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Rally Girls

byDG Hear©

A special thanks to Linda2953 for editing this story and making it a much better read.

Chapter 1

I never knew what a rally girl was until I watched a TV program called 'Friday Night Lights'. The rally girls are followers of the football team. They help the starting lineup with anything they want or need. They are some of the prettiest gals in the school and for some reason will do anything for the players from making cookies to helping or doing their homework for them. Needless to say, they will do other things for them as well.

I'm telling you this because I was infatuated with a rally girl since I was a kid in grade school. Her name was Sally; she was a neighbor girl who lived across the street from me. Unfortunately, she was three years older than me so we weren't exactly what you called friends, but she always smiled when she saw me.

I had three favorite things in life. One thing was, that I was a tech geek as far back as I could remember. It all began when I asked my parents to buy me an old Atari game at a garage sale. I loved it and wanted, no, I needed to know how it worked. My parents couldn't believe I took it apart and put in back together.

From that point on, computers were my main interest; I had to know everything about them. Throughout my young life I took apart and fixed computers. I read all I could about them and did a lot of trial and error on my own. I knew repairing computers would be my life.

I know this is going to sound crazy but my second favorite thing was football. For some reason I loved football. It might have been because I liked the cheerleaders, which Sally was one and I would sit on my front porch and watch her practice her routines in her yard.

I went out for football in the fifth grade. Sally was a junior varsity cheerleader and I saw her practicing on the sidelines with the other good-looking cheerleaders. I loved them all, but I was totally infatuated with Sally. When she would say, "Hi Jerry," to me, it made my day.

I tried really hard, even in practice, hoping she would notice me. I wasn't all that big but I was fast. I ran everyday. The coach made me a defensive back and I loved it. It let me hit and tackle guys in practice who called me a geek. I earned their respect throughout the years. When I started in the ninth grade, Sally was a senior.

I guess I should tell you my third favorite thing; it was Sally. It was just one of those things that stuck with me during my growing years. Other than telling a few of my friends, no one knew how much I pined for Sally.

I was rather shy and introverted. I talked to girls but wasn't exactly a conversationalist. I lived my life working on computers, playing football and watching Sally practice in her driveway with her girlfriends.

I did notice that Sally seemed to date a lot. She never stayed with the same guy very long. I have two sisters, one a year older than me and one a year younger. I asked my older sister, Sue about Sally. She knew I had been infatuated with her and told me that Sally liked older guys. When I asked her what she meant she told me, "Jerry, her morals aren't the best. She is known to sleep with quite a few guys."

It really hurt me, but deep down I already knew it. After Sally graduated, she went on to State college and I didn't see her very often. When I became a sophomore, I was a starter on the varsity team. I became more popular with the girls in school but my shyness held me back.

I thought back to when I was a kid and one day I was arguing with my younger sister, Angie. I don't even remember what it was about but I told her some not so nice things like her girlfriends were fat and ugly and had pimples and braces. Mom walked in and said she needed to talk to me alone.

She took me in another room and closed the door. "Jerry, never make fun of other girls. Girls are very sensitive about their appearance and some things they can't help. It's stages of life we all go through."

"Mom, it was just an argument with Angie," I replied.

"Jerry, when you say negative things to and about girls, they will never forget it. If anything, you should stand up for girls including your sisters. You never know when you may cross their path in life."

"I'm sorry Mom, I won't make fun of Angie's friends or other girls, even though sometimes it will be hard," I said with a smile.

"Just remember how you hate it when people call you a skinny geek. It took you awhile to get over it." Here I was now, one of the smartest boys in the school and fantastic with computers.

I learned from what my mom told me. I treated all girls with respect. Throughout the years, I even told my friends to quit making fun of some of the girls. I don't know if they stopped, but they didn't talk about them in front of me. They did say some nice things about my sisters and I told them I didn't want to hear that either. It made us all laugh.

I didn't date much during high school. I would only go to group events that included the football team. I spent my time learning everything I could about computers and being the best defensive back I could be. In my senior year, everything changed.

I was having a great year and I was being recruited. I honestly didn't expect to play college ball because I wanted to do more with computers. There are always new updates and I wanted to keep up with them. It seemed somewhat different that colleges went after a defensive back from a small high school but my coach told me, I was that good.

Our team made it to districts and if we won would be going to regional's and then possibly on to state. The recruiters started calling on me asking me to attend their college and offered full ride scholarships. It was then I got the surprise of my life. Sally showed up at the high school. I have only seen her a few times a year when she came home from college. I couldn't believe it when she came up to me after practice and said hi.

I was lost for words. She was so sexy and beautiful. I stood there remembering all the times I had thought about her and even told my friends that someday I was going to date her. I remember them all laughing at me.

Before I could ask her what she was doing at the school, she told me she had come to see me on behalf of State college. I was a bit baffled and asked her what she meant.

"Jerry, I was asked to come and see you and ask you to sign with State. We know that high school students aren't allowed to accept any kind of gifts from colleges as enticements. That is way I am here. I'm here to be your personal rally girl. When you come to State College, I will be your rally girl till I graduate, that is if you want me."

That's when she told me what a rally girl was and that it would start immediately. She leaned over and kissed me. It took my breath away. She was everything that I had ever dreamed about.

I couldn't sleep that night and on Friday, I told my parents I was staying at a friend's house. Our playoff game for districts was going to be Saturday. I met Sally after school and we went to a motel. At that time, I didn't care how many guys she had been with. That night she was with me.

She undressed for me and she was so sexy and beautiful. She pulled me to her tits and I squeezed and sucked on them for all I was worth. I slipped off my clothes and had real sex for the first time in my life. I've been to third base with a couple of girls and did a little finger fucking but never had a woman suck my cock.

I was ready to shoot but Sally squeezed my cock until the urge subsided. She slipped a condom on my cock and told me to fuck her. It didn't take long before I shot a huge load. Sally was smiling at me and told me how good it felt. I doubt it was that good for her, but it did me a world of good.

It wasn't long before I was hard again and Sally took me different ways. I loved it when she had me lay on my back and she got on top and rode my cock. I was rubbing both of her tits with my hands while she rode me. Again, I came hard, filling up the second condom.

We cuddled up and she told me I could have her anytime I wanted, if I chose State. She would be my personal rally girl. We had sex once again the next morning and she said she would see me after the game. She reminded me again, I could have her whenever I wanted, if I signed with State College.

I was as high as a kite riding on my emotions at the district game. I didn't drink or smoke but was high on my sexual situation with Sally. I played a great game not allowing a touchdown and even made a big interception. We won our game and would be heading to the regional's in two weeks. I did go to a party that evening after the game. My buddies were surprised to see me with Sally. My sister Sue was in college and came to the game to see me. She was surprised when she saw me with Sally. She didn't seem happy.

"Jerry, I know you won't listen to me but if Sally is with you it's because she's using you for something. All I ask is that you be careful and Please! Please! Wear protection."

I couldn't be mad at Sue. I knew she meant to help me. I told her being with Sally was like a dream come true and I was smart enough to know it wouldn't last forever, but I was going to make the best of it.

Sally and I had sex again that night and she taught me so much about sex. I don't know if she was doing it for me or for herself but she showed me what women like. How to kiss her neck and lower belly, even about sucking toes. Who knew that was a hot zone?

She did tell me she would be back to see me the following weekend and hoped I made my decision to go to State College by then. I was the talk of the football team. I think every guy would like to be with Sally. I guess the problem was that I knew deep down it wouldn't last. I was so infatuated with her and actually wondered if she would give up her life style for me.

Our team practiced hard all week getting ready for the regional's. I saw Sally again that weekend. We had one regional game to go and if we won it, we'd go to the state semifinals. Our final regional game was Saturday night so again I told my parents I was staying at my buddies. Needless to say, after our rally I was back in the motel with Sally fucking up a storm.

I asked her why she was so free with herself and she told me she liked it. She went out with who she wanted, when she wanted and right now, I was the person she wanted to be with. We actually fucked three times that night, counting the morning goodbye. She even let me fuck her in the ass.

I told her I would give her my answer about attending State College after the game. I went home and got ready for the game. My mom, dad and sisters were all there to watch me. We had a full stadium and would be on television. I was psyched up and ready to go.

The game was close and in the last quarter. We were up by five points and the other team had the ball and driving into our red zone (between our ten yard line and the goal line). They had time for one more play and tried an end around run on my side of the field. I was slightly out of position but the only one who could stop the runner.

I dived at the fullback and tackled him. I fell on my head and that was the last thing I remembered. I need to go back to the TV series, 'Friday Night Lights'. In it, the star quarterback made a tackle and broke his neck. When he woke up in the hospital, he was unable to move his arms and legs.

He was told that with a lot therapy he could regain the use of his arms and possibly his hands but would never walk again. He would be confined to a wheelchair for life.


I woke up in the hospital three days later, after an induced coma. I was told that I had a severe neck injury, which is why I had this halo like thing on my head. They had to fuse two of my neck vertebrae together. The first thing I thought about was that quarterback being unable to walk. I went to raise my arms and couldn't do it. I began to panic.

"Mom! I can't move my arms," I screamed remembering the TV show.

"Jerry, it's ok. They have your arms strapped down so you wouldn't mess with the halo. Everything is going to be fine."

About that time, the doctor came in and told me what happened, what he did and my chances for recovery.

"Jerry," said the doctor. "You're very lucky. I know you don't feel that way now, but believe me you are."

"I don't feel lucky, Doc." I replied.

"When you made the diving tackle to save the game you broke your neck. I fused two vertebrae together. I need to run a couple of simple test right now."

The doctor took a metal pen and poked my fingers. Not one but all of them. "Ouch Doc! That hurt. Does that mean my arms are ok?" I told him about the television series and he told me I made out much better.

He then poked my feet and toes. I was smiling because I could feel the pricks he was making. "Doc, will I recover and be able to play football?"

"I'm going to be honest with you Jerry. You're going to recover, but I would advise you that your football days are over. You will be able to walk, run and even play catch but if you ever have another neck injury like this one you won't be as lucky next time. I'm sorry, but I'm telling you like it is.

"We fused two vertebrae in your neck and it shouldn't change your life much but you can't take that chance of damaging it. Contact sports are out for you. I'm sorry, but you deserve to know the truth."

I knew that my scholarship wasn't going to happen. Once they saw the doctor's report, they wouldn't be offering me a full scholarship to State and I figured I would lose Sally also.

My parents and sisters were wonderful. They told me everything would be fine, that I was smart and had a great future in computers ahead of me. I knew they were right when they said how lucky I was, but I didn't feel lucky.

I was told that they would untie my arms but to not mess with the halo. It was to hold my head and neck in place. I would have to wear it for at least a month. I would be in the hospital for at least another week. The doctor said he would send the nurse in the next day to remove my catheter. I didn't even realize I had one in.

The next day I was able to sit up and even feed myself. The nurse did come in and remove the catheter and urine bag. She told me I didn't need to be embarrassed that all people that are bedridden use them. I was at least happy that she was old enough to be my mother or older. I know it would have bothered me if a young nurse was working on my junk.

My sister Angie and I were talking after she got out of school. She told me everyone was asking about me and how I was doing. She gave me the newspaper from the last few days and there was a picture of me on the front page. I was laying on the field and another picture of the paramedics carrying me off the field. The caption read 'Ravens Go To State Semi-finals, but without their star defensive back'.

Another paper said that my football career was over; I knew I looked sad. I asked Angie if she'd heard from Sally. She handed me a short letter from Sally saying how sorry she felt for me and that it was nice knowing me and wished me the best. I guess I was lucky to even get that.

While I was busy feeling sorry for myself, a beautiful young nurses aid came in my room. Angie stood up and they hugged and smiled at each other. Damn, she was beautiful. Long bright red hair, green eyes and a body that even the nurse's aid uniform couldn't hide. I stared at her; for some reason she looked familiar, but I know I would have remembered her.

Angie brought her over to the bed. "Jerry, do you remember my girlfriend Rachel? We were friends up to the seventh grade. Her family moved to the suburbs and we haven't seen each other except for a couple of times over the years."

"Hi Jerry, I doubt if you remember me, but we had a lot of the same classes till I moved away. How are you doing?"

I thought back to grade school and remembered a chubby little red-haired girl named Rachel. Surely, this couldn't be her, but it was. "As well as could be expected under the circumstances. Do you work here at the hospital?"

"Yes I do. Even though I'm in my last year of high school, I take classes at the local college. I work here at the hospital three days a week after school."

The first thing that came to my mind was if she ever emptied my bedpan or saw my junk, that would be embarrassing.

"I work on the fourth floor but when I heard you were here, I thought I'd come by to see you. I was here the other day but they had you in an induced coma. I did kneel down and say a prayer for you." She was smiling at me but seemed to have tears in her eyes.

She talked with Angie for a little bit and then had to get back to work. She did say she would stop in and see me the next day. After she left, Angie told me that Rachel had had a crush on me for years. At the time, she promised Rachel she wouldn't tell me. That was one of the reasons she got mad at me when I made fun of her friends, because Rachel liked me and I was calling her names behind her back. Thank God, Mom had that talk with me about making fun of girls.

The next day when Rachel came in, she brought some of my schoolbooks and my laptop. I was sitting up in the bed and had regular pajamas on. I had trouble getting my tee shirt on over the halo and they had to cut it.

"Here are your schoolbooks and laptop. I stopped by your high school and Angie took me to see your teachers. I mentioned to them that I would be stopping by each day to pick up any homework you may have so you won't fall behind," said Rachel.

"What? Rachel, why are you going out of your way to get my schoolwork? You hardly know me."

"Because I want to. Jerry, I know Angie told you I had a crush on you all the way back to grade school. I know you hardly noticed me, but I was a bit chubby and had braces at the time. The thing is, you stood up for me. One time, some of your friends were making fun of me and you told them to stop it or you would knock them on their ass." Rachel was smiling.

"I never forgot that and even after I moved away, I kept track of your football career. I told the kids at my high school that you were an old friend. I was devastated when I heard about your injury. That's when I came to see you. Have you any ideas what you're going to do after you get out of the hospital?"

Rachel wasn't like other people, she seemed really concerned. I remembered how infatuated I was with Sally and even though it's been years, I wondered if, just maybe, Rachel still liked me.

I explained to her what the doctor said about the fused vertebrae and that I could have a normal life but football wouldn't be part of it. I told her I expected to go to college but the athletic scholarships were no longer available for me.

As we were talking, a few of my old teammates came in to see me. Bill asked if I was an angel seeing as I had a halo. I knew they were trying to cheer me up. When they saw Rachel, they checked her out more than once. "Is she your nurse?" asked Jim. "Don't tell me she changed your bedpan and saw your junk." All the guys were laughing.

Rachel didn't hesitate and said, "As a matter of fact I did and it looked quite impressive." The room went quite and Rachel said she had to get to work. "Take care Jerry and I'll see you later." She smiled as she walked out.

The guys talked a mile a minute about what they would like to do to her until I told them she was an old friend who came by to see me and didn't really see my stuff. "Damn! She's a looker," said Jim.

In the days that followed, Rachel came by even on the days she didn't work. I had to say, I was falling for her and didn't want to blow it. She helped me forget about Sally. We talked about college and she told me she was taking college courses now and after graduation from high school, she was already accepted to State College to finish her nursing program. She would only have to go for two more years.

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