tagErotic CouplingsRancho Las Palmas Ch. 03

Rancho Las Palmas Ch. 03


Day two of the meetings started slowly, with an enormous breakfast buffet, just like the day before. Once again Molly drew the same breakfast duty. And once again, the resort staff handled everything so efficiently she mostly just observed from the rear of the meeting room. When things were pretty calm, I took my plate and stood with her, making small talk. We joked and laughed a bit, and I told her how great she looked. It must have surprised her, because she looked at me, almost eye to eye -- she's tall, about six feet, alongside my six foot three -- and asked me if I was serious.

"Of course I am," I said intently, "and you look fabulous. If I wasn't a married man, I might start to have some untoward thoughts about you and what I would like to do with you. I might have some very explicit, very sexual thoughts about you and me."

In spite of her dark Mediterranean complexion, I could see her blush from shoulder to hairline. Her smile was dazzling and brilliant, and she couldn't wipe it from her face. She looked like she might be getting dizzy, and I put my hand on her arm to steady her. She inhaled sharply and leaned into me.

"My god," she said, "my knees are weak and my hands are shaking, and I can hardly breathe. No one has ever said such a thing to me, and I can't believe how my body is responding."

"I hope I didn't offend you, or get you pissed off at me."

"Oh no, not at all. In fact, the thought thats buzzing loudly in my head right now is that I really want to find out what you would like to do with me. I want you to tell me. In detail."

"Molly, in front of all these people? Won't you be totally embarrassed? I mean I would love to tell you. I want to tell, and I'm going to tell you. But now?" I had a total shit-eating grin on my face.

"I'll tell you what," she whispered, "I did my presentation yesterday and so did you -- I was watching you -- and all I have to do today is to back up Vanessa, while she makes sure nothing goes wrong. You and I are going to sit here in the back, and you're going to write things on your notepad and whisper things to me for the whole morning session. Lunch is on our own today, since Ken (the CEO) will be meeting one-on-one with the sales reps during lunch and the early afternoon, and if I like what you write and say, we're going to spend our lunchtime together."

I knew what that meant, that Molly was going to fuck me. This beautiful, tall, husky-voiced goddess was going to fuck me. I agreed to sit with her, and excused myself to talk up a couple of other people and make my presence known.

Anissa was standing by herself, and we talked until the meeting was about to start. She looked even better than I remembered, and I could hardly take my eyes off her. Apparently I was able to carry on a semi-intelligent conversation in spite of my feeling tongue tied. We really clicked, and I found myself inviting her to visit me after dinner that evening, so I could show her some of the new tools that I was developing to support our reps. She said she would try, and hugged me as I slipped away to the back of the room. I sat next to Molly just as the CEO called everything to order.

In a sign of what was to come and how well we would mesh together, I reached into my briefcase for a pad of paper as Molly reached into hers for a pen. She gave me a wicked smile and gave me the pen, and said, "Get to work...please."

Needing to buy some time to gather my thoughts and get the juices flowing, I started doodling. I started with a fancy script capital F, and smiled at her. I followed that with a U, and shortly the C and K took shape. Just under that that, the word ME appeared. In a flowing cursive script, I wrote "I want you to" above the other words. I was ready. The juices were starting to flow.

To prevent prying eyes from seeing what was going on, I flipped the page and began writing. Here is how it went:

"I really love your long, shapely, tanned legs. I love how they contrast with your short shorts, how you stand, so sexy and provocative. I imagine you laying on the bed, and sitting beside you, massaging your legs. The lotion enhances the smoothness of your skin, and makes my hand glide over you. I rub the backs of your thighs, behind your knees, over your delicious calves and down to your feet. I take them in my hands and gently but firmly knead them with my thumbs and fingers. I return to your calves and work them, relaxing the tension and warming you up. I work my way back to your thighs, rubbing from side to side reaching under your legs and massaging all the way around to the front. Slowly I continue upward to where your legs and ass meet, and you part your legs for me as work.

"I look closely and I can see the moisture gathering at your pussy lips, and just graze them with my fingers and hands as I massage you. My fingertips drift over your forbidden rosebud. Careful to just tease, I begin massaging your ass. I work deeply, with my hands and forearms, and you begin to moan in pleasure. Before long I am touching your back, long slow strokes bringing release and comfort to your skin and muscles. I work your shoulders and neck, and massage your scalp with my fingertips, and your moans of pleasure make me think you are going to orgasm.

"It's time to roll you over, and now your lovely, small tits are exposed to my view for the first time. Your nipples are erect, and I take one in my mouth and one in my hand. You are delicious, Molly, and I suck hard. I can see your hips rolling and bucking. I kiss my way down you tummy, savoring the flatness and firmness of it. Such a contrast with Alison, both so desirable in their own way. I am careful to avoid your pussy, and it takes all the strength I have to do so. I massage your thighs, rubbing close to your "Y" and enjoying your nakedness.

"You have spread your legs now, so far apart that I cannot rub both of your thighs, and I know it's time to taste your nectar. I move around and between your legs and lower my face to your pussy. I have not yet touched you, then I extend my tongue to gently flick it across your clit. Your involuntary response catches me off guard as your hips rock up and into my face, your pussy and my mouth pressed together. I lick and slurp your juices. You taste so delicious and I can't get enough. "I tongue fuck your pussy, unleashing another flood of juices, and I can hardly swallow fast enough. I move back to your clit and suck and swirl it with my tongue, slipping a finger into your cunt. It takes but a moment till your first orgasm overwhelms your body, your legs grip my head, your hands pull my face into your sweetness, and unintelligible noises escape your lips. The climax courses through your body powerfully, then finally subsides. I roll you over onto all fours, and enter your from behind. My cock is hard to near bursting, and I pound you with my thrusts. Your pussy is tight and hot and wet. The sweat pours off my face, and you are struggling to breathe, so intense is our fucking. I'm on the edge of cumming, and I do my best to hold off. You tell me you want my cum in your mouth, and we move so you can take my cock. You stroke and suck me, and quickly you feel my balls tighten, then my cum starts shooting. It's hot and wet inside your mouth, and not a drop escapes. You suck and stroke and swallow without missing a beat, and drain me dry.

"My hardness breaks and as I soften, I withdraw from your mouth and we lie together for a few minutes and share our first kiss. We shower quickly together, relishing each other's body before we have to return to our meetings." I turned to look at Molly -- my eyes haven't left the paper since I started writing -- to see her face flushed, almost pink. Her breathing was quick and shallow, her nipples were totally erect, and one hand was between her legs. I'm sure she was rubbing her pussy through her shorts. I smiled at her, and she grinned back. Taking the pen from me, she wrote on the pad:

"I want to fuck you. I've wanted to fuck you since the first day you walked into the office five months ago. I didn't know how to tell you, or even how to approach it. I knew you were married and I am engaged and all that shit, and thought it was impossible for it to happen. Now you tell me you want to fuck me, and you tell me how and give me great details. My pussy is totally soaked. My nipples are hard. I'm so aroused and horny I can hardly breathe.

"When the CEO finishes talking and we are sent out for lunch, I'll be nowhere to be found because I'm leaving early. I'm going to be in my room, 2014, and I'm going to be naked and ready.

"I want you to fuck me. Don't let me down." She put down the pen and pad and slipped out of the room. I slid the pad back into my briefcase and rested the palm of my hand Molly's chair. It was damp to the touch, and I knew she was serious. In anticipation, my breathing was now shallow, my heart rate quickened, and I was hard. I adjusted myself and waited until the CEO stood to adjourn the meeting. I was actually the first one out, and headed straight for the elevators. I jogged down the hall to 2014 and knocked lightly. The door cracked open, and I could see Molly's beautiful smile. She opened the door and stood there in naked glory. I took her to my arms and kissed her, first softly, then more deeply.

We broke the kiss, walked to the sofa, and lived out our fantasy.

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