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Rainy Picnic


"Diane, it's going to rain."

"I know." She grinned at me. I could see where my lipstick had smudged on her teeth.

I moved to get up off the ground. The grass was already warm when we sat down, the sun was bright an hour ago. But as with any spring weather, it was hard to predict. Rain clouds moved heavy and low across the horizon. Diane wouldn't let me get up.

"Don't go." She looked down at me with falsely innocent blue eyes. I didn't have time to argue before she kissed me again, pressing me back onto the soft ground. She closed her eyes when she kissed me. I know because I looked at her. She was too beautiful not to look at. I ran my hands through her soft curly red hair, pulling it back slightly. The clouds were already overhead. Humidity weighed down the air. It felt like summer rather then spring.

I felt the first raindrop before she did. It plopped heavily on my forehead and splashed up onto Diane's face. She looked at me for an impossibly long time. I felt lost in her eyes. I knew she loved me. I loved her too, even though I tried not to. Our husbands...

She reached up and touched the raindrop to the tip of her finger. It lingered there, catching the far off street lamp's light. Was it really that dark? I would have looked, but the look in Diane's eyes stopped me. She moved her finger above my lips, the raindrop still precariously balanced on the swirls of her fingertip. It seemed innocent enough, alright. But the look in her eyes said something different. The look was imploring but patient. She was waiting for acceptance.

Slowly and uncertainly I brought my hand to hers, lowering it to my mouth. I licked the drop off of her finger, then closed my lips around it, sucking gently. Yes. There was nothing else I could say. Just like when my husband told me Diane invited me to a picnic.

"Brian and I are just going to watch the game over here anyway. You should get some fresh air, Grace."

He hadn't noticed the way I stared at her when she walked in to pick me up. She was dressed like a high fashion goddess come to life. Her white cotton shirt was light and breezy, summery. I followed the deep v plunge into a pair of pleated black shorts that showed off the majority of her thin but muscled thighs. Her designer sandals were high heeled, white, and laced up her calf. She saw me staring and grinned at me. She walked forward and wrapped her arm around my waist and walked me out the door.

"I picked out an excellent Bordeaux for our picnic today. I think you'll enjoy it"

I heard Tony shout after us. "You girls have fun!"

Diane grinned and whispered to me, "we will."

But that was hours ago.

"Oh, God, that feels good," she whispered in my ear while I gently kissed and explored the dips and curves of her neck with my tongue, drinking the rain that ran down her skin in tiny streams. Her skin tasted like strawberries and smelled like honeysuckle. Thunder cracked overhead. Rain came down in torrents, soaking her white cotton shirt.

A soft moan escaped her lips. She pushed off of me. I couldn't help but look down her long thin body as her shirt clung to her breasts, pink nipples pushing against the fabric. I could tell she was going to say something, but I didn't wait. I kissed down her collar bone, teeth grazing her skin. The round flesh hovered there, just above my lips.

"Grace...I thought you wanted...to go inside.." she managed to whisper with a strained voice.

"Not right now, please, god, not right now." I started sucking on her nipple and her voice left her in a rush of a contented sigh. She moaned and pushed her chest against my face while her hand drifted down across my belly. The button of my jeans gave under her skilled hands, zipper undone just as quickly. My hands shook, resting on the small of her back.

"I'm getting wet," was all I could manage to say. I wasn't sure if I was trying to protest or urge her on.

"It's raining." She slipped a finger past my panties and into me. I moaned out load. Curling her finger slightly, she gently pulled it out and back into me, creating a slow but steady rhythm. My hips raised off the soggy ground to meet her thrusts. My fingers curled in her hair, tightly. Apparently I was pulling on her hair without realizing it when she pointed it out.

"Do you pull on Tony's hair in bed, too? Does he like it as much as I do? Brian never pulls on my hair unless I'm giving him head." She continued to slide her finger in and out of me, but I suddenly stopped moving my hips. Tony. Oh, god, I forgot about him. She sensed my panic and pulled her finger out, hesitant to continue.

"Oh, god, Diane, what are they thinking we're doing out here, picnicking out in the storm?" She moved up off of me so I could sit up.

She laughed at me in a gentle way. "Probably the same thing they're doing." Confused now, I looked at her.

"Tony said they were watching the football game this evening."

"It's April, Grace. Football season is over."

Dumbfounded, I stared off into the park. Football season over? Why would he lie to me? Suddenly, Diane's words came back to me. The same thing they're doing. Images of Brian's golden haired head in Tony's lap, Tony's hand around Brian's shaft, working him into a frenzy. Tony was good with his hands. My cheeks burned crimson even with the cool water running down them when I realized my hand started fondling my breast. I looked to Diane with embarrassment and lust across my face. Leaning over, she smiled at me and moved my hand to her crotch, wet and warm, shorts soaked right through. Her kiss was long, sticky and sweet, tenderness leaking between our lips.

"Want to go surprise the boys?" Diane asked me, lips brushing against mine.

"God, yes. Can we please?"

"As long as we take that Bordeaux, Brian loves it." I looked to the unopened bottle of wine, sitting discarded with the picnic basket. I couldn't even use it for an excuse anymore.

Damn. I was counting on that, too.

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