tagGroup SexRam It Up Her Fat Ass

Ram It Up Her Fat Ass


The name is Kyle Jamal Francisco. My close friends and favorite family members call me K.J. I am the villain of this story. Who am I? In the eyes of the world, I am a tall, good-looking young black man currently living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. What is my profession? I'm a part-time Criminal Justice student at Bridgewater State College and a full-time urban hustler. Does that answer your question? I hope it does. Anyway, I have a story to share with you. The tale of a forthrightly bisexual con artist navigating his way through the treacherous waters of life in modern America. Welcome to my world.

Presently, I am dominating and humiliating a sorry excuse for a bitch who has made the mistake of crossing me. Louisa MacLeod is her name. She's a five-foot-eight, thick and plump, alabaster-skinned and brown-eyed woman in her late forties. A schoolteacher who approached me one day because she wanted to score some dope. I'm always ready to meet a new customer, so I scored her a bag of weed for a hundred bucks. She only had seventy on her and told me she'd pay the remaining thirty bucks later. I hesitated, but figured, what the hell, right? Louisa got her dope and scurried away.

A week passed and she still hadn't paid me. So I tracked her down and captured her. We are currently spending some quality time in my basement. Louisa is bound and gagged, on her hands and knees. Her plump butt cheeks are spread wide open. I am holding onto a three-foot-long dildo and slowly sliding its tip into Louisa's asshole. Why is it that big women have such tight assholes? When I captured her, Louisa threw a hissy fit. I needed to teach her a lesson. When I looked through her purse, I found three hundred dollars. She told me that I could take it all, provided I let her go.

I smacked the shit out of her for saying that. A lot of people think that we criminals are a dim-witted bunch. Without principles. How wrong they are. I may be a hustler but I'm a man of my word. When I tell you that I'm going to do something, I do it. I took thirty dollars from Louisa's purse, and left the rest. She looked at me, shocked. I collect what is owed to me, not a dime more and definitely not a penny less. These are the guiding principles by which I operate. That's why I stay in business. Reliability is a highly desirable and scarce commodity in the modern criminal underworld. Few criminals have it in them to be reliable. That's why I'm more than just a criminal. I'm a True Villain. A master of the game. And as such, I would administer just punishment to the woman who had betrayed and defied me.

Understand that this isn't revenge. There's too much emotion attached to revenge. I'm a practical, level-headed man. I'm all about business. As a businessman, I must reward good behavior in my employees and colleagues as well as my customers and also punish bad behavior. This is strictly punishment. I made sure Louisa knew this. Slowly, I pushed the slim dildo deeper into her asshole. Honestly, I'd rather not be doing this. I've got much better things to do with my time than drilling a dildo into some big woman's tight asshole. It's Friday night and in my sincere opinion, Friday nights were absolutely made for going out.

Louisa whimpers as I push the dildo into her ass. Why am I doing this? I believe in making the punishment fit the crime. In this case, interestingly, Louisa had the temerity of telling me to kiss her ass during a heated argument. Well, as a true gentleman, I was merely obeying the lady's request. I was kissing her fat ass with my extremely long and slim mechanized dildo. Slowly but surely, I pushed most of the dildo into Louisa's tight asshole. Deep down where the sun didn't shine. Earlier, to forgo this just punishment that she rightfully deserved, she offered me her pussy. Why do women think their pussies are so damn special? You've seen one pussy, you've seen them all. Now the ass, that's something else. I never get tired of shoving wonderful things into the backdoors of women. Anything from fingers to dildos and of course, my very own dick. Anal is fun. Anal is naughty. Anal penetration without lubrication is the punishment this arrogant and bitter, dishonest witch deserves and that's why she is getting.

As I push the dildo into Louisa's asshole, I can't help but remember the last time I had a vigorous anal encounter with someone. It was under far more pleasant circumstances. I was with my lover Ramon Sanchez, a nineteen-year-old Latin-American student from the University of Massachusetts. He was such a sexy young man. I was instantly drawn to him when we met. He was visiting Bridgewater State College with some friends of his. The UMass-Boston Men's Basketball team was playing against Bridgewater State College. My team lost that day, but I made a friend. Even though Ramon Sanchez was accompanied by his girlfriend, a tall, pretty black woman named Isabel, I could tell that he was into men. Yes, the Latin-American stud was at least bisexual. Don't ask me how I know. I just know. It's hard to explain. Nevertheless, we exchanged cell phone numbers. This was a promising start.

We had a lot of fun together over the next few weeks. Ramon was a hot young stud who was just beginning to explore his bisexuality. He was fine, too. Six feet two inches tall, lean, with light bronze skin, lustrous black hair, and pale brown eyes. The sexy Latin lover. I wanted him quite badly. We went to the movies together, and enjoyed quiet, intimate little dinners at fine restaurants in the city of Boston. I showed him around the Back Bay, Boston's gay cultural neighborhood. Ramon marveled at it all. He was fun and exciting. And when we finally made love, when he allowed me inside him, it was wonderful. That was a pleasant anal sex encounter. Not at all like what was taking place between Louisa MacLeod and myself right now.

Louisa whined and whimpered as I pushed the mechanized dildo deeper into her asshole. The big woman wailed. This was fun. I was exploring the tight, dark and damp place where she kept her secrets, her shames and her lies. Why do you think some people are so uptight? It's because their asses don't get to see daylight nearly as often as they should. Well, I'm doing the world a favor by bringing enlightenment to uptight and arrogant people, one bitchy ass at a time. With that, I pressed a special button on my mechanized dildo, releasing hot artificial cum deep inside Louisa. She wailed in surprise. I smiled. Hey, with me, you never know what you're going to get?

A few minutes later, with an extra bounce in her step and a new attitude, Louisa MacLeod left my basement. I think she now knows better than to act bitchy without reason. And also, she knows from experience not to cross men like myself because such actions are usually met with swift punishment. As a parting shot, she told me that she enjoyed having her backdoor poked and prodded and looked forward to more sessions. I smiled, but made no promises. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to work.

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