tagGroup SexRainy Night

Rainy Night


Everything started after a long day of work... I was preparing to go home after a long 40 hrs. duty shift in a very busy Emergency Department, when my friend Irene, also a doctor, came to the Doctor's lounge and asked me to walk her to the car. It was around 10:00 PM and she didn't want to walk alone to the parking lot. When we got to the outside it was pouring like a river. Being inside a hospital for all those hours keep you unaware of what happen outside. Waiting to stop raining were our friend Melissa. She came to the hospital just to see how one of her patients did in a test she ordered early in the mourning. And was standing there for about an hour.

" It's been raining constant for the last 2 hrs," Marian told us, "they said in the news that it's a thunderstorm that may extend for a couple of more hours before it stop."

I looked at Irene and I knew what she was thinking. The same thing I was. "I did not want to get stuck in here. Forty hours is enough," I said. Irene agreed with her head.

"But what we going to do my car is at the end of the lot" Irene said. "I am next to your car and I'm not going to drive too long to go home in this weather."

"Hey. My car is near and we can go to my home until this end."

Saying no more we decided to go to my house that it only five minutes away. However, in that weather took us about 30 min. The run to my car was short, but raining as it was, got us soaked from head to toes. We did not expected at that moment what was going to happened that night.

To give a little of background, we has being best friends for four years. We all has our partner (girlfriend and boyfriend) and they are part of our group of friends. We had share a lot of moment together. Irene and Melissa are the best friends of my girlfriend, way before I met them. Irene's boyfriend is also one of my close friend. Irene is a tall redhead with impressive breast, rounded hips and long legs (36D, 29, 40 to be more precise). Meanwhile, Melissa is a petite blonde, slender with small tits and a rounded ass (32A,25,34). I measured them that night.

It was one of those night without a moon, dark and the thunderstorm made it darker, as well as exciting. We made small talk of what happened during the night and how exhausting it was in the way home. And Marian told us her most recent problem with her boyfriend. The conversation turned from just talking to more intimate subjects. The air started to suture with sexual tension as Melissa explained what was going on between her and her boyfriend.

"Vinny always wants to make love, every time we are together." Melissa stated as she explained her problem. "We cannot share with other, like you guys, because at the moment we were there he starts complaining and waning that he wants to go home, that he wants to be with me... Alone. I understand that we don't see much of each other and when he comes he wants to be with me. "

"So that's why you left early from Lory and Concha's Wedding" I told her. They arrived late to the reception and left in less than an hour.

"He wanted to be with me, we were not together for 4 months. "Melissa tried to excuse him. Melissa's boyfriend studies in Alabama and they see each other during the vacations and when Melissa visits him. "But I felt bad to leave early. I want him to share more with the group, but he says that the few time we has together we cannot waste going out he does not even want to share with my family..." Irene abruptly stop Melissa, "Melissa, after all you have pass with him, all the problems and humiliation you have suffered... you need to leave him. You have being with him for five years and he treats you like this. He's not good for you... you deserve better. What you need in a MAN that rock your world, that turn you upside down." I did not expected Irene to say that, but that comment open up a more intimate, sexually explicit conversation that we continued in the house.

As soon as we were in the house I gave them a shot of Tequila to warm up. I extend an invitation to take off all the wet close and put some dry one so we did not get sick. We were all soaked and wet so we went to the terrace. It was cold. I could say so because Irene's nipples were protruding through her wet shirt. We continue our chat getting more intimate and sexually explicit. Melissa poured another round of Tequila and then when to the bathroom.

The rain kept pouring hard, the cold wing blow hard on the trees outside my terrace. A night like no other. All this created the perfect environment for what happened next. We had 2 tequilas already and I served the third one. Irene swallowed it like water. I stared at her for just a moment, admiring her beauty. I had seeing her a lot of time before but this time was different. I looked at her breast they seem larger and her nipple was trying to ripe her shirt and run free in the cold night. We look at each other and kiss. First with small kisses just touching her mouth. Then she opened her mouth and her tongue explored my cavity until meeting my eager tongue. We kiss passionately. I started to rub my right hand against her back, up and down. While with the left one started to caress her big breast. Our coats felt to the floor. And I unbuttoned her shirt, one by one, with suave motion. She had a white lace bra that just cover part of her large breast. Her left nipple wasn't covered and her right one was picking through the lace. Those beautiful light brown, dollar-size nipples I just can't wait to touch and kiss, so I moved my hand to caress her naked boobs. Started to kiss my way down to her nipples, alternating between them, kissing, licking and biting them.

"Oh...Ahhhhhhh...Yessssss..." Iris moaned as I keep licking her nipples and hardened, about half an inch. I never in my wildest dream thought Iris has those luscious, large, inviting nipples. "Oh, Yess...Lick my nipples, bite them... Oh, Yessss..." she kept moaning.

She started to undress me, first taking my wet scrub shirt off, then rubbing her soft hand all over my chest. I untied her scrub pants falling to the floor, revealing her gray lace panties (she always has that obsession with fine, elaborated underwear, but I never thought she wears them to work). I moved my right hand to touch her crotch, it was very wet. Soon I knew it wasn't due to the rain because there was a small dry area between the top of her panties and her hairy crotch. She was very excited and continued to moan heavily. I caressed her bush through the fabric increasing her groaning. I placed my hand inside her panties and traced her pussy with my middle finger until her lips parted and I had access to her wet slit. I wasted no time, started to pinch her clit between my fingers. She closed her eyes and her knees weakened I had to hold her pressing our chest together. Feeling her larger breast with her hard nipples pressing against my chest made me hornier than I ever been before and she was feeling the same, we lost our inhibitions and let our lust to take charge. She started to rub my confined hard cock through my scrub pants that wasn't long before it end up in the cloth pile that has been forming in the floor.

"Tit, I knew you have a nice cock from what Nelly told me, but I didn't know it was that big."

"I been looking your tits for a long time, but I didn't know you have these gorgeous nipple... so hard and big, you can stab me with them." I whispered while I introduce my middle finger in her waiting pussy. " Oh, Yes, Yes, Yessss... make me cum...ohhhhhh...keep fucking me...I want to cum, I want to cum..." I increased the pace, finger fucking her, then introduced another finger. That took Irene over the edge and started to scream," I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I cumminggggg...." She started to shiver and I felt her orgasm building deep inside her until exploded in the more intense orgasm I ever witness.

She buried her face in my chest for few minutes until she recovered her breath. Then she drop to her knees and started kissing my rock-hard cock. Moving her tongue from tip to bottom, liking my ball.

"I want to suck your cock and I want you to cum in my mouth... I want to taste your sweet cum. I was told it's delicious." Irene whispered while get my cock inside her mouth. She sucked my cock wildly, taking it deeply several times. That felt great. Those big, luscious lips going all the way down to my balls. She is a great cocksucker and has great tongue skills. She moved her tongue from side to side while deep throating me and making a suction feeling. (Wow! I get hard on just thinking on it.)

"Oh, Irene keep sucking...Ahhhh..." I started to moan, "You're a great cocksucker... Lick and suck your lollipop."

She removed her mouth from my dick just to suck my balls each at a time. She had one hand finger fucking her cunt and her other hand stroking my cock. She looked at me with that slutty look and whispered," Cum in my mouth, deep... give me your hot, sweet juice..." She moaned as sucked my rod again. Deep throating, moving her tongue and sucking hard. That was all I could take. I exploded deep in her wet mouth, sending large jism of cum down her throat. She handle most of it and swallowed it like a pro, but a couple of drops rolled down her chin to her big tits.

In the meantime, Melissa had already returned from the bathroom wearing her soaked shirt and no pants. " Hey!!... I'm the one who should be fucked... didn't I need a man to rock my world."

"Don't worry Melissa, there's enough for you too where this came from"

" Let me taste it...is it as sweet as Nelly told us"

"Better," Irene exclaimed.

"Melissa, here's some left for you...," I grasp Irene's left tit in my hand I showed it to Melissa. She didn't hesitate and started licking Irene's tit. I never been with two women before nor that they played with each other. This was something I never dreamed of, not even in my wildest dreams.

Melissa licked my cum out of Irene's tit, "I want some from the source.." she said and started to suck my dick up to the last drop.

Melissa stand up and I took her wet shirt off. Her small tits were covered with a thin see-through bra and she was in this small panties that accented her hips. I embraced with her in a deep kiss, our tongue met in a lambada dance. My hands caressed her back and ass. To my amaze she was wearing a G-string. I moved my hands up and down, opening her buttock and squeezing it. Melissa moaned in delight. Her bra soon accompany the rest of the cloth in the pile. I turned her so she was facing away from my and looking to the view. My right hand moved straight to her crotch caressing her slit through the fabrics and inside her panty while my left hand caressed her pink quarter-sized nipples. She moaned and turned her faced back so we could kiss. She moved her tongue sensually, licking my lips then hers. This scene should be very exciting because Irene had her fingers buried in her pussy and moaning loudly.

"Tit, rock my world... make me the horniest slut in the world... Ohhhh!... make me beg for more... fuck me all night long." This is all I need to here. I carried her to the table placing her at the edge. Moved the chair in front of her so my head was in front of her expecting cunt. Melissa spread her leg and I started to lick her cunt through the panty. I removed it with my mouth . She had a complete shaved pussy with small lips, but a large clit. I played with her lips for a while, parted them and introduce my tongue inside her lovely cunt. She moaned wildly and screamed " ...eat my pussy. Oh, Yesss... I never been eaten before... This is great..."

I kept teasing her tunnel and clit. I always tried to satisfy my partner, make her cum and cunnilingus is a great way to do it. For Melissa it was her first time and I made it special. She would never forget the first time her pussy was eaten. I made sure she wasn't. I felt a hand caressing my now semi erect cock, that hand was soon replaced by an eager mouth. Irene made me rock-hard again.

"Vinny never eat you, he never taste this delicious pussy... He doesn't know what he has miss all this time... I'll be gentle, careful and kinky..."

She increased her breathing and push her cunt toward my face. I introduced my middle finger in her wet canal fingering her to new level of excitement. Melissa beg me to continue in a whisper voice, "please don't stop... Oh, God... please ... Ahhhh!!." I knew Melissa was near her orgasm so I licked her clit, then suck it. It was all Melissa needed to go over board. She screamed and started to convulse, moving her hips up and down. Squeezing my finger. I felt a rush of her juice in my mouth and chin. I kept my finger buried and my mouth locked in her clit until her orgasm ended. When I released her I looked down and Irene had her eyes closed and her face covered with Melissa's juice. I didn't imaging Melissa was a kind of a squirter. One of many things I discovered that night about my best friends.

Melissa started to regain her breath lying on the table. Irene stands up and I lick Melissa's juice off her face as she does the same to me. It was time to fuck and Irene knows that, so she sits in a recliner chair I had in the terrace and spread her legs. Her pussy opened wide inviting me to fuck her.

"Tit, come and get it. Fuck me. Put that big cock in my wet hole... ." I kissed Melissa's cunt and placed myself in front of Irene's inviting pussy. It was glistening with her juice. Her lips were red and engorged. I teased her first with my dick. Shoving it up and down her slit. "I'm going to fuck you as you never being fuck before. I'll fuck you hard. You'd beg for more all night long," I whisper in her ear. She moaned and added, ."..fuck me all you want, any way. I just want your big dick ripping my pussy and making me cum... as you said ... all night long. Fuck me, please, and stop teasing me I'm so fucking horny..."

Irene grasp my cock and introduced it into her wet canal. Immediately she started to screaming and moan. Inch by inch I kept given it to her. I went all the way in until my balls hit her ass, then started to pump in and out. I keep changing the pace, faster then slowly. This drove her crazy. She began to scream," Oh, Yesss... fuck me hard. AAhhh!!... keep doing that it drive me crazy... Yes."

"Yes Irene, scream... don't hold your orgasm, enjoy it, live it," Melissa said while joining us. She started to suck Irene's big tits and nipples. Melissa sucked her nipples as if it was a cock. There was no inch of her tits Melissa did not lick, suck or kiss. Irene wasted no time and introduce two fingers in Melissa's cunt. That increased Melissa's lust and their sex get heavier. Melissa bend over Irene's body and I opened her ass cheek exposing her ass hole. Irene lubed Melissa's hole with pussy juice and I introduced my left thumb all the way in. Melissa screamed in excitement, her cunt filled with 2 fingers and now her ass stuffed with my thumb. Irene and Melissa began kissing and embraced in a deep, passionate, wet kiss that made me horny as hell.

I kept banging Irene opening giving her my 8 inch-long, 6.5 inch-thick love meat (they measured my cock that night). She love that, she beg for more between moaning and screams. "Fuck me hard, harder... Ohhhh, harder... more, please moreeeeee...."

"You wants more, you'll get more, bitch... I'll fuck you hard, scream all you want. I'm gone cum deep inside you, my nasty slut."

She started to explode in orgasm after orgasm, screaming like in porno movies, but this wasn't fake. I did not know Irene was such a screamer and a loud fucker. Her orgasm went wild, she was jerking her hips taking more of my meat inside her. I opened Irene's leg wider and fuck her as hard as I can. She kept screaming and jerking uncontrollably. I couldn't hold more and I exploded deep inside her hot, lusty cunt. Melissa screamed as her juice run down Irene's hand and her shocking orgasm run wild through her body. We all laid still for a while will catching our breath back.

The night was not over yet...

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