tagHumor & SatireRandy Land Ch. 07

Randy Land Ch. 07


Square Five

Morning light filtering through the window woke Sue. She dressed in a hurry and went through the common room to rouse Billy. His face was peaceful among the mass of rumpled bedclothes. Sue watched his untroubled countenance as he breathed and remembered the cruel things she had said to him the previous day. There was no way to take it back now. Sue hated to wake him but they had a long way to go still.

She shook his shoulder and Billy yawned. He stretched himself awake and took her in. The sight turned his expression to annoyance and hurt, which he quickly pushed aside as wakefulness took hold. But Sue had seen it and regret swelled in her.

"Billy, I said such hurtful things to you yesterday. But I am happy for you, really. And Mamma Nutt is a fine woman. If it wasn't for you and her, we would still be trapped by Lord Lickerish. I don't think you used her at all. It was meant to be."

Billy thought for a few moments. His face lightened a bit and he nodded at Sue. "We aren't out of the castle yet. Let's just focus on that."

Yet their escape this time was anticlimactic. When the twins left their room, one of the guards was dusting the staircase and the other was sweeping the floor. He scooped up a giant pile of detritus -- crumpled paper, a ruby and pearl button, a bit of string and some beads -- and dumped it into a waste bin. Then he led them outside and whistled. Two giant bats swooped down from the castle tower and hovered in the air above them. The guard pointed and made some hand motions and the bats lifted the twins into the air. The ground rushed away and the twins were borne through the air by powerful wing beats. The sand gave way to sparse grass and then lollipop saplings. The angle of the morning sun turned the jewel-toned shadows of the trees into long slants of color across the ground.

The trees thickened and the bats descended. They dropped the twins into a clearing around the path. With a rasp of wings the creatures were gone, receding into tiny dots in the sky as they sped away.

Billy watched them go and shuddered. "That was way too close. If I ever see Mamma Nutt again, I'm going to thank her until her ears fall off."

Sue smirked but kept her thoughts to herself. Instead she surveyed the path ahead. It wended its way through a thick forest of lollipop trees. Even if they'd wanted to stray from the path, they wouldn't have had much chance.

Thus ensued one of the weirder parts of their journey. It was like a static version of the Rainbow Path without hands. As they moved through the ever curving wall of lollipops, brilliant lozenges of colored light washed across their faces. Sometimes the colors merged and morphed in the corners of their eyes. To Sue, it seemed they were walking inside a glass bauble with no exit, just an endless array of colors and curves. To Billy, It seemed like they were walking through a stained glass window which was breaking in slow motion. All they knew for certain was that they could go forward or backward, and they'd already been backward.

Just when they were about to lose heart and try leaving the path, Billy caught a whisper of song on the wind. It was gone in a blink, but it gave him hope. "I heard singing ahead! C'mon, Sue!"

Sue hadn't heard a thing, but she took his hand and jogged to keep up with his redoubled pace. Soon they both heard the unmistakable song. Well, song was too strong a word; aimless humming was more like it.

The twins burst into a clearing, looking about wildly for the source of the singing. They startled a young lady who was laying on a bed of spongy moss and singing to herself while she stared into the clouds overhead. She shrieked and leaped to her feet, but not before Billy caught an intriguing glimpse underneath her dress. He swore that the girl had been playing with herself, and that her neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair was purple.

The girl looked at them with a mixture of playfulness and detachment. She tugged her bright yellow dress around her knees and curtseyed. The flowing dress was adorned with lollipop trim. Its bodice ran up her rail-thin torso and ended at a trio of bright, translucent cabochons which dwarfed her petite breasts. Her pixie-like face was dominated by bright blue eyes, which were calculating and playful. Her head was wreathed in purple curls which looked like a helmet of sticky buns.

At first Billy thought the girl had crammed lollipops randomly into her hair, but then he saw that they were anchored in a heavy circlet of pure gold. She watched his dawning realization with some amusement and then announced herself. "Welcome. I am Princess Lolli. I do not often receive visitors in this corner of the wood. In fact, I am uncertain how you slipped past my guard. Have you ill intent?"

Billy looked puzzled but Sue stepped up. She also curtseyed, although with less grace than Princess Lolli had mustered, and introduced them. "I am Sue, and this is Billy. We do not have ill intent. We are looking for the King."

"Ooh, goody! Then we can play!" Lolli giggled; the sound was like a lemonade fountain trickling in their ears. "I haven't seen Daddy in days. Why do you need to see him?"

Billy told her that the people were concerned that King Candy was missing, and felt that the realm was in danger because of his absence.

"This all seems very dramatic and dire now, but it will sort itself out. I'm sure Daddy is fine. Would you like to play a game with me?"

Billy looked at Sue and shrugged, and she nodded reluctantly. "Oooh, goody!" Princess Lolli took them each by the hand and bounded up the path. As she skipped along she swished her hips, causing her skirt to sway wildly. A few times, Billy was sure he'd seen her bare bottom.

They reached a spacious clearing with thin trees around the edges, creating an open feel the twins had not experienced since entering the wood. Puffy cushions of moss dotted the ground. A brook ran through a deep pool of water and into the woods. Princess Lolli led them to a trio of cushions where they each took seats. Lolli's cushion was right next to the pool. She took off her heels and dipped her feet into the still water. The ripples cast dots of rainbow color across her face.

"The game I have selected is this: Tell a Truth or Do a Deed. On your turn, you can submit to answer a truth or perform a deed. The penalty for lying, or failing to perform the deed, is to take a ticket for the next Éclair Express and go wherever it sends you." She stared at them solemnly. "Have no illusions; this game can be taxing. Do you still want to play?"

Sue shivered as she watched the colors swirl across Princess Lolli's determined face. Yet she was also intrigued, and admittedly felt baited. At the same time, Sue wondered if this would lead them closer to their goal. "No risk, no reward," Sue thought to herself, and nodded to Lolli. Billy followed suit.

"Billy, are you sure your girlfriend won't get too jealous if our game turns... intimate? It has a way of escalating."

Billy was confused. "I don't have a girlfriend."

"Oh, forgive me. Will your wife get jealous?"

"My wife...?" Billy still did not understand, until Lolli looked pointedly at Sue. Billy chuckled. "Sue is my sister, not my girlfriend!"

"Oh, my mistake," Lolli said. Her voice had an undertone of triumph and her eyes lit up. Then she clapped her hands loudly. "This will be such fun! Let's start simply. Sue, would you prefer a Truth or a Deed?"

"A Deed, Princess Lolli."

"A woman of action, eh? This is exciting. Your deed shall be this! Dip your hair into the water."

Sue rose from her bed of moss and went to the pool. Spots of blue and yellow reflected brightly onto her white blouse, illuminating it like a lampshade. Sue's eyes gleamed as she bent down with her knees at the water's edge, tilted her ear to the water, and let her hair sink in. She dropped her head further and further until her scalp was drenched, then swayed her head gently from side to side. Sue rose up, catching her hair with encircled fingers and using them to squegee the water back into the pool. With a snap of her neck, Sue flipped her hair back across her shoulders, sending a cascade of sparkling droplets across the clearing. The drops rained over Billy and Lolli, who shrieked with delight.

"Magnificent! Now Sue, the boon is your to command."

Sue turned to Lolli. "Princess Lolli, truth or deed?"

"I'm in a truth telling mood at the moment."

"Do you know where King Candy is?"

Lolli's looked at Sue appraisingly. "I see that you grasp the spirit of our game. Were I to tell you the King's whereabouts when he wished to be hidden, that would be treason. So I would have no choice but to refuse the question or lie, at which time I would have to board the Express and our game would be at an end. But you did not ask me where Daddy is, only whether I know." Lolli tugged at her bottom lip. "I believe I do know where the King is."

"So he is alive, then?"

"Tisk, tisk, wait your turn. Billy, would you a Deed or would you a Truth?"

"I think a Truth to start."

"What has been your favorite part of your visit to these lands?"

"Besides meeting you, Princess Lolli?" Billy smiled flirtatiously, but as he spoke a dull red glow sparked inside a lollipop at the center of the clearing. The glow intensified within the crystalline lozenge until its light dominated the clearing.

"I am flattered, Billy, and I know you were just being sweet. But humor me and answer the question properly, or else I have a nice ticket for you to the Molasses Marsh."

Billy suddenly grew cold and a delicate sweat popped out along his brow. He saw the same trepidation in Sue's eyes. This was for real. They really would have to tell the truth, or risk being separated. Princess Lolli was expectant.

"My favorite part was fucking Mamma Nutt from behind and cumming all over her back."

The red light winked out, returning the clearing to its former mood. Sue had a pained expression on her face, but Princess Lolli was positively giddy. "My oh my! What a lovely adventure you've had!"

It was Billy's turn. Now that the stakes were clear, Billy was unsure what to do. He didn't know Lolli at all, so he wasn't sure what to ask her. And now that he had Sue under a truth serum, he didn't want to ask anything too sensitive of her lest he force her into taking a ticket. So he took the only path he felt was safe.

"Sue, truth or dare. I mean, deed."

"Deed, naturally!" Sue replied with more enthusiasm than she felt.

"That's the spirit! Play us a song on the instrument you have in your tote."

Lolli clapped her hands and set them in her lap. "I love music!"

Billy laughed. "This won't be much of a song. You'll see."

Sue shot Billy a mildly poisonous look and withdrew Mister Cane's whistle. Lolli's eyes grew round at the sight of it. Sue made a production out of fitting the whistle between her lips, rubbing it back and forth lewdly. Lolli giggled and then Sue began to play.

The tune wasn't half bad, actually. Perhaps from practice, or because this time it was unforced, Sue belted out a tune that wavered between jaunty and melancholy. As she played, birds flitted and swooped into the glen, chirping and twittering along with her song. The synchronicity of her notes and their chirps rose the hair on the back of Billy's neck. Sue wound down her song and the birds withdrew from the clearing, twittering merrily into the distance as they faded away.

"Lovely!" Lolli gushed, "and what a fine instrument you have. Are you experienced at playing the skin flute?"

"Tisk, tisk, Lolli, wait your turn." Lolli cackled at the comeback. Sue looked at the peppermint cock in her fingers and made up her mind. "Billy, truth or deed?"

Billy caught her emphasis on the word truth and wondered, but he saw the look in her eyes and resigned himself. "You seem eager for the truth so I will oblige."

"Was it awful for you to watch while Mister Cane fucked me on the trail?"

"Oh Sue... oh, no." Billy saw the trap far more clearly than his sister did. She understood events one way and thought this question would be relatively safe. Even if he told her it was awful, she would gain some sort of insight or know where she stood with him. But the real awkwardness was on an entirely different level.

"Oh, no..." he said again, and the red light began to grow in the clearing. "Wait! I mean, I'll take a Deed instead!"

"Billy, I really want to know! It's okay... please just tell me."

"Sue, you don't understand!" At that, the red light winked out, and now Sue seemed confused, and on the verge of tears. Billy repeated himself, but more gently. "Sue, you don't understand. I wasn't watching. I was actually the one fucking you on the trail."

Sue bolted upright in her seat and looked at him with a mélange of expressions that went by so fast he couldn't read them all. Billy quickly amended his words. "That is to say, Mister Cane told me that he had no idea how to please a human woman. He asked me to guide his cane so that he wouldn't hurt you. I really didn't feel like I had a choice. I stood behind him and guided his hips with mine. I held his cane at the base and used it to fuck you. That cane in your hands right now."

Sue had wet tears shining in her eyes and her cheeks were crimson. "Oh, Sue," Billy said and came over to her, putting his arms around her shoulders. Sue began to sob, turning her face into his chest. She'd been sobbing often since this journey began, which wasn't really like her. But sometimes, once heartfelt sobs begin, they remain below the surface, ever within reach. Billy wrapped his arm around her head, shielding her face from view as he stroked her hair. He turned to Princess Lolli, who had watched the exchange impassively.

"Princess Lolli, Deed or Truth?"


"Help my sister feel better."

Princess Lolli snapped her fingers and a blue Lollipop glided forward from the edge of the clearing. "Escort Princess Sue to the Peppermint Wood. Do not tarry. When she is ready to return, bring her back here."

The Lollipop bent at the middle until its face almost touched the ground then floated over to the twins. Billy unwrapped Sue and she sniffled. The blue lollipop twisted its stick around Sue's waist. Its head began to inflate, distending from a sphere into a lozenge, and then a balloon. Soon it grew too large for the clearing and began to rise. When the balloon was high above them, it expelled some air with a sound like a zerbert as it sped off.

Billy watched her go and sighed. He sat heavily on his cushion while Princess Lolli moved about the clearing tidying up. She bent over the cushion where Sue had been sitting and brushed it with her fingers. Sitting down as he was, Billy found that he was looking directly up Princess Lolli's dress. Not only was she not wearing panties, but she had two lollipop sticks protruding, one from her pussy and one from her anus. The sight sent the blood coursing to Billy's cock which immediately started to harden. Eventually Billy realized that Lolli had stopped cleaning and was watching his face with some amusement. She stood, wiping her dress demurely.

"Well, that leaves just the two of us, Billy. Would you like to keep playing?"

Now that Sue was gone Billy didn't see the harm in it. "I could go a few rounds with you."

"Could you now. Well, I believe the boon is mine. Truth or Deed?"


Her eyes shone in triumph. Lolli gripped the hem of her skirt and lifted it into the air, exposing her bottom to his view. "I'd like you to take out one of my lollipops and replace it with yourself."

Billy walked behind her and gripped one of the lollipop sticks. He twisted it and pulled it out slowly. Billy watched her puckered flesh distend as the pop withdrew. Then he pushed in his finger to take its place and wiggled it around. Lolli giggled.

"Oh, my! That's certainly not the hole I would have chosen!"

Billy continued probing her for awhile. "Truth or Deed, Lolli?"

"Deed, of course!"

"I want you to lick my lollipop."

Billy took his finger out of her and sat on the moss. Lolli sank to her knees on the spongy ground with a mischievous look in her eye. "Are you sure, Billy? I love lollipops. I suck on them for hours at a time. Days, even. I might have my lips clamped around your lollipop forever if it tastes good."

While she teased Billy, Lolli unbuttoned his fly and freed him. Lolli felt satisfaction as she watched his cock bob with the anticipation her words were building. Then she descended with her mouth relaxed and drew him in. The truth was that Lolli really did enjoy the feeling of a cock in her mouth. It was soothing and it gave her a sense of power at the same time.

To Billy, the moment was indescribably thrilling. Lolli was true to her word, and sucked him with a primal intensity. He entwined his fingers in her purple curls and luxuriated in pure sensation.

Billy wasn't going to last long and both of them knew it. Frantic to find a way to slow things down, he untangled his fingers and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Lolli, I believe the boon is yours."

She released him with a disappointed sigh and a wet slurp, then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "As you wish. Truth or Deed?"


"Switch clothes with me, then!"

Lolli laughed at the expression on Billy's face, but he did as she asked. Lolli was naked in a wink, simply removing her dress and crown. It took Billy more time, partially because he had more clothes and partially because he was drinking in the sight of her naked body.

Lolli was lithe and taut everywhere. Her skinny torso was tipped by delicate swells of flesh which barely distinguished themselves before terminating in pale nubs. Her adorable abdomen curved gracefully to meet a neatly trimmed copse of purple curls. These capped an intriguing slit which ran out of view between her thighs. Lolli's bottom was pert and round. Through not very wide, it rode high and proud above her legs.

Billy preferred girls who had more curves, but somehow Lolli's lack of breasts and curves combined with her intensity to enhance her eroticism. She radiated feral energy and raw desire. When her nipples hardened, the sight almost sent Billy cumming. He just knew that having his cock inside of her was going to feel like a dream.

Billy finally shucked off his clothes and it was Lolli's turn to ogle. Billy unbuttoned his shirt and let it fall, exposing a broad back, chiseled arms, and a decently defined chest with a sparse strand of reddish-brown hair. Billy's brown nipples were almost the same size as hers. His deep belly button had another strand of hair around it.

She'd already had his cock in her mouth, but Lolli was anxious to see it properly. Billy took off his shoes, socks, and pants and then stood naked before her. His thighs were muscled and sparsely populated with hair. He stood akimbo as her eyes followed the trail of hair from his chest to his abdomen, then to the tight mass of curls that tufted around the base of his straining cock. It jutted rudely into the air, twitching with excitement, she realized, from watching her with his intensely dark blue eyes. His ballsack was crinkled and brown, tight against his cockshaft.

"Well, let me help you get into this thing. My..." she palmed his muscular back, "what broad shoulders you have! I'll just let this out." Lolli fiddled with a drawstring on the back of her sun dress which relaxed the tension in the bodice. "Now let's see..."

Lolli slid the dress over Billy's head and tugged it around his torso. It was a tight fit, even when she let the bodice all the way out, but it did eventually pop down. The waist rested above his hips and the dress caught on either side of his straining prick.

"Oops, let's just get that out of the way!" Lolli laughed. She bent down and sucked his cock into her mouth, then released it and arranged the dress to fall over his erection. "What's missing? Oh yes!" She placed the crown atop his dark red hair and tucked the lollipop stick barrettes in place.

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