tagIncest/TabooRaising Tommy Ch. 02

Raising Tommy Ch. 02


* Everyone in this story is over 18 years of age*

*This is the 2nd chapter in this series and the continuation of "Raising Tommy"- so if you haven't yet read that, I highly encourage it.*

*Most of my stories include huge asses, huge tits, scat, farts, and incest; so if you're not into that stuff you probably won't like my stories- now if you're still reading this I want you all to know that this is my first pornographic story; therefore comments or feedback is welcome. If you want me to write about certain things in another story, or if you have recommendations on what I can add to the current story, leave it in the comments or message me.*

CHAPTER 2- How It All Started

Tommy had finished his breakfast and sat down on the couch to watch TV. I guess this is a good time to tell you a little bit about Tommy. He grew up a smart boy, always getting straight A's, keeping his mother proud. But he could never seem to become the social butterfly most of us become at a young age. He went through most of his school life without many friends, which caused him to become very close to the only person that cared for him; his mother. She was always complimenting him:

"Oh, you are such a handsome boy... You look just like your father..."

But Tommy didn't have a father. This caused a lot of emotional problems for him but allowed for his mother to become both the parental figures of the household, making their bond twice as strong. Tommy was very kind and sweet to his mother; by the time he was about 10 he realized how much his mother had gone through and always tried to comfort and help her through tough situations. This tight bond between mother and son eventually leaded to Tommy not having any friends at school whatsoever. He was quite short for his age at only 5'1"; very different from his mother's height at over 6'. His height and social problems led to him being picked on frequently at school, almost to the point where Ashley considered homeschooling. But Tommy got through it; he kept up his grades and his mother helped him through it.

Now let's go back a couple years. Tommy has been masturbating to big butt girls on the internet for a while. But his problem was he couldn't find the perfect woman on ANY of the porn sites he went to. If they had huge tits, they didn't have a big enough butt. If they had a huge ass, their tits weren't big enough. And if they had a huge ass and huge tits, they were over 300 pounds. He was searching endlessly for a woman with enormous breasts, a big enough ass, and a trim waist; but he couldn't find ANYTHING.

The frustration drove him mad. He had spent over two weeks straight: going on to Google every day after school, and trying to find that one perfect woman; but to no avail. He soon gave up his search of the "perfect" woman and decided "It's just too good to be true..."

A few weeks after his unsuccessful search he was at the kitchen table waiting for his dinner. His mother was in the other room trying to find a clean pair of shorts and a shirt but her reckless toilet incidents had stained almost everything she had.

"I guess I'm not wearing clothes today..." she sighed. "I'm not going anywhere tonight anyway so I should be fine."

She put on some panties and her apron, and headed off to the kitchen. Keep in mind that Ashley's ass was so big that her panties were always wedged between her ass cheeks like a thong; she could never find panties that would encompass such a large ass and still have a small waistband. Tommy was playing on his phone as his mother walked into the kitchen.

"Hi honey, I couldn't find any of my shorts so I am kinda naked, teehee, you don't mind do you?" she asked.

"Nah it's fine." Tommy said keeping his eyes glued on his phone.

"Okay good." Ashley said as she started up the stove.

Tommy's game finally ended and he looked up from his phone. He glanced over to where his mother was standing and almost came in his pants instantaneously. Since his mother had her back to him as she cooked on the stove, Tommy had a clear view of his mother's enormous ass . Her apron went right around the top of her waist, leaving her creamy ass in plain view as it swallowed up her panties. Tommy sat there stunned by his mother's enormous whooty as she continued to cook. Every move she made caused her huge globes of ass flesh to jiggle and crash into each other. Tommy had developed a tent in his basketball shorts as he oogled at his mother's butt. He had never seen his mother naked, let alone even in her panties. She always wore very conservative clothing due to her lack of self confidence, so Tommy had never even realized his mother had such an enormous ass.

Ashley turned around to grab some pepper from the cupboard, exposing her mountain of cleavage to her young son. Tommy literally came right then and there. The sight of his mother's huge ass and her ginormous tits was too much for him to handle. He unloaded what seemed like a gallon of cum into his shorts, some even blasted under the table and landed on the chair across from him. Ashley shook some pepper into the frying pan causing her ass cheeks to ripple back and forth into each other. Tommy couldn't believe what he was seeing. His mother was practically performing a booty shake just 5 five feet from where he was sitting. His penis erupted again shooting loads of hot semen all over the floor across the table.Tommy was able to control himself for a few moments as his mother finished up plating the food.

As she brought the food over Tommy could see her apron cutting into her massive breasts, causing them to bulge out in every direction. She gave Tommy his plate and smiled. Tommy returned a grin as he tried hiding his massive erection and the pool of cum he was sitting in. His mother grabbed herself some silverware and walked toward the seat across from Tommy; the one he just covered in his seed.Ashley pulled out the chair and gasped.

"What on earth is all over the chair?" she asked.

Tommy panicked and replied "Oh...uhh...I spilled some milk a few minutes ago...sorry."

"Well come clean it up then! Why did you just leave it there?" she asked.

Tommy still had a massive erection and his shorts were soaked with semen.

"I can't..." Tommy said.

"And why is that?" Ashley asked sarcastically.

"Because... ummm.... Oh my gosh! There is a bear on the porch!" Tommy exclaimed.

As Ashley spun around to look outside Tommy dashed to the bathroom and locked the door.

"Oh shit... I am so screwed!" Tommy thought.

He turned on the shower and started to clean himself off.

Ashley walked back into to kitchen confused.

"There isn't a...Tommy?"

Ashley heard the shower turn on and walked to the bathroom to see that it was locked.

What has gotten into him?" she asked herself. "Maybe he got picked on again today." she thought as she walked over to get some paper towels.

Ashley walked over to the mess splattered all over the chair and the ground.

"Geez did he spill the whole carton?" She said as she bent down and started to wipe up the mess.

"This milk is thick.. maybe it went sour..." she thought as she finished cleaning up.

"But it smells so sweet..." Ashley got some of the mysterious liquid on her finger and put it in her mouth.

"Mmmm... that tastes good.... not like any kind of milk I ever tasted..."

She threw away the saturated paper towels still soaked by the weird milk-like liquid she had just cleaned up.

"It tastes very familiar though... Maybe it was strawberry milk or something..."

Ashley sat down at the table and ate her meal. Tommy got out of the shower and crept to his room trying to avoid is mother. He snuck into his room and closed the door.

"Mom is the hottest woman I have ever seen! All this time I spent searching for the perfect woman and I've had her right in my house all along!"

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