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"Oh Shit!" I cursed as I lined up at the end of a long, slow moving immigration lineup. After a long trans-atlantic flight, I just wanted to check into my hotel and stand under a hot shower.

Five or six plane loads of men, women and screaming children had lined up ahead of me. It was a warm humid day and the air-conditioners were fighting a losing battle to keep the place cool. I was thankful that I had worn a wrap-around mini-skirt and a white crop-top.

My perky breasts, unfettered by a bra, were visible through the thin material of my top. Whenever I moved, my skirt parted a little, baring my thighs upto my hips. With the warmth rising in this crowded hall, I was glad I had decided not to wear any panties.

The line seemed to inch forward, ever so slowly towards the immigration desk.

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally made it to the booth. The officer looked me over, examined my passport and asked the usual questions, nodding his head the whole time. Finally, “Welcome home” and waved me through.

Glad to have completed this ritual, I muttered, “Thanks. Its great to be home ” and walked towards the bagage carousel.

I picked up my bags and headed towards the exit. When I reached the gate and showed my form to the customs officer, he looked at me and said, "Ma'am, please proceed to the customs waiting area for further processing."

I nodded glumly and walked over to the Customs waiting area.

The officer on duty looked through my papers and clarified the situation to me. "You've been flagged for a detailed search by our computers. Please wait here, and someone will be with you shortly."

I sighed and took a seat. While I waited, I pulled my phone out of my purse and called the friend who was at that moment on his way to pick me up. I told him I would probably end up calling a cab once all this was over, and then I hung up the phone and settled back to wait.

After what seemed like hours, the officer who had told me to wait finally stood up and called my name. "Come this way," he said.

I gathered my bags and approached the desk. I lifted my bags up and opened them for examination. Another female officer joined him and the two went over my bags. They ran their hands through my g-strings and thong panties. The female officer was especialy interested in examing the assortment of vibrators, dildos and anal beads in my suitcase.

After a short time, the woman looked up at me. The name "Shauna" was printed on her ID tag. She was an extremely attractive woman, and even dressed in her uniform, I could see that she paid close attention to her physique. Her deep blue eyes were framed by shoulder-length blond hair.

Shauna said, "Well Ma'am, we are goint to have to do a full body search. Can you please step into that room?" I was surprised, but having no choice, I stepped into the room. She followed me in and then said, “I will be back in a minute.”.

The room reminded me of a hospital examination room.

She returned as promised. I noticed that she had taken her jacket and shirt off. She was dressed in a tee-shirt with the words “Customs” on the back.

Shauna commanded, "Please take off your clothes."

I pulled my top off first, exposing my breasts. I then shed my skirt. I was now standing totally naked in front of a complete stranger. I could feel Shauna's eyes exploring my body, and I felt wet and aroused. My pussy, which I had just shaved the previous night, must have been gleaming. Shauna was breathing harder now, and her hard nipples showed through her bra and the tee.

She donned a pair of gloves and said, "Lets get started." With that she ran her fingers over my body.

She said, “Open your mouth please” and looked inside my mouth. Her gloved finger entered my mouth.

Slowly and deliberately her fingers ran lightly over my breasts and headed south. Shauna paused briefly as she reached my navel.

She spread the lips of my moist pussy and inserted her fingers deep inside. My hips bucked against her arms getting ready to be pleasured.

Much to my disappointment, she withdrew her fingers. She brought them up to her nose and inhaled the smell of my pussy. Looking at me, she licked the wet fingers with her tongue.

Without saying a word, she dropped to her knees.

She ran her tongue over my clit, teasing and then biting my labia. Lifting the hood with her fingers, she said, "Maybe there's something inside there?" She used her fingers to spread my pussy wide, and then rammed her stiff tongue deep inside me. She probed deeper and deeper, removing her tongue and then sliding it back inside me, over and over. Her tongue moved faster and faster, and then finally I came, spilling cum onto her tongue and letting her lap it up.

Shauna waited until my body recovered from the orgasm, then said, "Now its time to search your anal cavity."

“Sure” I replied, “but I need to pee first."

Shauna pointed toward the bathroom, saying, "Wait, I need to come with you."

We walked into the room together. I lifted the lid off the toilet bowl and turned around to face her. Using my thumb and forefinger to lift my labia, I let off a stream into the urinal.

I saw Shauna's eyes widen in surprise. “This s the first time I have seen a woman pee standing up. Its awesome.”

I was about to wipe myself off when Shauna stopped me. She told me to wait, and then she bent down and ran her tongue over my pussy, cleaning off the last little droplets.

We got back in the examination room and Shauna applied lubricant on her middle finger. I bent over the table. Shauna spread my ass cheeks wide. I felt her finger entering my anal cavity and sliding in deeper. Her finger reminded me of my lover's cock. My middle finger found its way to my pussy and entered its wet confines, matching Shauna's moves while my thumb played with my clit.

I closed my eyes, imagining two cocks entering me at once. As our fingers began to move faster and faster, my hips matched the moves, eagerly awating Shauna's finger on one end and mine on the other.

I felt my whole body suddenly tighten its grip on my finger, while I held Shauna prisoner in my ass. I came, this time letting my cum run down my thighs, and as I'd expected, Shauna cleaned me up with her tongue..

She waited while I regained my composure. She said, "You can now get dressed, while I finish my report."

I gathered my clothes and put them on, leaving my purse on her desk while I went to collect my bags. It took me a few minutes to rearrange my stuff and bring them back to Shauna's desk. I was pondering the question of getting to the city, when Shauna spoke up.

"How are you getting into the city? My shift is just about over. If you can wait for a few minutes, I can give you a ride.”

I nodded. “Sure, That would be great.” I picked up my purse, the paper work and made my way to the door. I walked outside and sat on a bench, waiiting for the lovely customs officer to show up.

Craving some nicotine, I opened my purse to look for a cigar and found a damp piece of cloth instead.

As I pulled it out, I realized it was a thong panty. Attached to it was a small note: "Look at the effect you had on me! Enjoy this while you wait for me to cum. :)".

I lifted the panty to my nose and inhaled Shauna's scent. I ran my tongue over the fabric to get a taste of her sweet cum. It was a precursor of the week ahead.

As promised, Shauna appeared in a little while. Her uniform was replaced by a pair of shorts and a tank top. I could see the outline of her nipples through the material, confirming that she was bra-less. I knew she wasn't wearing panties, either. I couldn't wait to get my hands all over her.

We got into the car, and Shauna said, "I'm off the next two days. Why don't we go to my apartment first? Then I can show you around."

I agreed, knowing that this time it would be my turn to feast on this lovely creature. Needless to say, the next two days, we hardly went out...

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