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Randy Holiday Shopping


This past Holiday Season, My wife and went out of town for a shopping trip. We checked in at motel for the weekend, and had a nice dinner and drinks. While I had visions of a long, lusty, swing-from-the-chandelier style, hotel room sex, we ended the evening with a set of blue balls for me because she had her period, and to quote her: "that's just gross". I couldn't even beg a blow job out of her...oh well.

The next day, I'd soon had enough of the crowds and the whole dang shopping experience, so I made plans to meet up with the wife later that afternoon. Then I left the mall and drove over to an Adult Bookstore that I had seen just outside of town. This was a fairly classy store. They had all of the toys, magazines, movies, lingerie, lotions and potions that you normally see in these joints, but there were no peepshow booths, no grimy yellow cigarette stained walls, no seedy derelict behind the counter. It was a clean, white, sterile looking shop. In fact, the building was pretty new, with lots of neon signs and bright lights. In short there were almost none of the traits common to the places I usually go to suck some cock. However, I was not planning on scoring any action. I was just looking to pick up some new fag/bi DVDs to watch at home.

I went in and began to browse through the store. I have this ritual that I follow every time I enter an ABS where I have to walk through the whole store, checking out everything else before I go to the Gay/Bi section. I guess I am always hoping that the store will empty out a bit, while I am working up my courage before diving into 'forbidden territory'.

Anyway, I wandered around the whole store, looking at the dildoes, lingerie, magazines, etc. while the crowd in the store thinned out. Pretty Soon, it was just me and one other guy (plus the female sales clerk). He was a cute guy. He was wearing jeans and hiking boots, some kind of green fleece shirt under a nylon Columbia-style winter coat, and one of those beany-style knit caps popular with college guys. He looked like he was mid twenties or so, with short blond hair under his cap, and when he wasn't looking I checked him out to see a nice tight ass and a good sized bulge in the front of his loose jeans. All in all, he looked like someone you'd meet on the ski hill (or, for me, at the urinal in the Lodge men's room).

He was browsing through the generic straight porn mags (Hustler, Penthouse, etc.), when I ran out of other stuff to look at and finally went over to the gay/bi section, which was about 20 feet and 3 rows away from the guy. I began browsing through the magazines with my back turned to the clerk and the guy. I was flipping through an issue of "Torso", about halfway through a pictorial in fact, when I sensed someone next to me. I looked over and was shocked to see ski-boy standing about 4 feet away, flipping through a gay mag too. He looked up at me and smiled briefly before obviously checking out my crotch with his dark brown eyes.

In my head, a little voice shouted "Woo-Hoo!"

I looked him up and down focusing on his crotch in return. I also discreetly ran my tongue along my upper lip, and then looked him in the eyes.

I took a couple of steps, until I was standing close enough to whisper to him "You got a place?"

"Yeah, about 20 minutes from here, okay?"

I nodded "yes" and he headed out the door.

I waited a few seconds then followed him out, smiling at the sales girl who was frowning her disapproval at me as I walked by. I smiled even bigger at her, thinking "fuck you".

I got to the parking lot and looked around to see ski boy sitting in his SUV a few spaces over from my car.

I walked over and he buzzed down his window. I looked in to see that he had his pants unzipped and was playing with his hard 7 inch (or so) cock.

"Follow me," he said "by the way, I'm Aaron."

"Kevin" I said. Then I reached in grasped his cock, giving it a couple of strokes. "Nice to meet you," I said with a lusty smile.

I then let go of his dick and went to my car. We drove quickly to a nice condo complex across town. We parked in front of a duplex, got out of our vehicles and went into his house. We no sooner got in and closed the door before he reached down and grabbed my dick through my pants.

"Mmmm," he moaned, "that's a nice big cock you've got there."

Then he leaned in and kissed me. Now usually, I don't like kissing men. I will suck cock until I drowning in cum, but for some reason, kissing another man seems just too gay to me (I know, I know). However, this beautiful man kissed me full on the lips, and I practically melted. Operating on instinct, I kissed him back, and before you can say "cum-shot", we were making out like teenagers under the bleachers. Our lips mashed together, our mouths opened and our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. All this time our hands were not idle; I was now humping back and forth as he rubbed my raging hard-on with his soft, manly hands, and my own hands were busy trying to explore every inch of his body.

I could feel, even through his clothes, that he was a fit guy. His body was firm and muscular, with no extra fat on it. I pushed off his jacket and pulled off his shirt to find out that he looked even better than he felt. He was VERY fit, with a swimmer's build. 6 pack abs, no fat, firm pecs, in short, he was the perfect package. Then, for the first time I looked, I mean really looked at his eyes. I found them to be deep brown pools of boiling passion and lust staring back at me.

He then took my jacket off, pulled off my sweatshirt, and undid my khakis opening up the front to free my throbbing cock.

"Nice..." he hissed, and then he gently pushed me backwards into the living room and over the armrest of a black leather sofa. As I lay there, he removed my shoes, socks and pants, leaving me naked with my hard cock thrusting upward from my groin.

Aaron also stripped naked and I was treated to the view of his firm ass and dangling nut sack as he bent down to pick up a small box from a low shelf next to the television. He came back to the sofa and dangled his dick over my head while he opened the box and sat two condoms and a small bottle of lube on the coffee table.

I reached over and grasped his 7 inches of dick in my hand and pulled him to me. He straddled my head and knelt on the couch as I opened my mouth and took his manhood into me. He leaned forward and slid his own velvety mouth over my throbbing cock. We were now in a steamy '69' working feverishly like a two-ended oil derrick, only it was crude man-seed we were going to pump out.

His dick was leaking salty-sweet pre-cum and seemed to be getting harder and bigger as he reveled in the sensation of my mouth worshipping his stone hard cock. I was getting hornier by the minute knowing his clear seed dripped down my gullet. I was also enjoying the ministrations of his silky mouth on my cock.

He was a fantastic cock-sucker. Lots of tongue movement in his tightly vacuum-shut mouth, with just an occasional brush from his teeth, which really felt fantastic. He obviously loved sucking my dick, and was soon ramming his head down on my dick, forcing my cock-head all the way into the back of his throat. He then picked up the pace with his mouth and sucked me harder and harder. He used his hands to spread my ass cheeks apart, and using some of the spit that was leaking down from my cock as lubrication, began to push a couple of fingers into my asshole. I knew now that he wanted my load as bad as I wanted his.

"Fuck my face hard and suck me dry!" I yelled. "Shove your fingers in my ass. Yes!"

He began to pump his hips, frantically fucking my mouth and throat. As he pushed harder and harder, his big fucking dick drove in and out of my face, using me the way I like to be used. Soon, his balls were slapping me on the nose as his dick bottomed out in my throat on every thrust. I couldn't stand it anymore...his dick was really fucking my sluttish throat, he had at least 3 fingers in my ass, and he was still sucking on my cock.

With a loud groan and a shouted "I'm Cumming!" I began to blast my spunk into his mouth. His head immediately rose off of my cock and he grasped me with his free hand, jacking me to finish my orgasm while his own dick continued to thrust into my throat.

Soon, his pace quickened as he hammered my mouth, and then, like a porn-star he leaped up from the couch and stood over my head jacking off.

"Grab my balls" was all he said.

As soon as I did, his cock actually swelled before my eyes and began to blow his seed all over my face and chest. I don't know how he did it, but I have never seen that much spunk before. He shot blast after blast of hot seed onto my body and face. When it finally stopped he let go of his cock, and smiled down at me.

"That was too quick, but fun" He said with that Cheshire-Cat grin on his face.

"Yeah," I croaked "Fucking-A man, that's a lot of cum. Wish I could've taken it down my throat" and I sighed as I looked at his still hard cock.

"Sorry, I like to do it this way instead" he replied. Then with a smile and a twinkle in his eye, he knelt next to me and began lick his own cum from my face.

When his tongue fist dragged up my cheek, scooping up a string of spunk as it went, a bolt of electricity shot through me, running down my spine and right to my softening dick. I moaned and immediately began getting hard again, charged by the sight, sound and feel of this beautiful man slurping his own fresh spunk from my hot flesh.

"That's good," he said indicating my now growing manhood "I still want you to fuck my ass. You into eating some of this?" he asked me, showing me my own cum on his hand.

I nodded yes and began sucking his fingers like little cocks while he finished eating his own load from my chest. My cum tasted great! I was even hornier now than I was when we started! When all of our spunk had been eaten, Aaron leaned in and kissed me long and passionately, and then he reached back to the coffee table and grabbed a condom. He tore it open and rolled it down my hard cock. Then he used the lube to get his asshole and my cock really greasy. It felt really great just having him grease my dick, I couldn't wait for his asshole!

He stood up, and pulled me to a sitting position on the sofa. He grinned at me again, then climbed up, standing on the sofa, straddling me with his cock right in my face. I grabbed his ass with both hands and popped his dick into my mouth for a few licks before he pulled free and squatted down in my lap. He reached back with one hand and guided my greasy latex wrapped pole right into his tight, hot manhole.

"Oh my ..." I moaned. "Your ass is so fucking tight. It feels better than anything. It's hot. Ride me Aaron, ride me." I said.

"Yeah, fuck my ass" Aaron exclaimed.

He began to move his ass up and down, bouncing on my dick. His squatting position allowed him to pull almost all the way off, until just the tip of my head was still in his ass, then he pushed all the way back down, burying my whole shaft in his hot hole. I rarely even fucked the wife that good, and it felt like I had died and gone to fuck-heaven. He rode me like that for quite a while, slowly building up speed, picking up the pace a little bit with each stroke, until he was soon having my cock slam in and out of his ass.

While he did that, I was stroking his cock with both hands, making sure he kept good and hard. Then he shifted his feet, switching from his squatting position to his knees, still straddling me on the sofa, and then he leaned back, putting his hands on the coffee table. He was now leaning away from me, and my hard on was caressing his prostate with ever single thrust. He picked up the pace again, and while I jacked his cock, he bounced on my cock, milking it with his ass. I knew that I was going to cum soon and I could tell be his actions that he would shoot as well.

Then, without any warning the end of his hard circumcised cock blasted squirt after squirt of cum at me again. Spurt after spurt landed on my chest and stomach.

He roared out with his release "Fuck Yeah!"

As he blew his load, his ass began to convulse and massage my cock. It felt so damn good that I began cumming in his ass while he continued to ride me. I filled the condom and Aaron collapsed onto my chest, my now softening cock still up his ass.

Aaron gently kissed me again on the lips and stood up, my cock coming free from his ass with a very full rubber around it. "There's a bathroom off of the guest room up stairs, second door on left. Feel free to clean up. That was great." He then flashed me another beautiful smile. "Hurry up though, my wife will be home in 45 minutes or so. Make sure you flush the rubber."

I cleaned up in the guestroom, flushed the rubber down the toilet, and then went back downstairs to find Aaron watching a football game on TV.

"That was awesome, dude" he said to me. "You want to get together again?"

I told him I was from out of town, but we exchanged cell numbers anyway.

You never know, people travel, right?

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