tagErotic CouplingsRancho Las Palmas Ch. 05

Rancho Las Palmas Ch. 05


The last day of the meetings was quite a letdown. I'd had a great time, enjoyed the people and had plenty of sex. I had no idea that it would be such a sexual experience, but I wasn't complaining. By early afternoon of the last day, nothing was really happening that concerned me, several people had already left for the airport, and I was ready to go. My boss, Brenda, was in the same boat, and ready to leave. We conferred, and decided to head to the airport to see if we could catch an early flight.

After a hot, mid-afternoon taxi ride to the airport, we hustled to the ticket counter to change flights. Unfortunately, the local military base had given leave to a lot of soldiers, and there was a long line in front of us. Undaunted, we waited our turn.

"Good afternoon," chirped a perky red-head agent. "How can I help you?"

Brenda took over – her being my boss and a couple of years older than me – and started in. Handing over the boarding passes she said, "We'd like to change our flight, and get on an earlier one if we could. Ours doesn't leave until after six."

"Let's see what I can do." Her name tag said her name was Shelly and that she was from Montrose, Colorado. "It looks like the flight you are on is oversold, so it would be nice if I could move you, but I don't think there are any seats on the other flight. Ok, it looks like there is one flight that gets you into Phoenix earlier, but no connections to Boise until the one you are on. Oh, that early flight is sold out too. So many people trying to get out of town for the long weekend. I'm so sorry, but there's nothing I can do."

I cleared my throat to get her attention, smiled what I thought was my most endearing smile, and spoke up. "It would be awful nice of you to figure out a way to make this happen. We'd certainly be indebted to you."

She smiled back at me, one of those smiles that said, "Fuck you. No special treatment. And stop trying to flirt your way in," but the words only sounded like an insincere "I'm sorry."

We spent the next several hours reading, wandering around the tiny airport, eating and trying to nap. Eventually we boarded our flight, tired from sitting around, and then we sat some more. The pilot taxied to the end of the runway, and then came on the PA system.

"Good afternoon, er, evening, folks. It looks like there are thunderstorms in the Phoenix area right now, and Air Traffic Control is keeping us on the ground here in Palm Springs until it clears. Latest word is that it will be about 45 minutes. Now I know it's a hundred and nine degrees outside, so if you'll keep the window shades down, we'll keep the engines running and the air conditioning on, and by way of this announcement, we're asking our flight attendant to start a beverage service to help us all stay cool.

"And by the way, please try not to drink too much. This aircraft only has one bathroom, and I just got word it's not functioning. We could return to the gate and have it repaired, or keep our place in the takeoff queue. That way the second Air Traffic Control gives us the green light we can get you all on to Phoenix or wherever your final destination may be. If you have any objection to this plan, please push you flight attendant call button."

No one did.

Sixty-five minutes later we took off. We landed in Phoenix ten minutes before our connection to Boise was scheduled to leave. Brenda and I hustled from the 'C' concourse to the 'B' as fast as we could, and made it there before our connecting flight left. But not before the door to the jetway had been closed, and apparently nothing short of an act of God was opening it again. Shit.

Back in a line once again, we tried to get re-scheduled on another flight. Nothing was going out later that night, and on our airline, the next scheduled flight wouldn't get us home until mid-afternoon. While I stayed to try and work things out there, Brenda tried another airline.

They wouldn't even give us a free hotel, since they claimed "weather-related flight delays" and other "acts of god" were not their responsibility. They did, however, give me a voucher for a reduced-cost hotel. I took it. And the early morning flight on another airline was the best that they were able to book.

Meanwhile, Brenda was able to re-book her flight on yet another airline and get in a couple of hours after me. We caught the hotel shuttle and prepared to spend the night without our luggage.

The hotel was nearly booked, and because I had only one voucher, they would only give us one room for the lowered cost. We looked at each other and groaned, just wanting this trip to be over.

"Fine," she said. "Does it have two beds?"

"Two queens, ma'am," was the reply.

"We'll take it. As you can tell, we missed our connection – and our luggage. Do you happen to have any toiletries?"

The desk clerk produced two disposable toothbrushes, a mini-bottle each of shampoo and conditioner, and a disposable razor. Taking the items, we made our way up to the room. It was a typical hotel room, and I offered to let Brenda have the bathroom first to get ready for bed.

She is a deeply religious woman, married and faithful, and downright prim and proper. She is also a fine-looking woman, and at 54 years old, only carries a few extra pounds. She took me up on the offer. I lay down on the bed to wait, and a few minutes later she emerged, fully dressed. She sat on the other bed and said, "I figured I would undress while you were in the bathroom."

"Right," I replied. "Good idea." She was my boss, after all.

When I came out of the bathroom, the lights were out and Brenda was under the covers in the far bed. I was wearing just my underwear, having hung up my clothes neatly in hopes they would air out a little and perhaps not look quite so worn in the morning. I slipped my underwear off, slid into bed and dropped off to sleep quickly.

The next thing I knew, I felt Brenda cuddle up to me, spooning up to my backside, and her arm draped over my chest. Without showing signs of waking up, I carefully opened my eyes a slit, and glanced at the clock. We had been in bed less than an hour.

I turned my attention to what I could feel, and it felt good. Her large, warm breasts were pressed up against my back. Her legs were tucked up behind mine and fit nicely. Her cheek and breath were warm on my shoulder, and her palm was moving ever so slightly on my chest.

Her hand moved down to my stomach, then crept slowly southward until it reached my pubic hair. A slight pause, and it moved to my cock and gently wrapped it up. I gasped slightly, but kept my eyes closed and did not flinch. She fondled my cock and balls softly, and stroked my semi-erect unit.

Small, soft moans escaped my lips as she continued working my member. I let her keep going until I was almost at the point of cumming. I couldn't let that happen yet, so groaning in pleasure, eyes closed, I rolled over and on top of Brenda in a classic missionary position. Her legs parted for me, and I pressed my cock into her sex. Her pussy yielded easily – it was dripping wet – and took me in to my balls. I started a slow fucking motion, slow because I didn't want to cum soon, and opened my eyes just enough to see that her eyes were closed tightly.

I fucked her until she began moaning, softer than a whisper. Her cunt tightened on my cock as she flexed it, and her body felt heavenly, soft and pliable beneath me. I stopped fucking her, and withdrew, sliding down the bed until my face was at her pussy.

Her fifty-four year old quim was neatly trimmed, dark auburn hair flecked with gray, into a small triangle. Her labia were spread from my cock, and her juices were all over. She smelled very nice, and when I dipped my tongue into her nectar, tasted equally nice. I began licking her clit, then that smooth part from the clit to her opening, applying pressure on the upstroke to swell her clit, pausing at the front of it, then up and over the top, causing a massive clenching of her pussy. The downstroke was lighter and allowed her to recover. I swirled her clit with my tongue, drawing figure eights around it, and sucked it into my mouth like a tiny cock. I kissed her pussy like it was her mouth, and slipped my tongue inside her. I sucked the juices out of her cunt and swallowed.

Her hips began to buck and I knew she was about to cum. I took her clit into my mouth and sucked, then slid my fingers into her pussy. At that instant she exploded. I felt her hands on the back of my head, pushing my face into her muff. I felt her hips rocking, and her vagina squeezed my fingers. Her mouth made unintelligible noises of pleasure, very soft but very obvious. I kept sucking and licking until the pressure from her hands let up and her hips came to a rest. She breathed out deeply and her hands dropped to her side.

Hard as a rock, I entered her pussy again. This time I fucked her hard and deep. Her eyes remained closed, but her mouth was open wide in pleasure, though no sound escaped. I withdrew my cock to her pussy lips, then plunged in deep, till our pubic hairs were enmeshed. She was squeezing my cock tightly, and it was unbelievable. I pulled her legs up, with my arms behind her knees, and my cock rubbed her g-spot with every thrust.

She began cumming again, as if she had never cum this way before, yet in silence. The tightness of her cunt became too much for me and I began to cum. Three, four, five, six deep strokes and spurts of cum into her pussy. I fucked her for a minute or so more until my cock began to soften, then lowered my face to her pussy.

For the second time that night, I sucked the juices from her cunt. This time it was both of our cum, and it filled my mouth. I kissed Brenda, and although she feigned sleep still, I shared my cum with her. As I kissed her, her lips parted and we shared my cum. She swallowed, and I broke the kiss.

I rolled off her, and this time, I spooned her. I was wrapped around her with my arm over her, nestled between her tits. We slept that way for a while, and sometime before morning she slipped unawares from my bed back to hers.

I awoke to the sound of a shower. I found my underwear and slipped them on, and headed to the bathroom, assuming she wouldn't mind if I joined her. The bathroom door was locked.

A few minutes later she emerged from the bathroom, fully clothed, hair wet. I smiled and said "Good morning." She said good morning to me and asked how soon I would be ready for the shuttle back to the airport. A little surprised at her brusqueness, I asked for 15 minutes or so.

After my quick shower and dressing, I tried to start a conversation.

"So how did you sleep?" I asked.

"Fine. Not nearly long enough."

"Yeah. It was a short night. And I never sleep quite as well the first night in a different bed. But I did have extra sweet dreams. How about you?"

"Oh, I never dream," was her reply.

"Ever sleep walk?"

"Me? No, never."

I thought I needed to get brave. "Ever sleep fuck?"

Her head jerked around. "What?"

"You know, ever slipped into another bed and had sex in your sleep? I hear it's pretty remarkable."

"I can't imagine that could ever happen. Can we change the subject now?"

Hmm, I thought, she's never going to fess up. "Sure. How about some breakfast? I'm starved. I feel like I was up working out all night."

She looked at me a little sideways, kept a straight face and said, "Let's go. I have quite an appetite myself."

Breakfast was uneventful, as was the shuttle ride back to the airport. When we left the shuttle and were about to go our ways to our separate airlines, I stopped her, and said, "For what it's worth, I enjoyed the night."

Again she looked at me askance. "You're talking strange this morning. Maybe you can sleep it off and we'll talk next week back in the office, ok?"

"Sure thing," I said, "we'll talk next week. Hey, enjoy your flight. See you Monday."

I turned and walked away, not waiting for her response. I walked about a hundred feet and started around the corner towards 'B' Terminal security. As I rounded the corner I glanced back. She hadn't moved.

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