tagGroup SexRandom: Revelations

Random: Revelations

byDreams of Desire©


Father McNamara bestowed a friendly smile upon his congregation, and bade them all to go in peace. To his relief, Mrs Barton and her flirty daughter hadn't come to the evening service. He hadn't seen either of them since the extraordinary events a week ago. All the usual faces were there however, but the two nuns who had entered as he began his sermon - on the perils of temptation - intrigued him. They remained seated together in a pew while he dutifully stood by the huge old oak door, swapping small talk with several parishioners as they filed out, souls cleansed in preparation for the week ahead.

"Can I help you, Sisters?" He said, walking towards them after ushering his flock out into the world.

The taller one smiled at him as her companion said, "I hope so father."

Her voice, low and compelling, sounded vaguely familiar yet he didn't recognise the pretty face amidst the enfolding wimple of her order.

"My name's Sister Judith," she went on, studying him with large blue eyes, "and this is Sister Carmel. We have urgent need of your counsel on a delicate matter that can't be discussed with our sisters, please say you'll help us."

"Well I..."

"We'll be very grateful." Sister Carmel interrupted, taking his hand in hers. It felt warm, comforting his nerves. He'd felt uncomfortable in the presence of women since Mrs Barton had taken his innocence with regard to their wiles. Besides, what threat could two nuns pose to his virtue?

"Of course," he said, "won't you come this way?"

They stood, moving without apparent volition as their habits flowed down to the tiled floor, exchanging glances behind his back. Sister Judith pointed out the confessional box to her friend who placed a hand over her mouth, stifling a low laugh.

"I'll come any way you like honey!" She whispered and Sister Carmel jabbed her in the ribs, urging her to stop before her mirth disturbed the tranquillity of the church. Only the sharp, clip-clop of their shoes could be heard echoing off the bare stone walls, decorated with scenes from the passion. The only passion they were interested in was of a more worldly nature and they ignored them, following the unsuspecting priest who genuflected before the large gold crucifix on the altar before turning into a small room where he gestured for them to be seated.

A large man walked through another door to their left and said, "I'll be off then father."

"Alright Gordon," the priest replied, "thank you for your help. Good night - and say hello to your mother for me. I hope she's better soon."

"She'll be fine. The doctor says It's just a touch of flu. A few days in bed should see her right again." Gordon said, glancing curiously at the visitors.

They gazed back placidly without blinking, studying him in a manner most unbecoming to their station. He looked away and stammered good night to the priest, closing the door behind him as Father McNamara sat down opposite his unexpected guests.

"Now, what's this about?"

Sister Carmel walked over to the door and locked it while her partner said, "we know how the Church stands on the issue of two women - or men- enjoying sexual congress, but what is your position on transgender relations?"

"Well I..."

"It's an abomination in the eyes of the Lord, right?" Sister Carmel said, walking over to him.

"...don't think I could possibly - er, yes. Yes, I suppose it is." He blushed and crossed his legs, avoiding her direct gaze.

"Answer me this then, priest. Sister Carmel said, standing defiantly before him. "Look at me! Would a loving God make me as I am? Knowing I will be despised by all those who judge themselves normal in his eyes. After all, he made us in his image, right?"

He turned his head to watch her untie the cord around her waist and said, "That's true, but we mustn't presume to know the mind of God."

"Know thyself priest!" She laughed, slid the cord from her body and let it dangle loosely by her side while pulling the centre of her habit aside with a tearing sound.

"Please Sister! Remember your vow." He gaped at the dark velvet triangle between her parted legs and tried to rise.

She pushed him roughly back into the chair. "My vow?" She sniggered, rending the velcro'd halves of her garment aside by lifting an inappropriately shod foot onto the arm of his chair. "What do you know of my vows?"

He stared at the high heel in confusion. Did nuns wear such things now? He wondered, feeling his face burn with embarrassment at her brazen stance. Should she be wearing stockings, and panties? Her heat was obvious by the startling bulge between her wide spread thighs. He found himself transfixed with fascination by the beefy swelling, stretching the black velvet out towards him.

"You mustn't." He whispered. His gaze followed her fingers, pulling the top of her habit aside, exposing more of the same material, containing twin monuments of feminine lushness.

"Mustn't I?" She said softly, defying his plea until her habit hung loosely around her slender shoulders.

"No!" He said with more force, "or I'll..."

"You'll what?" She challenged, placing both hands on her hips.

"...call the police!" He cried, pushing her foot away and trying once more to escape the awkward situation.

"You don't want to do that," Sister Judith said, sitting calmly observant of the scene.

"Why not?" He said, staring defiantly at her Sister.

She answered his question with one of her own, smoothly taking control of the situation.

"Have you seen Mrs Barton this week?"

"How do you know...?" His voice trailed off, blown away in the gale of laughter from Sister Carmel as she saw the look of astonishment spread over his face like warm molasses pouring from a jar. She quickly took advantage of his discombobulation, pinning his hand to the chair arm with her foot and whipping the cord around his wrist, strapping it securely.

"I move in mysterious ways," Sister Judith drawled, "although I don't claim to be omnipotent."

Carla twisted the opposite end of the chord around the priests other wrist and sniggered, "but you are potent my love."

"Who are you?" He said, staring furiously at her.

She turned haughtily on her heel and flipped him the finger, "I'm more of a man than you'll ever be - and more of a woman than you'll ever have!"

Their laughter assailed his reeling senses until it was cut short as they kissed a long, luxurious kiss. Sister Carmel's upraised buttocks taunted him as she bent over and he could do nothing about the erection that responded to the lewd sight.

Father McNamara groaned as the realisation struck him. This was his mystery caller! He would be disgraced, de-frocked, outcast from the mother Church for sure. He strained at the cord in a gesture of defiance at his fate and slumped in his place as he realised the futility of trying to escape. There was nothing he could do but face up to their wicked will and rely on his faith to prevail.

"Open your eyes priest!" Sister Judith commanded.

He did so calmly, glancing at Sister Carmel's semi-naked body before facing his nemesis in the chair beside her.

"You heard everything?" He asked, knowing the answer, merely seeking confirmation.

She smiled superciliously and answered him with another question. "Who does the confessor confess to? She said, spreading both legs until her habit lay taut between them. "Where do you receive absolution?" She said without waiting for his reply, pulling her garment apart in the same way her Sister had. "Here?" She whispered, stroking a long finger nail up her thigh and over her bulging crotch, clad in crimson silk.

Father McNamara licked his lips nervously but remained silent, willing his erection to subside before it became too obvious.

"Or here?" Sister Carmel gave him a knowing grin, hooked both thumbs in the waistband of her panties and peeled them off, bending slowly until she touched her toes. "I can see you like women, but tell me priest," she said straightening up slowly, "do you like men too?"

To his utter astonishment she flourished a long penis in her hand, stroking it slowly, with obvious pleasure at his bewildered expression. He looked from one to the other like an observant tennis spectator as they revealed more than he ever imagined possible on God's good, green Earth.

"Doesn't she look fucking good?" Sister Judith said, peeling her top off to reveal a splendid pair of breasts.

The stupefied priest swallowed hard, "she?" He whispered in a dry voice.

Carla chuckled amiably and stood in profile to show him the resplendent curve of hard flesh jutting between her legs.

"What am I then?" She said, lewdly pumping her fist, "A man..." She turned to face him, pulling her hand away to let him see her more fully. Lightly haired labia glistened from where he expected to see a pair of testicles, baffling him further. "Or A woman?" She chuckled pulling the lips apart, rudely exposing the soft, pink flesh beneath.

A hermaphrodite! The priest leaned forward, sickly fascinated by the twin sexual organs. Her (his/its?) penis swelled as though aware of his scrutiny until it was fully hard, about 6 inches in length, an obscene contrast to the obvious female attributes she (he/it?) possessed. He'd heard such creatures existed, but thought them a product of myth and legend, like the unicorn or centaur, yet he couldn't deny what he could see with his own eyes.

Carla strutted toward the priest, her cock waving as though it divined a source of water, until she stood proudly before him. "Well priest?" She challenged, "what am I?"

His faith gave him the only answer he could think of. "You're the Devil in disguise!"

She roared with laughter and turned to her friend. "You hear that!"

"Well, you are very wicked sometimes." Judy grinned. She stood up, shrugging her disguise aside, and walked across to stand behind their victim.

"No." The priest said weakly as Carla knelt at his feet, lifting the heavy chasuble over his bony knees.

"Yes." Judy whispered in his ear, leaning over his shoulder for a closer look. "Don't worry, I just want a little benediction baby!"

"Please don't." He struggled in vain to prevent his exposure but Carla held his legs apart and lifted the cloth of green and gold to sneak a peek underneath.

"Oh Lord," she intoned, sliding her hands up his thighs, "for what we are about to receive..." and taking a firm hold on his hardened shaft, squeezing it approvingly. "...may we be truly thankful!"

"Show me!" Judy hissed, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

Carla pushed the folds aside and revealed him in all his glory, fully hard despite his best efforts to control himself.

"Oh my!" She said, stroking the tip with a fingernail. "Now we know what a priest wears under his robe."

"The same as a Scotsman under his kilt." Carla said, squeezing his balls gently. "Nothing!"

"You're sick." He said, turning his head away from Judy's probing tongue.

"We are?" She muttered, pulling him back to resume teasing his earlobe. "That's rich coming from a priest who uses the sanctity of the confessional to indulge his perverted desires on his parishioners. I found your sermon pretty ironic too - hypocrite! At least we don't hide behind a fallacy."

"Phallacy!" Carla sniggered, getting to her feet.

Judy glanced up and smiled at her then slid around the chair to kneel between the distraught priest's legs.

"You could've put the phone down anytime - but you didn't. Why?" She said, sliding her hands over his arms, leaning closer until he felt her hot breath on his bare flesh.

Father McNamara groaned, "I don't know!"

"Maybe he wanted a little taste of forbidden fruit!" Carla suggested, rummaging in the folds of her discarded habit.

Judy looked over her shoulder and grinned. "That's all I want!"

She looked back at the priest who kept his eyes firmly shut and flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue. "MMMMMMMM...Salty!" She exclaimed with delight, lapping over the thick head of his cock.

"Oh God!" He croaked, clenching the arms of the chair as he felt her mouth engulf his cock.

"You priests," Carla said, "God this, God that...ahhhhh gotcha!" She exclaimed, pulling the camera loose from its hiding place. "Well you can kiss my ass and worship that!" She muttered, focusing on the back of Judy's bobbing head. It looked exactly as they planned; a shot of the priest getting blown by a nun. Perfect. "Say Sexxxxxxxxx!"

"Oh my God!" Father McNamara was startled the flash and opened his eyes to see the one calling herself Sister Judith taking him deeper in her mouth, cheeks blowing in and out as she gobbled his meat with relish. The other mocked him with her laughter while she fiddled with the camera, placing it on the chair opposite where it blinked a red eye. before walking quickly over to join them.

"It seems thy God hast forsaken thee." Carla said, kneeling by Judy to bestow a loving kiss on her soft lips.

The camera flashed once more, taking a picture of what seemed like two nuns going down on the priest. They looked up at him, kissing each other around his rigid tool, tongues writhing sinuously together. He looked down upon them and groaned, his despair turning to desire as their heat flowed over his flesh. Desperately he began to recite Psalm 55 to sustain him though the ordeal.

"Do you think he gives as good as he gets?" Carla asked.

Judy kissed his cock and got to her feet. "Let's find out. I can't think of a better way to shut him up!"

"...Oh that I had wings like a dove! For then I would - mmmmppphhhh!"

His ability to speak, never mind fly, was abruptly curtailed by her thick tool prising its way into his mouth. He gagged and tried to spit out the perverse intrusion but a hand gripped his balls firmly, warning him to behave - or else!

Carla released his member, picked up the camera and watched her lover fuck the priests mouth for a moment before taking another picture, zooming up close to capture the way his cheeks bulged as though squirreling nuts away for the winter. The simile tickled her sense of humour.

"Is he any good?" She smiled, crouching professionally to get a head shot.

Judy grabbed his head and forced herself deeper. "Not bad," she said, "for an amateur."

"Lemme see." Carla demanded, putting the camera on the floor. She walked over to stand opposite Judy, kissing her as she pulled the priests mouth onto her engorged clit.

"He's getting better," she said after using his throat for target practice, "but I need more than that to convince me."

Carla bent over between the breathless priests legs, offering him a untrammelled view of her sex that came closer, closer, until it filled his line of sight. He tried to turn his head to one side but found it trapped between Judy's hands, firmly holding him in place for her lover to back up on with a sigh of contentment. His lips stayed as resolutely shut as his eyes, refusing to co-operate with the sexually demanding creature.

"Lick it!" She hissed, wiping his face between her cheeks.

Judy pushed his face right into Carla's smothering flesh to no avail. His mouth remained closed.

"Damn you," she moaned, squeezing his balls into a tight knot of agony, "get your tongue in there!"

The pain brought tears to his eyes but he persevered.

"You may as well do what she says," Judy said, "we'll get what we want anyway."

A shivering convulsion rocked his body as he gasped for air.

Carla wriggled her haunches appreciatively as she felt his hot breath wash over her and eased her grip on him.

"Oh yes, that's more like it!" She moaned, feeling his tongue make a tentative pass over her most sensitive spot.

The priest refused to go any further and clamped his lips shut once more, ignoring her perverse demands to satisfy her unnatural lusts. She stood up, turned and slapped his face in frustration.

"Lemme make this real simple for you," she spat, "either you do as you're told or we send these pictures to the bishop - I'm sure he'll be very interested to see what you get up to here!"

Father McNamara grabbed a few breaths of much needed air and croaked, "what is it that you want?"

Judy stroked his face and said, "we want you to marry us."

"Impossible!" He gaped incredulously at Carla who picked up the camera and focused it on his amazed expression.

"Anything is possible." She said, watching him carefully through the viewfinder.


"...No buts." Judy insisted, coming round to face him. "We have you by the balls." She gripped them firmly to emphasis her point, smiling wickedly at him as she straddled his erection.

Carla took another picture that looked as though a nun was getting firmly fucked by the priest, although Judy simply rubbed his cock along her clit, and strolled back to join her friend, smacking her luscious arse playfully.

"I always wanted a white wedding!" She leered at the priest.

"Are you Catholic?" He said.

Judy rubbed his cock along her crack and said, "does it matter?"

He stared at her in amazement. "Of course it matters! This isn't a club you can join on the spur of the moment...it's a holy sacrament."

"Well," Carla said, walking her fingers along his chest, "you'll just have to give us membership - or whatever it is you do." She tickled him under the chin and condescendingly patted his face.

"You mean you want me to baptise you?"

"That's right!"

"Right now?"

"No time like the present."

"And if I refuse?"

Carla lifted his chin up to make sure he saw the truth in her eyes and said, "then the bish' gets to see everything."

"But we don't want to do that." Judy said, caressing his cock. "It's true," she insisted, seeing the sceptical look in his eyes, "I'd much rather do this the easy way."

"Though I always prefer the hard way." Carla said.

Judy reassured him with a kiss and murmured, "she means sexually."

"God, forgive me!" He moaned as Carla held his cock out for Judy to take in her mouth, sucking him softly down to his full balls.

"I'm sure he will," Carla said, stroking down his shaft as Judy slid back up, "you can always tell him the she-devil made you do it!"

"I'll pray for you." He groaned, looking down to see his cock disappear once more between her soft, wet lips.

Carla fondled his heavy sacs and grinned. "Save your prayers and just give us your cum!"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Judy moaned, sliding her lips off his shaft and wanking it hard.

"Baptise us both with it!"

He jerked in her grip and moaned, "Blasphemy!"

"Cum for me!" Judy gasped, pumping him harder.

She peeled the skin back from his over ripe head and devoured his tender flesh until it dripped with spit. His cock swelled in her throat and she gagged, determined to take every inch of him, holding on with a helping hand from Carla pressed to the back of her head.

"Suck that cock!" She urged, stroking herself hard. "Suck it all!"

A loud slobbering gasp burst from her drooling lips as Judy managed to slide her tongue over his balls, coaxing a string of pre cum to wrap itself around her tonsils before sliding viscously down her throat.

"AAAAHHH!" She crooned, sliding languidly back off his visibly throbbing tool. "Taste's good."

Her tongue slithered around his cock like the serpent climbing the tree of knowledge in the Garden, seeking more of the salty-sweet juice that seeped steadily from the distended slit in the swollen head.

"That looks so fuckin' hot." Carla said, leaning in to suck on his hairy balls.

Father McNamara couldn't agree more. He lifted his buttocks off the chair and held himself rigid, legs spread, to enable them to feed freely on his flesh. Two hot tongues lathered his cock from tip to root. Two wet mouths caressed him with molten heat. A moist finger delved between his cheeks, probing him intimately. A firm hand pulled his balls, summoning the spunk they craved. It all added up to an irresistible coercion that he couldn't refuse.

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