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Jim Simmons let out a sigh when the when the airfield came into site. After spending the last three months in country he was looking forward to being out of the range of people who wanted to kill him.

Ever since he arrived in Vietnam, 180 days ago, it seemed that he has dodging bullets. Now all he has to do is land and he'll be able to breath easy for a few days.

Jim has been looking forward to R&R in Saigon since the last day of his R&R in Saigon.

The skids touched the tarmac and Jim stepped out into a "civilized world."

"Time to get down to business" Jim says to himself as he heads off to supply. He has been living in his clothes for the last 90 days. They smelled like death and the fabric was rotten. He was ready to get clean.

With his new uniform in hand Jim heads to the men's temporary barracks. The warm water felt good on his skin. Jim stood under the shower head and let the hot clean water flow over him.

The smell of soap caused his mind to drift. Jim began to think about her.

"Jim" Lisa said I want to be with you. "Alone" she said.

She took his hand and led him to a supply room. The room was filled with parts and pieces to hospital beds and other medical equipment. She led him to a corner were mattress had been piled up.

Lisa sat down on an old desk and unlaced her polished boots. Jim watched her, thinking about what was going to come next. Lisa kicked her boots to the side and motioned to Jim to sit down beside her. She knelt down and removed his scuffed boots that showed all the abuse that clothing receives in the field.

Lisa laid down on a mattress and pulled Jim to her. "Do I need to remind you what to do?" Lisa asked.

"No" Jim replied "I can handle it from here." He whispered as he began to kiss her neck.

Jim took a deep breath. She smelled clean, like soap. After all of this time living in filth the smell of soap was a welcomed fragrance. It reminded him that there were good things in the world. There was something other then the death and misery that had been all around him.

Jim breathed her in deeply as he gently kissed her. Lisa unbuttoned his shirt as he kissed her collarbone.

She pushed him back for a moment.

The coupled stared deeply into each others eyes as she slid his shirt off his shoulders. Jim pulled his OD green under shirt over his head revealing a lean frame created by meager army rations and many miles of walking on patrol.

Jim attentively watched as Lisa unbuttoned her blouse. Lisa's army issued undershirt was snug around her breasts. Her erect nipples stood out through the thin fabric. As she pulled her shirt over her head she paused, so that Jim could get a good look at her.

Jim took in the sight of the beautiful women in front of him. With her arms above her head her figure was breathtaking. She was wearing a civilian bra that had lace along the edges. Lisa lowered her arms and reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She let the bra slip from shoulders. Her breasts were full and firm with pink erect nipples. Her stomach was tight and flat. Her skin was flawless and the color of Ivory.

Lisa looked at Jim and smiled. Jim looked back at her taking in every detail. Her shiny brown was shoulder length with soft curls. Her eyes were big and bright. Her smile was wonderful; her gleaming white teeth were perfectly framed by her full red lips.

Jim stared at her. He let her image be burned into his mind. This is the most beautiful women I've ever seen, he thought to himself. I never want to forget her.

Lisa pulled Jim to her. He softly kissed her warm smooth chest. Lisa cradled Jims head in her arms holding him close to her bosom. Jim felt Lisa breath deep as he pressed his lips against her.

Jim's kisses trailed down her body. He kissed her nipples, teasing them with his tongue.

Lisa shivered as electricity spread through her body.

Jim's kisses followed the outline of her ribs until he arrived at her hip.

Jim kissed her belly along the top of her paints making his way toward her navel. At the same time his hands were unbuttoning her pants and lowering the zipper.

Jim looked up at Lisa as his hand slipped into her fatigues. Unspoken words were exchanged as she raised her hips and Jim slid the paints off of her body.

Jim breathed deeply taking in the perfume of a sensual woman. Jim pressed his face against the plain white panties. He could feel her warmth, He could feel her excitement. Jim slowly slipped the panties off her hips and down her legs.

Jim kissed the edges of her mound. Lisa's hips rise to meet his kisses. Her leg's spread, inviting him deeper into her most private places.

The tip of Jim's tongue glided along the fold of her leg. Goosebumps covered Lisa's body in response to the stimulation. Jim ran his tongue along the fold of other leg and Lisa began to squirm. Lisa reached down and ran her fingers through Jim's hair.

She guided him to her pussy. Jim teased her with his tongue, gently licking her pussy lips.

"I can't take it anymore" she moaned. She pulled him into her pussy. "Lick It" she pleaded, "please no more teasing." With a smile on his face Jim complies with her request.

He pushes his tongue deep into her pussy. He can taste her juices and he feels them coat his chin. He presses his tongue hard against her as he lick between her vagina and clit.

Lisa begins to moan as her hips rock in time with his tongue.

Lisa wrapped her legs around Jims head as he lightly sucks on her clit. Lisa's moans become louder and more intense.

Jims slips his fingers into Lisa's pussy. His pace quickened as he brings her closer to orgasm. Faster and faster Jim sucked and finger fucked Lisa's pussy.

Lisa's hips were bucking against his fingers as he feels her pussy tighten around his fingers.

Lisa tried not to scream but she could not control herself. As the orgasm took control of her body sounds of a sexually satisfied woman escaped her.

Jim's fingers are bathed in her juices but he had little time to enjoy it.

Jim's keen senses became aware that Lisa's cries may draw attention.

Jim was scanning the room looking for a place to hide expecting the M.P.'s to be busting through the door any moment.

Lisa regained her composure and reoriented Jim to the task at hand.

Lisa pushed Jim to the mattress and straddled his hips.

"Nothing in here for you to worry about but me solder" Lisa said and she leaned over and kissed his neck.

Jim looked up at the beautiful women above him. Jim concentrated on the way her breasts swayed in rhythm with her hips as she ground her pussy into Jim's erection.

In a quick motion Lisa slide Jim's aching dick into her wet pussy.

Lisa's hip's were raising up and crashing down on Jims hard cock.

Jim was thrusting himself up to meet her.

The couples eyes were focused on each other as the pace and passion increased.

Jim, feeling his primal desire taking over sat up and put Lisa on her back. With animalistic drive Jim was thrusting his dick deep into her swollen pussy.

Faster and harder the two pushed towards their goal.

The wet slurping sounds of Jim's dick pumping Lisa's pussy only encouraged him to work harder.

Jim was grunting with each forceful thrust.

Lisa was digging her fingernails into Jims back, trying to hold herself close to his possessed body.

With fearsome power Jim penetrated Lisa's wanting organ until he could not hold back anymore.

With Lisa's legs wrapped around Jim's body Jim delivered one last thrust.

Cum flooded Lisa's pussy as Jim let out a conquering cry.

Exhausted Jims collapsed onto Lisa's chest.

Sweat and sexual fluids trickled across both of their bodies as they attempted to catch their breaths.

No words were spoken as they lay together holding hands.


Jim is startled back to reality. As another solder steps into the barracks letting the screen door slam behind him.

Jim finishes his shower and dresses in his new uniform.

Jim hustles across the base. He has a date and he does not want to keep her waiting.

"I wish there was a place to buy her flowers" he thinks to himself "but this is Vietnam, surely she will understand if I arrive empty handed".

Jim makes his way down to hall to the NCO club.

He sees her at the bar.

"I'm nervous" He thinks to himself realizing that his hands are sweating. "After all I've been through how can I be afraid of a woman!"

"Calm down" Jim thinks to himself as he walks towards her.

Sensing his presents Lisa turns around.

Her eyes were big and bright. Her shiny brown her cascaded over her shoulders and her bright red lips invited him to kiss her.

Jim breathed deep as there lips meet. She smelled wonderful and clean. She smelled like soap.

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