tagHumor & SatireRandy Land Ch. 09

Randy Land Ch. 09




I do not typically put disclaimers, as I prefer to let the story speak for itself. But this chapter is by far the darkest part of this tale. It is uncomfortable and cruel. All I can say is that it is important to the story, it is over quickly, and it will not be a persistent theme.


Race to The Randy Palace

The next morning Billy woke up tangled in a pile of naked women. He lay there, reveling in fuzzy recollections of the night before. He had fucked, titfucked, and sucked them all until he couldn't see straight. At one point they'd complained about fairness and certain girls taking too long a turn, so Billy had bent them all over a window seat in a row and gone down the line, fucking each girl with three strokes before moving on to the next girl. "Fuck Roulette," they'd called it. If objectification of women was a sin, Billy was pretty sure he'd just booked a seat for himself in Hell. The girls had cooed and applauded the idea, which had seemed good at the time. But now Billy felt ashamed at his behavior.

Queen Libertine read it on his face as soon as he walked down. "Come sit with me awhile, Billy," she said, and patted the seat next to her at the window. She was looking across the broad expanse of the sea and contemplating the wan yellow light of dawn. In her hand was a mug of coffee, which she handed to him as she grabbed another from a nearby tray.

"So how did you sleep?" she asked wryly. Billy started with guilt.

"Yesterday when we were fooling around you called me a filthy pig. And I know you were just saying it to turn me on. But with those girls... well, I really was a filthy pig. I don't even remember most of their names."

"And now you feel guilty for using their bodies like nameless whores? Is that it?"

Billy nodded glumly.

"Billy, this party was set for you. Each woman is here because she likes you and wants to be with you. So don't lose sleep on that score. Nevertheless, you are right to feel remorse. It is what sometimes happens when you act on your desires."

Quell looked upon the sea for a time. Billy could see her wistful face reflected in the glass as she spoke to him. "Do you know what my name means?"

"No, not really."

"Libertine, they call me. That's not my real name of course. My true name is much more cutesy and far less appropriate. I mean, have you seen these tits? Anyway, they call me libertine because of my actions and my attitude towards life. I seek pleasure at all times. In my food and drink, my clothes, from the sun and rain... I surround myself with sensual people and drink from the well of their enthusiasm."

Billy was struggling to understand her words. "So you're telling me that its okay to do whatever I want? Fuck any girl I like? Drink and smoke and party until dawn?"

"Billy, what do you think I'm telling you, and more importantly showing you through action?"

"That acting on my desires has consequences."

"Very good, Billy! Very good. but that's only part of it. I'm telling you to act on your desires, but only after thinking through the consequences first and deciding whether you can accept them. Only then can you truly be free, and in control of your life."

The sun was about to rise. Quell turned to face him.

"Odd, isn't it, that my nickname has a nickname, and it means the opposite. Libertine, Quell. Tell me, Billy: now that you've so brazenly had your way with me, what do you think? Was our dalliance a good idea or no?"

"You are the most exquisite woman I've ever seen in my life. I feel lucky to have touched you, much less fucked you. I am still tingling from it, intoxicated by the mere thought of you. When I smell you or remember the taste of you, it drives me wild." Billy took her hand and caressed it with his other. "I'm afraid I will never top this moment, not if I live to be 100 years old. I'm afraid I will never find another woman like you."

Queen Libertine laughed. "I daresay you are right about that, Billy. But you didn't answer me. Was our dalliance a good idea?"

"I don't know. I'll be forever comparing other girls to you. Its an impossible standard! But I wouldn't forgo this experience for anything in the world. You know how the saying goes. It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."

"If you believe that, then you haven't been listening to me at all."

"I mean, not loving has consequences, and loving has consequences. Think them through, and then love or not depending on what outcome you're prepared to accept."

"Oh, Billy, you do listen after all!" She leaned into him and pressed her lips against his. They had equilibrium for a moment and then their tongues ignited. Before he knew what was happening Billy found himself inside of her. He pressed her against the glass and fucked her slowly, watching her reflected face contort in pleasure. It wasn't long before he erupted inside her. As he did so the sun broke above the water in a brilliant swath of light and Queen Libertine's reflection faded from the window.

She went over to a sofa, where Sue lay curled in a ball with a blanket over her. Quell shook Sue awake and handed her coffee. Sue rubbed the sleep from her eyes and yawned. Quell motioned Sue and Billy to the table and handed them each plates of breakfast.

"Listen closely now. The last leg of your journey to the castle is imminent -- but you still have a ways to go. This sea is one one shore of the land. The castle is near the center. But your path takes you nearly to the other shore, where you will skirt the castle and approach from the rear. You can make it by nightfall, but only if you hurry. By hurry, I mean run. Run as though the hounds of hell were baying at your back."

As she was speaking, Queen Libertine went to a linen chest. She opened it and withdrew two parcels.

"Put these running clothes on. They will be more comfortable."

The twins stood back to back and dressed in light silken shorts and shirts. Each had been given soft leather shoes. Billy was reminded of vintage Olympics uniforms. He went to retrieve his tote.

"Not a good idea. Carrying things will only slow you down. There is a spring near the overlook of the castle which has sugarplum trees nearby. That's your best bet for lunch. I'll have your things sent to the castle."

Billy gave her a look of rebellion and grabbed the lollipop from his tote. He stuffed it in his pocket and then he and Sue walked out to greet the morning. Billy turned back, looking awkwardly at Queen Libertine. She shooed him away.

"No time for that, Prince Billy. Run hard, but pace yourselves! It's a long way to go before nightfall."

"But I don't even know your name!" Billy protested, to her great amusement. He blew her a kiss and hurried to catch up with Sue, who was already running up the path. They found a decent pace and hit stride, eating up the ground. But it was hard effort and eventually they had to slow.

"Your lady friend sure knows how to kick out her guests," Sue said gruffly. Billy ignored the jibe, partially because it took to much effort, and partly because he was still aglow from his encounter with Queen Libertine.

Just when they felt parched beyond endurance, the twins spied a lemonade stand along the trail which was unattended. A sign said "Out for lunch. Drinks on the house."

Sue looked at the sky. "Out for lunch? It can't be later than 10!" But she gratefully gulped down a few glasses of lemonade and handed the pitcher to Billy.

They set off again, walking this time to conserve some energy, before striking a comfortable jog. This pace sustained them for a couple hours. Fortunately, both Billy and Sue were experienced runners because of school, where each of them had competed on the track team. Even so, they both knew they could not run all day.

Billy slowed them to a walk and looked at his sister's flushed face. He could feel his own sweat pouring from him. "This is not going to work. It's nearly noon and we aren't at the castle yet!"

As though protesting his words, the path broke into a wide clearing atop a bluff that looked out over the land. Framed in the center of the view was a roiling mass of clouds near the ground, with ramparts reaching to the heavens among them. The castle was highly stylized, featuring representations of candy from across the realm.

Under different circumstances the twins would have stopped to admire the view, but now they tore through the wood seeking the gingerplum tree. It was very close to the path, its roots fed from a spring which formed a wide pool of sparkling clear water. Sue did not hesitate, but plunged into the water and rolled around to purge her body of sweat and grime.

It looked like fun so Billy joined her. The two laughed and splashed each other before taking long drinks from the trickle of pure water flowing into the pool. They picked handfuls of plums which they ate as they walked down the trail. The castle disappeared as the twins kept up a brisk walk for several miles. Then a chill struck them as the water evaporated from their bodies so they started jogging again. This time they set a reasonable pace and zoned out, focusing only on the path and the pace.

Billy's breath came in ragged measures. He burned through his second wind as the afternoon came and went. Billy looked at Sue and she grinned tiredly. They were going to make it after all! Surely their last leg was nearly through! The path curved ahead of them and Billy caught a whiff of something on the air. Salt water taffy perhaps?

The twins slowed to a walk and cooled down as they walked around the curve in the path. They were cutting it close, but Billy was certain they had time to reach the palace. They rounded the curve and it was clear that they had made it on time! In the distance across a plain of verdant green was the palace. Sue jumped and wrapped her arms around Billy's back, laughing in relief.

The wind changed and the fresh tang of salt water taffy was gone. In its place was a new scent like rotting plums, which clung to their nostrils. That was the first hint that something was wrong.

"What's that on the trail?" Sue asked, pointing to a murky puddle. They drew closer and decided to go around it, but the puddle crossed the entire path. They turned around to backtrack, only to discover that the murky ooze had seeped onto the trail behind them.

"What is it?" Billy asked in a panic. The twins were surrounded. Billy decided to jump for it and prepared for a running start when a massive, writhing form erupted from the ooze. Its body pulsed with rivulets of dark goop. Beady eyes, stark white against the purplish brown, peered at them with greed. A fat, wet mouth ran in a gash across its face. Stubby limbs protruded from its torso, dripping puddles of murk into the ever shrinking island the twins now occupied.

"Don't you want to shake my hand?" the creature asked in a shrill voice. "I am Gloopy. Delighted to make your acquaintance.

"Some other time, perhaps," Sue said boldly. "We're late and need to hurry on to The Randy Palace."

"You don't say?" Gloopy said. From the marshy woods around him came cackles of merriment. It sounded as though a clan of hyenas was stalking them. "I think this path might be closed. You know, for maintenance."

"Let us through! I'm a prince on business of the realm. You will answer to the King if you don't allow us to pass."

Billy's words brought even more laughter from the invisible peanut gallery. Gloopy shook in silent mirth, spraying droplets of brown goo. One of them landed on Billy's shoe. He looked at it in disgust.

"A prince, are you? I'm a prince too. We aren't as rare as you might think, boy. That slut queen spreads her ass wide for any guy who can get it up."

Billy flared in anger and raised his fist at the creature, who chuffed itself up. But Billy stopped when he felt a searing pain in his toe. He looked down at his foot and saw that the droplet of ooze had burned through his shoe and was now attacking his toe. Billy danced frantically on one foot, prying the shoe off and trying to wipe the droplet from his foot. It did not budge, but it did spread to his fingers, which started to burn as well. His antics sent up a renewed chorus of cackles.

"You can't remove it. Only another can do that. And she'd better work quickly. It doesn't stop until it burns into your soul."

Sue ran over to Billy and tried to wipe the ooze from his fingers, but it had no effect. She turned to Gloopy.

"Fingers don't work. Only fluids. Fight fluid with fluid, you might say."

Sue shot a look of pure malice at Gloopy and then took Billy's fingers in her mouth. She sucked at them urgently until the ooze came away. Sue was expecting something fetid, but the ooze tasted of dark chocolate with plum overtones. It buzzed on her tongue as though laced with espresso. Sue found the flavor quite addictive, but her anger at the creature grew.

"Sue, my foot!" Billy urged. Sue remembered and dropped to the ground. She took his foot in her hand and licked Billy's toe clean. Billy's relief was immediate and he looked at Sue gratefully. He helped her up from the ground and his face fell. "Oh, no," he moaned.

When she'd dropped to the ground to lick his foot, Sue had come in contact with the ooze. Not just a little. Her ankles, knees, and thighs had splotches of the stuff, as did her elbow and forearm. But mostly it had splattered along her torso, from her neck, down both breasts, to her belly.

"Oh, Sue, oh no..." Billy moaned again. He found a dry patch of ground and laid her back. Billy lifted Sue's hand high and clamped his mouth around her elbow. He sucked it clean and then licked up her forearm. The stuff tasted like caramel to him, with undertones of spice. It had a warm, buttery finish on his tongue. As he tasted it, Billy fumed in anger at the delay this was causing them.

Billy sucked at the base of Sue's neck and worked his way down, dissolving the stains from her skin. He noticed her nipples hardening beneath the silk of her shirt and looked away. Billy moved to Sue's ankle, bathing it with his tongue before switching to the other ankle. He nipped up her shin to her knee, which he swabbed with his tongue. He then bathed the other knee and looked upward. He removed her shorts and panties, checking her as clinically as he could for any marks.

Splotches remained all over her. Sue was panting and gripping the ground, enduring the spectacle. But Billy's careful ministrations were arousing her. Soon, he would know it too when he cleaned her thighs, but there was nothing Sue could do about it.

Billy ran his tongue up her left thigh, taking care to lick each drop from her. When he got to the top of her thigh, Billy caught the unmistakable scent of her arousal. He flushed and concentrated on the job at hand, but also grew aroused in turn by her arousal. He licked her right thigh clean, trying in vain to ignore her beautiful pussy which was inches from his face.

Matters were not improved when Billy took off Sue's silk shirt, which already had holes burned through it so it hung in tatters. He unfastened her bra, also perforated, and bared her magnificent breasts. Billy had seen his fair share of breasts on this journey, but Sue's were second to none. Billy tried to suppress memories of the nights he'd gripped his cock and pounded it furiously to the thought of Sue's tits. It was not something he was proud of. But now he had to lick her tits clean.

Billy promised himself not to enjoy it and bent his head down. He capped one whole nipple in his mouth and sucked it firmly, in and out a few times to work the stubborn ooze from the valleys of her crinkled nipples. Billy licked out in a radial pattern, lapping the sticky brown fluid from his sister's pale breast. Only it wasn't working. The stain clung to her.

Billy realized that his mouth was completely dry. He'd been running all day and was inadequately hydrated to begin with. Now he'd been licking Sue's body and drying out his tongue. Billy literally had nothing left to lick her with.

"Sue!" Billy croaked with urgency, "my mouth is completely dry!"

But Sue could only moan in response, from pleasure or pain he could not tell. Billy thought frantically and tried to figure out whether he could pee. But he couldn't. First, he was dehydrated, and second, his damned prick was hard as a rock.

And that gave Billy the answer. He already had a seat booked in Hell, might as well confirm the reservation. Billy remembered those feverish nights of his youth, thinking about Sue's body. He tugged down the front of his shorts, which caused the lollipop to fall out of his pocket. Billy caressed the throbbing knob of his cock, using the foreskin as a lubricant. His body responded. Billy pulled Sue's lips open and rubbed his fingers and thumb over her tongue, wetting the circle of his fingers. He fucked that O until he got worked up enough. Billy rubbed his prick over Sue's nipples, tucked it between her tits, and waited for the coming flood. Jets of semen spattered across her chest, mingling with the ooze and loosening it. Billy rubbed his ejaculate over her breasts. He cleansed her with his cum, massaging her nipple with his sticky palm and stroking the sides of her breast with his slippery effluent.

Gloopy leaned over to inspect his work. "I think you missed a spot." He reached out his hand and pointed directly at Sue's groin. As he did so, a thin stream of ooze dripped into her thatch of blond hair, saturating it before running down her labia and into the cleft of her ass.

"You fucking asshole!" Billy stormed. He checked the ground carefully, then laid down with his head perched right at the apex of Sue's thighs.

Fortunately the respite had replenished some of his saliva, and Sue's body was helping with her own fluid. Billy dipped his tongue into Sue and swirled it. He was shocked at the heat he felt pour out of her. Billy closed his eyes and tried to detach, but realized he wouldn't know whether he'd cleaned her properly. So instead, Billy took in every detail of his sister's sex as he licked her clean. Billy lapped greedily around the outside of her labia, enjoying the taste of the caramel as it combined with her sweet musk. He clamped his mouth over her bush and sucked while grinding his tongue around. At last he ran his tongue tip gingerly around her clit, which was standing proud and waiting to be sucked. "What the hell," Billy thought, and took his time licking the button of flesh until Sue trembled and came hard, writhing against his face and gripping the ground.

"Turn over, sis," Billy said. He flopped her onto her belly, pried open her ass cheeks, and then tongued her asshole. He lapped all around her anus from the bottom of her pussy upward, cleaning the puckered rim of any ooze. Sue trembled again and uttered a muffled moan into the ground.

Sue did not look at him. She merely lay there, a puddle of naked skin and sensation.

Billy was alarmed and shook her. "Sue!" Billy turned her over. She had tears streaming down her face. Billy shrugged his shirt off and dressed his sister, then found her panties and shorts. He tugged them up her legs as she sat mutely.

"I swear, you will pay for this," Billy intoned darkly as he stood. The monolith started at him impassively.

"Yes, I'm sure I will. But you aren't going anywhere until you address the darkness that brought me to you. It draws me like a moth to a flame. Only you are the moths and I am the fire. How I relish moments such as these! You are sure to become one of my children. I know it."

Just then the evening sun broke behind Billy. His shadow grew long, merging with Gloopy, who had moved to stay out of the beam. Gloopy stayed in Billy's long shadow, slithering up the channel of dimness. It reached for Billy.

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