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byLittle Scarlet©

Note: This is a stand alone story. Hope you all enjoy.

Two Doms, One sub

The lookout was a jut out from Mount Bearinton which so happened to oversee the town of Bearinton. The town little looked like stars that have fallen to Earth and graced it with night's beauty. The drive to the path which leads into the forest to the lookout was a good 45 minutes. Then it's a 10 to 20 minute hike along the path (depending on how quick you walk) to reach the lookout which is named Lover's lookout. All the young couples would sneak out and go here for a romantic night. Though everyone knew about it no one put a stop to the young lovers having fun. Slowly Sarah walks away from her car and toward the forest path that leads to lover's lookout. The trees seem to beckon her deeper along the path. No owls hooting or little creatures scouring in the night, just complete and utter silence. Something inside her keeps telling her to go forward to hurry before it is too late. That something exciting is waiting for her at Lover's lookout, something that she has been searching for since she turned sixteen two years ago. Hurry a voice in her head says. She gets the feeling that whatever is waiting is eager for her to get there.

She begins to run the last little bit of distance to the lookout. As she burst out into the open area there is nothing for her to see but the town down below. The sight is breathtaking as it is every clear night, the town seems to merge and become part of the sky. As she admires the view she doesn't notice the movement from behind her. She jumps when the two figures speak. We are glad you came little one. Turning around she cannot make out the two beings standing behind her in shadow.

She tries to speak and finds her voice is gone, her body will not respond to her want to run. The figures move closer, the night moves with them keeping her from making out who they are. There cold hands touch her face and neck sliding down along who body. Their nails shredding her clothing letting it fall in tattered pieces at her feet. She feels like ice is sliding along her body as their hands move to her pants. Easily, the pants too are down around her feet quickly followed by her thong.

You are now ours speak the two voices. Her mind is entranced by their voices, so deep and majestic. Slowly she feels on slid his member into her pussy while the other pushes at her anus. The two stretch and fill her completely. They only wait a moment for her to adjust before working in and out of her body. Her own moisture begins to deep down her legs as the force of their pounding builds. Soon she is screaming her release which causes them both to cum.

They sink their teeth into her neck, drinking her adrenaline rich blood. Carefully they pull out of her with dicks going soft. She looks and sees two pairs of eyes glowing gold back at her. Light headed and a quart low on blood she doesn't know what to do. She just stares as she watches back at them. Her hand wanders up the her neck and she can feel the puncture wounds that have mysteriously already sealed. Who are you two, she stammers out.

Shush little one, you are now ours, came from the one behind her. Yes you are little one, now rest. We will come to you again, said the other. They raised their hands and gently weaved a thought of sleep into her mind. She feels the warmth of her sheets against her naked body, the softness of her head on the pillow. She turns and feels the fur of her cat laying next to her in the bed. BED! She sits bolt upright.

Was it all a dream she thought as she comforted Tessi, her Egyptian Mau. Stroking the cat's head she moves her other hand to her neck. It hadn't been a dream, the marks that she had received were still there. It had been real. She sighed, she could already feel the need for them to take her again. To feel them cum deep inside her, but she no longer had the choice of when that would take place. She was theirs and marked for all to see.

She is now a slave to not one but two male vampires. She had always been warned that they were real, that they took young girls and made them their slaves. Now she was one, her freedom would be lost to her in time as they took her more and more, her need becoming theirs as they ravage her body. Now all she can wonder is when will they be coming to her again? Will they take her to their home or some other place? When will they come and take her, using her for their pleasure?

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