tagFirst TimeRandom Wanderers Ch. 02

Random Wanderers Ch. 02


This is the second chapter of the series "Random Wanderers". The first one is in the humorous section, but after reading it over, and proof checking it, I think I'm going to put Ch. 2 in the "First Time" section. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. If its not as erotic as you would have hoped I'm sorry but there are thousands of much better erotic stories on this website. If you want to tell me something about my story, like how much it sucked or something else I could add into it, I would love to hear it. Other then that I guess I'll begin my second installment now.

* * * * *

"Let's see where was I? It's so hard to remember these things, I'll just have to go back a few pages and read what I wrote the last time. It seems so long since I last sat down for some literary fun with my diary. Ok I remember now. Looks like it was my lucky day that I was up to…"

Grant slowly took his pen up and began to inscribe the rest of his story onto paper. Of course he would write in third person for reading pleasure down the road. And there was always an option of sending this to a website in the hopes of getting it posted.

"Giraffes. I have always loved Giraffes. What about you Grant? Do you like Giraffes?" said Amanda with hidden intent.

"Giraffes? I don't know why I would like Giraffes, but I have always loved camels, especially the way their toes look…" replied Grant hoping she would see through his comment.

"Oh," she said with a wicked smile, "well I have always loved the way Giraffes looked. With their long thick necks supporting a big pointy-head. Ever since I was a little girl they were my favorite animals," said Amanda with a whorish tone.

"Really? I have never looked at them that way," said Grant in a low embarrassed tone while trying to avoid eye contact. "Is it getting hot in here?"

"Oh I love that song! Maybe we should take our clothes off then?" said Amanda clearly trying to get something going between them.

"I don't know Amanda, I mean my giraffe is a little timid to strangers."

"But I'm not a stranger. Am I Grant?"

"I didn't mean it like that Amanda, it's just that… I don't know when my parents are going to get home."

"Oh come on Grant, I know that you cant resist me. I mean you don't think it would be hot to have your parents walk in on us fucking? I have always thought that being caught was a real turn on."

"But haven't you ever thought about the consequences of getting caught? I think that a turn on that will completely distinguish our relationship should be avoided at all costs. Would you really want to try something that would get us separated forever?"

"What? I'm sorry, I missed that whole last thing you were saying."

As Grant looked up he saw every part of Amanda's extremely beautiful body to his utter shock. She stood in front of him holding her panties teasingly. His mouth just dropped and he completely forgot about how she had ignored his last comments. It made him see just how bad God had shafted the male species. He would take boobs and a pussy any day over his dick, and he meant that in the straightest way possible. It was so true that women were works of art while men were just there to satisfy them. And the reason no man could ever complain was because of moments like these, the ones men lived for. In front of him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen before, and he thought she was a great looker when clothed. Now he could see her pert breasts in their immaculate flesh, not hidden behind tight linen. There was no way of him giving an exact size, and way should he? How many men in his teenage state could possibly know bra sizes. All he cared for was whether they were big enough to squeeze and these had boobage to spare. His eyes slowly traveled down to her navel. He couldn't help but admire her many curves, each highlighting a more magnificent part of her body. Her lightly shaven vagina really did him in. They way its lips pushed out reminded him of the pears he would gorge upon during the summer.

He was now at the point of having to consciously swallow his saliva. He knew his checks must be bright red and the bulge in his pants gave away any hidden feeling he might have had. Then he heard a familiar voice in his head.

"Hey kid what's up? Ha, get it? I'm pretty good right? Okay, back to the real situation at hand. I've noticed that for the last couple of minutes you completely lost the connection to the part of your brain supplying you with whatever intelligence you have. So I'm going to take your next actions into my "hands". You have to be able to see that pretty girl in front of you right? Well being what part of the body I am, I don't see pretty girls. I see their tunnels of love and pleasure. It's pretty obvious you have her where you want her kid, I don't know how you did it by basically doing nothing, but that's not what's important right now. I don't want you show love or compassion towards her. Besides that would just prolong the inevitable. So are you ready to become the animal I know you are? That's all I want going through your veins when you nail this whore, animalistic lust."

Grant was so confused. He wanted to show Amanda how much he loved her, but there was this weird feeling of primal lust flowing through his veins. He began to furiously take off his pants as she just smiled at him. Next he completely tore his shirt in two, without even having enough time to contemplate on how he had gotten the strength to accomplish such a feat. He didn't want his first time to be like this, but his adrenaline was working against him. He saw her obvious delight in his sudden display of male hormonal rage. He couldn't wait any longer to have her. He could feel his dick becoming a numbing cold and the only thing that could possibly warm it up was her insides. He threw himself on top of her and began thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth.

Amanda lay on the ground trapped under the man she was giving herself to. She quickly latched her tongue around his. She put her hands onto the back of his head pulling him as close as possible and maybe even a little closer. He soon got tired of kissing and wanted the real deal, so he began to take off his underwear as she lay quietly, waiting for his engorged member.

She felt an extremely different air coming off of Grant, opposed to his sweeter and kinder normal self. His eyes looked different, and not only that he was much larger where it counted then she had thought. She knew she didn't have time to think about such things, for she wanted to completely give herself to him.

Grant took his large dick into his hand and slowly began to position it in front of the entranceway to Amanda's innermost secrets. He had never felt himself so "large" before but figured it was the intensity of the moment that allowed him to grow n extra inch or two. He slowly began to push into her as she grabbed onto his shoulders.

He was beginning to stick it in when Amanda began crying and screaming. He had no idea what was wrong with her. He knew better then to ask. So he began to push himself in another few inches. She was now panting deeply like a dog lost in the desert for countless days. His pelvis was close enough to her now so that she could wrap her legs around him, but he was not completely inside her yet. He felt a lot of resistance now and it was almost painful to him so he didn't even want to know what she was going through.

He was in about half way now and was tired of the slow painful process so far. Then he remembered how his mom would take off band-aids from his cuts. It was always a quick smooth action that, in the long run, caused the least amount of pain. So putting his plan into action, he made one giant thrust and put the rest of his hard awaiting penis inside of her.

Amanda was not ready for this sudden action and let out a piercing scream. Then she sighed a great moan of pleasure in knowing that the worst was over. Grant became pumping slowly in and out of her tight hole. He had never felt so good in his entire life. He could feel all her muscles gripping every part of his member as he pulled it out and rammed it back in. Her screams of pleasure only made him increase the speed of his thrust. He had now finally become one with someone else. And it was not his parents, or any other family members, but someone who was brought up in a completely different atmosphere then him. It was almost strange the way fate linked two people together, in such ways that the smallest things would have changed everything.

"Grant why the hell did you stop!" shouted Amanda above her moans.

"What? Oh shit I'm sorry I was just thinking." Grant replied completely ashamed of his stupidity.

"Thinking! During sex! Geez, just start your engine back up again this is great." Amanda couldn't wait to get more.

Grant started thrusting again and was beginning to feel a familiar tingle in his balls. He knew that he would not be able to last much longer. So he began to slow down a little to get the most out of this session.

Amanda had to have had three orgasms already. She had never been with another guy before and swore to never be satisfied with her fingers again. At first she had felt like she was about to be torn open, but as she loosened up there was only intense pleasure.

"Holy Jesus! I'm going to cum Amanda," shouted Grant.

"Oh God! Please shoot it up inside of me. I want all of your sperm in my womb!" shouted Amanda.

As he thrust in for the last time, Grant threw his head back and howled out in the greatest pleasure he had ever felt. He held his dick deep inside of Amanda's pussy as he became to cum more furiously then he had even come close to in his jerk offs. She screamed as she felt the first spurts of his cream filling her up. His orgasms were brought on even more intensely as Amanda began to have her final one. They both shuttered together as their orgasms completed. Grant then leaned over on top of Amanda and began to passionately kiss her. They remained kissing for the next couple of minutes, until they heard the doorknob twitch. Then the sound of both locks being opened pierced both of their ears greater then either of their screams even came close to.

"Oh shit!" shouted Grant.

Grant cursed himself for not moving Amanda into his room for their lovemaking, for that would have given them a little more time to escape his parents. But now it was hopeless for the two of them. They were only one room away from the front door, and there was bound to be a mess on the living room rug from their prior fucking.

Grant slowly rolled off of Amanda so that they lay side to side. As he had pulled out there was a loud pop followed by a slurping noise as what seemed like gallons of cum flowing from her just ravished pussy. Then he heard the footsteps beginning to approach. Amanda turned her head towards him and said the only words he needed to hear, "I love you".

With that his instincts of survival took over. He couldn't give up yet, they were meant for each other, and nothing was going to keep them apart. He spotted an old rug in the corner of the room that had been ripped up because of the old smell it had been giving off. There was no time to think of dirtiness as he flung the rug over his head and dived on top of Amanda.


The sound of Grant landing echoed throughout the quiet house.

"Robert, did you hear that?" asked Grant's mom to her husband.

"Yeah, it sounded like it came from the living room let's go check it out," responded Grant's dad.

As the walked into the living room all that was to be seen was the old rug that they had torn up bundled in a heap on the floor.

"What is that smell? It can't possibly be the rug, because if that was the smell it had been giving off in the first place, it would still be tacked down." slowly said his mom beginning to get horny from the aroma of hot sex.


But it was too late for Grant's mom was already all over his dad. Grant peered out from the under the rug as his parents went off to their bedroom hopefully not panning on having another child.

"God was that close!" said Grant to Amanda.

"That got me all hot again, I wonder how your parents are going to fuck?" moaned out Amanda as she took her hand out of her snatch and began licking it clean of her juices mixed with Grant's cum.

"Don't talk like that, its so… disturbing." Then he saw yet dripping hand leaving a strand of from her mouth. "I'll take care of that," Grant said as he positioned his face over the hole possessing the most pleasure he had ever experienced.

As he slowly inhaled the sweet aroma his parents seemed to be so fond of, he licked the outskirts of her vertical smile. But he had not time to prepare himself to the new tastes, for in no time Amanda had her hand on the back of his head and pushed his face deep into her folds. Then Amanda, sensing his enjoyment in eating her out, wrapped her legs around his head squeezing him tight against her. All that Grant could think of was how much he deserved a blowjob for this, but for now would try to find the clit, or whatever they called it in all those stories he's read. –FIN

Well I hope you enjoyed my story. I wonder how often you get a virgin talking about sex in detail? Seriously. Hey, don't laugh my time will come. Well if anyone cares to chat or talk to me E-mail or just check out my profile. I'd love to hear from anyone, really. So don't be shy, reply : )

That was probably too corny...

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