tagNonHumanRaising an Army

Raising an Army


Sera stretched out on her bed, her tent open slightly to the tiny breeze that made the air less soupy. It was difficult enough breathing in this humidity without adding the stifling air of the tent to the problem. Exhausted, she stretched out, and before she could consider pulling her blankets over her naked skin she was asleep, the days exhaustion claiming her.

When she awoke, it was to the feel of rough hands on her. In this strange land, she came awake all at once, fear and adrenaline dumping into her veins with a palpable force. Standing amongst the clothes strewn about her tent was a demon, long horns curling from his head exactly like those of a goat, his skin a deep red, like wine. His black eyes weren't currently burning with hatred, as she expected, but his teeth were sharp to a one, and his hands, one of which was currently grasping her right breast with almost enough force to hurt, were tipped in massive black claws. She was alarmed to find not only was he leaning over her, he was kneeling between her legs, a toothy grin on his mouth.

"I found you after all," he said in a voice like gravel shifting. "I thought it would take longer, frankly." She pushed away from him with her hands, but his hand on her breast didn't release, and she cried out in pain at the force she herself had used. "Don't do that. Why would you want to go?"

"Don't touch me, demon," she hissed, her voice higher than she would've preferred. His grin only spread at this, his free hand slithering, snakelike, to curl around her lower back and pull her closer.

"Demon, is it?" She shifted her ass, pressed against his knees as he leaned over her, trying to find leverage, reaching her arm behind her to her pillow where she kept her dagger. "I suppose that's so," he added, his s sound a little hiss in his clamped teeth. "But that would be your fault, of course."

"My fault?" She asked, shocked, now trying to twist in his arms to find the weapon without injuring herself in his grasp. He laughed, a hissing laugh, and she looked at him in surprise momentarily before continuing the search. She felt if she kept him talking he couldn't rape her- not to mention it gave her more time to search.

"Oh, yessss," he added, leaning further over her, pressing her to the bed. At this she felt the inevitable press of his cock, long, far too long, pressed between them. She turned further, now, desperate to bring a weapon to hand. "You can't tell me you don't remember me? I suppose I *have* changed, but I'd hoped you'd be able to recall..." Something in his voice caused her to stop overturning blankets and turn to face him, leaning over her, his face just above hers. His eyes seemed enormous this close, his skin where it touched hers positively sizzling with heat. "I took your virginity."

Her mind flashed back to that moment. Sinking to the ground, overcome by lust, unable to defend herself. An imp, a mere imp, whose cock had been a foot if it was an inch, plunging into her over and over, finally exploding and pouring enough cum in her to cause her tummy to swell, just a bit. Just enough. But an imp four foot tall, *maybe*, not this... She looked at him again, and he watched as surprised crossed her features. A little deeper red, yes, and of course two feet taller, maybe more...

"You!" She gasped, arching back now, revulsion in her heart and a shameful thrill in her box. A twinge, a memory. "You robbed me of my-"

"Robbed?" He asked, incredulous, before he began laughing. "I *freed* you from it. And when I did, you gave me strength." He leaned back just slightly, parting his teeth now, and a tongue two feet in length issued from his mouth, moving downward to flicker like flame over her exposed nipples. Like a kiss of a flame on her skin, she hissed in response, experiencing something between a twinge of brief-lived pain and intense pleasure. His tongue darted back into his mouth just long enough to speak, always slipping out to tease her skin- the crease at the underside of her breasts, the flesh at her hips- always teasing and moving every change it got when his mouth wasn't otherwise occupied. "It was exactly what I needed. With that, I gained a few inches, I grew more powerful..." He laughed as he lapped at the edge of her ear. "With it, I was able to move my way up, out of the race of imps, growing stronger and stronger with everyone I defeated, until..." One of his hands slipped to her waist, resting there, the other took her right hand in his. "I'm virtually unbeatable."

"What the hell are you doing here?" She asked, her voice angry, her last defense. With his weight on her abdomen, pressing there around his erection, she knew she couldn't free herself. She could only hope to buy enough time to formulate a plan. "You already got what you wanted from me!"

"Oh, no," he answered, his voice deep, rumbling in his chest. He gently stroked the hand he held with his fingers. "You see, you were the key to my strength. But of course, I can't fight *everyone* like this. I have greater ambitions than just to rise to a level where other imps will leave me alone... No, I was meant to rule. And to rule..." He leaned down, kissing her, his lips as hot if not hotter than his skin, too hot to be pleasant, not quite hot enough to sere. "I'll need an army."

He held her hand now firmly, no longer simply comfortably. The hand that had held her waist now pulled her other hand into his, effectively incapacitating both of her hands. She finally realized what he intended and began to thrash but it did no good- he was simply too heavy, filled out to his new height with impressive muscles, hard against her skin. She fought to close her legs but he was already between them, and with a quick buck, and another, he was poised at her entrance, and no amount of kicking could dislodge him. His cock had, mercifully, stayed the same length, but a twelve-inch cock it was, and while her traitorous body flooded her pussy and thighs with anticipation, she thrashed.

"Let me go!" She yelled, frustration and anger in her voice. She tried rolling him off of her but he merely leaned on this hip she had canted toward him until she knew it was no use.

"I'll let you go, don't worry," he promised, his tongue darting down to her entrance, flicking her clit just once, enough to send a shock through her body. "Once I've planted my seed deep inside of you, I'll let you go. I've been working on a few special magics, just with you in mind, my dear." He laughed again, and she became frantic, fighting harder. "First...." He placed a hand on her abdomen and for a brief moment in the dark tent she saw a flash of deep red, an evil, sinister glow, before it was gone. Her womb grew hot, almost too hot to bear, and she had briefly stopped moving in horror. "For fertility, of course," he added, kissing her briefly, his lips closed in an almost chaste manner. "Secondly..." He reached, this time, further down, a hand cupped over her pussy in an almost protective gesture. As she attempted to move away from his hand he merely followed her, until another light briefly strobed the tent with crimson. "That will do two things. It will compel our offspring to come to me once you've borne them. And of course..." At that moment she felt her own juices beading her lips, the skin there becoming inflamed. She gasped a bit as she felt her clit puff slightly, growing with arousal. She grit her teeth. "That's a side effect. I assure you, I would have you either way."

"That's not reassuring," she intended to growl, though she sounded a bit too whiny for her tastes. She felt her heart speeding up, her skin becoming warm. Was that a side effect of the spell, or...?

"You'll be very reassured in a moment," he said in a bedroom voice, kissing her again. With a few more careful motions, his long, hard, ribbed cock pressed just barely inside her labia. She gasped, arched a little in readiness, and at that moment he let go of her hands. She wanted to pretend that it was because he was too occupied elsewhere, but whether it was the magic or the memory of the first night they were together, or even the absolute certainty in his voice, the fight went out of her the instant his cock pressed that last inch, ready to impale her. "Tell me, did you bear my children last time?"

"No..." Her voice had gone high, and he chuckled, a possessive hand rubbing her left breast now, almost lazily.

"You will this time," he assured her and, leaning forward and down, impaled her immediately.

She gasped, hands scrabbling at his back. That one smooth struck had brought more than half of him into her body, pressing against her, filling her. Pulling out a bit and striking again, he was three-quarters of the way there, and she could feel her pussy stretching, gaping, growing wider. At that he was kissing her, deeply, just the right amount of his enormous tongue raping her mouth as he raped her body, each time plunging just a tiny bit further, stretching her painfully. She was moaning now, her voice loud in the kiss as he continued to move. Entirely too soon to spare her the pain, he reached beneath her, grabbed her ass, and pulled her against him at the same moment he forced his tool deep into her body, and the combined actions brought him into her to the hilt. His demonic rod pushed it's way just into her womb, not quite forcing it wide but enough that the pain made her gasp. He waited a moment with her like this before he began fucking her in force, his cock going just as deep every time, her body trying desperately to adjust.

With the same extreme amount of stamina he'd shown the first night he'd sown her body with his seed, he fucked her for what felt like forever. With this attention to detail, she found it wasn't long before pain gave way to pleasure, before her pussy had grown used to the rough sex and began to make up for it. She started moaning again, feeling her orgasm building, her box spraying him almost constantly now in preparation.

"I can feel you getting close," he growled to her, his head close to her ear as he used the leverage to fuck her deeply, never slowing. Relentless. "I'm going to make you come, and then I'm going to make you come again. I want you *addicted* to my cock. I want you to spread your legs like a hungry goblin slut every time you even *think* I'm near your tent. This is your reward for giving me the strength I needed to grow this strong... I'm going to make you the mother of my army." She would remember this speech later, through the hazy memories of marathon sex, through the veil of exhaustion that clouded her memory of that night he came to visit her for the first time. "I'm going to let you do whatever it is you want while you're pregnant with my seed, but as soon as your womb is empty," he growled, "I'll be back to fill you up. And you're going to welcome me with open arms." She couldn't see his eyes, black irises filling to cover the entire orb of his eyes, the strength he'd been saving since she'd first helped him rise above his brethren issuing from him. "You'll be the only mother of my army, and when I've dethroned that bitch Lethice I'll let you sit at my feet, pregnant, slicking the floor with the juice from your hungry cunt."

At some point, Sera had begun moaning, her voice growing louder. She was shaking, so close. Her eyes were open, unseeing, as he continued to pound her mercilessly, the thousand bumps on his corrupt shaft rubbing every inch of her newly stretched cunt. She could even feel it rippling, sucking at his cock hungrily, demanding his seed, almost begging him to impregnate her, but she was so lost in the pleasure of it she began to wish for it herself, knowing that if fucking her felt so amazing than being filled with his hot seed would only feel that much more intense.

"You can call me Master," he hissed into her ear, and she immediately began to babble, pleading him, begging him to fill her, now that she knew what to call him. She thrashed under him, sucking at his cock, hands pulling at his back. "I want you to pump your breasts. Practice getting them ready for all our children, and if you're lucky, for me," he growled. She did exactly as he said, pulling and pinching at her nipples, massaging the flesh, which only made her orgasm harder, fluid splashing his thighs. He kept her in that state of orgasm, never letting her stop, never letting her rest, only wave after wave of mind-erasing pleasure washing through her. Finally he slowed, then stopped, and she gasped, her hands running on his skin, somehow pleading. He held still, shaft still buried deep inside of her, fully to the hilt, her after-orgasm pulses sucking hungrily at his cock still within her.

"Master, oh Master," she said breathlessly, shamelessly, not even hearing herself. She only felt her desperate, unfulfilled need screaming at her, her toes still curled.

"What do you want?" He asked her softly, his eyes fully black with the power he'd been harboring. He was pushing down on her carefully, knowingly, bringing that power to bear on her with such skill that all she knew was she felt wrong, she felt useless, she felt hungry in a way she'd never felt before. She'd give anything, and she expressed this.

"Master, I need it. I can't live without it. Master please, please..."

"What do you need," he answered, a question that didn't sound like a question at all.

"You haven't come yet, Master!" She all but shouted, arching her back, and he rewarded her with his magic, thrilling across her mind, across her heart, and it felt almost like being loved. "I need you to fill me up! I need you to put your seed inside of me! I can't live unless you do!" And he released the magic in her, flipping her over mercilessly, pulling her perfect ass to him and moving into a position on his feet behind her, knees bent deep, a position he could fuck her more deeply in that on her back. As soon as he began moving she almost screamed in ecstasy, and only his presence in her mind kept her from blacking out. For this kind of magic he wanted her awake.

It didn't take long. Work done, he began to flood her womb with his demonic semen, her womb quickly taking in too much and growing. His hot cum filled her to capacity and further, stretching her as his inhuman cock had strained her pussy, pounding into her with an intensity matched only by his fucking, and through it all she orgasmed, knowing what it meant, knowing it couldn't be long now before she was walking through the plains or the forest with a bellyful of his imps, his offspring, and she came at the thought.

He didn't stop moving for some time, even as he came, and when he finally did he held her against him to make sure not a drop spilled out as he poured his load into her, using his cock as a stopper to keep any from escaping. Where before he'd had an unnatural amount of cum, now it was positively unclean, her stomach growing as if she had been carrying his children for months. When finally he felt the last trickle milked from him by her sucking fuckhole, he held her ass upturned as he pulled out, placing two of his fingers at her entrance. Another flash of light and she was sealed, temporarily, and no amount of work or pressure on her belly would release the flood of cum he'd poured into her. It would all be absorbed by morning, and by then it was guaranteed to have done it's work.

She gasped, unaware of what had happened. He let her collapse onto her soaked bedding, her own fluids making the blankets sodden. She couldn't bring herself to care, hands moving to touch her outstretched stomach, looking at the demon she'd been calling Master, begging to fill her womb with children. She tried to be outraged and couldn't- the pleasure and magic had been too much. She wasn't content with the idea of sitting at his feet, ever, but when she thought of bearing his children she shuddered in anticipation.

"I've sealed your pussy for the night," he said quietly. She gasped, a shudder passing over her. "There's no escaping it now. You're mine." He stood and picked up a pair of pants from the floor at the edge of the bed- no other belonging of his in sight- and dressed quickly, economically. "When my children come to me, I will be back. See that you're ready." He strode to the tent-flap, turned and looked at her. "And leave your door open and I might just visit you before then." With that, he was gone.

She felt her stomach, bulging with his demonic essence, and before she could consider it, she slept, long and deep. As long and as deep as his cock had been, inside of her.

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