tagIncest/TabooRandom Letters

Random Letters

byDiana Retnuhvek©

Ch. 1

"Are they close?" Janet asked her new husband.

"Very close actually," Kurt responded. "Guess maybe because they aren't really brother and sister. The sibling rivalry isn't there, and they're kind of like...friends."

Oh, they were more than friends.

"Yeah," Janet responded, sitting down on the kitchen table and crossing her perfectly-tanned legs in an effort to show them off to Kurt. Her white shorts riding up on her so high, Janet could give Kurt a glimpse of her soft, well-rounded thighs he has long worshipped.

She had Kurt's full attention, and he smiled at her to show his approval of her outfit.

"Pull them down," she said to him.

"Right here, in the kitchen?" he asked.

"Yes, right now," she said back to him. Janet loved bossing around her husband, playing a game of dominant wife and making him masturbate in front of her at any given moment.

Only by now, after two years of marriage, it was becoming old. Oh, not because of the length of time, but because of the length of Kurt's penis. It was fine for sex - the five inches he had was enough to get the extremely sexy Janet off, but for looking at and admiring? Janet craved to see something more.

Huge penises are what she dreamed of.

"Oooo, stroke it for me hubby," she said in a whisper, trying to pretend she still enjoyed watching Kurt whack it.

Another thing about Kurt, he didn't last very long. The sight of her thighs, her sexy talk - who knows, maybe even the weather - had caused him to shoot his load.

Blip, blip, went the two little shots of come from out of his penis, which is what Janet now called it. She didn't even bother to use dirty words for his equipment anymore, simply because it was so...average.

"My, my what a load," she said, lying out of her teeth - perfectly white teeth, that is. "Have you been storing all of that up for me?"

"Oooo, yeah baby," he said, dropping to his knees and sticking one of Janet's feet in his mouth. "UmmmUmmm," he said, his words garbled.

"What?" she asked, annoyed. "Your feet, I love them, and your legs, oh my God, your legs."

Janet did enjoy her husband's worship of her feet and legs, and had no problem in feeding his fetish. She just wished he had a bigger penis to rub on them.

"Hon, it's getting late," she said, prying her foot from out of his mouth. "I have to go straighten up upstairs, just in case they want to look around up there."

By they, Janet meant the people coming to look at the house. Since getting married, the couple had always wanted to move into a bigger home, and now was the time. Everything in Janet's life was soon going to revolve around being big.

She wanted to make sure the buyers were pleased with how the house looked, and in order to do that, she was going to make sure every nook, every cranny of the house was nice and clean.

Funny what she would find in her pursuits.

Kurt gave his wife a kiss on the cheek - the cheek on her face that is, Kurt also had the tendency to kiss his wife's ass on many occasions.

Janet walked upstairs, her hand underneath her skimpy white tank top, rubbing her right nipple. This had become the way of it with the couple, Kurt getting off and then Janet retreating to one of the rooms to finish herself off.

Kurt wasn't the only one that worshipped Janet's body. Janet, in fact, worshipped Janet's body. And who could blame her?

She knew she was hot, from her large breasts that always seemed to have hard nipples poking through her shirts and teasing men everywhere, to her nice ass which she loved to show by wearing a thong around the pool, and those legs and feet her husband had such a craving for.

Why can't she meet a man with features she could worship?

Janet stripped down to just her bra and panties, which were also about to be removed when she looked at the clock and was reminded of her time table.

The prospective buyers were supposed to arrive in just 10 or 15 minutes, so she had to put off masturbating and get the house cleaned up.

"Can't a girl ever come?" she said to herself while putting back on her tight shorts and top.

Kevin, the 18-year-old son of Kurt, had arrived home from a sports camp the night before and probably had yet to unpack and organize his things. Janet wanted to make sure the room looked respectable. She had no intention of going through his things, just throwing them somewhere where they couldn't be seen.

Kevin was from Kurt's first marriage. But Kurt wasn't the only one with a kid.

Janet had a daughter, an 18-year-old daughter, named Kim. Janet had the girl when she was young, and had searched long and hard for a husband who could take care of them both. She loved Kurt, and loved his bankroll, but the passion was lacking these days. She needed an adventure.

Going into her step son's room, Janet began thinking about what she and her husband were discussing earlier. They were talking about how close Kevin and Kim had become, that they were always talking, always laughing, always going places together.

Were they just friends, like Kurt had suggested?

Janet supposed so. She had hoped that that was all, since it would be so awkward having her daughter dating her step-brother.

Janet rarely saw Kevin - he was away at various sports camps every summer and during the school year was at school and then various practices.

But little did Janet know she barely knew her own daughter very well.

Kevin's room looked okay, except for a shoe box that seemed to have been mistakenly left sticking out of his closet, like the young boy tried to put it in there yet it didn't make it all the way.

Janet went over to it, and opened it to see what was inside. Probably just sneakers, but she wanted to make sure. Maybe it was put there by mistake, and it was maybe even a pair of Kim's shoes Janet could borrow, since the mother and daughter had a common interest in footwear and sexy clothing, both of them having the bodies to show off in such apparel.

Soon they would be sharing a common interest in something else, or actually someone else.

What Janet found was a pile of letters so abundant they slipped out of her hands when she tried to pick them all up. Now they were randomly spread out on the floor, in no particular order, and were all so tempting to read.

"Well, since they are out I might as well look," Janet said to herself, using a line she would use quite frequently in the upcoming days.

Now once Janet began to read, she could not stop, the words arousing every deep desire she had growing inside her, desires that she had kept secret from her husband in their two years of marriage. She had long wanted a huge penis to play with, and these letters simply served as her directions to finding one.


Hi Kevin,

How's it hanging? Okay, sorry, that was kind of corny, but I couldn't resist. Always wanted to say that to a guy. But seriously, how is it hanging? Is it still causing you problems when you get erections in public? Still afraid to wear shorts to practice because it gets so big? Jeez, what am I going to do with you? I am going to have to wrap my thighs around your neck when you get back for being so naughty, not that that's really punishment for you - I know you love my thighs, don't you? I know you do. Too bad you can't see what's between them - sorry again, that was kind of low. But I think you like me to torture you. So I might as well torture you more. I have been sunbathing every day, so you should see how tan I am, especially my thighs. I'll let you kiss them when you get back from camp, but only if you're naked.

Love, Kim



Me again. Got your pictures today...wow. It does look bigger. Pretty soon you won't be able to even wear pants!!! Jesus, what are you feeding that thing? I also read your letter, including the part about you asking me to use dirty words for your thing (huge thing, that is). I guess it couldn't hurt, right? So, let me try. And don't laugh at me. Do all of the girls at school know you have a huge...dick? What do girls say when they see your cock for the first time? Do you let them measure it, like

you let me do that one day? And by the way, have you been measuring your huge pecker every day like I asked? I want exact measurements.





Oh my God, thirteen and a half inches? It has grown a little bit. Wouldn't that be neat if it gets so big you could suck your own cock? I've heard guys say that would be their dream come true. It is weird without you here. We're moving soon, probably a few days after you get back from camp. Your dad and my mom still don't know about us. I want to keep it that way, okay? It would just be too weird, don't you think? But, yes, of course I will continue to look at your big dick. And yes, it was a little obvious you wanted me to see how big your dick was. Like it wasn't too obvious when you let your towel fall the one day when you came out of the shower. But you did get my attention.





Started dating somebody today - a guy I met at the park. But don't get jealous, okay, we can keep having our little CFNM episodes. That's cool you found a term for it on the internet. Clothed Female Nude Male. Wow. I never knew there was a term for it. Could it be changed to CFNEWEM, like Clothed Female Extremely Well Endowed Male. Just kidding. You wanted me to tell you about Chrissy, about the time I told her about me watching you have a wet dream. Well, here goes. When you kept leaving yourself uncovered in bed, I told her about it - she always thought you were cute you know. Well, one day at school I said to her would you think it's weird if I told you I thought I was attracted to my brother.

And she says, Kim, he's not your real brother, and besides, he's hot. Well, I felt a little better at that point, so I say, well, I kind of saw him naked, you know, by mistake, and...I liked it. Well, she gets really excited, and she says oh my God, did he have a cute butt? - she has a thing for butts. I said, well, that isn't exactly the side of him I saw. Her mouth drops open. You mean you saw your brother's...cock? He's not my brother, I snapped at her. Okay okay she said, I mean you saw Kevin's cock? Yes, I saw it I said. Up close. Up close? How? she asks.

When he was sleeping I told her. She says I'm so naughty, thinking I snuck into your room and pulled the covers off of you or something. I told her the real story, that I walked into your room the one day to get a pillow and you were stark naked on your bed. Chrissy then asks me if you sleep naked all the time, and I said you did. And that I knew why. She looked confused, and was speechless. Before she asked me what I meant, I said I didn't know where he keeps that thing. She's shocked, and says oh my God, is he big? I laughed.

What's so funny? she asks. Big doesn't describe it I said. Huge? she asked. Keep going I told her. Gigantic? she asks. Keep going I responded again. Mammoth? she asked me with a giggle, running out of words. This was getting fun. Let's just say, I told her, Guiness Book of World Records. She didn't believe me. Fine, I said, suit yourself, I won't tell you anymore. She grabs my arm, almost hurting me, and shouts tell me more about his cock! What does it look like? she asks. I said well, when

I walked in it was hard, going all the way up his chest.

Seriously? she asks. Yep, I said, I thought it was a baseball bat, I couldn't believe my eyes. I walked closer and I stared at it. It was almost like a deformity, like he had a leg coming out of his crotch. Are you sure it was a real dick? she blurts out. I got annoyed, and said can I finish? I told her it was definitely real, and that I could see the veins on the sides of your dick. And that the head was huge, like a mushroom, and pinkish purple. How about his balls? she asks. I told her I couldn't see them yet, and went on with my story.

I'm standing there looking at his cock, I told her, and all of a sudden you start moaning, like you were dreaming. I told her how your big dick started throbbing, and that your hips started tensing up, and that I didn't know what to do. I was afraid of you waking up, but I wanted to keep looking at your big cock. I told her how all of a sudden, some white stuff shoots out of your dick, and lands on your pillow it shot so far. Then another gush, on your neck, another on your neck, then like three more on your upper chest until there was a puddle of the stuff. She was getting really hot, and said my God you saw him have a wet dream!

Yep, I said, I can't believe a guy could come that much. He was probably dreaming about me, she said. Probably, I told her.

Just how big is his cock, like nine or 10 inches? We're talking Guiness Book I told her. What, 10? she asks. More I told her.

Eleven? she asks. More I told her. Oh come on, his dick is a foot long? she asks. There's no way, she said. Actually, it's 13 inches I told her. Didn't John Holmes have a 13 inch dick? she asks, recalling the porno movie we watched at a sleepover the one time. Yeah but Kevin is only 18 - his might still grow a little bit. And then he'll have the biggest dick in the world, and I saw it. I want to see it, she said.

You will, I promise I told her. Right then the bell rang for our next class, and on the way to the classroom she asks how big is it when it's soft? She caught me off guard, and I said what? His dick, she says, how big is it when it's, you know, limp.

Oh, I said, it's still huge, like seven or eight inches. You've seen it soft? Yep, I told her. He was getting out of the shower one day and his towel fell, and his schlong was hanging halfway to his knees. Really? she asks.

Oh yeah, and get this - he starts a conversation about chemistry class. With his dick just hanging there out in the open? she blurts out. Yep, and after about five minutes I blatantly stared at it, and he tries to act all cool like oh man, I forgot my towel fell. I started to tease him, and said dear brother I didn't know you were hung like a horse. He laughs, and he starts to get hard! Are you serious? she asks. Yep. I told her how your dick started expanding, and expanding, and expanding, how it grew out and up and not just up like other guys' dicks. I told her how yours is too big to stand straight up.

Just then, interrupting her passionate reading, the doorbell rang, stopping Janet from reading more about her horse-hung step son. She had to get off though, and said "Fuck the house buyers," whispering it to herself as she stripped down to her bra and panties.

She began rubbing her breasts, her fingers going underneath the well-packed bra that might have been a size too small for her. Her breasts were huge, just like the penis she had just read so much about. She then went in front of the mirror, with her bra now off, her tits so big they were hanging down and her silver-dollar sized nipples begging to be played with more. But she hadn't the time for that, it was time to move onto her pussy.

Sitting back down on the bed, she removed her white panties, and probed her thick brown bush with her red fingernails.

"God it's hairy," she said, realizing she hadn't trimmed it in a while.

Little did she know how much her step-son fantasized about such a pussy.

Janet's fingers made it to her warm slit, first spreading her hole open before penetrating it. She sank one finger in, then the other, and imagined those fingers being Kevin's massive tool.

"Come on, shove that huge cock in me," she said to herself, fantasizing more and more.

She didn't stop until she had the best orgasm she had in years. She began to come, and come, and come. Her fingers were drenched.

"Honey, the buyers are here," Kurt shouted from downstairs.

"I'm coming," Janet said, laughing to herself. She got dressed and went downstairs. The letters were put away, but the story was out.

Mother and daughter had something to talk about.

Ch. 02

As a daughter sometimes tends to do, she blamed it on her brother.

"It wasn't my fault," Kim said in between fake sobs. "He just kept pulling down his pants all the time and showing it to me every day."

Funny how the white bathing suit Kim was wearing - a bathing suit that showed off her tan thighs, her cute butt and even the outline of the thick brown bush she had between her legs - was intended to make Kevin take off his pants to ease his powerful erection. Kim knew just how to get him erect.

"There, there sweetie, there's nothing to be ashamed of," Janet said, holding in one hand the stack of dirty letters Kim had written to Kevin and with the other hand rubbing the back of her daughter as she hugged the teen. "I know it's his fault.

Boys are show-offs. You shouldn't be embarrassed about what you wrote."

"I shouldn't be?" said Kim, wiping away forced tears. Even though her soft blue eyes were teary and her sexy blonde hair was frazzled, Kim was still a beautiful sight to behold.

"Having an interest in seeing Kevin naked is perfectly understandable," Janet said, playing the role of caring mother, although it was her step son she cared for at the moment and not her daughter. "He's a cute guy, and you are both at that age where your hormones take over. I can practically hear your hormones buzzing inside you right now."

Kim let out a fake laugh to humor her mother.

"Now tell me," the mother said as she crossed her legs and cupped her hands on her knees, getting comfortable for a long conversation. "Was it the size of Kevin's penis that made you want to see him naked all of those times?"

"Mom!" Kim shouted out of embarrassment.

"I'm serious honey. Don't be shy about it," her mother went on. "It's okay to tell me. This is girl talk. Right now we are friends, not mother and daughter."

Janet sure was smooth.

"Well, it's just that...he has a humongous..." Kim said.

"Well...a humongous what? Pencil? Backpack?" teased her mother.

"His you know...his thing...it's just that it's so..." Kim said, still hesitant to speak about the male anatomy.

"He has a large penis?" asked Janet in a matter-of-fact sort of way.

"Mom!" said the teenager, scolding her mother for making her feel yet more embarrassed.

"Oh come on, sweetie, we are both adults here. You are not a little girl anymore," Janet said, moving in closer to her daughter on the bed. Both were now sitting Indian style on the mattress, like two best friends, both of them wearing nearly identical bathing suits and both of them having the bodies to show off in such skimpy clothing.

"Okay, okay," Kim said, giving in. "Kevin has a really big one. I've never known a guy could have one that big."

"I see," said Janet, not feeling so comfortable anymore in that indian style position, simply because she didn't want her daughter to see that she was getting wet.

"And I've never seen a guy's penis before, so looking at Kevin's...I just felt was kind of like an anatomy lesson for me."

Now Kim was the smooth one.

"I see," Janet said again. "And I understand. Believe me sweetie, if a guy with a whopper like Kevin's was walking around naked in front of me I would have a hard time keeping my eyes off it.

"Anyway, the point, Kim, is that we talk about where we are going to go from here," her mom said.

"I'll stop looking at his penis, I promise," Kim said.

"No, no sweetie, you don't have to do that," Janet replied. "I think it's kind of neat that you are exploring your curiosities about the male body. Now tell me, does he get erect in front of you?"

"Yes," Kim said, slapping her soft thigh to emphasize her reply. "All of the time."

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