tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRandy Orton &Stacy Keibler

Randy Orton &Stacy Keibler

byEd Kidney©

Randy Orton has just been Alabama Slammed on to the steel ramp way by Hardcore Holly. He was now lying on a bench in the trainer's room very dazed. The trainer left to give Randy some time to recover. Stacy who had been craving cock all day happened to walk past the trainer's room, when she saw Randy she knew she had found what she was looking for. Stacy walked over to Randy licked her finger and ran it down his young muscular chest. He moved slightly but not enough to scare her off. Far from it Stacy dropped her short skirt to the floor and stepped out of it. He wiggled her luscious curvy ass in front of Randy. Then something happened that she wasn't expecting the Rookie reached out and grabbed hold of her. Not that she didn't like it she just wasn't expecting it. "I see why you're called Randy," Stacy told him.

They looked each other in the eye and it was obvious what they both wanted. Stacy peeled off her top revealing her small but attractive breasts. Randy instantly planted his lips onto her nipples and began sucking on them this was enough to cause Stacy to start moaning uncontrollably. She reached down and pulled down Randy's trunks revealing a huge hard on. Stacy couldn't believe her luck this kid was a monster. She got down on her knees and took it in her mouth she could only fit half of it in despite being an experienced cock sucker. Randy was panting heavily. Stacy continued to suck hard until Randy screamed loud and came globs and globs of hot cum in the divas mouth. "Fuck me please fuck me," Stacy managed to say with a cock in her mouth.

Randy picked Stacy up laid her down on the bench and removed her trademark thong. Stacy grabbed his cock and guided it to her sweet pussy. Randy pushed hard but could only manage to fit 2/3's of his 12" cock in her. Stacy's cunt was sore but she knew the worst was to come and she liked it. Then out of nowhere Randy started pumping in and out of her causing her whole body to shake. This kid was really going at it fucking Stacy raw. After a few minutes of this Stacy felt her orgasm coming on and she knew it was going to be good her whole body started shaking her breathing became harder and her juices flowed. It was the best orgasm she had ever had and she knew it wasn't over yet. She felt Randy's cock twitching inside her and knew he was about to blow his load all over the walls of her cunt. Then it happened Randy shot seven or eight loads of hot cum deep inside her. Then he pulled out of her and stood breathing heavily cum still dripping from his dick.

He had to do it he had to have her in the ass the ass she teased millions of men with every week the ass attached to those famous long sexy legs. Randy spread his cum and some off her juice across her asshole so he could have some hope of trying to get his monster cock in her ass. He slipped in slow and started to fuck her tight asshole every man's dream. Stacy had to grab on to the bench to keep her from screaming the arena down. She was really enjoying this fucking and she knew it had to happen regularly. Just then the door opened and the trainer walked in " I see you've recovered Randy," he said." When you guys are done the crew has to pack up were leaving soon."

"Ok," they both said together. But the question was after that would either of them have the energy to move. But it wasn't over yet as soon as the both of them had recovered a bit of energy they got dressed and headed out to the car park to Stacy's car. They pulled away from the arena and headed towards their next location Austin, Texas the drive took three hours but Stacy was planning to cut down on travelling time so her and Randy could have some fun time so she drove faster than she should of. But it was no use because about an hour from Austin they were pulled over by a state trooper. He asked to see Stacy's license and as he examined them he was eyeing Stacy out of the corner of his eye. Stacy noticed this and thought she could use it to her advantage.

The trooper then gave Stacy back her license and asked her to step out of the car. Stacy knew this was her chance she accidentally on purpose dropped her license and as she bent over to pick it up the trooper was greeted with a close up of her super sexy legs and ass. He stood there admiring the view while a tent started forming in his pants. Stacy then walked over and put her hand in his; she guided him over to the side of the road and started rubbing his throbbing cock through his pants. She got down on her knees and undid the troopers pants he pulled his cock free from the restraints of his boxers and looked at it she then put it in her mouth and sucked it hard the trooper couldn't believe it. Stacy reached out and started to fondle his balls she while continued to suck. Back in the car Randy had his cock out and was jacking it hard while he watched Stacy suck off a complete stranger.

Just as the trooper was about to shoot in Stacy's hot mouth Randy was cumming on the car seat. After the trooper had shot a rather large load of cum in Stacy's mouth he hoped on his bike and rode away satisfied. Randy was sitting in the car about to clean up his cum when Stacy opened the passenger door bent down and licked it all up.

"There ya go," she said. She climbed back in the driver seat and the two drove on. An hour later they arrived at their hotel.

After they had checked in and had something to eat they went back to their room.

" Would you like a massage," Stacy whispered to Randy.

" Yes please," Randy managed to say while ripping his clothes off. Randy lay down and Stacy got the baby oil from her travel bag an essential for any wrestler. She poured a bit out on to her hand and then started to rub it into Randy's back and shoulders then she started around his neck. Then she started to rub his ass and down his legs. Randy was moaning with enjoyment.

Then he turned over and she started to rub the oil into his strong muscular chest and down towards his huge cock when she ran her hands over his cock Randy really got excited. She rubbed his cock for a few minutes until he was about to cum then she stopped.

"We'll save that for later," she said.

"My turn now Rookie," she said. And with that she threw her clothes down on the floor.

"Sure babe lie down," Randy said softly while kissing her neck.

Not wanting to disappoint Randy started to rub the oil into Stacy's seemingly never ending legs. When he had gotten to her thighs he moved towards the lips of Stacy's cute pussy running his finger over her clit. Stacy couldn't take the teasing anymore "Fuck me, fuck me now," she screamed. Randy grabbed hold of his cock positioned it in front of Stacy's tight pussy he pushed forward and entered Stacy for the second time that day. He pumped her slowly to make it last longer.

Stacy liked it that way .The feeling of the rookies huge cock stretching her cunt was almost unbearable. She moaned load while Randy continued with the long slow strokes.

Then it hit her a mind-blowing orgasm her whole body shook and she started to scream until Randy put his hand over her mouth so they wouldn't disturb everybody in the hotel. Then it was Randy's turn he slipped his dick out of Stacy's warm pussy and put it in her mouth as she was about to speak Randy exploded in her mouth seven or eights long spurts Stacy swallowed hard and almost choked on the masses of cum Randy had shot.

After they were done they climbed into bed hugged each other tight and fell asleep. The next morning they woke up and headed to the WWE house show. The were early card so they could leave early and have some fun.

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