tagGay MaleRainy Emo Night Ch. 01

Rainy Emo Night Ch. 01


It was late and raining. The forecast had the rain tapering off and cooling later that night, but for now it was still raining hard. I had just gotten home from my job, closing up the piercing parlor for the night. It wasn't too busy, it never was when it was raining. I drummed my chipped black nail polished fingernails on the outside of the fridge. I had the door open staring into it, the light from inside lit up a rather dark half kitchen in the apartment. I sighed, a half case of beer, a carton of leftover Chinese and a half an orange was all that was left inside. I scratched my bare chest, I had taken off my tattered black t-shirt, it was soaked from the rain. I ran my fingers across my abs, scratched a little more where my most recent addition to the tattoo'd art that was covering most of my right side. I hadn't had the cash to continue the design that would eventually cover most of my upper torso, the last part was a few months old, the linework was dark solid blacks and a tribal island patterns. I yawned, pushed my dyed black hair away from my face and stretched, grabbed a beer out of the fridge and closed the door. I leaned on the kitchen counter, opened the beer and drank most of it. The frosty bottle brushed up against my chest. The slight coldness from the beer and the thought of the rain gave me the chills, a shiver ran through me and I felt the rings in both of my nipples tighten against the skin.

Unfortunately, it reminded me it had been a while since I last had sex. It was three months since my bitch of a girlfriend, Shelly, left and the few remaining boxes of her crap that she left stood in the corner of the living room -- as a constant reminder of her absence. Don't get me wrong, she had to go. I had kicked her out of the apartment months earlier after I had caught her having sex in the bathroom of a local bar with my ex-bestfriend. She had soon dumped him for a new long haired blond guy that she met at the college she still attended on occasion. She had a thing for long haired guys. I kept mine shoulder length. Earlier, she had left a phone message saying her new boyfriend would be over tonight to pick up the last of her stuff. It was like her to make someone else grab her stuff for her. It wasn't that she was afraid of seeing me, she just would rather have someone else do her shit for her, she liked to boss men around. I sighed again, grabbed another beer from the fridge and walked to the bathroom.

I pulled the chain on the overhead light, squinted as the light popped on. I looked at myself in the mirror, I grunted, I was pretty damn thin to begin with, the bitch took off with most of my cash, and the rent had to come the week before even considering stocking the fridge. I grabbed a towel and ran it through my slightly rain damp jet black hair. I stared back at myself, my eyeliner had ran, it only made my eyes look like they were set back into my skull further. I grabbed my 1/2" black plugs from the bathroom sink counter and took out the 1/2" tunnels I had in both ears and replaced them with the solid black ones. I then took off my black jeans that had shrunk a little in the rain. I dried myself off and grabbed my rather worn leather pants and slipped them on, I didn't bother with underwear, I had have to go to the laundry soon. I put on a new pair of clean black socks and laced on a pair of 10 eye steel toed Gripfast boots that also looked rather worn. They were well broken in. I was about to grab a shirt when I knock came to the door. Shit, I thought, it was probably Shelly's boyfriend.

I was still shirtless when I walked to the door and opened it. It was him alright, he looked at me, almost embarrassed that he was here. I noticed his eyes had glanced at my chest before meeting he said hello. His name was Henry and he had a slight build as well and was just an inch or so shorter than me. He was wearing a dark green t-shirt with a small black silkscreened skull and some jeans. I told Henry to come in, and pointed at the boxes. I didn't offer to help. He looked at the boxes, there were about ten good sized ones stacked in the corner. He went over to one and tried to pick it up. Henry said, "Shit what does she have in here."

"Books," I replied, "her class books, and from the looks of it, the past four years worth." He grunted again, picked it up and went out the door to his car. He had to make several trips with the heavy boxes. By the time he was done, he was soaked with rain and sweat. I looked at him, in a way I felt sorry for him, I knew my former girlfriend was a cheating bitch and it would only be a short time before she cheated on Henry as well.

"Hey Henry," I said to him, "want a beer?"

He looked at me, crinkled his brow, I could see his uncomfortableness fade away and he said, "sure, thanks man."

I went to the fridge grabbed another one, opened it and handed it too him. He took it and said thanks. He glanced down at my chest again and said, "hey, cool piercings and tattoos, I always wanted to get something pierced."

I looked at him, cocked my head and said,"Well, I work at Young's Piercing down on Main Street. Come down and all hook you up." I really wasn't too pissed off at the guy, I guess I couldn't really be. He wasn't the guy that was screwing with my girlfriend at the time I was going out with her, but at the same time, I really felt like getting back at the back stabbing bitch.

Henry said,"Hey, thanks man, that would be cool. But Shelly said that I shouldn't get anything, she mentioned that she didn't care for guys with piercings."

I thought, well no shit, she would say that if she was pissed off at me. She was sleeping around and fucking my best friend at the time we were going out, but I was the one that threw her out. So I was the bad guy. He had finished his beer, I grabbed two more from the fridge, one for both of us. He looked up at me and said thanks again for the beer.

"So do you have any other piercings?" Henry asked me, a little sheepishly.

I said, "Well, I have both nipples pierced, two plugs and a PA. I use to have a few more."

His voice perked up a littler, he looked at me and asked,"What's a PA?"

"Well," I said, "it's called a prince albert and it's a piercing, usually with a large gauge steel ring that goes through the hole in a person's cock and out on underneath." I even had a pretty large gauge ring for a PA, I had spent some careful months stretching the hole and going up gauges a few times. Henry's eyes went a little wide. "So," I said to him, "want to see it? It's ok, I pierce for a living, just think of it as a visual aid."

Henry gulped and said, "Uh, yea, I guess, I mean sure, if it's ok and all."

"Sure, no problem," I said. I unbuttoned the top of my leather jeans and pushed the zipper down. I had gone commando, so it didn't take much to get a view of my seven and half inch soft dick.

"Wow," Henry said,"that's uh, pretty cool, and uh, pretty big. I mean pretty big ring, of course."

I smiled and thought I would rag on him. I said, "yea, your girlfriend says she doesn't like piercings, but this is one she never complained about."

Henry looked at me then back down again, and said,"Hey, is there another piercing down there?"

I said to him, "you mean on my balls? It's a scrotal piercing, with a captive bead ring. You can look closer if you want to see." I pulled up my dick a little so that he was able to see the piercing, I hadn't shaved down there in a while, so my pubes where about 1/2", so he got a pretty good look at the positioning of the piercing.

Henry got a little closer, brushed his blond hair out of his eyes and looked like he wanted to say something. I looked at him and thought it was a little strange, he was staring a little too much. Like I said earlier, it had been awhile since I had sex, and the thought of him paying a little extra attention to my privates got my head thinking. Internally I smiled to my self and had a little evil thought I thought, hey, if I could get back at Shelly, and maybe satisfy my own needs, it wouldn't be so bad and might make this rainy night a little less depressing.

So I spoke up. "So, henry, want to touch it?" I asked. My cock had gotten a little firmer as I was still holding it so he could get a better look at the scrotal piercing.

Henry's eyes did not meet mine, he just kept staring at my cock. The internal grin began to grow into a real one, I thought hey, maybe Henry was a little into this whole scene. I said, hey why not to myself, might as well take it to my advantage. I said,"it's ok, Henry, it doesn't bite." I grinned and Henry, finished another chug at his beer. He walked closer to me, and knelt down.

"Did it hurt?" Henry asked.

"The PA hurts the most when you insert the receiving tube, but that's part of the fun Henry. No pain, no gain," i replied back.

His hand came up, and touched the underside of my cock. Henry looked to himself in deep thought. I thought to myself, man this is too easy, he doesn't need any prompting. I thought back to Shelly's taste in men, and I knew she had a thing for guys that she thought swung a little bi. He moved closer and came face to face with my cock, which by now had grown to it's almost it's full nine and a half inches. He looked up at me, I said, "go ahead, it's ok."

His lips parted a little bit and his tongue ran ever slow slightly on his lips. "Henry," I said to him more firmly," take it." Surprisingly the tone in my voice broke through to him. There was a slight drop of precum on the tip of my dick, glistening on the end of silver PA piercing. Henry licked his lips again and came even closer to me. I heard him inhale, I knew he was taking in my sweaty leather smell. I grabbed his hands and placed them on the sides of my legs, He slipped his fingers part way under my leather pants that were half way down my ass. Henry's wet tongue reached out and tentatively tasted the length of my dry shaft. As his tongue reached the tip of my cock he slipped his tongue into my piss hole, exploring the piercing, tasting my precum. I sensed his body almost relaxing as he did that. This wasn't going to be a lame night after all.

It was then that I took hold of his long blond hair and grabbed it in two hand fulls and guided his head into my crouch and onto my cock. His lips parted and my pieced cock entered his mouth. His lips were not too tight on my cock as a forced about four inches in. He gagged slightly and I pulled his head off my dick. I told him to relax. Henry then pushed forward and took my cock into his mouth again, giving in to the experience. I felt my PA rub against the top of the roof of his mouth. His lips swirled around my cock.

"Henry," I said to him. "Do you like cock?" His head shook slightly up and down as he began to take more of it into his mouth. "Henry, if you want more, your going to have to go all the way, and I mean all the way with me Henry. Do you understand? Your going to have to listen and do what I say for the rest of the night" He shook his head yes again. "Ok, " I said, "no backing out Henry do you understand? We wouldn't want Shelly to know you were sucking on her ex-boyfriends cock would we?"

I heard him mumble a "yes sir" under his breath. I smiled and took that as my cue to ram his head down the full length my cock, I felt his muffled breath on my pubes. He gagged a little, but he began to get into it, after a few assisted pushes and pulls he got the full hang of it. I didn't think this was Henry's first time sucking a guy's cock. I moaned felt myself relax, and ran my fingers into his hair, I enjoyed feeling my cock and the PA rub in and out of his throat, over and over again. He had grabbed my ass a little more and digging deeper into my leather pants. I grabbed his hands gently as he continued to feed on my cock and placed each one of his hands on my pierced nipples. I used my hands to show him how to yank and pull on the piercings. My nipples became rock hard as I let him play with my nipples by himself. He continued to yank and pull and tweak as I continued to fuck his face. In and out, I felt the smooth movement of my dick around his tongue, I felt each vain throbbing on his tongue. Deeper I thrusted into him. He popped my cock out his mouth and ran his tongue down to my sack. He sucked in my hairy sack on at a time, He sucked on them more and used his tongue to pull and tease my scrotal piercing. He continued to savor the taste of the metal and my nuts and I grabbed his head again and put in back to work on my cock. My dick was soaking wet with his spit as he began to go faster and faster down the length of my cock.

"Henry, man I'm going to cum. Take it deep man." I pounded into him harder and harder, down his throat I felt my PA bang against it. In and out. I couldn't take it anymore, and then without another warning, wave after wave of cum spurted out filling his throat and mouth. I held his head tight onto my cock so he could take every drop of what seemed like gallons of cum coming out my cock. Cum was beginning to seep out of the side of his mouth as I had stopped pumping into him. I pulled up on his hair, and my slick cock slide out of his mouth, I made him stand and I drew him close, His sweaty shirt clung to my sweaty body as I opened his mouth my tongue and slid it inside his mouth. I savored the taste of my cum in his mouth, I passed it back to him. I told him to swallow, he did and then used he explored my mouth. He made sure to find and lick any remaining spunk out of my mouth, sucking on the tip of my tongue. I smiled at him and pushed him away.

"Henry, your a mighty fine cock sucker," I said. Sheepishly he grinned. Then I dropped the bomb on him, "Henry, I don't think Shelly is going to be too pleased, I think we might have a little problem if you don't continue to do what I say."

Henry quizzingly looked back at me, "Shit, your still going to tell her man?"

I said, "no, not unless you listen to whatever I say tonight, and I mean everything."

"Ok, ok," he said, "just don't tell her anything man, she'll be pissed."

I smiled, finished off the rest of my beer. "Well, in that case Henry," I began,"your night has just begun.... and I think we'll begin with a few piercings too."

Henry looked at me, a little worried,"But," he stammered, "she'll be pissed."

"Not as pissed as she's going to be if she learns her new boyfriend just sucked me off," I replied back.

"Alright," he said with a resigned look,"fine whatever then."

I smiled, it was going to be a fun night after all.

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