tagGroup SexRambo, The Schoolgirl, & The Tart

Rambo, The Schoolgirl, & The Tart


The first thing I was aware of as I awoke was my nakedness only gold chains around my wrists, waist and ankle. A sticky wet pussy and a well fucked feeling. Clothes were spread everywhere. A skirt, waist coat and knee length high heel boots of wet-look red leather, the skirt was short, it had only just covering my stocking tops. Underwear and accessories were all white. Lacy, see-through panties, bra and suspenders, with elbow length gloves, pattered stockings to round it off. I had dressed up for my husband but had worked on someone else.


I felt the warmth of a body beside me. I gently rolled over to see the lad who's . I felt myself redden as the events surrounding the discarded clothes slowly drifted into my conscience. I giggled inwardly at the sight of limpness lying on his naked thigh, now looking more or less the same size as Eric's. It had not been so small and at-ease last night. My little hand had looked so ivory gripping his massive ebony hard.

I felt just a little ashamed of what I had done and alarmed at the feelings which had been released in me. But now I was no longer the desperate woman who had arrived at Gill's party the night before. There was no point in trying to revive the marriage now.

I looked at the naked lad, he was sleeping like a baby, his large, muscular form. I chuckled to myself as I remembered how he had had his "way" with both of us, making us do new things and the pleasure it had given us all.

A hotness started to fill me again as the recollection became physical, my body wanted to do more than just remember. HO! the skills of pleasure and fun I had learnt so quickly just a few hours before. I ran my hand down his body to the sleeping serpent. My fingers wrapped around, it jerked, wanting to renew our acquaintance. I went down to it until my lips came into contact.


"Oh god, what a wonderful way to be woken up...suck me, suck me hard." The cock grow as I sucked, growing to it's massive size, until it filled my mouth. I plunged up and down its shaft, touching the back of my throat with his crown and wanting to swallow it even deeper. The pulsating of it against my lips, my tongue, my mouth and my tonsils was enough to turn me on. I licked the massive trunk and balls, pressing the tip of my tongue into the silky flesh. Switching to the top again, I wanked the foreskin over my tongue then pulling it down, tickled his little slit. He arched up from the bed, writhing and wriggling with pleasure, this made his maleness more available to me. I looked up, Gill stood watching with breakfast tray in hand. She placed it on the table.

"I'm coming...Ahhhh!" He shouted and clasped my head. The joy-giving shaft pulsed and thick, whipped cream like, male-milk filled my mouth. It was all I could do to swallow it down.

"You love hard black cock, don't you?" Gill said, a note of jealous in her voice. I got up and pulled her to me. My tongue slipped over her lips then between them; she gasped. I know that she also wanted me.

"I like hot cunt too!" She gazed into my eyes as I undid her gown. Her eyes sparkled with lust as it slipped down her girl-like body. Only a skimpy pare of white panties where left between me and her full femininity. In too much of a hurry to bother with them, I drew her to me and we fell back onto the bed, our mouths pressed together. Her tongue darted between my lips seeking some hot come for herself. I rolled her until I lay between her welcoming thighs. Our soft and womanly bodies sensually rubbing against each other in an abandoned embrace. The wetness of my pussy told me I was ready for both of them again.

This time I was going to fuck her. I pressed into Gill moving against her as if I had a cock deep in her. Rambo played with my bottom, patting, then gentle slapping. I razed my bum for him, allowing him to search out my little rosebud hole, his thumb entering me there. His other fingers curled around and entered my cunt, leaving just his little finger to find my clit. I pushed and pulled on his fingers as my body drank in Gill's soft form under me. She writhed under me, not only loving the feeling of my body on hers but also the joy of Rambo finger-fucking me too.

"Go on, fuck her you randy bitch." He was a kinky devil, getting us so worked up so that as soon as he took his hands away we were at each other. Frantically I ripped off her little white knickers and again I lay man-like between her wide and eager spread legs. Gill rapping her legs around my back, so that I could thrust my pelvis into her hot pussy. The soft blonde curls of her prominent mound chafed wildly against my light brown pubs. Our love-juices flowed to lubricate our sweet fuck.

"Fuck me my love...Faster...." She panted "You are wonderful? I'm coming, Ho! you sexy...hot....bitch rub me off." All this from a woman who last night protested at the slightest contact with another woman. Cool, soft feminine hands gripped my bum to encourage me and her legs rapped around my waist. 'Rambo' slapped my bottom gently making me push into her as she razed her hips to me. She shouted soft and sexy abuse, thrashing around in the throws of ecstasy. The feel of a woman's flesh is so soft and yielding compared to a man's hard, muscular shell. I wanted all of her and I wanted her now.

Rambo stopped our deep kiss by pushing his cock between our mouths. We licked, and sucked him frenziedly, getting the semi-limpness into a much harder state.

"Suck my tits." She panted between greedy slurps of his stiffening cock. I reached for her large nipple with my mouth, first tonguing them licking and sucking the hard cherry mounted on her small firm, girl-like breast. I took each nipple in turn, razing their hardness, revealing in the springy, womanly texture and taste. I wanted more of her, I ached to taste her honey pot, to lick her into delirium as she had licked me.

"Feel me...frig me....kiss me there...Please make me come - I need you now...Oh my darling." She mumbled, her mouth full of stiff cock. I prized myself away from the soft stickiness of her globes, moving cat-like down her lovely body. The curls on her outer lips were damp and silky-soft, clinging to the pliant flaps which guarded the love-valley beneath.

I started licking and kissing her thighs and belly, my fingers playing along the wet curl covered chasm. My fingers opened her to my loving gaze. Slowly I frigged her clit with my thumb, then slipped a finger into her deep-wetness. She pressed up into my hand, making me work the finger rapidly in her.


"Your tongue, my lovely whore, release me with your hot tongue." She gave a whimpering cry of ecstasy as my tongue slowly lapped its way to her hard clit, using my hands to stop her crushing my head with her joy. I lapped with dainty, cat-like licks around and over the little button, feeling its slick sides and its burning, sensitive tip pressing against my tongue. I savoured the musky flavour of her pussy juice and the silkiness of it. She tasted so good, felt so sensual, I wanted to take her to the top.

Two hands gripped my hips and lifted them, suddenly I was filled with hard cock. The lovely lad was fucking me with an urgent lust, sending me to heaven. Rambo pressed his thumb into my littlest hole and wanked that too. With each of his hard thrusts I increased pressure on her erect little button, then without a warning I plunged my tongue into her sodden quim, sending her over the top.

Burrowing deeper and deeper with my tongue I rubbed my lips against the soft, velvety skin until she shuddered to the peak of her orgasm, exploding in a fierce, anguish cry of pleasure as she went over the brink. Her shuddering vibrations made the bed rock violently beneath us. Seconds later Rambo went still, then, with a triumphant shout, filled me with hot come. With all this, I too came hard, convulsing with every spurt of his rippling cock.

When we all calmed down, we just lay rapped around each other, kissing and holding, three naked exhausted lovers who wanted to fuck again and again and again........

How different from the night before. I had got into the car in a strange mix of moods. I was upset at not having the chance to show my husband the new look me, sexy and loving. I was also relieved that he would not get the chance to show me up with his drunken and groping party habits. Work seemed to be far more important than our marriage to him. I had wondered if he had a lover but who would take such a bedroom bore as a lover? In the back of my mind there was a little voice which was telling me to have fun ...whatever that meant.

For the quiet part of the evening I chatted to the hostess, Gill. She really looked the part of a schoolgirl. For although she was in her mid thirties, she was only 5'1 and has a baby-face look. The pig-tails in her long blond hair really added the finishing touch. You would not think that she was my supervisor at work.

The dancing started when a few of the more daring had the music changed to something danceable. I was asked to dance by nearly every man in the room.

The one or two who I did dance with spent most of there time trying to touch me up. I quickly got rid of them. I love sex but drunken molesting is something I hate. I began to regret dressing up as a prostitute.

Gill came to my rescue, introducing me to some new people who were joining the company soon. One was a lad of about 20 or so. The Rambo costume suited his tall, muscular body. He looked a bit like him too except he was black.

I don't usually like men who are pushy and show off but I found that, as we chatted, I found his deep hypnotic voice and his hunkiness were sending shivers up and down my spine. I was even beginning to fantasise about the contents of his combat trousers. The only two things that stopped me from trying to find out was a/ he might say no and b/ his girlfriend would get upset.

When Gill's husband came back from getting more drink, things begin to happen in an unexpected way. Rambo's girl and Gill's husband got dancing and seemed to be getting on very well. The lad did not seem to care because he dragged me up to dance. His attention was all on me and I was getting wet just looking at his glistening black body moving in a manly but easy way to the rock number. I found myself wishing for a slow dance so that I could feel his body against mine.

As the lights dimmed I got my wish. We almost fell together. I pressed into him as he ground his bulging crutch into my soft full belly. An intoxicating passion swept over me as I ran my hands over the firm, silkiness of his back.


"I wish you were a real whore, I would rip off your white panties, put you over the sofa and fuck your wet cunt until you screamed." He whispered into my ear. I wanted to act like a tart. I wanted to rip off the said white panties there and then, taking the throbbing hard cock that pressed into my belly and getting it into my hungry cunt. I pressed myself into him even harder, almost crushing my large breasts and erect nipples.

"What makes you think I'm not one?" "Your have me coming in my pants if you dance any closer." "What a waste that would be." He was just going to say something more when Gill, acting as the moral US cavalry came up and demanded a dance. I was at first annoyed but as I came to my senses, I was quite relieved, for the first time in a long time I felt really randy with another man, I could not let it get out of hand. I went to the kitchen and had two drinks in a row. Now I was randy and tipsy, driving home was out.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Gill's hubby, eating at the girl Rambo had been with. She was pushing herself into him and he had his hand in her panties. Gill had spotted him too, she went up and thumped him, then ran upstairs, he followed. He came down, a few minutes, later clutching his right eye. I went up to see if she was all right, she was on the bed crying. He grabbed the girl and left.

I went to comfort her, she snuggled into me and wept like a scared child clinging to her protective parent. She tried to speak through the tears but couldn't. After a little she charmed down and asked about her husband. I told her about him, she cursed him and called into question his parentage. She cried some more, then recovered, asking me to go and get a drink of water.

Only the Rambo boy was in the kitchen when I entered, most people had gone, the rest were engrossed in sexual activities. As I filled the glass I felt him close behind me.

"Not now I must see to Gill, we can errrr...later." His lips played with the nap of my neck, my will ebbed away.

"God your sexy, I can't keep my hands off you." His hands ran down my sides to my hips. I know I should have stopped him there and then but I was hot for him.

"I love your arse....plenty to get hold of." A moment later he was showing me what he meant. He ground his crutch into my bottom as well and licking my ear.


"I bet you've wet down there." I wanted him to rip them off, push me over the sink and take me from behind. I pushed back into him as his hands slowly moved around from my bottom, down the outside of my thighs then up the inside. My skirt started to rise as he came closer to his goal. I spread my legs to help him. I let out a gasp as my wet panties were eased aside and his fingers opened my yearning slit. Knowingly he found my hard button and with a slow deliberate revolving movement he frigged me. His tongue sent shivers through me as it licked and probed my ear.

"I'm going to fuck you now, get your skirt up, I want your hot cunt on the end of my cock." My hands went to my side and lifted the short skirt to my waist. I heard his zip go releasing his wonderful pleasure giver. It's hot flesh rubbed against my bottom, I lifted myself and his prick slipped between my legs.

"Tell me how you want it."

"Yes! oh! yes! I want you up me." Why was I talking like that? Why was I bent over the kitchen sink in someone else's house, with my dress to my waist and a guy, half my age pushing his hard rod into me? Was I a slut? Was I insane? I didn't get to answer these questions nor fucked because....

"You two having fun? Can I join in and fuck the tart sonny." All the passion fell from me like giant damp squib. All I could do was to break away and run. The last thing I herd as I left the kitchen was Rambo shouting at the drunken fart. I ran upstairs, pursing for a moment to adjust my clothes.

When I got to Gill, she had charmed a lot but was still sobbing. I held her and let her talk out some of her troubles. It seemed that her hubby had been worse than mine and she had come close to walking out on him several times.

After a while I went to the bathroom for a wee and when I came back 'Rambo' was on the bed trying to kiss and grope Gill. I charged in and tried to pull him off but he was too strong. Then I realised that Gill was not struggling.

They kissed feverishly, tongues darting against each other like fighting snakes, hands all over each other. I just stood there like a helpless child, not knowing what to do. She started to pull at his clothes.

"Come on, help me unwrap the goodies." Gill insisted. I closed the door and sat on the edge beside them. All the fires he had lit earlier flared up. My tingling pussy told me I was ready again for what had been so rudely interrupted earlier. Gill had already got his shirt on the floor, so I started on his heavy military belt.

Soon he lay on the bed, a black sex god with just a skimpy pair of tight white pants bulging like an Egyptian pyramid. Gill eased it from its confines, it was big, black and very, very hard. I wanted to feel it, suck it ride it and have it deep in me. I was soon pressing myself hard into him, his mouth came down on mine and his tongue passed between my lips and teeth, entering me. It danced with my tongue, then mock-fucked my mouth, back and forward, driving me to the point of insanity.

My hands ran over his naked back, feeling his satin flesh, and down to his tight and powerful bum. Gripping both cheeks, pulling him against my rekindled body, I wanted him again and this time no one would stop me.

"Get her clothes off." A tremor of fear went through me as he ordered Gill to strip me. He know that we were his sexual puppets, both eager to funk, a chilling thrill shuddered down my spine as I fantasised what could happen.

"Come on, strip her." His voice now forceful and determined. Gill made a remark about him being a kinky sod, then he guided her shaking hand between us and I felt the material part then she took the red leather waist-coat from me His hands moulded my white-lace covered breasts making me groan into his mouth.

"Yer I'm kinky...with a red-hot tart and a shag-hungry schoolgirl who wouldn't be." He replied to her between licking the back of my teeth. Without prompting Gill's hands reached around to my belly. I felt the zip of the skirt, feeling the leather slide down my legs.

We tumbled on the bed, he pulled me onto him. His free hands bared my large breasts, cupping and squeezing them until I though they would explode. Rambo only braking away from our powerful kiss to rasp his mobile tongue to my breasts. My throbbing nipples grow even harder as his tongue traced around and around them, each in turn, driving me wild. I reached for his cock, to my surprise I felt Gill's wet lips stretched to take the upper half of his rod.

I watched through a haze as her lips slid down on the thick stem and formed a widely stretched "O" for his shaft to penetrate. It was a very erotic sight, a pale girlish face, mouth stretched to take a hard black cock. She obviously loved it because her tongue joined in the action to as she ran it along the underside of the black rod, then slid her glistening probe slowly up and down; moving it with a wanton sexiness against the man's visually throbbing penis. Her slurping and moaning got me even more worked up.

She fastened her lips as tightly as she could around the hard flesh, her head bobbing steadily in a frenzy, wanting him to fill her mouth and throat with his hot come. I gripped the wet, exposed shaft, my fingers quickly pursued by her lusting lips as she sucked almost to the hilt of the cock and I wanked him into her eager mouth. When she had all finished the long slow movement and just the tip hung in her mouth, I pulled the saliva drenched skin until the bulbous top came free. This Gill tongued with such passion that would have gladdened the heart of the most professional of whores.

Taking Gill's hand he placed it on my thigh. With a grunt she pulled back quickly. He placed her hand higher and told her to 'do it'. "No, please don't." Gill said weakly, letting his cock slip from her mouth. A part of me wanted to stop this, I had never made love to a woman and nor had Gill, but I was too far gone, all I could do was moan uneasily. Her cool hand just rested on my thigh, I could feel a slight tremor. He sat up, pulled my panties to one side.

"Please don't make me..she's a woman..I'm not a les.." He put her hand right on my pussy and held it there.

"Frig her, get your fingers into her and wank her like you wank yourself." I opened my legs as her fingers spread the wet curls of my pubs. Slowly and gently she opened the lips to my hot cunt, letting a finger tease the little joy button nestled there. I gasped He climbed on top of me, rubbing the tip of his prick against my lips and cheek.

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