tagIncest/TabooRainy Night at the Drive-In

Rainy Night at the Drive-In


All participants are over 18. This is as gramatically correct as I can make it. Please let me know what you think.


My wife had gone away for the weekend to visit her parents. Since I didn't particularly enjoy visiting them, I decided to stay home with the dogs and my little sister who lived with us at the time. Little probably isn't a good word to use as she was, and still is, a large voluptuous woman. Standing about half a foot shorter than me, she weighed close to what I weighed. If you like your women that way, she was very attractive. One of her best points, or a pair of them to be exact, are her tits. They were big, maybe a C cup, and solid, standing proudly from her chest.

I returned home that evening relatively early for me, about seven o'clock, and it was already dark out. I sat on the couch beside my sister who was reading a novel. A Beeline novel to be exact. She had found my porn collection on the bookcase in the basement and had spent her spare time lately reading stories about incest.

Flipping through the channels on the TV looking for something good to watch, I came to the realization that it was going to be a long boring night. A commercial came on for a movie in the theatres and it looked pretty good, a comedy with Richard Pryor. I turned to my sister, Laura, and asked her whether or not she felt like going to the movie with me. Agreeing, we grabbed the newspaper and looked up the theatres it was playing at. We had our choice of watching it at a regular sitdown theatre or at the local drive-in. Of course, the drive-in had a double feature showing and I liked the second movie as well. We grabbed some sodas out of the fridge and a bag of chips and off we went.

What I hadn't taken into account was, of course, the weather. It had been a gloomy, rainy day. Even though it wasn't currently raining, it looked and felt like it could at any time. I commented on this to Laura and asked her whether or not we should still go. Her answer was her usual shrug.

"Whatever," she said.

"Aww, what the hell. Let's go," and off we went.

Arriving at the drive-in, we paid the entrance fee and searched for a good spot. The second billed movie had already started and most of the front slots were filled. Driving up and down the rows with our lights off, we searched for a place to cram in my old Chrysler Newport, the last of the big boats produced by them. We finally found a spot but it was way in the back with the vans and other big trucks.

I maneuvered the car back and forth until we had the best position for movie watching. The nose tilted slightly up, we were able to lay back against the seats and make ourselves comfortable. Reaching out for the speaker to hang on the window, my arm became wet.

"Shit," I said, "it's already starting to rain."

Laura asked, " Do you want to go home?"

"No! We paid our money so we might as well stay. Let's see if the rain passes," I said.

The rain didn't stop. As a matter of fact, it just strengthened, coming down in a deluge. And, of course, the windows started to fog up. I turned the engine on and ran the defrosters.

"Fuck!" I exclaimed. "I just can't get a break."

"What's wrong?" asked my sister.

"I don't have enough gas to run the engine for too long." I turned the engine off and waited for the windshield to fog up again before I started the engine again. This went on for about an hour before I decided that we didn't have enough gas to risk running it any longer.

" Do you want to leave or try to ride it out?" I asked my sister.

"Rick, I'm really enjoying the movie. Can't we stay?" she asked.

"Alright," I said. "But open your window a bit and see if that helps keep the fog off the windshield."

She cracked the window a little and it seemed to help. The windshield was still fogging up but not as badly as before. I leaned into the backseat and opened the two back windows. Still fogging but not as badly, I told my sister to open her window more. Once it was open a couple of inches, it seemed to have enough air circulating that the windshield wasn't fogging at all.

Unfortunately, the rain picked up in intensity and as the wind was coming from the west, she was getting wet. We tried closing her window again but the windshield fogged up again. As the rain intensified, I started getting wet as well with the rain dripping through my open window. I moved closer to the center of the big bench seat and was out of the rain.

"Open your window again and move this way," I said. "Unless you want to give up and just go home?"

"No, this is a good movie. Can't we stay?" asked Laura.

"Alright, just move this way so you're not getting wet," I told her.

Laura kept inching closer and closer to me until she couldn't feel the rain on her shoulder any longer. Unfortunately, this had her jammed so close to me that if she moved again, she would have been sitting on my lap. I put up with this for a while but it soon became uncomfortable. I raised my right arm and put it on the seat back around Laura.

Truth be told, I wasn't really enjoying this movie. It was kind of boring but Laura was enjoying it. And, I really wanted to see the feature film coming up. So I let my mind drift.

Before I was married, I hadn't had a car and neither did our parents. We all depended upon public transportation. So I had never been to a drive-in with a woman before. Not even my wife. As my imagination roamed, it turned, as often a young man's mind does, towards sex. Not considering that this was my sister sitting beside me, my hand just dropped to her shoulder and I gave her a little hug. Laura looked over and smiled at me, snuggling in a little closer for warmth. I guess. Warmth I mean. I assumed she wasn't thinking along the same lines as me. But, she had been reading my porn, those incest stories...

Laura shivered. Looking over, I could see that her arms were breaking out in goosebumps. I lowered my hand and briskly started to rub her arm from her shoulder to her elbow. Doing this while watching the movie, I eventually noticed that on both the downstroke and the upstroke, my hand was pushing its way past her tit. I could feel its plumpness with my knuckles as I rubbed past it.

"Oh shit!" I thought to myself. "She is going to freak," I thought as my hand jerked off her arm and fell to the seatback. I kept my eyes focussed on the movie screen while waiting to feel the wrath of Laura. But, to my surprise, she didn't react at all. Except to, maybe, shift even closer to me.

"What is she thinking?" I asked myself. "She isn't yelling at me. She even moved closer. Or did she? Am I just imagining it?" I glanced towards Laura who was watching the movie with a placid look on her face.

Again, I held a conversation in my head. "She didn't react. Did she like it? She still has goosebumps. Maybe, I can do it again and see what happens?" My big head and my little head started to argue back and forth. "She has great tits! What I wouldn't give to feel them. But, she is my sister. I'm not supposed to feel up her breasts." My hand moved, all of its own volition, back to her shoulder.

"Stop now! Don't do it," I argued with myself. Looking in her direction, I saw that Laura was still focussed on the movie. "She didn't mind. She liked it." My hand started to slide down her arm again, more slowly this time. Once again I was feeling the side of her tit. Once again, it felt good and inviting.

"This isn't right. What if she screams? What if she tells Carol?" The thought of my wife discovering my little play stopped my hand right then and there. Unfortunately it stopped with my knuckles pushing on her tit yet again.

Just then Laura laughed. "At me?" I wondered? "Nope, the movie. She isn't paying any attention to me. Doesn't she know where my hand is?" From the corner of my eye, I stared at my sister trying to gauge her reaction to my hand resting near, beside, almost on, her breast.

Suddenly, Laura jumped backwards in her seat, laughing at something startling on the screen. My hand fell off her arm and hung limply beside her. Without taking her eyes off the screen, she reached across the screen with her other hand, captured mine, and placed it back on her arm. Resting against her tit yet again.

"Fuck me, she likes it," I thought to myself. "Maybe she doesn't realize. She must realize, she put my hand there." Thoughts of my wife discovering my actions had fled my weary sex soaked mind. My arm started to tremble. Not thinking, still arguing with myself, I began to swing my arm aimlessly back and forth in front of my sister. The argument within me raged on. My arm continued to swing, moving ever so closer to her,brushing the front of her breast. The argument began to slow, my arm began to get tired being held up at the unnatural angle. No winner announced, the argument came to an end, and the swinging of my arm stopped as well. It came to rest fully on her right tit.

"Oh fuck, now what!" I exclaimed to myself. "What is she going to do? She's gonna yell. She's not yelling. She glanced down and smiled. She likes it! Laura likes it!"

I left my hand unmoving on her boob. In a minute or three a new thought popped into my brain. "Her nipple is getting hard! She really does like it." Very cautiously, not wishing to damage the mood or the situation, I felt my hand, acting with a mind of its own, it tightened its grip around her tit. Gently, it squeezed her breast, surrounding it, moulding it, taking full possession of it.

"Oh my gawd!" I screamed within the confines of my head. "I'm feeling her tit. She is letting me feel her tit! It's so firm, she has a great tit." Still out of the corner of my eye, I watched my fingers slide to her nipple and pull on it. Then, capturing her nipple between my ring and index fingers I pulled on the nipple again. My fingers themselves tightened around her breast again as my fingers squeezed her nipple. I could feel it hardening even more under my hand, becoming as hard as steel. My mind was still talking but the words were meaningless words of praise and awe and, even, amazement.

Again, acting of its own accord, my grasp loosened on her boob. I watched my index finger extend to its full length-- have I mentioned that I have very large hands?-- and begin to trace circles around her breast. Eventually my finger found its way to her cleavage. "This is just so fucking awesome!" I said to me. Still using the one finger, I began to fuck it up and down her cleavage slowly building to a quicker speed.

"I need the other one too," I said. "What does the other one feel like?" I asked myself.

Her top had a zipper on it and I grabbed the tab and pulled it down as far as I could. My index finger extended itself and I began to trace as much of the other breast as I could. When I could reach no more, I just rubbed my finger across one tit, through her cleavage, and onto the other. Back and forth my finger went.

"What now?" I asked myself. "What now? Dare I go any further with this? She knows what I am doing, she isn't stopping me. What do I do?"

Still without a word having been said by either one of us, I turned towards her...


Let me know if this story is worth continuing.

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Too much angst! Get on with it! Is he gonna score or not?

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Talking too much.

Great story. A little too much good guy/bad guy conversation. Look forward to next installment.

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Go for it!

It sounds like his sister is hot for him and he could easily bed her and ultimately impregnate her.

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