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Rainy Day Sunday


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Rachel rolled over and pulled the duvet over her heard to try and block out the sound of rain pounding upon the windows and roof. It was Sunday morning. Her one day every week to sleep in while the kids were at her ex's. Don't get her wrong, she knew that we needed the rain. But did it really have to be so damned loud? On a Sunday? She reached for the night stand and pushed a button on her cell phone. Seven thirty-five! For goodness sake, it was not even eight. She could sleep in later than this on a school morning and still get three young children ready and off to school.

"Damn, damn, double damn," she cursed as she fumbled to put the cell phone back. She managed to knock over the wine glass from the night before. "Fuck," she spat this time as she grabbed tissues and began to dab at the spill before it could stain. Although no one would probably notice the red wine against the ugly brown industrial strength carpet. Could this morning get any worse?

As if in answer to her rhetorical question, her cell phone dinged with a message. 'I have to go into work today. Bad flooding from this storm. Will bring the munchkins back early.' Read the message from her fireman ex-husband. Now she was not even going to get a full day to herself. Not that she minded, not really. She loved her kids. Being a mom was what she had always wanted to be since she was a little girl playing with her dolls.

But as a single parent this one night and day every week when they went to their dad's was the only time she got to relax...and to get anything done. She went down the mental checklist, trying to decide what she absolutely had to do. Definitely needed to throw the laundry into the machines in the basement of their apartment complex. Of course, the dusting and vacuuming could wait. One week without that would not kill anyone.

The thing though was that this was also her time to...relax. And by relax she meant to have a marathon session of masturbation with her toys and come. Over and over again. She had only managed one orgasm last night over that half glass of now spilled red wine and the hot alien erotica for women. She sighed at the memory of seven foot, muscular men from outer space who actually were sensitive and passionate. And not real, she reminded herself. "There is a reason it is called fiction."

She sighed as she punched in a reply to the ex, 'What time?' Her phone pinged almost instantly, 'Half an hour?' She wanted to scream. Wanted to throw the phone at the wall. Wanted to tell him 'no,' but she could not. She knew that lives depended upon him. Especially on a day like this. As he said there would be flooding and traffic accidents and god only knows what else, she thought as she typed, 'ok.'

She laid the phone back on the night stand as she tried to adjust her plans for this day. She was glad now that she had done the weekly shopping late last night before bed. She was so thankful for twenty-four hour stores. It made everything so simple and civilized. At least she would not have to drag three whining children with the 'give-me's' up and down aisles of a packed store. She knew too that if she parked them in front of the television with their favorite movie then she could run down and put the laundry in the machine. Of course, she would need to bring it up here to fold it. Then again the youngest really enjoyed the matching game with socks so that would not be a problem.

So with her day re-organized, she asked herself...what to do with the next twenty-five minutes? She smiled as she reached under her pillow for her pink bullet vibrator. She might have to settle for two...maybe three...Happy Oh's this weekend but it was better than none. She closed her eyes and laid back against the warm cotton of the sheets as she listened to the pounding of the rain.

Once upon a time, a rainy day Sunday as they had called it would have been perfect. As young newlyweds, they would have welcomed the chance to just stay in bed...and fuck. Her ex might not be a seven foot alien but his job as a firefighter kept the man in good shape. Good enough that he had made the annual Fireman's Calendar last year. With his wavy blonde hair and big blues eyes...and sexual appetite that would do any spaceman proud, sex was the thing she missed most with the man.

So it was no surprise that it was his face that she pictured upon the video screen of her mind as the bullet made contact with her sensitive clit. She used her free hand to squeeze her round tit, to pinch and pluck at the hard nipple the way he used to. It did not take her long until she was lifting her hips off the soft cushion of the mattress, moaning as loudly as she wanted. Begging and pleading with the invisible lover for..."Yes...more...More...More." She got herself off in less than two minutes. She was getting pretty good at this. Her only form of sexual release.

She managed to drink a cup of hot, black coffee, read another chapter of alien sex and get off once more before the loud knock at the door. She could hear her younger two children fighting on the other side of the door and she wrapped the robe loosely about her and made her way to the door, "I'm coming," she yelled out.

The children rushed in the moment she opened the door. They headed straight for the television and early morning cartoons. she was left standing alone in the hallway with the man that had been the porn star in her fantasies less than half an hour before. She shifted nervously from foot to foot.

He smiled that stupid, sheepish little boy grin as he brushed a strand of hair back from her face. "Sorry about this. You know how it is though," he looked over her shoulder as she shrugged and nodded. "Hope I did not interrupt anything."

She laughed, only a hot fantasy of you, she thought. "It's okay. Don't worry about it."

"I am sorry if you had to kick him out early," he grumbled.

"Him?" she asked confused.

"Yeah, whoever you were having sex with," she could hear the anger growing in his voice.

"What makes you think I was having sex?" she demanded. "Not that it is any of your business if I was. You were the one that cheated. Not me."

He blushed and looked down at the reminder of his failings as a husband. "I'm sorry, Rachel. It was just seeing you like this. Hair tousled. Sleepy eyes. In nothing but that damned silk robe I gave you for Christmas last year. And smelling of sex...well...it just makes me wish." He shook his head, "Never mind. You are right. I was the one that fucked up our lives. The kids' lives. And it is none of my business if you have a dozen different lovers." He met her gaze then. "Remember how much we used to love rainy day Sundays like this?"

It was the first time that he had admitted it. And it struck Rachel deep, right in the heart. This was the man that she had loved since junior high school. The one that she had given her virginity to at homecoming. The father pf her children. And the only man to ever share her bed. A few words mumbled in the hallway on his way to work did not make everything all right, would not repair all the damage done to their relationship, rebuild the trust. But she could meet him half way. Then maybe...just maybe.

She stood on tip toe and brushed a light kiss to the side of his face as she whispered, "You were the only man in my bed this morning. And I was remembering our rainy day Sundays while I played with the bullet you gave me for our anniversary." She blushed and stared down at the cold concrete floor as she turned to go back inside.

A strong hand wrapped about her wrist then. Held her in place. She blushed even deeper as she looked up into his handsome face, "You should probably get to work."

He nodded, "I just wish..."

She nodded back, "I know." He dropped her hand and smiled as he turned to go. She was not certain what made her do it, but she sang out, "Stop by for a beer when you are finished." Suddenly she felt as shy and awkward as she had that first day in homeroom when she had introduced herself to the new guy. "If you want," she mumbled as she dropped her eyes.

"I want," echoed back to her as he was half way down the stairs. She stood in the door way watching his back retreat until he was gone. She could hear the kids fighting in the living room, probably over the remote. She closed the door and headed inside to deal with them. One problem at a time, she reminded herself. Laundry next. Then hot, alien lovers. And who knew maybe, just maybe...even hotter ex-husband ones before this rainy day Sunday was over.

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