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A few months ago business took me to Chicago. I'd never been there before but I knew that such a big city had to have some hot anonymous sex places. I looked on the internet and found a site that gave me a bunch of xxx bookstores throughout the city as well as a couple of theaters. I rented a car at Midway Airport and made my way out of the area to where I was staying which was in a suburb called Tinley Park. Way the fuck out in the middle of no where! Anyhow, such is the way it goes. I got settled in my hotel room and did a little bit of dress up. I put on some white silk hose, a pair of white silk panties with a garter belt over them and then I put on a white silk (you might get the idea that I like the feel of it) undershirt. Over this I wore some black sweat pants and a jacket. For shoes I put on some black upper calf high boots with a nice Cuban heel (the kind that could be either male or fem shoes). I put some basic makeup in my pockets and took off for the big city.

So it's now 9PM and I'm driving towards one of the biggest cities in the world with zero idea of how to find much of anything. Thank god for the map company on the web! By 10:30 I had found a gay part of the city where several places on my list were located. The first three were busts: either no booths or nothing other than merchandise. Then I hit this place that has a small video store in front and a little turnstile. And of course I just had to find out what was behind the turnstile didn't I! I paid some money and went into the back room.

Very dark. Black walls with some red lights. Hard to see until my eyes adjusted. The main room was composed of lots and lots of individual booths. Some with glory holes and some without. I started wandering around just looking and ended up in a maze that kept going and going. There were guys slouched around waiting and in some of the booths I could hear those delicious sex sounds from within. I bummed around just checking that side of the place out for awhile and then worked my way over to the other side. There were individual rooms some with guys in them some empty. I found the restroom and went in to put some make up on so I'd look my part. Just some red lipstick, eye shadow and mascara. In the red light I looked so very cheap and sexy. I took my jacket and pants to this window at the end and got the guy to keep them for me.

I now had LOTS of guys checking me out. I wandered around some more getting groped a little bit and groping back some too. I ended up back at the individual rooms. I looked in one and there was this good looking young guy. Totally bald all over. Some black tats on his arms and shoulders. He was leaning back against the cot in the room stroking his hot looking dick. "Want some little bitch?" He asked me.

I didn't say anything but just went into the room and went to my knees in front of him. I held his cock with one hand and looked at it. Big veins all over it. Cut. Reddish head. Hot to the touch. I opened my mouth and let it slide over my lips onto my tongue. God how I love this part of it all. That first moment when the hot spongy head hits my tongue and I swirl it all around as the shaft goes in behind it. He had his hands on my head and was slowly pumping my mouth as he talked to me. "Hot little mouth bitch. Suck on it you little slut. Suck on it good and maybe I'll fuck you." And of course when someone talks nasty to me it makes me so fucking hot. So I sucked his cock and balls putting just a little bit of pressure on them. Enough to make him wince a little bit. I sucked him for maybe five minutes and then abruptly pulled away and stood up.

"Maybe a little later baby." I've got other things to check out before you get off for me. I left him there holding his dick and went on to see what else I could find. At this point I was hot from having the cock in my mouth and my breathing was shallow. I went into the next area where there were some glory hole booths. I went into one and closed the door. I could barely make out that there were holes on either side and one in the middle wall as well. I had my cock clit out and was stroking it as I looked through the holes to see what was in the booths. Nothing! But I'm a patient girl when I want something badly. Pretty quickly I heard the door open on the booth on the left and I looked through the hole to see what I could see.

Two guys. In the booth together making out like crazy. I couldn't see what they looked like but they took off their pants and underwear and that was all I really wanted to see anyway. One of them went to his knees and started eating the other guy's dick like it was the last one he'd ever have. He was moaning around the dick in his mouth. I was stroking my clit watching them. "Suck his dick good baby. Make him hot." I said with my mouth up to the hole encouraging them and letting them know I was liking the show. "You're such a good cocksucker! Ummmm yeah baby. Eat him up!"

I heard a pssst to my right and looked to see a good sized cock through the hole in the middle. I can't resist that sort of thing and scooted around so that it was at mouth level for me. I engulfed him and immediately let his seven or so inches slide into my throat where I swallowed squeezing him with my muscles. I pulled off of him so that just the head was in my mouth and my hand was around the shaft stroking him. I licked and swirled the head making it twitch. All of a sudden he pulled back into his booth and crooked his finger through directed me to give him my clit to suck on. Normally I don't do that but I was hot for some tongue touch and stood up to stick myself through. His hot mouth slid over my dickclit and I fell against the wall trying to get as much as possible into his face. I could hear the guys on my left going at it and really wanted to see what they were doing but I was so into the blowjob this guy was giving me I couldn't move!

Then to my right I saw another dick through the third glory hole. Sensed rather than saw because this was a big black dick. Almost invisible. I reached down and took it into my hand and felt precum leaking around the head. I played with his cock as the other guy sucked me but had to pull away or I was going to cum too quickly. I fell to my knees and took the black cock in my mouth. Hot and big and fat! He filled my mouth with cock. I whipped him in and out as fast as I could go making him hump the wall with lust. Hot fucking stuff as he tried to fuck my tonsils out. I pulled away from him and looked through the first hole at the two boys. One had the other one bent over with his hands on the wall. He was behind him sliding his cock in and out of his ass pussy. I watched for a moment and then went back to the middle cock. Once in my mouth he fucked in and out for maybe ten strokes and then pulsed a couple of times before his shot a hot load of cum into my mouth. I didn't swallow it but held it there as he finished and then went to the black cock and swallowed it. It's size forced some of the cum out of my mouth and down my chin where it dripped onto my shirt. Some of it was forced into my throat by his big black dick. I sucked him using the rest of the cum as a lube with my saliva. Must have felt like liquid silk on his dick because in a few minutes he was thrusting his dick hard into my mouth as, without ever pausing, he blasted a big wad of cum into me. He pulsed three shots into me and I once again held it. He pulled away and some of the cum leaked out.

I turned to my left and watched the two hot boys. The one was sawing in and out of the other's ass talking to him as he did it. Telling him what a nasty bitch he was for fucking like this. The fuckee was moaning and his head was against the wall as he reached back with both hands to spread his cheeks apart so his lover could get even deeper inside of him. "Fuck him really good baby. Fuck that little slut's hot ass." I whispered through the wall. "Make his cock cum from your fucking!" I was jerking on my cock clit as I watched them. "But when you cum stick it in here and let me eat it. Give me the cum and make him give his to me too!" Just then he gave a groan and pulled his cock out of the other boy's ass and got it over to me. I pulled back just a bit as he stuck himself through the wall and then closed my red mouth over the head and sucked. He thrust forward and let loose with a cry of anguished pleasure as he blew a load of hot cum into my mouth. I spit some of it into my hand and used it on myself to jerk a little bit. He poured cum into me and I managed to swallow the rest without losing any of it. He pulled away from me and the hole very quickly and his dick was replaced by the other boy who's dick was really big and hot to my mouth. He didn't even get a push in before his legs banged against the wall and he blasted cum. My mouth was a foot away from his cock so when I tell you that his cum still hit me in the face you know he really shot a rocket! I kind of fell forward and my mouth engulfed his cock so I could get the rest of him out of his body. He kept himself locked into me until I had drained him and then pulled away. The two of them left the booth and I was alone again.

I kind of staggered out of the booth with cum on my face and shirt. There was five or so guys standing around staring at me. It was kinda plain that they had thought I'd do them too. I know it sounds ridiculous cumming from me but I got out of the area as fast as I could. Embarrassed?

I made my way to the left side of the place and wandered til there was nowhere else left to go. Various guys were hanging out. Some had their cocks out and were stroking them while others just stood there. I got to the very end of the place and went into a booth to collect myself. No glory holes. In seconds someone was tapping on the door so of course I opened it to see a bunch of guys standing there wanting to fuck me. My mouth was sore from sucking so I just turned around in the doorway and held onto the doorjambs and bent over. Someone put a bunch of lube on my hole and then a dick slid into me. He came after a few minutes and was replaced by another and then another and another til I lost count. There was cum running down my thighs soaking into my ruined stockings. Cum was splattered onto my shoes and a steady stream of it pumped out of my ass every time the muscles spasmed. I couldn't hold myself up anymore and sunk to my knees in what seemed like a lake of cum.

"Remember me cunt?" Said a voice from behind me. I looked back to see the tattooed guy from earlier standing there naked behind me. He of the red and veined cock holding it showing it to me. "We got some business to handle bitch!" He said as he moved forward and started hitting me with his dick. He reached under me to put his arm around my stomach and pulled me up. He got me to where my feet were on the floor and managed to slide into my well lubed hole. I was so fucked out that for a moment or two I couldn't even feel his cock in me. Then he started pounding into me and I felt it for sure. "Cocksucking little gang bang slut! You must've had fifteen guys do your ass tonight and you still want more dontcha.

"Oh fuck yes! Give me some more. Give me all the cock there is! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!" I cried as he did it to me. He was ravaging my asshole cunt. Making me even more of a whore.

"Oh fuck yes you bitch! Here I cummmmmmm!" He roared as he filled my aching cunt with one more load of cum. He pushed into me and held it there while his cock pulsed into me and finally pulled out. I collapsed to the floor and turned around so I was facing him. I had my hands on my dickclit jerking it. I was so fucking hot to cum! He reached down and moved my hands away as he slid his fist up and down on me using his cum that was leaking out of my ass cunt as a lube. "Cmon you sissy cunt. Shoot that hot bitch cum. Shoot it you motherfucker!" I was panting and moaning and could feel it ready to shoot when he bent over and took the head of my dickclit into his mouth and sucked on me. It didn't take fifteen seconds to force the hot cum out of me. He pulled off of my dick and my cum shot into the air. It almost hurt as it came out of me. Burned. Thick cum. "Fucking little bitch!" He exclaimed as he turned and walked away leaving me there looking like the cum slut I am. God I love it!

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