Randy Land Ch. 05


Billy felt a shiver run down his spine and his cock twitched. In a wink Mamma Nutt was out from under him and she clamped her lips around Billy's cock. She sucked him and Billy spasmed, firing his pent-up splurts of cum hard against the roof of her mouth. Mamma Nutt drank his sperm, massaging his prick with her tongue to get all of it. When he was drained she sat back on the couch beside him.

Billy laid his head in her lap and tongued her slit lazily. He looked up between the bottoms of her breasts to see her smiling face beaming down at him. She pursed her hearted lips and blew him a kiss. Billy reached up and tweaked her nipples, then he sat up.

"So, how was your first time, young man?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Oh, Mamma Nutt, it was better than I ever dreamed! Your body feels so good."

"I enjoyed it too. In fact I have been lonely out here on the farm so it is nice to get some male attention."

The two sat in amicable silence for awhile before Mamma Nutt stirred. She stood up, then bent over to pick up her dress. This framed her perfectly for Billy; her long leather boots rose up her legs, which met the swells of her ass, and her glistening pussy was right in front of his eyes.

"Hold it right there, Mamma Nutt," Billy demanded as he sank to his knees. He parted her cuntlips with his fingertips and licked her from bottom to top. Billy stood and asked "I wonder whether my second time will feel as good?"

Mamma Nutt laughed, stepped forward, and braced her arms on the easy chair. Billy nestled his cock in the folds of her pussy and tried to find the right angle to enter her. Mamma Nutt reached between her legs and guided him in. Billy gripped her waist and sawed his cock inside of her.

"Your cookie feels even better this way, Mamma Nutt!" Billy couldn't hide the wonder in his voice as he pounded her from behind. Mamma Nutt's tits swayed and Billy palmed them, massaging his fingers into the sides as his thighs slapped into hers. Soon Billy reached another climax and he yanked himself out of her. His twitching cock erupted and Billy sprayed clingy ropes of cum across Mamma Nutt's back, almost reaching the hair at her neck.

"Gosh, let me get you a towel," Billy said and ran into the kitchen.

While this had all been going on, Sue had been luxuriating in her bath. The bathroom was nothing special, mind you, but it was spacious and clean, with a painted wooden floor, a tufted bathmat, and a clawfoot tub. The water was warm and soothing. Sue felt the grime of the road loosen from her skin and the cares of the day ease from her. But every time Sue tried to relax, she thought of her captivity in the tower and her degradation under the firm whip of Lord Lickerish and her blood boiled. "How dare he, that rotten man!" Sue thought, and also some less charitable thoughts, until she was worked up inside. This went on for some time, alternating cycles of relaxation and post-traumatic shame, until a new memory presented itself. The image of Billy whisking down the rainbow slide with his cock cutting a swath through slapping hands fixed itself in her mind.

Sue was suddenly aroused and in need of relief from the day's events. Her mind was filled with psychedelic sparkles of rainbow color and the motions of thousands of arms and hands, Bobby's ruddy prick throbbing lewdly in the middle. Her ears echoed with the stinging slaps of Lord Lickerish's riding crop across her bottom. Sue tugged at her nipples, which bobbed just above the surface of the bathwater. She turned the water back on, adjusted the temperature, and eased her pussy under the streaming water until the cascade fell across her pussy lips. Sue tilted her pelvis until the waterfall drummed against her clit. It grew harder and her breath drew in sharply. Sue rolled her nipples between her fingers and rocked back and forth in the warm embrace of the bathwater. Each time she moved beneath the spigot, the vibrations sent emanations of sensation which began in her clit and echoed against the edges of her body. Sue rubbed the engorged button and tugged harder at the nipple clutched between her fingertips. Soon she was climaxing hard, trying not to cry out.

Sue got out of the bath and stood on shaky legs. She dried herself and got dressed. Then she stepped onto the landing to find Billy and Mamma Nutt stark naked in the living room. Aroused beyond reason, Sue sat down on the stair, lifted her red skirt, and doffed the panties she'd just put on. She rubbed her pussy as she watched them but it wasn't enough. So Sue took Mister Cane's whistle and eased it between her lips. She stared intently as Billy knelt behind Mamma Nutt and sucked on her pussy. Mesmerized, Sue watched Billy mount Mamma Nutt and pound away like a rutting stag. The sight caused a sob deep in Sue's chest. She shed hot tears as she watched her brother fuck Mamma Nutt, all the while pounding the peppermint piccolo into her throbbing pussy. When Billy stiffened and stepped back, Sue watched in amazement as his viscous white semen arced through the air and slathered Mamma Nutt's back. Sue jabbed the cane against her innermost flesh, rubbed her clit furiously, and bared her teeth in a silent rictus of ecstasy.

The next few minutes were awkward. Sue came downstairs and pretended that she didn't know that Billy and Mamma Nutt had been fucking in the living room mere minutes before. Mamma Nutt discreetly went along with the discomfort and tension, making things as normal as possible. But she was uncomfortable herself, having yet to climax from her recent frolics with Billy.

"Well my dears, I imagine you are tired. I have guest bedrooms downstairs and upstairs. The bed down here is a bit more comfortable. Sue, you are injured so Billy, be a gentleman and let your sister rest there."

Mamma Nutt fussed around and made sure that Sue was comfortable, then escorted Billy upstairs. She showed him to a small bedroom directly across the hall from her own and left him alone to prepare for bed. Billy looked around the room. Small was being generous. The room seemed to be a converted closet of some kind, with a stuffed twin mattress on a wooden box frame and a small side table with a couple of drawers in it. Fortunately Billy didn't have many things. He set his Gumdrop Mountain Welcome Center tote bag into one of the drawers then stripped down to briefs and an undershirt.

Billy turned off the light and was about to crawl into bed. But when he went to close his door, Billy stopped and stared at the sight across the hall. Mamma Nutt's bedroom door was also open. Warm, golden light suffused her bedroom. Mamma Nutt had changed into a satiny white gown. She was standing in front of a mirror, brushing her hair into gleaming locks which cascaded around her shoulders. Mamma Nutt set the brush down. In the mirror, Billy watched as she pinched her nipples through the sheer nightgown, the peaks forming ripples in the fabric. Mamma Nutt was watching Billy in the mirror with smoldering eyes; she crooked a finger at him and blew him a kiss with her heart-stained lips.

With some trepidation, and a flutter of his heart inside his chest, Billy crossed the hallway and stepped into Mamma Nutt's bedroom. He walked up behind her, cupped her heavy breasts in his hands, and tweaked her nipples between his thumb and forefinger while staring into her reflected eyes. Her breath quickened and Billy subconsciously detected the scent of her arousal, as though it weren't a scent at all but merely heat radiating from her body.

Billy continued to massage her breast with one hand. The other snaked under her gown and palmed the cleft between her legs. Billy probed her with his finger and found her surprisingly wet and intensely warm. He fingered her roughly, grazing against every part of her insides he could reach. Billy kissed the nape of Mamma Nutt's neck, then knelt and ducked his head under her gown. Billy tongued her slit from behind, bumping his nose against her crinkled anus as he worked his tongue inside of her. Mamma Nutt stepped off of him and led Billy to the bed. She removed her gown and lay atop the comforter, her hair radiating around her rosy, naked form. Billy licked his way up her thighs, slid his finger back inside of her, and started licking her pussy in earnest. He mouthed her bald mound and flicked her clit with his tongue tip, pumping his finger in and out of her.

Though Mamma Nutt found his technique somewhat crude, she was aroused enough that Billy's efforts found their mark. She clutched the bedsheets and moaned. Billy quickened his pace and was rewarded when Mamma Nutt shivered then bucked on the bed, moaning loudly and gripping his face tight against her pussy.

In a few moments Mamma Nutt recovered and noticed Billy's rock-hard prick straining against his briefs. She lifted his shirt hem and kissed his abdomen. She kissed a trail downward, tugging on his briefs until his cock was waving free. Mamma Nutt pursed her lips and parted them around the flesh of his cockhead, sucking it greedily into her hot mouth. As she did so, Mamma Nutt yanked the comforter down and pulled the sheets aside. Sucking on his cock with long pulls, she arranged a spot and then released his prick. Mamma Nutt lay back in the cocoon she had just made and looked at Billy with a twinkle in her eye. "Why don't you stay here tonight? That guest bed just isn't very comfortable."

Billy laughed in agreement and looked down at her while he removed his clothes. He did eventually lay down to fall asleep in the bed with her. But it took a long time to get there. Along the way he rubbed his awakened cock against every part of her body he thought was appropriate, and some that were not. He rubbed it between her breasts, and in her face, and in her hands. He even buried it deep inside of her pussy. Mamma Nutt loved every minute of it, and had another orgasm while locked in a 69 with Billy.

When he was finally satisfied and resting his head on the pillow, Billy murmured quietly "I don't even know your name."

"My family hails from a far off land across the sea. My name is Bustina."

"Goodnight, Bustina."

"Goodnight, Billy."

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