she was going.

"That's very nice of Cindy," Tom told her. "Honey, this storm has knocked power out in half the plant and I have no idea when I'll get out of here." He went on to tell her the forecast was the storm was going no where for hours and he might be called on to assist the local power company when the plant was back up. "I'll call the dealer come morning and get your car picked up."

As Gina put her phone back in her purse Cindy came out of the back room and they locked the store behind them and ran to Cindy's car. In less than 10 minutes they were at Cindy's ground floor apartment and Gina was dripping on her kitchen floor.

Cindy took immediate charge. She rushed Gina into her bathroom and turned the shower on full blast. Gina undressed and strewed her clothes haphazardly around the bathroom. She stepped into the hot water and all but collapsed as the warmth spread through her.

As she reveled in the delicious hot water she heard Cindy come back into the bathroom. Cindy announced she had brought towels and a robe. She further told Gina she was gathering her wet things and would hang them up in the kitchen. Gina thanked her. She giggled and wondered if Cindy had would notice there were no panties in the clothes? Sometimes she left then off under her pantyhose, especially when she and Tom had plans for later.

Gina was tempted to stay in the shower all night, or at least until the hot water ran out. Cindy's offer of a back rub sounded too good to pass up though and she hurriedly dried off and put the short terrycloth robe on. She came out drying her hair and brought up short. Cindy's bedroom was lit only by candles. At least one was aroma therapy Gina realized as she breathed deeply.

It was all so lovely Gina thought. She followed Cindy's instructions to slip off her robe and lie down on the soft bed. Cindy draped a fluffy towel over Gina's bottom and dribbled warm oil over her back. As Cindy's hands spread the oil and began to work sore muscles Gina couldn't decide if she could stay awake under those ministrations. It just felt so GOOD.

As Cindy continued to massage her, Gina found that she was able to stay awake very easily indeed. At first she wasn't sure of the source of the feelings beginning to come over her, or even the feelings themselves. She just knew her pulse was speeding up rather than slowing down and her breathing was becoming more rapid. When Cindy shifted her body and straddled Gina, the older woman began to feel, well, almost turned on. Cindy's strong fingers seemed to be brushing over every inch of her body, not just her back anymore but over the sides of her breasts and down over her bottom. She felt Cindy's legs tightly alongside her hips, flexing and relaxing as she stretched forward to reach Gina's shoulders. The rocking action pushing Cindy's crotch onto her now uncovered bottom was actually making Gina shiver. And, oh LORD, were those Cindy's nipples touching her back? Gina realized Cindy must be nude now.

The realization that Cindy was seducing her hit Gina. Just as she started to do something, anything, to stop it Cindy flattened her body to Gina's and after a passionate embrace rolled her seductee over and began to kiss her. Gina tried to protest, tried to stop Cindy, but neither her muffled words or halfhearted actions accomplished anything. Gina realized she wanted to experience this, and being seduced by her or not, that Cindy was the one she wanted to experience it with.

Gina reveled in the sensations of Cindy's mouth and tongue and fingers seeming to touch her every secret location. Cindy had prepared the ground so well that by the time the young woman actually touched Gina's open slit with her tongue Gina was already on the edge of an orgasm. The rapid movements of Cindy's tongue made Gina capture the sensual teen's hair and all but force her against her dripping pussy. Cindy's devouring of Gina's clit and the action of the two fingers Cindy drove into her coworker tipped the balance. For the first time in her life Gina had an orgasm from another woman and rewarded her young lover by coating her face with her nectar.

Unbelievably Gina reached a second and more powerful orgasm when Cindy moved her mouth and tongue to Gina's rose. No one had ever performed analinguas on her before, not Tom, not any boyfriend she had ever had before marriage. The sensations of Cindy's tongue deep in the dark reaches of her ass triggered a reaction that stunned Gina with its intensity.

Laying there that morning all these memories came rushing back to Gina. "Oh God, what did I do?" she thought. She stiffened and the tiny movement woke Cindy.

Cindy rolled over to face Gina and smiled. She kissed the other woman. Noticing the expression on Gina's face her smile faded a bit. "What's wrong Gina?"

Gina sat up, clutching the sheet they had slept under around her. "Cindy," Gina stopped, trying to collect herself and organize her words. "Cindy, I've never done anything like last night before."

"You mean sleep with another woman." The answer was more statement than question.

"No. I mean, yes. I mean," Gina took a deep breath. "I have never been with another woman before, yes. But I meant I have never cheated on my husband before."

"God." Cindy stammered, "Gina, I'm sorry. I never thought of it as that." She blushed. "I have to confess, I've wanted to seduce you for months now. I've been WORKING on seducing you for months. But I never, ever wanted to hurt or upset you." She finished a little lamely, "I just didn't think of it like that." Cindy stood and walked back and forth a bit, oblivious to the fact she was still nude.

Gina sat up, the sheet falling from her in her hurry. "Wait Cindy." As the other woman turned to her Gina continued, "Its okay." She laughed, if a bit shakily. "You're a very good seductress and I had a fantastic time. Deep down I know if I hadn't wanted an experience like this I would have found some way to stop it." Gina eyes traveled over Cindy's slim body and she felt her mouth dry a little. She tried to say something more but found her voice wasn't trustworthy. She realized her pulse was speeding again like last night.

Cindy looked down at Gina. When she turned to face her fully, Gina's eyes raked up and down the slim, seductive body and settled between Cindy's legs. Gina knew the desire in her eyes was obvious when Cindy simply said, "Gina." Gina reached her hand out to Cindy. Almost absently she noticed it was unsteady. Then Cindy took it and Gina drew the younger woman back to the bed and pulled her into her lap. Gina brought her lips to Cindy's and for the second time in her life she kissed another woman.

The kiss deepened immediately as passion overtook both women. Gina rolled Cindy onto her back and all but fell on top of her. She never lost contact with Cindy's mouth as she hungrily tasted Cindy's soft delicious mouth. Gina set her hips straddling Cindy's and slipped one hand down to cup a small taunt breast and touch the nipple. She rolled it in tiny circles with her thumb causing Cindy to whimper.

By now Gina was on fire. She had to complete her own exploration of this new experience. Still playing with Cindy's hard nipple Gina began to kiss slowly down the firm smooth skin of the teenager pinned beneath her. Now she was the aggressor as she captured the other breast in her mouth, sucking the globe into her mouth. She released enough to take the nipple in her lips and tug it sharply, bring another gasp from Cindy.

Gina hand moved down from Cindy's breast to slowly stroke over her ribs and then to her stomach. She slid her body a bit farther down and began to suckle both breasts, one than the other, rapidly back and forth. She flicked each nipple in turn, dragging her tongue over the very tip. Her hand continued down, over the swell of Cindy's mound to cover her sparse bush. She rubbed her whole palm over Cindy's pussy. Gina felt her hand immediately began to get slick as Cindy moaned. She curled one finger, pressing it between Cindy's lips and felt it slip inside her.

Gina withdrew her finger and lifted her hand to her own lips. She released Cindy's nipple and took her finger in her mouth and sucked it softly. The taste made her head spin. It was like nothing else she had ever tasted; not herself, not her husband. She realized she had to have this young woman under her and have her now.

Gina kissed wildly down over Cindy's flat, firm stomach. Barely pausing to lick the delicious navel, her hands grasped Cindy's hips and as the young woman moaned and parted her legs Gina lifted Cindy to her mouth. Her passion overwhelming her, Gina hesitated not a moment before penetrating Cindy's wet slit with her tongue. She lapped up and down, curling her tongue and tasting the wetness of Cindy's soft walls. She plunged her tongue deeply in the silkiness of the teenager's pussy. Rubbing her face over the puffy lips, Gina sucked the droplets off the fine thin hairs.

Cindy was already thrashing about on the bed. Her hips pushed up against Gina's questing tongue. Gina crouched between the slender woman's legs and let her still wet finger slip down the cleft between pussy and wrinkled hole. The touch of the very tip of that finger as it pressed inward seemed to completely set Cindy off.

"Oh my GOD, yes! Please Gina, please," Cindy cried as her head rolled wildly back and forth. Her hands dropped to the older woman's head and all but shoved Gina into her pussy. Gina responded by forcing her finger inside Cindy's ass and rocking it and out. The resulting bucking of Cindy's hips almost threw Gina away from her. Gina persevered, trying to push her tongue so deeply into Cindy that she could feel the tip of her finger meeting it. Cindy arched her back and locked in place, straining to hold that position. Gina answered by slamming home both tongue and finger and then holding them deep inside Cindy's shaking body.

The tableau was broken by Cindy's wordless cry and the collapse of her body to the bed. Gina felt the additional flood of juices pour into her open mouth as Cindy released in a long, shuddering orgasm. Gina swallowed in delight, savoring the taste of her young female lover. She used her tongue to gently clean Cindy's thighs and matted bush before sliding up to take Cindy's still trembling body in her arms. They kissed and Gina sighed as she rocked Cindy till her breathing and pulse returned to normal.

The resulting stillness was broken by the ringing of Gina's cell phone. Gina scrambled over Cindy and managed to knock it to the floor before snatching it up and answering it.

"Hello?" Gina paused and suddenly looked at herself and Cindy and blushed. "I'm fine honey. Yes, it was a nice night. I'm glad I didn't have to try to get all the way home by myself." She listened a bit longer and said, "Okay, fine. About 15 minutes? I'll be waiting." She pressed end and looked back at Cindy again.

"Tom on the way?" Cindy asked.

"Yes. He's finally off after working all night. He just got my car towed to the shop and says it should be ready by work this afternoon. I better get dressed," Gina finished, almost lamely.

"Gina, look at me," said Cindy. "Its okay. We had fun." She hesitated. "I think you're funny and smart and sexy. But I didn't and I don't want to cause you any trouble. Go home, snuggle with your husband and just remember this time with a little smile now and then."

Gina dressed and sat on the edge of the bed. She touched Cindy's face with the back of her hand. Then she stood as they heard a car horn toot outside and she walked to the door. She turned for a moment.

"I'll see you at work then." Gina hesitated, then left, carefully closing the door behind her.

"Yes," Cindy smiled to herself and stretched before rolling over to close her eyes. "I'll see you at work."

Thanks for reading. I haven't decided if this is going any farther. In the meantime I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know if you did.

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