I like my tea served to me by a nubile woodland nymph, as beautiful, delicate and fragrant as a solitary flower in the middle of a sunlit meadow, her sheer diaphanous dress cascading like a waterfall so enticingly obscuring her naked form.

Her movements, her smile, her laughter, everything about her is captivating. Yet the wicked glint in her eye reveals hidden depths of truth... she knows! She knows that the very last thing now upon anybody's mind is a cup of tea. That is, until she deliberately and mischievously spills it.

Ramona gasps in shock, quickly grabs a cloth, and begins ineffectively pressing her delicate fingers into the wetness at my groin. I smile at her seemingly-naive audacity. Then I notice that as she leans forward, her dress billows away from her body, revealing the soft, smooth, undulating curve of a naked breast. It is unfettered, succulent, tempting. Inviting.

Although I am incredibly aroused by Ramona, I repress the urge to caress. Instead, I adopt a steely expression and say "Ramona, do you remember what I said would happen the next time you misbehave?" Her eyes widen in shock. "You ... you meant that, Master?" She looks like a frightened deer, ready to bolt, so I grab her wrist gently but firmly. She is lithe and fleet-footed, but not strong so is very easy to pull down over my lap. "Please don't punish me, Sir," she whispers, her tongue moistening her lips. She nibbles her lower lip nervously, and begins to squirm.

Poor Ramona senses a buzz of excitement from the nearby forest. Her keen hearing catches various utterances from her kin. "Ramona's getting a punishment!", "Finally!" and "It's about time!" are the most-frequent phrases. Then her heart skips a beat when she hears a very matter-of-fact declaration of intent: "Let's go watch."

Meanwhile, she's acutely conscious of a hand moving slowly yet relentlessly from her ankle, up her calf, over the back of her knee, and up her thigh. I'm pushing her dress up to expose her rear. Her naked rear. She decides she must be just imagining it being a lingering caress. "After all, I'm about to be punished," she thinks to herself, "that's not supposed to be pleasurable. Is it? Oh, I'm so confused." I note this inner-conflict, and am glad she can't see my smile. Her skin is so soft, so smooth. Unblemished. I'm going to enjoy this.

My attention is distracted by another nymph just appearing into view. She seems slightly older than Ramona, but has a similarly-tantalizing beauty. "Excuse me, Sir," she says, ever so politely, "how may I assist?" This takes me by surprise, as I'm quite capable of controlling this tiny thing. However, as I look at the new girl more closely, I detect ... excitement. This bold young lady wants a front-seat view of the proceedings. So I ponder for a moment, then respond "yes, thank you, please hold her wrists for me. What's your name?" "Alexis Sir," is the reply, as the girl kneels in front of Ramona, grasping both wrists firmly in one of her hands.

I begin the admonishment. "Ramona, I realize that spilling the tea was an accident, so will go easy on you," I inform the distraught young maiden. As I place the palm of my hand upon her delicious peach-like curvature, Alexis speaks up. "Forgive me Sir, but I believe it was no accident. Ramona has been practicing service and grace all her life, she could never be so clumsy. Not by mistake." Ramona looks up at her and scowls. Alexis grins back at her impishly. I notice this unspoken exchange, and discern that Ramona is not so innocent. Doubtless she has done much to get others into trouble, yet used her cute charms and attractive form to escape the consequences. Little wonder everyone's so excited to watch her fall from grace. Little wonder she's so humiliated at this sudden turn of events. "So be it," I proclaim. My hand glides easily over the soft, undulating globes of Ramona's plump, ripe derriere, as I enjoy her pitiful whimper.

My hand lifts and descends rapidly, a series of spanks to the exposed flesh, loud cracks reverberating around the clearing. I hear a series of "ooh"s and "aah"s from the hidden gathering. Of course, the loudest gasps emanate from Ramona herself. Clearly, the pain of her reddening ass and thighs is matched only by her abject humiliation at putting on such a display for her amused audience.

Alexis is watching her face intently. She waits, like a tigress ready to pounce. Just as Ramona seems unable to endure it any longer, and as I pause for breath, she leans in and whispers softly, that only Ramona and I can hear, "I envy you, Ramona." Ramona's eyes fly open, and she stares at Alexis questioningly. "There is nothing so erotic as a good, hard spanking," Alexis continues. "Enjoy it, Ramona. Feel alive. Give your audience a good show." With that, she reaches inside the top of Ramona's flowing dress and tweaks a perky nipple. Ramona gasps, this time not from pain, but from pleasure as that hardening nub seems to be a hotline straight to her crotch. Then Alexis looks at me triumphantly, and declares loudly enough for all to hear, "she can take it much harder than that, Master."

With renewed energy, my passion awakened, my hand rains down relentlessly upon those poor, upturned buttocks, and thighs, which all slowly turn a deeper shade of red. Every strike gets a murmur of approval from the group, and a lustful "Harder!" from Alexis. Ramona's legs thrash around, glimpses of her pink gash winking enticingly at me, and at all those watching her from behind. Alexis provides her own assault upon pert nipples, which grow erect and ready for a tongue to begin lapping. Happy to assist with such a task, Alexis finally removes her hand from the dress, swivels around to face away from Ramona, sitting in front of her. She again firmly grasps Ramona's wrists, one in each hand this time, then leans back. Her face appears beneath Ramona's, upside-down. She pushes herself backwards, pausing to deeply kiss Ramona's mouth with wanton passion, taking the younger nymph's breath away. Then Alexis pushes herself back even further. Her head disappears entirely down the front of Ramona's wafting gossamer dress. Ramona's loud moan is all the information I need: Alexis' lips have just grasped at an erect teat, and her tongue is lapping it. Ramona's squirms in my lap take on a renewed urgency. Feeling between her legs, my fingers slip and slide easily. She is wet. Slick.

I gently lift her by the waist, onto her knees, and push her thighs further apart. She's light as a feather, so easy to maneuver. I keep her glistening wetness on lewd display to anyone who cares to admire. Her thighs are spread apart, coated in moisture, all modesty forgotten as the tongue constantly licking at one nipple after the other keeps her on edge. "Show everybody how naughty you are," I command. This brings yet another deep groan.

Reaching under her, my fingers caress the underside of a breast. I grasp it, and present it to the hungry mouth which latches eagerly onto the offered teat. Ramona gasps again, her back arching, though making no effort to withdraw her breasts from the lavish onslaught. My fingers slowly trail down over her taut stomach, feeling the rapid breaths building pressure like a steam engine. She's stoked and ready to explode. Exploring fingers drift further down her torso, stroking and caressing. Groping. The mound of her pussy, shaven hairless, has the lightest peach-fuzz tickling the pads of my fingers. Those pads glide further over the undulating surface, finally reaching their destination: the secret valley between her thighs, with its tiny nub exposed, wet, and throbbing. One stroke. Two. She wails loudly, animal lust taking over the core of her tiny frame, as she climaxes. Then she climaxes again. Moisture gushes over my fingers as the throes of a third orgasm rip through her tiny frame.

Finally, an exhausted Ramona collapses on top of Alexis, who gently releases her wrists from the vice-like grip. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!" Ramona murmurs, barely a whisper.

Presently, her breathing returns to normal. I hold her, stroking her hair, as Alexis brings a towel to lovingly rub her down. She purrs contentedly. Shortly, her energy restored, she gazes up at me with bright eyes. "Would you like a cup of tea, Master?"

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by SherrieRStrong09/17/17


My first post here, sir (ma'am?) I guess you are breaking my writing cherry!

You have a delicious writing style, but for me, the spanking itself is the ultimate fun, right? It's what I want to hear about-more...

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by BlueMoon009/13/17

Feedback welcome

I would like to hear constructive feedback so I can improve future writing. How was the pacing? Build-up too slow? Ending too fast? Need more focus here, or less attention to detail there?

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