tagGay MaleRainy Days

Rainy Days


It was raining again, not as furiously as it had been previous days, but a slow, lazy drizzle that was both annoying and persistent. Today, Santiago had meant to go out into the garden and tend the neglected mint and tomato plants, which he worried would be under siege by weeds and insects brought out by the downpour. Instead, it seemed he'd be spending yet another day lounging in bed, listening serenely to the sound of the rain tapping at the window like an incessant guest, with the reassuring heat of the young man's sleeping body pressed against him.

Presently, as yet another talk show began on the quiet television, Santiago turned to the clock on the bedside table and noted that it was past noon, and that he and the young man hadn't yet eaten breakfast. He exhaled gently, and after a bit of willing forced his body upright. He ran his calloused hands through his short, dark hair, stretching and feeling the dull soreness in his hips and buttocks. With a light groan, he pried himself gently from the young man's embrace and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

As he was about to rise, he felt the young man's hand clasp around his wrist. He turned; the young man was laying on his stomach, looking up at him with warm, dreary eyes.

"Don't go," the young man murmured in Spanish.

"I'm going to make breakfast."

"No." The young man was smiling, his face pressed against the mattress, refusing to release Santiago's wrist.

"You're not hungry, Alonzo?"

The young man's devious smile spread into a contagious grin. "Hungry for your love."

Santiago chuckled, ruffling Alonzo's soft brown locks. "Idiot," he said fondly.

Alonzo's hand left Santiago's wrist to cradle the older man's face, thumb gingerly rubbing the smooth cheek. He gazed up at Santiago, a gentle smile lingering on his full lips.

"What?" Santiago mumbled, his face warming as the young man continued to stare.

"Nothing," Alonzo said, giving Santiago's cheek a final caress before letting his hand drop away. "You're just the most beautiful, wonderful thing I've ever had in my entire life, is all."

Santiago blushed. He leaned down and kissed the young man softly on the temple, murmuring again, "Idiot."

Alonzo caught Santiago in his arms, preventing escape. Santiago laughed quietly.

"Can't breakfast wait, love?" Alonzo cooed.

"I suppose it'll have to."


The drizzle outside had worked itself into a storm by the time Alonzo was done with Santiago. The two men lay softly panting as the pitter-patter of rain on the window gradually became a loud drone. Positioned on top of Santiago, Alonzo gave the older man one more long, tender kiss as he slowly pulled out of him. Santiago gasped lightly, feeling the sudden emptiness once Alonzo was completely out, and then he wished for more, wished to be filled again. He wrapped his arms around Alonzo's neck and pulled him into an embrace.

"Was it good?" Alonzo inquired, his voice low and gentle. He nestled his head against Santiago's chest.

"Yes," Santiago answered. "It always is. As long as it's with you."

Alonzo smiled, running his hand lazily up and down Santiago's torso, from collar to abdomen. Santiago moaned softly in approval and raised a hand to stroke Alonzo's head, fingers curling themselves in the velvety hair.

They'd been doing this all morning, Santiago mused to himself. Hell, they'd been doing this all weekend. How many times, he wondered, had they made love in the past few days? He smiled to himself, realizing that for the first time in a long while he was perfectly content. He closed his eyes, feeling the soft tickle of Alonzo's breath on the skin of his chest, listening to heavy rain persist outside.

They must have dozed, for when Santiago checked the clock next it was already three in the afternoon. He sighed gently, rubbing his eyes with the heel of the hand that wasn't still holding Alonzo. He turned his head to find the gorgeous, lucid brown eyes of the young man staring up at him. Santiago's eyebrows furrowed slightly, the corners of his mouth turned themselves upwards inevitably.

"I wish you wouldn't stare at me like that," Santiago said, ruffling the young man's hair.

"But darling," Alonzo said, propping himself up on his elbows to gaze down fully at the face of his lover, "you're just so beautiful, I can't help myself."

Alonzo's smile was broad and handsome, and as he leaned down to give Santiago's face a gentle peck, the older man found himself becoming more and more smitten. And though Alonzo knew it was rare for Santiago to express his feelings in words, he was doubtless of the love he and Santiago now shared.

For this, Alonzo was grateful.

"Come on now," Santiago said, giving Alonzo a playful shove off of him. "You must be hungry by now." He rose up off the bed and began searching for the clothes that had been thrown carelessly across the room the night before.

"Shall I make us breakfast, amorcito?" Alonzo beamed sweetly.

"More like lunch," Santiago mumbled. He zipped his pants and slipped on the dress shirt he'd worn previously, not bothering with the buttons. Before he could begin to make his way out the door, he felt Alonzo's warm, soft hands clutching gently at his hips, pulling him back into an embrace.

"Te quiero mucho," Alonzo purred against Santiago's ear. The older man shuddered lightly at the warm breath on his skin. He turned around to face Alonzo, reaching a hand up to cup the dimpled cheek, moving in to kiss the full, slightly-parted lips.

"I love you too," Santiago whispered, and with their chests pressed so tightly together, he swore he could feel Alonzo's heart skip a beat.

The two men pulled away gradually. Santiago saw the beginnings of a blush blooming on Alonzo's cheeks, and glancing down between the other man's legs he found that a blush wasn't the only thing growing. He couldn't help but smirk and sigh gently, running a hand through his hair.

"Your vitality is going to kill me."

"Oh, please, amorcito!" Alonzo was on Santiago again, holding him close and rocking his hips shamelessly against him. "You know I can't help it when you act so cute like that."

"I'm getting old, niño," Santiago groaned. "I don't have as much spark left in me as you do."

"We're only a few years apart."

"Eight is more than a few."

"Oh, please, Santiago," the younger man pleaded. "You aren't going to leave me like this, are you? Just feel me." He pulled Santiago's hand down to cup the erection that had grown impressively already. Santiago flushed immediately at the feel of it; he wrapped his fingers around it heedfully and Alonzo gasped. It was smooth and long and so, so hot; Santiago's own member jumped as he began to stroke Alonzo's cock slowly, teasingly, using only his fingertips to trace it.

Alonzo moaned, thrusting his hips forward commandingly, seeking more. Santiago nipped the younger man's earlobe before moving his lips down to suck at the soft skin at the base of Alonzo's neck. He heard the small noise Alonzo made in the back of his throat and became suddenly aware of his own arousal straining against his jeans. There wasn't much time to take care of it, however, before Alonzo was pulling him back onto the bed.

Alonzo toppled first down onto the rumpled sheets, dragging Santiago down on top of him. Before Santiago could even get settled, Alonzo was back to humping and rocking his lower half against him like an animal in heat. Santiago felt the familiar warmth rising in his neck and in his abdomen as he reached down again to tug and stroke at Alonzo's hard, uncut shaft.

"God, we're going to waste away in this bed," Santiago gasped when Alonzo unzipped his jeans, finally releasing his erection.

"I wouldn't mind wasting away with you," Alonzo chimed, rolling over so that he was on top of Santiago, straddling him. He leaned forward and pressed his cock against Santiago's, and then he wrapped his hand around them as best as he could before beginning to thrust his hips.

The friction made them both gasp and moan. Santiago reached out helplessly to grasp at the bed sheets, but Alonzo took his hand and clasped their fingers. Santiago bit his lip to keep from groaning.

"Alonzo, please," he breathed, his face hot. "Please, put it in me again."

Alonzo needed no more prompting. The sight of Santiago, aroused and writhing beneath him, those usually somber eyes now filled with such heat and lust was almost enough to send him over the edge. He dismounted quickly, grabbing the bottle of lube that had been tossed on the floor earlier. He popped open the cap and began to drizzle some on his fingers.

"Don't bother with that," Santiago panted. "Just hurry. I'll be alright."

"Are you sure, amorcito? I don't want to hurt you--"

"Oh, God, Alonzo, please! It'll be okay, just put some on yourself and then stick that hard cock inside of me!"

Santiago was begging, bucking his hips up and spreading his legs for Alonzo.

The young man's head reeled with arousal and lust. He rubbed the lube onto his penis, panting. "Shit, if you keep talking like that I won't be able to last five seconds," he murmured, moving in and propping one of Santiago's legs up onto his shoulder.

He guided his dick carefully into Santiago's puckered hole, pushing in slowly, unbearably. Both men sucked in a breath as Santiago's sphincter closed around the head of Alonzo's shaft. Santiago reached around to cup Alonzo's ass and pull him in further.

Alonzo gasped at the tightness wrapped around his length. He clenched his teeth, groaning.

"You're so hot," he breathed as he began to move his hips.

Santiago was panting and moaning softly. He raised a hand to cradle Alonzo's face before tangling his fingers in the younger man's hair, tugging gently to bring Alonzo in closer for a heated kiss. Alonzo continued to thrust, brows furrowing as the pleasure hit him in waves. He gradually picked up speed, pistoning into Santiago beneath him, finding the older man's prostate and hitting him there again and again, brushing the sensitive nerve endings, sending sparks through Santiago's body. The squeaking protests of the springy mattress and the sound of the headboard banging against the wall with each thrust were lost in the haze of heat and pleasure.

Suddenly Alonzo cried out, gasping Santiago's name as he came hard into his lover's ass. Santiago followed suit quickly as he felt Alonzo's hot essence fill him. He clenched himself around Alonzo's cock, milking the younger man, who trembled and groaned quietly. Once they had both blissfully ridden out the aftershocks of their orgasms, Alonzo slowly slid out of Santiago, his cum spilling out of the older man's entrance.

The two lay panting side-by-side, Alonzo taking his position snuggled into Santiago's chest, their skin slightly damp with sweat and cum. The air was quiet as the electric air settled, as both men came back down to earth. Santiago draped an arm around Alonzo, kissing and nuzzling the top of the man's head.

"I love you," Alonzo murmured against Santiago's skin. "I really, really love you, Angel."

"I know," Santiago replied, a blush spreading across his cheeks as his first name was used. "I love you too, Alonzo."

Alonzo shifted, wriggling his body up so that he and Santiago were both on their sides, face-to-face. He pressed his forehead against Santiago's and stared deeply into the other man's dark eyes. Santiago returned the gaze, though a bit startled by the sudden intensity in the younger man. They analyzed each other for what seemed like ages, their eyes locked.

"Always?" Alonzo questioned, his voice, barely a whisper, seeming suddenly so childlike, so unsure.

Santiago's heart leapt. He wanted to cry suddenly, to hold Alonzo in his arms forever and protect him, to love him and please him, to share life with him. Never before had Santiago been so overcome with emotion. His lips trembled, his eyes welled.

"Yes," he managed to say. "Yo siempre te amaré."

Alonzo grinned broadly, pressing their lips together tenderly, softly.

"No llores," he said, wiping the tears that had begun to stream down Santiago's cheeks. "I'll always love you, too, Angel."

Quietly, lovingly, the two men held each other, falling once more into a peaceful sleep as the television cast blue light onto their entwined forms, as the wind and rain persisted outside.

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